Crazy Summer 5


It was brutally hot out today and it felt good to hop into the shower after finishing the morning chores and washing the sweat off my body. For a guy that thought his summer was going to be ruined by his mother forcing him to spend it on his aunts ranch with his cock teasing sister, things had turned out pretty good after all. He was fucking his brains out and it was his own family, his aunt, mother and sister, who were supplying the pussy, mouths and ass-holes to fuck around with.
I had spotted a couple of the neighborhood teenage girls, cousins apparently, about his age, skinny dipping and teasing the little brother of one of them with the promise of sex. These girls were not as mature as the women I had been fucking to date, but they acted like they had lost their cherries some time ago. When I had seen them last they were both naked and making out in front of the boy, he looked fifteen or sixteen, and promising sexual favors. I sympathized with the boy because my older sister had spent the last four years or so teasing me into masturbation fantasy that had ended just a few weeks ago.
Denise and I set out with our swim suits on under our clothes, and a cooler full of cold drinks and headed to the swimming hole in the ATV we used on the farm. Denise rode behind me with her body pressed hard against my back, telling me how the vibrations of the engine were making her cunt drip juice all over the seat. It only took a few minutes to get close to the spot and we killed the engine before anyone would realize we were not on the nearby road. We peaked between the trees and all three of them were there again today, just like they said they would be. They must have just arrived themselves because they all had their outer clothing on and the boy was spreading some blankets on the grass by the creek.
We watched a minute while the two girls dropped their dresses revealing two piece bathing suits underneath, encasing their ripe young bodies. They both ran to the edge of the creek and jumped into the water, squealing as they went. The boy took a bit longer and had watched the two girls while they had removed their dresses and ran across the meadow. He was clearly aroused when he finally dropped his pants and ran towards the water.

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    “He’s cute,” Denise whispered as we looked on, “when are we going to surprise them?”
“Just follow my lead Denise, this is going to be a gas,” I whispered to my sister. We stood up and walked over to the edge of the water and looked down at the three of them playing. The two girls were taunting the boy asking him if he would prefer it if they took off their suits. He told them to stop teasing him and that he was not going to do anything else for them unless they fulfilled the promises they had made to date. They still had not noticed us when the girls unhooked each others tops and threw them to the shore. As they looked to make sure the bras had landed in the right place they saw us and screamed.
“Who are you guys and what are you doing on our property?” one of the girls yelled.
“Well actually this part of the creek is on my aunts’ property,” I replied, “they just have the fence running on this side because it was easier than putting it through the water. ”
The girls were thinking about protesting when the young boy spoke up, “That’s right Mary, dad told me the border of our land started at that post over there and headed straight east,” he looked at me seriously, “we apologize for the mix up, we can gather our things and leave if you want us to. ” He swam over to where the girls had thrown their tops and was going to get them.
“Don’t worry about it, there’s lots of room, and I wouldn’t think of ruining whatever you guys had planned this afternoon. Besides, my sister and I have been out here for a few weeks now visiting my aunt and you are the first humans close to our age that we have met. By the way, my name is Don and this is my sister Denise, and we are staying with my Aunt, Elaine Cooper, who lives in the house just on the other side of that hill, about a mile and a half from here. The girls had quieted down by know and the boy had stopped as we talked so they still didn’t have their tops on.
While I was talking though, Denise decided to get out of her cutoffs and blouse and gave a great show for all three of them as she revealed her hot little body and the barely nothing bikini she had on underneath.

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   “I’m hot as hell Don, I can’t wait any longer,” she said as she kicked off her shoes and jumped into the water. The boy had not taken his eyes off her as she had removed her clothes and jumped in. I could feel my cock stiffening up from the sexy sight of her tit’s almost jumping out of the top as she ran across the grass. Even the two girls were impressed, as they should be, because even though they didn’t realize it I had seen their bare titties the day before.
I decided to join the fun and pulled my tee shirt off. I was buff from the hard physical work on the ranch so far this summer and the girls turned their attention towards me. I unbuckled my shorts and let them drop to the ground. I had purposely worn a skimpy speedo, wanting these two little teasing sluts to see my giant cock bulge. I had never felt like this before and I had truly felt bad for the young guy the day before when I saw these two tease him and then let him down by saying he could fuck them but always having an excuse why they couldn’t.
I dove into the water and came up between my sister and the young guy, with my back turned towards the girls. “What’s you name?”, I asked him. “I’m David Rivers, you can call me Davy if you like, and this is my sister Brook and my cousin Louise,” he said indicating the two girls. He was clearly talking to me while eyeballing Denise as she stood behind me bobbing up and down in the water.
Just then Brook spoke up, “Davy, could you please get our tops for us, we want to get out and sun ourselves. ” This sounded more like a demand then a request and it was the very thing I was waiting for to start my little plan.

