Crazy Summer


I'm seventeen and had just graduated from high school. My stepsister Cindy is two years older than I am and has been going to a local community college since leaving high school. Although she still lives with her mom and I, her life is pretty much consumed with college stuff and parties, so we hardly ever see her. Her mom and my father had married when we were young, both the products of failed marriages, so they are really the only parents we ever knew. Mom is pretty cool, and not even forty yet. Her first marriage had been a high school romance and she had given birth to Cindy just after turning eighteen. My dad was fairly successful and his pension and life insurance has left us in pretty good financial shape. At least mom hasn't had to worry about that aspect of her life lately, although she does have a day job at an advertising firm. Sometimes I wonder what it's like for her without a husband, or even an occasional lover. Mom is still attractive, even from my point of view, and although she dates sometimes, she never has men stay over and always gets home before midnight. She always jokes about having enough men in her life right now with looking after me.

Cindy is a knockout babe, if it's okay for a brother to say that. Like our mom, her tits are great, and huge compared to most of her friends. I have to admit that I've jacked off a few times imagining what it would be like to rub my cock up and down her cleavage. It wouldn't be so bad if she showed the least amount of modesty. She dresses to be provocative, and I've caught numerous glances of her running between the bathroom and her bedroom in just a bra and panties.

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   I wake up many a morning with a woody that is relieved solely at the thought of her hooters swaying before my face.

The plan was for Cindy and I to drive up to Aunt Elaine's on Tuesday. It was about a ten-hour hike so mom made arrangements for us to stay over at a motel on the way so we wouldn't have to drive for too long. I still had a few days to hang out with my friends and make plans to see them all in the fall. I had already enrolled in a local technical college and was basically free for the summer. The five days from when mom laid this bomb on me, and the following Tuesday, went by quickly. One thing I had learned though was to just go with the flow as far as my mom and sister were concerned. I had learned a long time ago that arguing was futile and just put everyone in a bad mood.

Actually, although it had been four years since the last time I had seen my Aunt, I was kind of looking forward to it. Especially seeing that her spoiled loser husband had taken a hike. I had met him at their wedding and he had treated me like a gnat. I couldn't figure out what Elaine had seen in him, maybe she had married him for his family's money after all. Anyway the asshole had proven himself to be the scum he was when he left Elaine as soon as any sign of responsibility showed up. Taking off like that was certainly a stupid move. His own mother had virtually cut him out of her estate and he had to live on the trust fund his grandfather had set up for him years ago.

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   Although this gave him more than enough to support his lifestyle, he had given up the mother-lode by abandoning his wife and daughter.

Chapter Two - The Trip

Cindy and I loaded up the car Tuesday morning and were on the road by ten-thirty. Mom had stayed home to see us off and had promised to be up visiting in a few weeks, as soon as her current project at work was done. I got the feeling she was looking forward to some time without the responsibility of my sister and myself. Of course Cindy insisted on driving, which was one of her methods of control over me. I had learned to accept the fact that my sister still treated me like a little kid. Although she loved me and we were fairly close, she still saw me as her little brother, even though I was over six feet and had been going out with girls for a couple of years. Anyway, we were finally on the road, and Cindy kept up a steady stream of chatter about Aunt Elaine and how great it was to be spending the summer with her and the baby. Cindy had flown up to stay with Elaine during her Christmas holidays and her Easter school break. Mom had taken time off work when the baby was born to help Elaine out also. I had felt kind of left out, not having seen her in so long, and being the only one in the family that hadn't meet the baby. We stopped for lunch around one o'clock and Cindy insisted on driving the rest of the way to the hotel. Unfortunately we had a flat out on the highway which held us up for a long time while I changed it and had it repaired at a tire shop. This incident frustrated Cindy a lot which I couldn't figure out seeing that I was the one that had to do all the work.

After that episode I drove the final two hours to the motel.

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   It was hot outside and after the work of changing the tire the air conditioning in the car was a welcome relief. Cindy dozed off in the seat beside me after awhile which was fine by me because then I didn't have to listen to her endless bitching about the flat tire and the guy at the garage that fixed it. I glanced over at her sleeping figure and noticed that the cool air was blowing across her chest was making her nipples stand out against the material of her top and bra. I had noticed her hard nipples before but this was the first time I had a good hard look instead of a fleeting glance. Cindy always wore a bra because her tits were so large. I remember when she was younger she sometimes went bra-less but she had grown pretty fast and that only lasted for a few years. I kept looking back and forth between he magnificent boobs and the road. After a few good looks, I felt my dick starting to get hard. I love the warm feeling it gives me when it is pressed against the inside of my thigh, so I reached down to the crotch of my shorts and manoeuvred it down the leg of my cut-offs so it would have a bit of freedom to grow.

My cock was a fairly good size compared to the rest of the guys. Even those who will never admit it, boys are always comparing the size of their cocks. You can't help stealing a peek in the locker rooms at school or the change room at the pool, I think it's natural. Mine was longer and thicker than most and I could tell some of the other guys were envious. The only one in gym that was larger was a guy that was quickly nicknamed Hammerhead. His cock was longer than mine by a couple of inches, but not nearly as thick.

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  . The amazing part was the bulbous purple head on it, which looked huge, compared to his skinny shaft. This guy had a thing though and walked around the locker room swinging his dick around showing off to the rest of the guys. . I still hadn't been laid even though I had convinced a couple of the girls I dated to jerk me off. Most of them had never touched a penis before and insisted that they didn't want to fuck, but were very curious about cocks. One girl, Susy, had a bunch of brothers and had seen all of them naked at different times. She said mine was bigger than any of theirs, and in her opinion a lot nicer. Our petting sessions were long and furious, and she gave me my first blowjob. I thought I was in heaven. She still refused to screw me though because she was afraid of what her brothers would do to a guy that got her pregnant. Oh well.

So here I am driving down the road, looking at my sister's tits, thinking about my first BJ and my cock snaking it's way down the leg of my shorts. I reached down and gave it a squeeze and almost blew my load. Luckily, I spotted the sign for our motel up the road and pulled into the parking lot.

