Crime and Punishment - Part 2 - Water torture


Please first read "Crime and Punishment - Part 1 - The Crime"

Everything went well that evening. Ruth even seeming a bit happy which I do not know if my Dad felt was a good thing. He asked how Ruth felt about her punishment and she said she deserved everything she got today.

Ruth said that she felt real bad about what she had done to John's summer plans and that she was going to give me her best effort doing whatever he asked of her all summer.

My Mom smirked and told me that I should not to get to used to maid service as after the summer that was going to end. I thought we will see if I can extend my sister's servitude a lot longer than just the summer.

The next morning as expected there was a knock at my door and my sister came with my breakfast in bed tray all smiles. I looked at how she was dressed and her t-short was tight, no bra with midriff showing and only a thong. She saw me stare and bent over as she put the tray down wiggling her ass then sat on the bed. I am sure I saw a wet spot on the triangle covering her pussy.

She asked me if I would please continue her lessons today? I said Ruth you will not get another lesson until you have done your punishment chores. I do not want you to get me into trouble with Mom.

I then gave her a sexy imagination exercise while she was doing those chores. Ruth you needed to think of all the sexual positions that she would like her big brother to fuck her in until she came hard. I told her to literally feel me sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Then when the chores were finished to immediately report to me.

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   She had started to squirm a lot as her sexy imagination kicked into high gear but she got up and went to do her work twitching her ass on the way out.

I ate breakfast showered and changed just into my work out shorts which had a smooth satin feel to them. I started to think about a plan to make my sister's inner slut blossom and have her in my clutches forever but that one was going to take a while to put together.

Eventually Ruth sashayed into my room and sat on the bed. She must have been really enjoying my latest sexy imagination instructions as she could not sit still rubbing her thighs together. I told her she was dirty and needed her brother to wash her thoroughly from head to toe.

She said with a smile but I thought that my big brother liked his sexy sister to be dirty for him. I smirked and replied well today we are going to have a bit of good clean fun and led her to the shower.

I stripped Ruth of all he cloths telling her she would get to practise stripping for me some other time. I told her to climb into the shower and she asked if I was joining her. I did not reply, instead taking the extendable shower head turned on the water adjusting it to a comfortable temperature.

Then I told Ruth to slowly turn and I doused her until she was wet from head to toe. God that water bouncing and dripping off her beasts and curved ass got me hard which she spotted right away.

I poured some shampoo on her head and slowly massaged it in. While doing that I told her to think of me stroking my cock like yesterday and what it would be like to catch that stringy precum on her tongue before it was wasted on the floor.

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   I knew she was doing as told when she licked her lips.

I finished with her hair and got some body soap, squeezed some into my hands then turned Ruth around and soaped up her neck, down her back giving her a standing massage. I went back for more soap and did her ass making sure to clean extra slow in between her butt cheeks. Little sis was getting very worked up.

I continued down her legs to complete her back side. I stopped her from turning around got more soap telling her to place her hands on the shower wall. I reached around rubbing her face, her neck then to her breasts massaging tweaking pulling like they were so extra dirty that they needed special attention. I think little sis was in a kind of heaven as I heard her hum some song and her body gyrated to her inner sexual rhythms.

I got some more soap and started below her tits rubbing her torso down to her pussy. Just as I should have touched her pussy I stopped and got more soap and then started from her feet working back up to her pussy soaping each leg.

As I working up her inner thighs I came within a fraction of touching her wanton pussy. Her breathing was a straight out pant in anticipated of the caress of my hands on the only place they had not cleaned.

Stopped again getting the last needed soap. I stood up and leaned over and whispered in her ear you are panting like a slut. What does my slutty sister want her brother to do to her.

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   She did not hesitate moaning make me come big brother, please make me come.

I said sexy sister you are asking me to molest my underage sister. You do know that this is incest? Do you want to be your brothers incestuous sex toy? She whispered yes, I told her to say it louder in her own words or I would leave her as she was and never make her come again.

She yelled out big brother please use me for your incestuous delights, my body was made for your pleasure MOLEST ME NOW! I turned her around French kissed her then hooked two fingers inside her pussy with my palm rubbing her clit. Then I jack hammered my hand up and down as fast as I could.

Within a minute she was coming, shaking, screaming "I love incest" and adding a gushing shower of her own. Luckily I had one arm around her and hand hooked into her cunt because her knees buckled. I slowly eased her to the bottom of the shower. With her eyes still fluttering I washed all the soap off her body and shampoo out of her hair.

She opened her eyes and smiled shaking her head. She said I was the greatest brother a sister could have. If she only knew I could make her feel this good we would been having fun years ago.

I told her that I had one other delight for her and said I could make her come without even touching her pussy. She looked confused but said anything John. I turned the control that transferred water from the shower to the faucet, got to my knees and pulled both her legs forward until the faucet was pouring directly on her clit.

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At first she just looked at me so I made the water flow a little harder. I knew I got it right when I heard an ugh sound and I had to quickly re-grip the leg I had let go. She started to squirm and wriggle but I kept that water pour-licking her clit. Soon she yelled oh fuck I am coming and she almost drove her cunt into the faucet.