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   Before Davy could reply I swam over to the girls and nicely asked them why they wanted to get out so fast, didn’t they want to stay in the nice cool water and play some games.
“What kind of games?,” Louise asked, clearly the more relaxed of the two and I think the more willing to exercise some sexual freedom with her cousin Davy based on what I heard and saw the previous day. “Oh I don’t know I think I can think of something,” I said with a laugh and quickly dove under the water and came up underneath her and grabbed her legs and pushed her up out of the water as I rose to the surface. As I broke through the surface she was going down and I caught a glimpse of her full breasts as they disappeared under the water. She came up a second later laughing a screaming at the same time and lunged towards me trying to dunk my head, but I saw it coming and quickly moved back and grabbed her shoulders pushing her down again.
I didn’t hold her down though and loosely wrapped my arms around her and let her come back up, making sure she stayed close. I was rewarded by feeling her breasts rub against my chest as she surfaced and knew she was into our game when she didn’t pull away and pushed towards me before bringing her hands up and pulling me down with her again. When we resurfaced we where both laughing and spitting water out, while the others looked on. Clearly her cousin Brook seemed a bit miffed at our enthusiastic antics, and Denise and Davy were on the other side of the swimming hole laughing with us. I caught Denise moving towards Davy and just as he realized how close she was she lunged at him dunging him under also. She didn’t have a lot of control however and went under with him. I imagined Davy didn’t mind that at all because from our perspective he would have gotten a face full of tit.
I noticed Brook again off to the side feeling a little left out and so I asked her if she still wanted to get out of the water. She replied defiantly that she did, but was she was still hesitant about showing her tits if she had to get her top on her own. I quickly swam over to where the two bras were lying on the grass and reached up and grabbed them.

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   “Is this what you want,” I teased Brook holding her bra up. “How about you Louise do you want yours too?” I asked. Louise just smiled and splashed some water in my direction. “Denise,” I called to my sister, “I think Brook might be a little shy about her tits being exposed, why don’t you take your top off too and than maybe she will feel a bit more comfortable. ”
“Sure,” came the reply with no hesitation whatsoever, and all eyes turned towards Denise as she united the string at the back of her bikini top and threw it over to me. Davy looked like he was going to faint as Denise turned back towards him and flung herself at him again and wrapping her arms around him as they both disappeared below the surface. Louise was laughing and telling Brook not to be such a downer. She came over and stood beside me where the water was shallow enough to fully expose her breasts. Her breasts were not as big as my sisters, but seemed to be rounder for some reason.
“Brook is embarrassed about the size of her breasts. She’s always making caddy remarks about mine, and your sisters are even bigger. ” Louise whispered to me as she pressed her breast against my shoulder as she stretched up to my ear. “Plus she hates being the one that is not controlling the situation, so she’s fuming over that, although she will try not to show it. ”
I figured it had been Brook that came up with the idea to tease the shit out of Davy. Davy by the way was having a great time with my sister as they splashed each other.

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   Suddenly Brook exploded as some of the water being splashed about got her in the face. “Why don’t you two grow up,” she growled at Davy and my sister, “who the fuck do you think you are anyway acting like that with my little brother. He’s just a kid and you look like you’re way over twenty. ” She pointedly said to my sister.
“What’s wrong bitch,” Denise replied, “jealous?” She reached over and grabbed Davy by the back of the neck and laid a big wet French kiss on his gaping mouth. She pulled her head away and smiled at Brook challenging her to make another comment. “He doesn’t kiss like a kid, and judging by the bulge in his swimsuit, he doesn’t feel like much of a kid either. ” Denise stated as she matter of factly reach down and gave Davy’s crotch a squeeze under the water. We all laughed except for Brook, who just seemed to be getting more distressed.
“Who are you people?” she asked incredulously, “what kind of slut would act like that anyway, no matter how old the guy. You don’t even know him. Come on you two it’s time to go. ” She said to both Davy and Louise at the same time, moving towards the edge of the water but hesitating when she saw they were not following her orders and she still kept her tits below the surface.
“What’s the matter, afraid of a little competition? I bet you tease the fuck out of Davy all the time, letting him see you naked sometimes, maybe even giving him a hand job, but never letting him get what he really wants,” Denise snapped back. Louise seemed to be enjoying watching her cousin be put down for a change.