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  . Cindy woke up as soon as I slowed down and smiled at me while she put her hands behind her head and stretched. Of course her tits were pushed out against the fabric of her top leaving me with a reactivated hard-on. I pulled up to the office and Cindy got out to check in. Cindy returned and directed me to follow her to the room, which was towards the back. I slowly drove behind her as we passed the pool with kids splashing in the water. Her ass wiggled provocatively during the stroll, and for once in my life I realized that her body was a lot more that a great set of tits. Her legs were slim and taut and her backside was perfect. Her waist was narrow and provided a perfect pedestal for her upper body. She went into the room and I got out of the car and went to the trunk to get our bags. The room was typical of most motels, only this one had two double beds. Cindy was looking at the closet and bathroom so I just threw her bag on one of the beds and laid down on the other. I heard her going to the bathroom and was kind of drifting off when she came back to the room and announced that she was going for a quick swim to cool off. She opened her bag and pulled out a one-piece bathing suit, (I was secretly hoping for a bikini), and went back into the bathroom to change.

She emerged a few minutes later in her suit that left absolutely zero to the imagination, or at least mine.

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   Although it was one piece, there were teardrop shaped holes in each side exposing a good deal of skin. I was positive that from the right angle a person could see the soft sides of her tits also. She stood over me with her hands on her hips and asked if I was going for a swim. I told her not right now but I would be out as soon as I relaxed for a few minutes. She grabbed a towel and left the room. I couldn't stop thinking about her great body, and her seemingly indifference to me.

I drifted off in a light sleep and woke up suddenly when the door to the room closed. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Cindy standing there, very wet and sexy. Her suit glistened with moisture and her nipples were erect and pushing through the cups of her suit. She was staring at my bed with her mouth hanging open. I suddenly realized my cock was hard and the head was sticking out the leg of my shorts. I didn't know what to do, and thankfully Cindy snapped out of it and walked past me into the bath. My dick went soft in a hurry, but I knew my sister had gotten a good look at my boner, at least I think she had. I pulled the spare pillow onto my lap and sat there wondering what to do or say. I didn't even know how long I had been sleeping or what time it was.

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   I heard the shower going and looked at the clock radio beside the bed and realized I had been out for about an hour, as it was close to seven. I heard the water stop and Cindy asked from the bathroom what we were going to do for supper. Suddenly the door to a bathroom opened and Cindy came out with just a towel wrapped around her. She smiled at me and walked over to her bed and opened her bag. She pulled out some clean panties, held them up as if to inspect them and put them beside her case. My cock started getting stiff again as I watched in fascination as she looked at the lacy v-cut panties and nodded to herself. Trying to be cool, I stammered that I had seen a restaurant back down the road about a mile and maybe we could try it. She didn't say a word, just reached into her bag and pulled out a bra that matched her panties. I could never figure out what it is about sexy underwear that turns guys on, but I was surely a willing victim. She put the bra aside, after another close examination, and pulled out a simple summer dress to wear on top.

"Are you going to change Don, or are you going to go to the restaurant with your cock sticking out the leg of you shorts?" I couldn't believe my ears, any hope that she had not seen my hardon earlier was quickly dashed. I could feel myself turning red, and the blood draining from my pecker. I wished that my sister had not seen or said anything. She giggled at me.

"I saw you in the car just before we stopped too, you probably thought I was still sleeping.

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   At first I thought you were just scratching your crotch, but when you pulled your hand away I saw the end of your prick sticking out of your short's leg, just like a few minutes ago. Then I noticed your reaction when I stretched, it didn't make you any softer did it? I must admit I was surprised when I first came in from the pool, I really regret waking you up so suddenly, I wanted to get a better look. I guess I never thought of you before in a physical way, I was taken aback with the realization that my little brother had grown into a man," she explained.

"I'm sorry Cindy, I'll never do it again," I replied, somewhat stupidly.

"Never do what again, Don, get a hard-on or look at my tits?" she retorted with a laugh.

"You know what I mean," I said. "It's not all that proper for a guy and his sister to look at each other that way. I just couldn't stop myself. You really are great looking, and all the guys at school make comments about that great body you have. Sometimes I just get hard remembering seeing you walk from the bathroom in just a bra and panties. Of course you didn't know I could see you. I'm real sorry, I'll try never to think of you or look at you in that way again. "

"I don't know what you're talking about. You're just behaving naturally. There is nothing wrong with appreciating a good set of tits or a nice cock.

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   I'm kind of flattered that you think of me that way. Do you think I've never tried to see you naked? I remember when we were little we used to see each other naked all the time. Mom and dad never secluded us from each other. I guess that with dad dying and all we just stopped. Maybe me growing tits had something to do with it too. " She laughed at her last statement. "One of the best things about having a body like mine is knowing that you can give people pleasure just by looking at you. I know the way the guys stare at me in the mall and at school. Even the professors at college drool. It makes me feel in control, I know I can get anyone excited just by using my body. "

She turned and let the towel drop to the floor. I lay there with my mouth hanging open staring at her ass and back, She picked the panties up from the bed and bent to step into them. I got a great peek at her pussy from behind when she was bent over, lightly dusted with blonde fuzz and just a hint of pink from under her lips. She straightened up and pulled her panties on, running her fingers through the elastic leg bands, making them comfortable. She picked up her bra and turned towards me as she put her arms through the straps.

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   I couldn't look away. I had never seen anything so wonderful before in my whole life. She bent forward, letting her breasts fall into the cups of her bra. She grabbed the cups and shook them until the fit was perfect. She then stood up and reached behind her back and did up the snap. Then she proceeded to adjust her tits in the bra some more, cupping them underneath and pushing them up, making the globes of flesh on top shake like jello. It barely covered her hard nipples and she played around with them so the upper mounds of her breasts pushed up correctly to her, and my, satisfaction. All the time she was doing this she was looking at me, never taking her eyes of me.

"I thought you said you wouldn't look at my tits anymore," she said as she bent over giving me a great view of her cleavage. "Or was it that you wouldn't get a boner looking at my tits?" she said as she reached over and pulled the pillow off my lap exposing the end of my massive hard-on. "Well I guess that wasn't it either," she exclaimed with a laugh.

I was frozen. I didn't know if I should jump up and run, mumble some apology or just die. Cindy came up with another option though. She sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed a hold of my cock and slowly started jerking me off.


   I stared at her but she just smiled, rubbing the knob of my cock with one hand and pushing the leg of my shorts up with the other. I lay there as if in a dream. I couldn't believe this was happening to me, let alone with my sister. I have to admit it didn't take but a few strokes before I was blowing my load all over my leg and bed. When I was finished she stood up and, as if nothing had happened, started putting her dress on over her head and told me I should get ready for dinner.