She looked up at me smiling expecting me to let go but I did not. I saw the dear in headlights look and she started the orgasm climb again. I said this summer she was going to have more orgasms than all the women, young and old, from our whole subdivision. I was going to make this a summer she would think about on her death bed so she could depart life with a smile.

I saw she was near the crest of the come hill and yelled COME FOR YOUR BROTHER MY SISTER SLUT and she came with more shakes then I had seen so far. She could no longer sit up and her back lay flat on the bottom of the bathtub with her head moving side to side. There was too much water to tell if she was crying but I think at that moment she realized her free-will had been taken and I kept the water pounding on her abused swollen clit.

Soon she just started to continually quiver and shake. I suspected that these were just little bumps in one continuous orgasmic wave with no real breaks in between. I let go of her legs and turned off the water.

I left her in the tub to recover.

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   Wiped off the soap from my chest and sat on the toilet lid waiting. She was so beautiful all wet, slippery and satiated.

When she had opened her eyes I said sexy sister you need to help your big brother before your afternoon lesson. The smile on her face confused me as this was suppose to be revenge for me not just pleasure for her. She seemed to be so happy almost like getting dumped and punished was the best thing to happen in her young life.

She sat up and I helped her to stand and get out of the tub. I dried her off extending it so that I got to kiss her here and there with my own lust growing.

She looked at me enjoying my touch. When I was finished I threw the towel into the hamper and looked back to my naked sister standing waiting for my next order, happy to see my lust filled gaze.

I moved her to stand facing the mirror told her to lean forward with hands bracing her on the counter then arch her back. I got in behind her, with my shorts still on, pressed my semi into her ass crack.

I told her she needed to make her brother hard and she should imagine she was fucking my cock and trying to make me come in her all the while gazing at the reflection of her brother's eyes making sure she heard his primal scream and see his face contort as he shot his cum deep inside her.

Just the description of what she was to do made her pant but she locked her eyes on mine reflection and started rubbing up and down. Very soon my semi was steal and she pressed herself so hard I had to wrap my hand around her chest so I would not get pushed back. I grabbed her tits squeezing and abusing her nipples with my thumb and index fingers.

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   She panted harder but our eyes remained locked.

This women-child must have one sexy imagination as she started to hump her ass faster and faster trying to reach her goal. Just before I was going to loose it I commanded Ruth come you incestuous sister slut and she soaked my shorts and cried out I love you bro.

I released her tits letting her lean further forward, dropped down and started lapping up her juices from her inner thighs and then from the source. God she tasted good.

As I stood up I gave both of those lovely cheeks a kiss. I caught her smile in the mirror gave her a light smack on her ass and said dress up sexy as you will need to practise stripping before today's final lesson then meet me for lunch in the kitchen.

I went to the kitchen and made us a couple of sandwiches and poured two glasses of milk. Just when I went to the bottom of stairs to yell at her to shake a leg. She started to come down.

For sure my heart skipped a beat. She had applied a little makeup highlighting her eyes and glossy lips. She wore a white blouse unbuttoned down the front, tied up just under her breasts with no bra, a too short pleated skirt, frilly ankle socks with no shoes with her hair tide back in a pony tail.

Wow she had slutty school girl down pat. She smiled as she walked past me as if I was not there.

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   I followed those swinging hips until she went over to the kitchen counter leaned over a bit stuck her butt out just enough that I could see the merest hint of white cotton panties.

She stuck her finger in her mouth sucking then removed it wiping the saliva down her cleavage and said does Daddy like my new school cloths? My skirt is not too short is it Daddy or should I wear it just for you?

My cock was rock and balls were blue. I almost raped her right there that was just too sexy. With all the control I could muster I got close behind my little school girl and reached around and lightly circled her erect nipples through her blouse. Then said Daddy had a treat for my little girl after lunch and ran my hands up her inner thighs just brushing her cunt through those soft cotton panties. I felt her quivered but just sat down to eat lunch.

I could see frustration in her eyes as she had figured I was going to fuck her with that out fit on. She shook her touche and raised her skirt giving me a good pantie flash. I said naughty girl get that wonderful touche over here and eat before your next home school lesson or I you will give you a spanking.

Ruth visible shuddered and I knew one more of her weaknesses. She complied and sat down to eat. I said that during our lunch we must tell each other some deep dark sexy secret something we have never told anyone else. Shake up sister time again and her face went red so I knew she had a good one.

After a few minutes I said I would tell mine first. I told her I lost my virginity to Mrs.

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   Wayneman down the street. When I was thirteen I had been hired by her husband to mow the lawn that summer. He had to work on Saturdays and Mrs. Wayneman had a special kind of tip for me. She taught me many ways to pleasure a women. My sister smiled and said she would give her a hug next time they met.

I said OK what is your secret. Ruth said that when she was thirteen she was changing in her room and noticed something move in the shadows from the room in the house adjacent to us. Then she remembered that Mr. Degrassie our next door neighbor had been smiling and waving at her recently. She said that this turned her on so she would often put on a show if the that house's room had its lights off.

This went on for about a year but Mrs. Degrassie must have found out as Mom scolded her for leaving her curtains opened at night as perverts could be watching her. She has never done that again and Mr. Degrassie goes the other way if he sees her.

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