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   She still had her body pressed against mine and I could feel her hand moving down my belly and finally coming to rest on the snake bulge at the front of my swimsuit. She gasped as she realized the size of my cock, still soft in the suit, but definitely bigger than anything she may have wrapped her fingers around previously. She didn’t say anything though just smiled and kept her hand on my crotch.
Brook didn’t know what to do, realizing that her usual bullying tactics were not working. “You don’t know anything about what goes on between me and my brother. We were having a great time before you two showed up. ” She was still pretty defiant; you had to give top marks for not backing down. Just as she finished talking Davy laughed loudly and Denise and him started towards the bank.
“Come on Brook, don’t be such a downer, let’s go up and lay in the sun. ” he said as he started to climb up the short bank with Denise following. Everyone stared as her hooters became fully exposed as she exited the water behind Davy. Brook scowled, and Louise whispered to me how beautiful she thought my sister was, rubbing her hand harder against my ever growing bulge.
“Brook,” she said, turning towards her cousin, “lighten up a bit will you. Trust me, there is definitely enough of Don to go around, his cock feels like it is way bigger than Sandy’s, at least thicker. ” Brook look at us with her mouth hanging open.

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   “Who’s Sandy?” I asked innocently.
“He’s my older brother, back east right now working. We caught him whacking off last summer while peeking at us through the bedroom window at my parent’s cottage. His cock was about the same size as Davy’s but a little thicker. Not nearly as big as yours though. ” She replied. “Sandy wouldn’t fuck us but he sure got a lot of hand-jobs and blowjobs last summer. ”
“You don’t have to give him a family history Louise,” Brook responded, with a somewhat softer tone in her voice. “We had agreed never to tell anyone about that, Sandy would kill you, although I doubt he will ever find out. ” She was moving towards us, and continued talking. “Besides, I doubt if Don here has a cock that big, I’d have to check it out myself. ” She was standing right beside us now as if waiting for some sort of reaction from one of us. I could see the top half of her cone shapes tits, and they looked just as good today as before.
“Well maybe if you are nice to me, I will let you compare. I’ve got some beers and pop in the cooler up there, would you like one?” I asked politely.

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   Both of them said sure and I turned to get out, making sure that Brook didn’t get a premature look at my cock bulge, plus I didn’t want her to feel like I was just there to catch a glimpse of her tits. Both girls followed me up the bank, and I was holding all three bikini bras also, so they would have to remain topless for some time yet. As we came over the ridge, not surprisingly to me, we saw Denise and Davy making out heavily on the blanket. “Hey you two want something to drink, it may help you cool down a bit?” I said laughingly to get their attention.
“Why would I want to cool off bro,” Denise laughed as she lay on top off Davy rubbing her thigh against her cock. She did roll off however and look towards the three of us as we walked over to the cooler and grabbed some drinks. I was surprised because I figured Davy would want to have a beer but he didn’t even ask for one and had a coke instead. Louise grabbed an ice tea and Brook, Denise and I had a beer each. Brook had been trying to get a look at my bulge but I was making sure she didn’t. I think she asked for the beer just trying to be cool after her over reaction earlier. We all ended up sitting on the blanket or surrounding grass soaking up a few rays.
The kids told us about their summer so far, complaining a bit about having nothing fun to do way out here in the middle of nowhere, typical teenage stuff. Davy was acting like he was in heaven though, and I suspected had an instant crush on my beautiful sister, or at least on her tits. “Hey Davy,” I said after everyone had relaxed, “you still a virgin? The reason I ask is because I know Denise would love to take your cherry. She has become so generous with her favors lately.

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No one spoke, Denise giggled and moved closer to Davy, Louise was already leaning on me and looked over to see Brook’s reaction, and Brook looked like she was in shock. I instantly knew that she had been leading her little brother on with the hope of eventually fucking her, and that would all be lost now if someone else managed to fuck him first.   “Are you nuts?” she said looking at me, “he’s only 15 and you are suggesting your sister would even want to fuck a kid. You shouldn’t tease him like that,” she added with a little tone of sarcasm in her voice,
“Sure I would,” Denise said, “I think Davy is cute and if he is a virgin I would be proud to be his first fuck. In fact I’d fuck him even if he wasn’t a virgin. So Davy, are you a virgin or not?” Davy was in heaven, he was finally catching up to the reality of the conversation, It looked like he was going to get laid by a 20 year old women, as hot as any he had ever been this close to, and she was asking him if he was a virgin.
“Yeah, I’m still a virgin, your not teasing me are you?” he asked Denise directly. “I don’t tease anymore, just ask Don. Besides, I want to feel your hot cock slipping into my pussy, I’m already wet just thinking about it. ” She stood up and slipped her bottom off and stood there with her legs spread smiling down at the young man. “Come on Davy, we can do it here in front of everyone or go somewhere more private, but believe me that you will be fucked today, you just have to decide where.
Brook, Louise and I just sat there as the scene unfolded. It was moving even faster than I had thought. Brook was at a loss for words, I think figuring out that her objections would fall on deaf ears anyway. Davy surprised me by standing up and removing his suit in front of all of us, his erection springing out in front of him.