I was in a complete daze, and in a trance like state got up, grabbed my bag and went into the bathroom, cleaned myself up and changed into a clean shirt and jeans. Cindy had already gone out to the car and was sitting on the passenger side, which was very odd. I closed the door to the room, and still in a daze got in the car and drove down the road towards the restaurant.

"The only other cock I've seen as big as yours was dad's, you must have gotten his big dick gene. " Cindy said. I just stared ahead not knowing how to respond, I was definitely in shock. With that little piece of information my mind started spinning. How many cocks had Cindy actually seen? How did she know how big dad's was? Where did she learn how to give those fantastic hand jobs? I must of looked odd to her because she started talking non-stop, as if she had been filled up with all these words for a long time and just had to get them out.

"I saw mom and dad fucking one time, just before the car accident. I was about thirteen and well into puberty.

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   I can remember dad telling mom I should be wearing a bra. Mom always responded by saying I was going to end up large breasted like her and I should be allowed to enjoy the freedom of going braless while I could. I would lie in bed at night rubbing my nipples and breasts with the palms of my hands. I imagined I could feel them growing as I rubbed them and eventually start getting turned on. I thought about making out with the guys, but more than anything I thought about dad's cock. . I hadn't seen it yet, but started imagining the shape of it by the outline in his pants. One summer day, I was laying by the pool when dad emerges with his wet trunks clung tightly to his crotch. He walked across the patio and before he grabbed the towel I was able to get a good impression of the size. I was probably obsessed, but I was a thirteen old in puberty, I don't think it was abnormal. A few weeks later, I heard him and mom downstairs late one night long after we had gone to bed. I decided to get up and go get a snack from the kitchen. All the lights were out on the main floor, but I could see the glare from the television coming up from the basement. I could really hear them good now and it didn't take me long to figure out they were screwing. I went down the steps to the landing and peeked around the corner.

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   I just about fainted. There was mom sitting on dad's lap with his cock up her and bouncing up and down real fast. He was trying to suck on her tits at the same time. I looked at the television and saw that they were watching a porn film. The scene was showing two girls giving this very well hung guy a blow-job. Dad tapped mom on the shoulder and pointed at the scene. . Mom turned her head, and without saying a word, swung her leg around and lowered her head to dad's crotch. I still couldn't see his cock, but I knew exactly what mom was up to because of the up and down movement of her head. . I could see the guys cock on the video though and it was bigger than I had ever imagined a penis could be. By now my hand was rubbing my pussy through my nightgown. "

Boy oh boy, I never could have imagined ever having a conversation like this with Cindy before. I pulled the car into the parking lot at the restaurant, kind of glad that we would have a distraction for awhile so I could piece my earlier experience and all this news together. I guess I had never imagined mom and dad screwing before.

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   Dad passed away before I started thinking a lot about sex so the idea had never cropped up. I had seen mom naked a few times though, but these were all very innocent occurrences. We got out of the car and went in and took a seat at the back of the place. I ordered a coke and Cindy had a gin and tonic. The waitress didn't even ask her for ID, although she wouldn't be legal for a few months yet. We sat there silently reading the menu until the waitress came back with our drinks and took our order for a pizza. For some reason Cindy didn't seem to mind being in a public place, where someone might hear her. She just continued her story.

"Mom was busy giving dad head while the guy on the screen started fucking one of the girls from behind while she licked the pussy of the other one. Again dad tapped mom on the shoulder and she changed positions. This time she moved over to the side of the couch and knelt over the back and side, putting one of her knees up on the arm. Dad stood up and walked around behind her. I just about gasped out load when I saw how giant his cock was, even bigger than the guy in the film. The outline I'd glimpsed by the pool was nothing compared to what I saw. It bobbed up and down while he walked and as he came up behind mom he grabbed a hold of it and ran it up and down her opening and clitoris.

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   Mom was clearly enjoying this and suddenly thrust back and told him to fuck her now. Dad wasted no time at all and inserted the head of his penis into her. He began with very long slow strokes but before long started pounding into her like there was no tomorrow. I sat there in awe until they both came. I quickly went back upstairs and lay in bed rubbing my pussy for half the night. I just couldn't get the sight of dads long fat cock sliding in and out of mom's cunt. I still get turned on thinking about it. I finally drifted off but I know I dreamed about big cocks all night long, with dad's being the biggest and hardest one of the lot. "

I sat there listening and worrying about whether anyone could hear us, not having a clue what to say. The waitress came over and served our pizza and got me a refill for my coke. I did think it was neat that Cindy thought my prick was as good as dad's though. From the way she described it, it would be considered well endowed by anyone's standards, even that show-off Hammerhead. After we had eaten, Cindy continued;

"You're nervous aren't you Don. Don't be. I've wanted to talk to you about sex for a long time.

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   But I still have to finish my story. Well I guess I hadn't been as quiet as I had thought because the next day, while mom and I were alone, she asked me how I enjoyed the show. At first I couldn't figure out what she was talking about until suddenly I realized she must have known I was watching her and dad the previous night. I must of turned as red as you did this afternoon when I figured that out. Mom wasn't mad though. She quickly told me that she had seen me out of the corner of her eye when she was sitting on dad's lap riding his cock. That's why she moved to the side of the couch when he went to fuck her, so I could get a better view. My ears were burning I was so embarrassed, especially with mom talking the way she was. She noticed how uncomfortable I was and came around and put her arm around me, assuring me that she wasn't pissed off and kind of enjoyed it, knowing someone was watching her fuck. She told me that dad hadn't been in a position to see me so not to worry about that. We then talked for a long time about sex and making love and mom told me to please be careful when I started having sex, but to wait until the time was right. I did, and we had a long talk before the first time. I think she was surprised that I didn't go right out and get laid, but I waited several more years and it wasn't until my senior year in high school before I finally fucked someone. Mom was cool about it and made sure I had some condoms and told be what to expect for a first timer. She gave me a few pointers about how to get the most out of it and not to be afraid about it hurting.

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   So what do you think about that?" she asked as she picked up a piece of the pizza and started eating.

