Crime and Punishment - Part 6 - Roll play gone a-rye


Please first read "Crime and Punishment - Parts 1-5"

For Ruth the weekends made her almost crazy. On Monday's I had to fuck her brain's out or she would fidget too much in front of my parents. I started to worry that they would get suspicious but I think they considered her fidgeting as a side effect of her punishment.

How we would deal with this when the summer was over and our private time would be greatly reduced I did not know. What I did do was give her the vibrator I pierced her hymen with. I said his name was Johnny and she should use him to keep herself calm.

I asked her what brand of batteries she would use as I wanted to buy that companies shares. Ruth gave me a girly punch in the arm and asked me to buy some shares for her too.

For myself I still got my regular pussy fix on the weekends and Ruth seemed to accept this like a harem girl who needed to share her sultan and compete for his attentions. Admittedly my sister was the finest pussy among all those I had experienced but I would definitely not let her know that.

We must have tried every position she saw on the videos. She definitely liked doggy the best. Thank goodness I was in great shape as I am sure there would have been an accident or injury.

I think I even improved my techniques due to the sister sex lessons. I could tell as some of my "friends with benefits" suggested they would like our arrangement to be more exclusive. I just told them that I was too young for that.

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Ruth liked role-play and she even tried the French maid get up with me fucking her bent over while she pretended to dust. Her best role-play was her sexy innocent little girl impressions. I am not sure why but they got both of us very hot especially when I could bend her over a desk, table or counter and fuck her hard.

One weekend I went out and bought two handcuffs that would not leave marks and a blind fold. I can definitely say when we used them that was a very hot fucking day. Ruth must have loved it as she came more times then usual which it to say something as she had turned into a regular come queen.

When I was giving my pecker a rest I just kept stimulating her body almost to the point of torture. We almost got caught as we were both dragging our asses to supper and our parents noticed. Luckily they accepted our excuses.

Time flew by and it was the final week of summer vacation. I had one last bit of revenge to pull on Ruth and I was finally ready. I suggested that Ruth dress up as Daddy's naughty school girl including being blindfolded and handcuffed to the head board in the doggie position.

I said it would be a nice touch if we did it in Daddy's little girl's own room. She smiled and said she was going to be the naughtiest sexy Daddy's girl I could imagine.

I said that would be cool and expected her to be all ready with her cotton panties around her ankles, only wearing her short skirt and frilly socks in the submissive position I had described.

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   But first I needed to turn the lawn sprinklers off. She said she would be ready and call out if I took too long.

What Ruth did not know is that for over a month I had been secretly been taping Dad. I had spliced a dialogue together to really throw Ruth's world off its axes.

After going outside and turning off the sprinklers. I came in through the front door and closed it loud enough to be heard. I went up stairs and heard Ruth call Daddy where are you from her room. I opened her room door and there she was handcuffed, dressed and positioned as I requested.

Ruth shook her ass and said "Daddy you are just in time I am ready and my naughty pussy needs to be fucked hard by Daddy's big cock". I turned on my portable boom box and out of it came Dad's voice "Ruth, I think I can help you out".

Ruth froze and said "Daddy I can explain" trying fruitlessly to pull her hands free of the handcuffs. Just then I dropped a pair of pants with a belt buckle on the floor making a clattering sound. Ruth just cried nnnnooooo. I got on the bed behind her and started roughly touching her ass and then rubbing her pussy in a way I had not done before.

Ruth really tried to get away even though there was no chance.

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   I stopped and turned the audio on again and Dad's voice said "Now Ruth I only have a bit of time, be a good girl". Then I stuck two fingers deep into her pussy and finger fuck her as fast as I could while rubbing her clit hard.

Soon Ruth was moaning and pushing back. I knew my slutty sister body all too well. A switch must have turned in as she started to say "Faster Daddy I am going to come". I kept this up until she came screaming "I'm coming from you Daddy".

Before she could recover I turned the audio on and Dad's voice said "Such a good girl, I appreciate this". Then I got in behind her, grabbed her hips and thrust myself deep. Ruth lost her breath and I started stroking her hard. Soon she was yelling "Fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard, oh god Daddy's cock feels so good".

This "Daddy" would help out his wanton daughter and I fucked her only a bit slower than my best as I did not want to start competing with myself. Ruth screamed she was coming, I smacked her ass and kept pounding my "little girl". Ruth was screaming "Daddy come in your baby girl, please my pussy needs Daddy's cum" and she pushing back to make the pounding even harder.

I felt that tingle, drove deep and started to cum smacking her ass again. Ruth came again screaming "thank you Daddy your little girl loves being fucked by Daddy".

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   I pulled out and smacked her ass one more time then turned on the audio with Dad's voice said "See you later need to go to work, be good Ruth".

Only the handcuffs were keeping Ruth up. I was a little afraid her shoulders would become dislocated. I got off the bed took the boom box, picked up the pants scraping the belt so she could hear.

On the way down stairs I quickly put the pants and boom box in my closet. Pulled on my usual shorts. Then walked down stairs and opened the front door then closed it hard.

I ran up stairs straight to Ruth's room started to undo the handcuffs exclaiming "Holy shit Ruth, I am sorry but he was going up stairs just as I came back from outside. He never saw me, but I heard and saw a bit of what went on. I never thought Dad would fuck you but I guess he could not resist considering how you asked for him to fuck you hard. "

I turned Ruth over and she had a bit of a smile on her face. I said Ruth you really are an incestuous slut because I heard you come and begging Dad to fuck you after you knew it was him. Ruth opened her eyes nodded her head looking sheepish.

By this time I had recovered enough that thinking of Dad really fucking Ruth got me hard. I asked Ruth to put the blind fold back on and let me fuck her while she called me Daddy and she agreed without hesitation.

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I turned Ruth over on to her stomach and put a pillow under her pussy. I asked what my little girl wanted her Daddy to do and Ruth cried out Daddy please fuck me NOW!. I pushed into her and told my princess to cross her legs.

Ruth is always tight but this made her even tighter. It took all of my will not to come until after Ruth came twice. Finally with Ruth yelling "You fuck your princess so good Daddy" then "Pound your baby girl's pussy Daddy", I yelled "Cum with Daddy princess" and we came together.

By this time we were both exhausted. We dozed off for a bit. With enough time to clean up before our parents came home I decided it was time to talk to Ruth. I told her that fucking Dad again would be a bad idea as Mom would sure to find out. A man of his age could not service two pussies.

Mom would think he was cheating on her, which technically he had, but worse it would break up our home with Dad going to prison. I made her promise to act like he never fucked her and pick up like this morning never happened, she agreed.

Anytime she felt the need I would be her "Daddy". Later I may have seen her bend over a few times giving Dad a cheep pantie clad pussy thrill but nothing more.

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Now we are all grown up and living in the same city. Ruth is married with two kids. Her temper issues seemed to have disappeared. She regularly finds an excuse to visit me when my wife is conveniently away and we renew our fucking relationship.

To this day I have never told her that I was and have always been her "Daddy". .
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