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   “No let’s do it right here, right now, I am sure everyone will enjoy the show. ” This was obviously pointed to his sister and cousin, as if to say you had your chance, now you can watch me fuck someone else. Denise pushed him down on the blanket so he was laying on his back, his cock pointing straight up. She grabbed the stiff shaft, bent over and licked the head before straddling him and slowly lowering her tight hot cunt onto his prick.
This all happened so fast that nobody had a chance to react one way or another. My cock was getting uncomfortable though, the scene my sister had created was turning me on, plus Louise was clearly turned on also as she rubbed her body against me. Finally Brook reacted. “I’m not going to sit her and watch this, it’s is kind of sick you know watching your little brother lose his cherry. She was blushing though, and scremming just a little bit too much. It looked like she was kind of turned on to me.
“Hey Brook,” I said, “I thought you wanted to compare sizes,” expecting her to reject the idea. She didn’t say a word though and just sat there looking at her brothers cock slide in and out of my sisters juicy cunt. I stood up and hooked my thumbs into my suit and gently pushed them down allowing my semi-hard cock to gently swing free. Louise gasped, Brook just stared. I knew my monster cock was as big as anything they had probably seen before except for pictures on the Internet.


   I grabbed it tightly in my right hand massaging the loose skin a few times working the pinches out. Louise lifted up onto her knees brought her mouth within inches.
“My god, I didn’t even think they got this big. Come on Brook, lets see what it looks like hard!” She wrapped her lips around the head and started sucking and licking. Brook hesitated for a second but eventually couldn’t hold back either. She moved over beside her cousin and started licking the shaft from my balls up to her cousins mouth. They both started sucking the knob, one on each side. I just stood there looking down at them, and watching my sister fuck Davy. He tilted his head a bit and looked up at me smiling, as if to thank me. Not that I really did anything. Again let me emphasize that all this had happened in a matter of a few minutes. I expected Davy to start spewing his come pretty quick. I would have given anything to be in his position when I was fifteen, getting fucked by an older girl, whether it was my sister or not.
My own cock was growing now,  both from the cocksucking going on and the fuck scene right in front of me. Davy was losing his battle to hold on though.

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   I could see it in his face, and in the movement of his hips. Denise just kept on bouncing on his cock, nice and steady, the only work Davy was going have to do was shoot his juices up into her. This happened almost a quickly as I thought about it. Davy arched his hips up about eight inches, driving a deep as possible into my sister, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” He yelled as he was probably experiencing the best orgasm of his life so far. Both the little cocksuckers at my feet looked over and smiled knowingly.
 “Will you fuck us?”  Louise asked looking up at me, “I don’t know how much of this I can take but I sure want to try. ” She said smiling. Brook looked up too, not taking her mouth from my cock, but nodding in agreement with her cousin.
“All in good time my dears, all in good time. ” I had decided that today was for Davy and I was determined to get him fucked by his sister and cousin as well. Denise rolled off Davy and licked the mixture of jism and cunt juice off his gleaming, still hard cock. “You don’t have to stop Denise, it feels like I will stay hard forever!” Davy said as he grabbed the base of his cock and slapped his cock against the side of Denise’s face.
    She laughed and moved back, having a good long look at the two teens kneeling in front of me licking my cock.
    I felt like I had complete control of the situation, figuring that these three would gladly be Denise’s and my sex slaves if we wanted. The power I felt was kind of surreal, I decided to see if they would do whatever I asked.