I just mumbled something about how weird it was listening to her talk about these things. She smiled at me and said that she wanted our relationship to become closer, more like when we were kids. We had kind of lost that kinship after she started junior high school. We sat there eating away, Cindy smiling like nothing odd was going on and me nervously trying to relax so my prick, which had gotten hard again listening to her talk, would soften before I had to stand up. We paid the bill and went back to the motel in silence. Cindy suggested we fill the car up now and I pulled into the gas station and filled the car while she went in and paid. She returned with a six pack of beer and we went back to the room. I followed her in and watched as she kicked of her shoes and set the beer on the counter, grabbed two and sat down in one of the chairs and opened them. She pushed one across the small round table and lifted the can in a mock toast. "Here's to us getting to know each other better," she said, as she raised her can and took a drink. I sat down and took a sip of the beer, still kind of speechless. I looked at Cindy, her feet were on the table and her dress had ridden up her thighs enough for me to see the edge of the lace on her panties. Although my mouth wasn't working so well, my cock sure was, and I could feel it hardening again. It was different now though, we weren't in the restaurant and nobody but Cindy and I would see it.

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   Maybe I was starting to get use to the idea of my sister and I being sexually open with each other.

"You have to relax a bit Don, we are going to be staying with Aunt Elaine for the next two months and you can't stay this uptight all that time. I thought my story would help you understand that I want to share more of my life with you. " She seemed a bit upset at me so I started to respond so we weren't just sitting there staring at each other. I explained to her that I was still shy about discussing these things with her but at the same time I didn't want to stop. It was just so new to me and it was taking me awhile to get use to it. She just looked at me smiling and assured me that she was cool with anything I wanted to talk about or do. The word anything certainly got my imagination working in a hurry. The beer was helping me relax so I suggested we could watch one of the pay per view movies on the TV. She agreed and went over and turned the set on and looked at the selection offered by the menu on the screen. A number of recent movies were listed but I said no to all of them really wanting to watch one of the adult movies but being too shy to just say so. Cindy selected the adult movie guide and asked if I was interested in watching one of these. I said okay, if she wanted to and she picked one out. She turned and went over and sat on the bed putting her legs up and setting the beer on the night table. She pushed her body down a bit while adjusting the pillows so she could comfortably sit on the bed and drink at the same time.

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   When she slid down her mini-dress rode up her thighs completely exposing her legs to my inspection. She tapped the bed beside her and I slid off my chair and joined her on the bed, not too close though, I was still a bit uptight. The movie started and we watched in silence for the first few minutes while the characters and scene were setup. The story was about this guy interviewing girls for some sort of ad campaign. He was seated at a desk when the first one entered the room and sat across from him. She was dressed very sexily in a red leather mini-skirt, black stockings and heels. Her top was open to the middle of her breasts exposing a lot of her giant tits. They talked for a few minutes and she said that she really needed the job badly and would do anything to get it. She stood up and removed her top. She didn't have a bra on and her breasts stood out like balloons.

"They're fake," Cindy said.

"I don't really care if they were real or not, I just like tits," I blurted out without thinking.

"That makes sense," Cindy replied laughing, "you are a man after all. "

I couldn't believed I had said that, maybe the beer was relaxing me a bit too much. The girl on the screen was completely naked now and had walked around the desk and knelt in front of the guy and unzipped her pants.

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   She reached in and grabbed a hold of his cock and pulled it out. She immediately bent over and started licking the end of his cock. Cindy and I lay there in silence, occasionally sipping our drinks watching as the girl give this guy a licking until he came all over her face and tits. She stood up and asked if she got the job, but the guy just smiled and said he'd be calling her back in for another interview for sure. The scene changed and Cindy turned her head towards me.

"Does that turn you on?" she said. "I can't imagine doing something like that to a complete stranger, let alone in front of a camera. "

"It must be hard," I replied not seeing the pun until I had said it.

"Of course it has to be hard Don, how else do you think a guy can fuck a girl. " Cindy said.

I couldn't help but laugh at that statement and I certainly started to relax a lot now. The next scene had two girls going at it in a lesbian act. . They were really into it and their act seemed more real than the last one. .

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   After licking each other to orgasm one of them left and returned with a vibrator and dildo. They started using these on each other and Cindy was starting to fidget a bit. She raised one of her legs up and moved her knee back and forth. Her dress was wrapped up around her hips and I could see the crotch of her panties. Of course I was hard as a rock and had raised my leg sometime ago to conceal my boner. Cindy reached down and started rubbing the crotch of her panties while watching the movie. I just watched Cindy, feeling my cock getting even harder with each twitch. The scene on the screen ended and Cindy turned her head and looked at me with very cloudy eyes.

"You want your own show?" she asked. "I like turning you on you know. We can fool around all you want but we can't fuck. "

She stood up and pulled her dress up over her head. She stood there in her panties and bra fluffing her hair back down. She started moving her hands up and down her sides swaying her hips at the same time. I couldn't help moving my hand to my crotch to give myself a rub.


   She smiled and told me I should free myself up. I got out of the bed and removed my shirt and undid my belt. I pushed my pants to the floor and stood there with my hard-on tenting my underwear. I looked over at Cindy and she had stopped moving and just stood there waiting for me. I nervously stretched the waistband over my prick and let my shorts drop to the floor. I don't think I've ever been this hard before, or this big. Even I was surprised by the size and looked down at it swaying before me.

Cindy told me to lay down on the bed and watch the movie. I did as told and looked at the television just in time to see this guy screwing one of the girls from behind, doggy fashion. It reminded me about Cindy's earlier story about mom and dad fucking and I tried to imagine it was them on the screen. I instinctively reached down and started stoking myself as the actors on the screen continued to screw. Cindy was standing there watching the movie and me and started to talk again.

"I bet you wish you were that guy driving your cock in and out of her pussy like that. I know I wouldn't mind to be in her position, maybe with another guy to suck at the same time, or a girl to lick while being fucked. " Cindy was fantasizing aloud, which was fine by me, listening to her was a lot bigger turn on than watching the TV.

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   She moved to the bed and knelt beside me. She bent over slightly, just enough to show me her heaving cleavage, "Are my tit's nicer than those fake ones?" she asked, gently swaying her chest back and forth, making her breasts move.

I looked up and replied, "they are the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen. " I reached up and gently brushed my fingers across the quivering mounds of tit flesh spilling out of her bra. She pulled the cups down all the way and told me to rub them all I wanted, as hard as I wanted. I couldn't stop myself, it was a dream come true. I moved my hands down and cupped her globes fully. I could feel her hard nipples rub against my palms. I squeezed and rubbed and twisted her magnificent tits for an eternity. They were the largest I had ever felt and I couldn't even come close to grabbing all of them at once, although I was trying. Cindy reached behind her and undid the bra and leaned towards me a bit. She threw it on the other bed and grabbed my wrists, moving my hands to her sides. I could feel her ribcage as a quickly expanded and contracted in her excited breathing. She grabbed her right breast and brought it up to her mouth and turned it until the nipple was on her lips. She sucked on it lightly, smearing her lipstick all over her hardened nipple and aureole.

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   She released it and moved forward and bent over me and let her boob drop down to a couple of inches above my face. I was staring at perfection, only inches away. Red from the lipstick the hard nub was constricted from excitement, all the little bumps and crevices showing for my close inspection. Her fat little nipples sticking out about a quarter of an inch sitting on a bed of brown aureole.

"Suck it," she said interrupting my revelry. I moved my head up and grabbed the hard nipple in my mouth and sucked it in, pulling her with me as my head settled back onto the pillow. I sucked it deep into my mouth while reaching up with both hands encircling the flesh, squeezing as much of it into my mouth and face as I could while still breathing. Without releasing my mouth from her tit, Cindy manoeuvred herself over and straddled my body. She wriggled her hips around and eventually had my cock between her pussy and my stomach. She rubbed her cunt up and down the underside of my shaft while I continued to eat her tit.

"You cock is great, I think it is even bigger than dad's, even though I was never this close to his. I want to feel it on my cunt. She suddenly stood up with on foot on either side of my body, She put her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pushed them down and somehow got out of them without falling over. She stood up again as I gazed up at her pussy. She had blonde wisps of hair surrounding her labia and the lips of her pussy were clearly visible.

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   She reached a hand down and rubbed her clitoris with her middle finger. After several strokes you could she he pussy puffing up in excitement. Suddenly her finger disappeared into her tunnel only to return seconds later coated in her fine smelling juices. After a few minutes of this show she bent her knees a squatted over my thighs. She grabbed my dick and stoked it several times. She then moved up and positioned her pussy against my cock until it was up against my belly again. She reached down between us and pulled he cunt lips apart and tried to wrap them around my hard shaft. . Her swollen clit was rubbing up against my cock now and she started moving her hips up and down, stroking the length of my cock with her clit and pussy lips.

"Mmm," she moaned, "this is as good as fucking, I love feeling that monster of yours sliding up and down my clit. " She continued this movement and I knew it wouldn't be long before I was blowing a load of jism between our bodies. Cindy's pace continued to increase and her breaths were getting rapid and short. She was bouncing faster now and I could feel my balls tighten and new I was seconds away from the best orgasm I had ever had. I became keenly aware of her reactions and lost myself in the throws of her orgasm as I finally blew my wad. I spurted for a long time like a volcano erupting.

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  . Cindy was pressed hard against me with her tits pancaked between us. Her breathing was returning to normal as my cock twitched the last drop onto out bodies. Cindy wrapped her arms around me, and as I looked up into her face, brought her lips onto mine and French kissed me. As her tongue darted in and out of my mouth I couldn't help but think of what it would be like to actually stick my cock in her and fuck for real. She must of read my mind, as she drew away she explained, "I would have loved to jam that giant cock of yours up my cunt but I just started on the pill and I didn't want to take any chances with getting pregnant. Don't worry though, as soon as I have my next period I'll be safe and you can fuck me all you want. "

Chapter - Off Again

We were fed and on the road by nine the next morning with Cindy driving. We had spent the night cuddling and talking after we had a shower together to clean all the come off our bodies. We fell asleep in a spoon position with my cock between my sister's thighs, like it was born there. We woke early and showered and dressed quickly. I know I was a little nervous about what had happened last night, but Cindy was acting as normal as ever, except she made a point of letting me see her naked while getting ready to leave. . We drove for a while without too much to say when Cindy turned and asked me if I was still a virgin. I sheepishly said I was but didn't feel embarrassed about it.

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   She glanced over and said that was great because she was looking forward to helping lose my cherry. That broke the ice and we spent the rest of the ride talking about our exposure to sex up to now. I told her about how most of the girls I dated were pretty straight and it was really just Suzy that I had even come close to fucking. Of course she made me explain it in all it's gory detail and laughed when I told her about Suzy's brothers and her fear.

"She was right," Cindy said, "the last thing you needed was a sixteen year old pregnant girlfriend with three older brothers. Sounds like you've treated your girlfriends with a lot of respect. There are a lot of guys out there that would have just forced themselves on girls like Suzy, especially if she had showed the least bit of interest. I had a few guys try that kind of stuff on me too, that's one of the reasons I slowed down on dating guys. I just wasn't into a quick fuck in the backseat of some car, and then having it advertised throughout the school the next day. That's why I didn't actually fuck a guy until I was seventeen and almost finished high school. You wouldn't know the guy, it was my friend Lisa's cousin from Seattle, he had come down here to go to college. We hit it off the moment we met and he didn't have to force himself on me. We dated a few times and after I got to know him decided he was the guy to lose my virginity with. He was nice and gentle and we had a great time, but he was too much of a gentleman. It was like his religious background was really stopping him from breaking loose.

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   Like there is no way I could have suggested anal sex with him, he probably would have gagged at the thought, and although he gladly accepted my sucking his cock, there was just no way he would ever eat cunt. I've never had it up the ass yet, but I've played around with some vibrators and stuff and it sure feels great. I would have let you fuck my ass last night, but I think your cock would have torn me apart, still. . . . , maybe we can try that sometime though" I was sitting there getting hard again from Cindy's conversation. Less than twenty-four hours ago my fantasies about my sister consisted of how great her tits were, now she was talking about me fucking her up the ass. Things were moving real fast and I didn't know if I could keep up. After a few minutes Cindy started telling me more of her story, but in even greater detail then last night.

"I really started masturbating a lot after I saw mom and dad screwing. I'd lie in bed and picture dad's giant cock sliding back and forth into mom's cunt. I'd rub my boobs and nipples and stroke my clitoris until I came, sometimes several times a night. It isn't surprising I started to imagine it was me he was fucking instead of mom. I would get off just thinking about his cock bobbing up and down in front of my face, just out of reach of my tongue.

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   I would put myself into this sexual dreamlike state and stroke myself for hours on end. After a while mom started noticing how I was looking so run down and asked me what the problem was. I told her I was having trouble sleeping and it was catching up with me. She asked me about boys and whether I had had sex yet. You have to remember she had seen me sneaking a peek at her and dad going at it, and we had discussed it already. Finally I told her that I couldn't get the scene of her and dad out of my mind and I was constantly thinking about it. I didn't tell her that I had replaced her with me though. She just smiled and told me not to be so uptight about it, I was just going through natural reactions. She did suggest that it would probably be a good thing to expand my horizons beyond her and dad however. I didn't get her drift until she went up to her room and returned with several videotapes and porn magazines. She told me I could borrow some of hers, but make sure dad didn't find out, as he probably wouldn't understand. I glanced at the pictures in the magazines and immediately knew these weren't your typical girly mags. The one I had picked up had explicit shots of screwing and oral sex. One was a lesbian mag with girls masturbating with dildo's and other objects. The last one was about bondage and showed men and women tied up and being dominated by their partner.