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       “I’d love to fuck both of you right now,” I said truthfully, “however I think I would rip you apart if you were not properly prepared for my monster cock. First I think that we have to make sure that both of you are nice and lubed up. Now take off the rest of your suits and lay down on the blanket. I want you to lick each other to orgasm before any cockmeat try’s enters your pussies. ”
    The girls didn’t say anything; they just stood up and slipped their bikini bottoms off, laid down on the blanket and immediately started sucking each others juices. “They eat each other out all the time,” Davy said as he sat up to watch the show. “I caught them a few weeks ago in the barn when we first came out for the summer. They didn’t know I had seen them at first. I jacked off about three times watching them and then figured I may as well get into the action. They yelled and screamed at me at first, especially Brook, but I had them and they knew it. I told them that I would tell mom and dad if they didn’t let me play around to. They agreed but Brook was insistent on not fucking, as if I cared at the time. Just seeing them both naked was enough for me at first, and I told them that. Eventually I wanted more and they started rubbing me off with their hands. Louise was a lot more fun though, she didn’t mind sucking my cock and even let me dry hump her once.

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       Brook started to tease me more, telling me if I was good and did everything she said she might let me fuck her, or eat her pussy, or something more than I was already getting. It wasn’t that bad though, most of my friends haven’t even seen someone live and naked, let alone getting their cousin to suck them off. ”
    While he sat there talking Denise cuddled up behind spreading her legs around him, and pressing her big soft tits up against his back. She had reached around and started to stroke his still hard cock. “Girls, girls,” I clapped my hands getting their attention, “which one of you should get fucked first, you Louise or sweet Brook?” They both were looking at me, or my cock, it was hard to tell which, and nodded eagerly. “I still don’t think you are ready for my cock though. I think it would be best if you were opened up a bit more before hand. I want both of you to get on your hands and knees in front of me. ” They both did this immediately and I rewarded them by kneeling in front of them and letting them lick my dick again.
    “Now Davy, I want you to pick one of those pussies staring you in the face and slip you cock into it. Don’t tell us who, just pick. ” Both of the girls stopped licking and looked up. “It’s your choice girls, you let Davy have his way anyway he wants and eventually I will fuck both of you. Or we can stop right now, Davy can screw Denise for the rest of the afternoon and you two won’t get to feel your tight cunts around this. ” I grabbed by cock and slapped it between their faces, making sure some of the pre-come leakage smeared them good.

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       They looked at each other, Louise smiled and Brook said what the fuck, and they went back to sucking my knob.
    Denise had a suggestion. “Hey I got and idea, let’s play shove the cock up the twat. It’s like pin the tail on the donkey, We’ll blindfold Davy here, get the girls to switch around so he doesn’t know who’s who, and then he can pick the one he wants to fuck first be sniffing the little assholes and pussies. Just like the bull does to the cows in the field. Then he can mount the one that tickles his fancy!” Denise loved this idea, and I thought it would be fun too. Davy would go along with anything she suggested that’s for sure. Denise grabbed her bikini top and fixed each one of the triangles over each of his eyes. I had the girls move around a bit as Denise spun Davy a couple of times just like the kids party came. When we were setup, the girls started sucking my cock again and Denise made Davy crawl around on his hands and knees until he sniffed out the two pussies.
    Denise got a little weird here. She grabbed Davy by the back of the neck and pushed his nose right into his sisters ass and pussy, telling him to make sure he remembered the scent so he could choose. She pulled him away and did the same thing with him to Louise. I thought she was being unnecessarily rough but nobody complained, so maybe not. She let Davy go and he apparently didn’t mind shoving his nose into their pussy and ass because he went back and forth a couple of times, getting a good lick in now and then also.

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       Finally he got up and slowly mounted his own sister, crawling up on her back much like a bull or stallion mounts their mate. Denise guide his cock into the waiting pussy and then removed his blindfold. I think he knew he had picked his sister by the smug smile on his face.
    The girls continued sucking me off, although Brook was clearly distracted. Davy was humping her like an animal, and my dear sister Denise was just facilitating the whole thing. She was now standing over Brooks back, one leg on each side of her, facing Davy and rubbing her tits into his face while he shoved his cock into his sister. He was going good, and Brook was starting to fuck him back hard, driving her full hips back into his groin, forcing him deeper and deeper. She came after he had pounded her for about 10 minutes. Davy, being the bright young guy he ws, let his sister fall forward and removed his cock form her pussy and moved over to his cousin, and slammed it into her, much to her surprise and delight.
    Again Denise helped out. She lay down beside Brook and started caressing her back, rubbing her lightly and whispering to her about how fucking great it was going to feel when I stuffed my long, thick horse cock into her. “Look at it,” she said indicating my cock as Louise tongued it like an old pro. “just think about how full you will feel with that pounding into your cervix. ” Louise moaned in agreement and started fucking Davy back hard, as if to hurry him up so she could get to my cock sooner.
    Brook was looking at my cock also, with wide eyes, but not saying anything.