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   Mom was flitting around the kitchen while I paged through these trying real hard to make me not so uncomfortable. She asked me if I had any questions and I nonchalantly answered that the pictures pretty well showed it all. This statement broke the tension somewhat and we both laughed. She suggested we go and watch one of the tapes together and she could help explain things as they came up.

We popped in a movie and we sat in silence through the first scene while this couple screwed each other. At the end when the guy shot his load all over the girls ass we both giggled and relaxed a bit. The next scene started with a beautiful lady with the largest breasts I'd ever seen dancing at a strip bar. She removed her clothes to the hoots and hollers of the crowd. Mom mentioned that she had dreamt about dancing nude but knew she didn't have the guts to go through with taking her cloths off in public. She complained that nobody wanted to see an old broad like her anyway, After the dancer left the stage she went back to her dressing room and sat down on a plush coach and lit a cigarette. While she puffed her other hand began stroking her breasts and twitching her nipples. She then slipped her hand down to her pussy and started stroking her clit. She was obviously getting hot and reached over and put out her smoke. She then went into the fold of the couch and brought out a vibrator and started using that all over her cunt, eventually pushing it up her hole a few inches. I gasped at the sight of it and looked at mom and asked if she had ever used a vibrator.

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   She smiled and said of course she had, that plus a lot of other things also. She explained how the tapes and magazines were just sex aids like the vibrator, used to enhance your personal and shared sex life. We looked at the screen and mom told me her favorite part was coming up. Just then another of the dancers came into the room, and she had even bigger tits than the first one. They talked about the work for a minute while the first girl shoved the vibrator in and out of her pussy. After watching the scene for a minute the second one took off her remaining clothes, knelt down and started licking the other girls clit. The cameraman was certainly on the ball because I could see the enlarged clit as she ran her tongue up and down, all the while showing the vibrator disappearing into her cunt hole. The first girl came with a gush of juice and at the same moment I heard mom groan. I looked over and saw the dress was hiked up to her waist and she was rubbing herself. She must of come because she slowed down and stopped and smiled at me. "Those breasts get me every time. I don't know what it is, they are obviously enhanced to the limit, but I can't help myself. Maybe it's just because they are bigger than mine, which is kind of a rarity. "

Mom had big boobs all right. All my friends had commented on them, and as you all know Cindy had inherited the mammary gene from my mother.

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   I told Cindy this and she laughed remembering her comment last night about me getting dad's big dick gene. Cindy continued her tale. Mom turned the movie off and told me to watch them when I felt in the mood, but not to let you or dad find out. She took me up to her room and showed me where she kept her private articles. There were several more videos and magazines that she said I could borrow anytime, but that I should watch the three she had already given me first. I barely heard her as I stared in the drawer at a collection of love toys, several dildoes, some cock-rings, lotions and other things that I just couldn't figure out. She reached to the back and brought out this tiny vibrator about as thick as your thumb. "Here you go, you can start out with this if you want. It's not very big but it will make it easier for you and it still vibrates great, it was my first. My surprise and excitement must have showed. Mom suggested I go downstairs and watch a movie while she went out shopping, that way I could have some privacy. You were out at a ball game with dad and wouldn't be home for hours. I did as I was told and had a great time getting off on the books and video with mom's little toy cock. I must have had about three orgasms without thinking about dad's prick once. "

Suddenly Cindy pulled off the highway into a restaurant for a bite to eat.


   The morning had passed so quickly that I hadn't noticed it was after one o'clock and I was hungry. We had a coke and burger and checked the map for a more detailed route to Aunt Elaine's. Cindy had been up during spring break to help with the baby, but had taken a cab from the airport and just had a sense of the way. We were back on the road in no time and Cindy said she would tell me more some other time. I was driving and was glad for a moment of rest so I could evaluate my options. Here I was, two months shy of eighteen, still a virgin, had just spent a night a passionate sex without intercourse with my older sister, had listened to her tell me how she had lusted after my dad's cock and had become very close to mom because of it. I had worried about being bored all summer just a few days ago and now all I could think about was exploring sex with my sister again. I thought about how awkward it would be at Elaine's house, like finding time to be alone and intimate with Cindy. I mentioned this to Cindy but she told me not to worry my horny pecker about that, everything would be taken care of.

It was close to four when we finally arrived at our destination. Compared to our place in the suburbs, this place was a mansion. It was on a little more than forty acres outside of a small town, and about fifty miles from Portland. Aunt Elaine came out to greet us and took us in the house for some lemonade. As we sat around and said our hellos, Cindy asked after Samantha, as we hadn't seen her yet.

"She's having her nap right now, but she should be waking up soon for her feeding.

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   Let's go into the living room and relax a bit, this mothering is really tiring. " Elaine responded. I followed the two women into the living room and caught myself admiring Cindy and Elaine's asses as they walked in front of me. I hadn't seen Elaine in the four years since dad's funeral and had not paid a whole lot of attention to her before. She was wearing a pair of shorts that hugged her ass cheeks nicely. They were tight enough for me to see what I suspected was the outline of her panties, something I always looked for. Like my mom and sister, Elaine had the same large breasts as most of the women in the family. Hers were definitely the biggest though, stretching her white blouse tight across her back, outlining a five or six hook bra strap. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that. The girls sat on the couch across from me and talked about the baby and how much she had changed in the last few months. Suddenly we heard a soft whimper from the intercom panel. Cindy jumped up and rushed down the hall saying that she would get Sam up and change her for her feeding. Elaine sighed in relaxation and explained to me that having Cindy and me around to help out was going to make her life bearable again. She asked me if I was pissed off about having to spend my summer up here. I shook my head and said no, not now.

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   I didn't tell her that Cindy's sexual advances were what had changed my attitude. She said that she would do anything to make it easier for me around here and all I had to do was ask if I wanted anything.

Just then Cindy returned carrying the baby, who had stopped crying as soon as she got close to her mother. Elaine took her from Cindy and held her close to her magnificent breasts. I had expected Cindy to go into the kitchen and get a bottle for the baby but she just sat next to Elaine, right on the edge of her seat, turned towards her aunt. Elaine casually unbuttoned her blouse, opened a slit in the cup of her bra and released the darkest and largest nipple I'd ever seen, even in skin books. The baby started to squirm a bit and just as she latched on the nipple a got sight of a drop of milk oozing out of my aunt's tit, Cindy was obviously enthralled also as she let out a little sigh just as Sam had found her dinner supply.

"I see she's nursing real good now, it sure is cool how that all works. . " Cindy stated.

"I think I scared Don," said Elaine looking at me, "I don't think his jaw could drop any further. "

They both started to laugh at me and I felt embarrassed as hell. This was probably the most natural thing in the world and I should not have been so shocked. It's just that I'd never seen a baby nurse before and the sight of Elaine's breast would make any man's jaw drop, Cindy winked at me and I felt a little more at ease. There wasn't a whole lot to see anyway, after the baby latched on, boy could she suck.

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   The noises were incredible, coming from such a little person. After about fifteen minutes Elaine pried Sam off her nipple, resulting in a large sucking smack. The sound brought my attention back to her breasts. She handed the baby to Cindy, who immediately snuggled her to her breast to help keep her still. Elaine leaned forward and adjusted her bra cup back around her breast and undid the other one. This time I was able to get a good look because the baby wasn't in her lap. Her nipple was big and dark like the other one, but was very wet from milk. I was pondering this as she reached over and allowed Sam to drain her second udder.

"I have so much milk now, I can't stop leaking. Sam eats so much and the more she eats the more I make. " Elaine stated.

"It must be a real hassle," Cindy replied, "I can't imagine what it feels like. "

"It feels great," came the answer, "I'll tell you about it some time. " She glanced in my direction and I immediately clued in to the girl talk look. Living with mom and Cindy by myself for the last four years had taught me a few things.

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   I said I would go get the bags from the car and asked where I should put them.

"I'll be with you in a few minutes Don. Just set them by the foot of the stairs and I'll show you to the rooms then. Could you also go out back and check that the pool filter and pump are working okay, I just started them up yesterday and haven't had a chance to check them yet. "

I did as I was told and disappeared so Cindy and Elaine could chat. I went out and took the suitcases in the house, then went out back through the kitchen. There was a pool house just off the patio where I figured the filter and other equipment would be housed. I was right and everything seemed in order. I grabbed the pool skimmer and went out to check the water. It looked good to me and I started cleaning some debris off the water. It would be very worthwhile getting the pool ready, as the days were starting to get hotter now. After working away for about half an hour, Aunt Elaine came out of the house and acted so happy that I'd done this simple little job.

"You're great Don, it's going to be so good having you and Cindy here for the summer. " She walked over to me and gave me a hug, pressing her breasts against me in a very natural way. "Usually anytime I want something like that done I have to call this guy out from town that does odd jobs.

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   He's a nice young man but I have to explain everything to him in so much detail I might as well do it myself. Anyway, with you here I know I won't have to worry about a thing, and you can get him out if you think you need any help, just as long as you tell him what to do. Come on inside and I'll show you around some, Cindy has the baby in the playroom giving me a bit of a break. "

Aunt Elaine continued talking as we walked back to the house. She went on about how much fun it would be for her and the baby having some permanent guests in the house. She was lonely and the baby and the house kept her so busy that she had very little rest time. As she started up the stairs she bent over to grab one of the bags and I was able to get a glimpse of her cleavage and the valley between her mammoth breasts. She looked up at me and smiled, I turned away trying to be a little less obvious about where my gaze was focused. I grabbed some suitcases and followed her upstairs, watching the cheeks of her ass dance provocatively right before my eyes. She stopped suddenly on the landing and I just about drove my face into her backside. Luckily I was able to scoot around her and join her at the top of the stairs.

"My room is right there," she said nodding towards the master bedroom. I glanced inside and saw a massive room with a king size, unmade bed in the middle. "Excuse the mess," she explained, "Sam woke up a bit early today and I haven't even had a chance to make my bed, maybe you could help me later. " She then walked down the hall and indicated the next door as the nursery, which had adjoining doors to the master bedroom and the room to the right of it, which turned out to be Cindy's room.

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   "The people that had this house built put a room in for a nanny, so both these rooms had access to the nursery. Great idea except the lady of the house found her husband sneaking into the nanny's room late one night for a little fun. They were divorced shortly thereafter and that was when the asshole and I bought the place. Oops, I didn't mean to call Bill that in front of you, but that has become my pet name for him, he really is such an asshole, I wish I had never married him, except for Samantha of course. "

"That's okay Aunt Elaine, I think he was a real jerk for taking off on you like that. I'm usually not very violent but I sure would enjoy practising my Karate on him. "

She chuckled, "You won't have to do that because if we are real lucky we will never see his rotten ass around here again. And stop calling me Aunt Elaine, it makes me sound way too old. After all, I am your mothers little sister and I'm only nine years older than your sister. "

We went into the nanny's room and dropped off her stuff. We then went down the hall, past a bathroom to where my room would be. "The asshole used this room when he would come home late and not want to disturb me. He was usually drunk and knew I didn't want to see him. " The room was great with a wall of books and a sitting area for reading and watching television and a large bed in the middle.

"This is perfect Aunt," I hesitated remembering what she just said, "sorry, I mean Elaine, just perfect.

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  " I noted that we were down the hall far enough so I wouldn't be disturbing her if Cindy came to my room visiting. We set my cases down and went back to the hall.

"Those other rooms are for guests, if we ever have any. Come help me make the bed and you can tell me all about your trip up. " I laughed to myself thinking how shocking it would be if I told her the complete details of our trip. I kept it short and sweet and had a great view of her cleavage as we bent to straighten the bedding. When we were finished she stood up and asked me if I was embarrassed watching her breast-feed the baby. I told her it had surprised me at first, but I didn't have a problem with it at all. I didn't tell her I didn't have a problem catching a glimpse of her magnificent tits either. She sighed, saying that it was going to be wonderful having us around. She came over and gave me another hug, only this time I found my shirt was a bit damp where her breasts had pressed against it.

"Oh I'm so sorry Don, I should have known better. This is one of those things that happens sometimes when you breast feed, you leak milk, and there's only so much the baby can eat. " She reached over and rubbed the spots on my shirt, but that didn't help dry them out. She moved her hands to her breasts and gently cupped them.