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       It looked like she wanted to come down a bit more from here last orgasm. Denise however had her own agenda and suggested that her and I demonstrate to the girls the best way to introduce a cock my size into their tight little cunts. I thought that made sense and told her to instruct away, all the time Davy was pounding his cousin like there was no tomorrow. Denise stood up, grabbed me by the hand and we walked over to the other blanket and she made me lie down and hold my cock up for her. Unlike Davy, mine was to long and heavy to support itself and needed a little support.
    Everyone was looking as Denise began to give instructions. “It’s like this girls, whenever you have a chance to get an extra large whopper like Don’s you have to insist on being in control. Some days I fuck Don and it feels like there’s enough room for two of him in there, and other days I think I’m not even going to be able to get it in. Anyway, you have to be able to take it at your own speed, and if it doesn’t go that easy the first time than don’t give up, you just might need to be a bit more relaxed.
    “I like being on top mostly because that’s where I feel I have the most control. The first time Don fucked me it was in the ass, and I had absolutely no control of the situation. It was my first anal fuck too and if Don had of been rough I don’t know what would have happened to my butt. ” As she said this she had lowered her cunt down and had let the head of my cock slip into her moist cunt, and stopped, squatting over me as she continued to talk. “Just ease the head in first, and no matter how much you want to slam dunk, just be patient and let your pussy get used to the idea of having something this big in it. If you have ever had anyone fist you, it’s easier unless they had really small hands.

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       I’ve actually been fisted by a girl whose arm was not as big as round as Don’s cock, but that’s not why we are here.
    “Next just slowly ease on down and if you tighten up, just pull out a bit and pump back down to that point where you were stopped before. ” She showed this to them by lowering onto the first four inches of my cock, stopping, pulling up about an inch, pumping a bit while slowly pushing more back into her cunt. Sure felt good to me. “Like that. ” She said after her little demonstration.
    “You have both lost your cherries so we won’t have to worry about that, but most girls won’t be able to take this whole thing without the cervix getting a bit of a workout. You will know what I am talking about when he hits it and all I can say is to slow things down until you a real comfortable before taking the plunge. Once in all the way though there is no feeling like it!” She almost screamed the last part as she dropped her body and buried my fat prick entirely into her.
    The other two girls just stared with their mouths hanging open and Davy just kept smiling away as he continued to pump his cousin who was reacting to his strokes. Brook got up on her hands and knees and came over towards us to get a closer look. She poked her head right between my face and Denise’s belly as she bounced up and down and snaked her hand in so she could touch my cock. “Can I try it out?” she asked shyly.
    Denise being the most generous sister in the world hopped off immediately and said sure, it was okay with her. Before Brook got up to mount me, Denise had her lay back and licked her pussy up to get the juices flowing good, and to have a little taste too I bet.

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       Brook then rose up and started to mount me with Denise guiding her onto my rock hard cock and coaching her also. Soon as the head of my penis touched her cunt I felt like grabbing her hips and pushing her down until I was again surrounded by moist wet pussy. I restrained myself and pretty soon Denise backed away and I realized that Brook had the head of my cock in her cunt, and was slowly lowering herself down. Denise encouraged her and soon I could feel the resistance of her tight tunnel as she reached capacity. It almost felt like my cock was getting bigger, but I am sure it was just because of the new tightness I was experiencing.
    It wasn’t long before Brook was bouncing up and down like basketball on my hard meat, and I was starting to feel like I was going to blow. All of a sudden her cousin Louise screamed her orgasm and Davy pulled out and ran over to where his sister and I were fucking and pumped his cock dry all over her chest and belly as she was riding my cock. “Ahhhh, wow, I’ve wanted to come on you ever sense I started jerking off sis”, he told Brook as she looked at him not knowing how to react. She started bouncing higher and faster so it wasn’t long before I felt her pussy muscles tighten up and she drove down hard and held herself in that position while she spasmed through her orgasm.
    I still had not come, but my resourceful sister had been watching carefully and literally lifted Brook, with Davy’s help, off my cock and climbed back on herself to finish me off, which didn’t take too long at all. I was just about to explode into her when she jumped off again and started pumping and licking my cock. She was quickly joined by the other two girls and within minutes I was spewing my juice all over their faces. Everyone collapsed into a heap after that to catch their breath and bask in the sexual fulfillment.
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