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   "Too bad Sam is full, I'll have to express some of this milk. Could you excuse me Don?"

"Sure," I replied, "I was going to change and try out the pool anyway. Sorry for the mess. " That certainly was a stupid thing to say, why should I apologize.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, it was me that got breast milk all over you. I'm just glad you didn't freak out over it. " She smiled at me as I turned and went to my room to unpack and change into my trunks. I grabbed a towel and went downstairs to check with Cindy and jump in the pool. I found her in the playroom off the kitchen having a great time with Samantha. The baby was laying on the floor with Cindy kneeling over her shaking her head back and forth and giggling, making the baby laugh. I told her I would be in the back checking the water levels and going for a swim if they were okay. I left the room and found the PH kit in the pool house and checked the water, which was fine. I eased myself in, the water was a bit cooler than I was used to but sure did feel refreshing. I did a few quick laps and then rolled on my back to relax and think about Cindy's body and our recent encounters. As I approached the end of the pool by the patio I heard Elaine talking to Cindy in the kitchen.

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   At first I tried to ignore them, not typically being into eavesdropping, but when I heard the word breast I decided to find out what they were talking about. I stopped and just stood in the pool by that end with just my head above water.

". . . and in addition to that they get incredibly sore if Sam misses a feeding by more than an hour. Sometimes I can't wait and express some of the milk to relieve the tension until she wakes up. The good part is the feeling of the initial release. It is very sensual and sometimes I have these little orgasms deep in my belly. I can't wait until tonight, I've been looking forward to your visit for so long I think I'm going to burst. I think my pussy has been wet ever since Mary suggested you come up for the summer. Just wait until tonight, you'll be able to suck my milk just like the baby. " They both laughed when she said that, and I couldn't believe my ears. Cindy and Aunt Elaine making out like a couple of lesbians, and I thought nothing could shock me after what happened last night.

I heard the baby cry and their conversation stopped so I went for a couple of more laps.

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   When I was finished I swam to the pool step and got out. Cindy was just coming out the door and asked how the water was. I replied that it was a bit cool but very refreshing. She decided to have a swim also and disappeared to change. I retrieved a couple of chairs and lounges from the pool house, hosed the dust of them and set them up on the patio. I laid down on one to catch some rays and lose myself in thought. A few minutes later Cindy appeared wearing a bikini that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Unlike the one piece she wore to the public pool yesterday, this little number was definitely meant for a private pool or beach. The panties were cut high and hugged her pussy very snug and tight. The top was two triangles of material held together with sting. I could see her tit flesh spilling out on all three sides, and the wisp of cloth barely covered her nipples and aureole. She spied me looking at her, with my tongue halfway down my chin. She walked over to the lounge I was laying on and leaned over swinging her breast in front of my face and smiling. Hold my shades will you, I'm going in. With that she dropped her sunglasses on my crotch, turned on her heel and walked back to the pool.


   The bottoms of her bikini pretty much disappeared up the crack of her ass, giving me an immediate woody. I sat there enjoying the view when Elaine called out from the kitchen asking if I could come in and help her out. I said I'd be right in and got up, wrapping a towel around my waist in an effort to hide my boner, which was softening my now anyway. I glanced at Cindy gliding across the water and decided that I needed a distraction anyway.

I entered the kitchen to find Elaine getting supper ready while Sam played in this little seat thing sitting in the middle of the floor. I asked what was needed and she handed me a jar to spin the lid off. I handed it back to her and she thanked me for all the work I had done outside. I said it was nothing and that after testing the water just couldn't resist going in for a swim.

"I should have one too, I have not been for a swim since last July, almost a year ago. Your sister seems to enjoy the water. She sure looks great in that bikini, as I'm sure you noticed. You know, maybe I can't go after all, I don't even think I have a suit that will come close to fitting me. I'll have to check some out. "

I couldn't help but think of what Elaine would look like in the suit that Cindy had on right now. Boy talk about breast spillage, I'd be surprised if they came close to covering those big dark nipples of hers.

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   My cock start getting hard so I sat on the counter stool opposite Elaine and watch out the window as Cindy got out of the pool and dried herself off. She paddled over to the door and asked if she could help with supper but Elaine said everything was under control and we would be eating in about half and hour.

"We better get changed then," Cindy replied, "come on Don, you don't want to hold up the show. " She walked by us in the kitchen and disappeared through the door. I hesitated not wanting to stand up and have Elaine see my rod. I just sat there until Elaine mentioned that I had better get going. I eased myself out and worked myself over to the door without embarrassing myself. I went up the stairs and was walking down the hall to my room when Cindy came out into the hall stark naked, reached over and grabbed my towel away and rubbed by cock through my trunks.

"What kept you silly, I wanted to suck your cock as an appetiser before supper. She knelt down, pulled my trunks down and started sucking my prick like there was no tomorrow, right out in the middle of the hall. I was nervous thinking Elaine might come up any minute, but her mouth was so warm and wet I knew I couldn't stop her before shooting a load down her throat, which happened within a couple of minutes. She swallowed every drop and stood up licking her lips and smiling.

"That was quick but definitely worth the effort. I wanted to give you something now because I don't think we'll be able to get together until real late tonight, if at all. Elaine wants to discuss a few things with me.

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With that she turned and went back into her room. I picked my trunks up and ran down to my room with my semi-hard tool dancing in front of me. I closed the door, went into the adjoining bath and showered off before getting dressed and going downstairs for supper. We ate and cleared up the dishes by about nine o'clock. Most of the conversation was Elaine asking about mom and other family, just trying to catch up on news. Sam had her last feeding about ten thirty and Cindy carried her upstairs for Elaine. I watched as Elaine just pulled her blouse across her massive breasts without even doing the flaps of the bra up. She stood up and I could see a wet spot appearing on her blouse covering one of her nipples. She asked if I could lock up and turn off the lights, said goodnight and promised me a big breakfast the next morning. They both were upstairs and I suppose waiting for me to close up the house and make my way to my room. I did have other plans though. I did do as expected but listened carefully to their murmuring after I got back to my room. As I walked down the hall I heard them in Elaine's room talking so I knew where they were. After waiting about twenty minutes, that felt like hours, I decided to make my way down the hall. I quietly entered Cindy's room knowing they couldn't hear me.

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   Both doors to the nursery were open a bit so I could clearly hear their lovemaking. I opened the first door far enough to sneak through and tiptoe past S.
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