Curing Our Brother


I was interrupted by Cindy, who gleefully exclaimed, "That's great! Danny finally got some ass!"I continued, "Yeah, the only problem is the ass didn't belong to a female! I peeked inside his partially open door and saw him pistoning in and out of another boy!"That revelation brought a collective gasp from Cindy and Debby. Cindy finally said, "You mean. . . Danny was having sex. . . with a GUY?!"Then Debby chimed in with, "Oh my God! What are we gonna do, Becky?"I began to tell them my plan for curing our brother. "We have to help Danny see that heterosexual relationships are much more satisfying. Danny has always been so shy. Maybe that's why he's never had many friends, and why all of them were males. It's pretty intimidating for a young boy to initiate a relationship with the opposite sex!"Cindy asked, "So how do we help him start to discover the joys of female companionship? Are you suggesting we play matchmaker and get him a girlfriend?"With some hesitation, I replied, "Well, not exactly. . . we wouldn't find him a girl. .

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  . we would be his girls. " You could have heard a pin drop! I rushed ahead before my sisters could begin protesting. "We can't leave this mission in the hands of some fickle teenage girl! If he got jilted it would permanently sour him on females! No, we will have to serve as surrogate lovers for Danny, until he is at least able to swing both ways. I can live with him being bisexual, at least then he will find it easier to fit into a heterosexual world. I know, we're talking about committing incest. . . and maybe even rape, but desperate times call for desperate measures! This is tough love. . . I know you both love Danny. Well, he needs our help! I can't do this alone. I have to work a 9 to 5 job to support us. Danny is going to require sexual therapy sessions throughout the day and night! I'll service him as much as my schedule allows, but I need both of you to do your part! What do you say?"I held my breath as Cindy spoke, "You said this might include rape.

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   What do you mean?"I replied, "Danny is probably not going to cooperate with us at first. Just as with a small child who has to be force-fed some bitter medicine, we'll have to force-feed this medicine!"I was relieved when Cindy said, "Okay Becky, I'm willing to help cure our brother. I'll do whatever it takes to help him!"Now it was Debby's turn. She sat there for a minute before speaking. "I really didn't plan on my first time being with my own twin brother. . . but I love him so much that I'll sacrifice my virginity for him!"I finally allowed myself to breathe and then we embraced each other. My sisters and I spent the following day in preparation for the evening. I took Debby shopping for some seductive lingerie, since all she had were rather modest pajamas. I also purchased a large box of condoms for her to use, since she wasn't yet on the pill as were Cindy and I. Before heading home, I stopped by the clinic where I worked to borrow some special equipment. Everything was now ready for tonight. It was near midnight when we sprung our trap. The three of us snuck into Danny's bedroom and on a signal from me, we grabbed the slumbering boy and quickly attached restraints to his hands and feet.

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   It all happened so fast, he had no time to react before it was too late! I switched on the light to admire our handiwork. Danny was lying on his back spread-eagle. He wore only his white, cotton Fruit-of-the-Loom undies. He looked at us with wide eyes and in a shaky voice asked, "Wha. . . what's going on here? Let me loose! Why are you doing this to me?"I sat beside him and explained, "I came home early yesterday. I saw you having sex with another boy in here! How long has this been going on, Danny?"He knew there was no point in trying to deny the tryst, so he answered truthfully, "We first did it two weeks ago, and yesterday was only the second time. "Cindy spoke up then and asked, "Why Danny? Why. . with a guy? You're such a cute boy, you could have your pick of girls!"Danny averted his eyes and said sadly, "I'm not comfortable around girls. . . and they've never shown any interest in me either. Jack makes me feel nice.

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  . . he makes me feel special. "I stepped back in and said, "Oh Danny, it's just not right! You would never have a normal life with another man! Only a woman can give you a family! Jack can't give you that. . . a guy ever can!"Danny said with despair, "I'll never have that kind of life. Besides, girls just don't turn me on. ""Well, we're going to test that theory! You may discover that you prefer girls after you've had sex with two. . . or three of them!" I said this while making eye contact with Cindy and Debby. The three of us then left the room to change. A few minutes later, we returned, and if our brother had any questions about our intentions, they were answered by what he saw! I wore only a lacy, black push-up bra and matching French-cut panties. Cindy had on a pink baby-doll, and Debby was appropriately dressed in a virginal white teddy.

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   I approached Danny with a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut away his undies. Cindy and Debby approached for the grand unveiling of their brother's manhood. I looked up at Debby and asked, "Would you like to finish the job?"She blushed a bright red, but nodded eagerly. As she reached to pull away the material covering his penis, she said, "It's been about ten years since I last saw this! I'll bet it's gotten much bigger!"Danny pleaded, "Please Debby, don't do this!" but her curiosity urged her onward. Debby pulled away the pieces of underwear and gazed upon her brother's manhood. "Oh Danny! It's gotten much bigger! You have a nice penis!" Debby complimented and the rest of us agreed. Danny just lay there glowing crimson red. I announced, "Since I'm the oldest, I'll go first. Debby, since you haven't had any sexual experiences with boys, I think you should stay to observe. "Cindy said, "Hey, I wanna watch too!""Alright you little voyeur, you can stay and watch too!"I climbed onto the bed and lay along side Danny. I reached down with my right hand and began to fondle his penis. Most 16 year-old boys would already have a raging hardon by now, but Danny was still limp. I continued to fondle and caress his flaccid cock, but after several minutes, he was still soft! I knew it was time to turn up the heat, so I got into position between his spread thighs, saying, "Does Jack give you blowjobs, Danny? I bet he doesn't do as good a job as I will!"And with that, I proceeded to lick, kiss, and suck every inch of my brother's penis. After about ten minutes of oral attentions, there was still no sign of life!"Looks like he's gonna be a bigger challenge than you thought, huh?" Cindy commented. "No, I figured we might need to use my secret weapon to get his motor started!""Secret weapon? What secret weapon?" asked Debby.

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  I pulled out the penis pump device and showed it to my sisters. "We sell these at the clinic. They are used by impotent men to achieve an erection. The way it works is simple. You just stick the penis into the cylinder and the rubber gaskets make an air seal. Then you create a vacuum in the cylinder, which lowers the barometric pressure. The lower pressure causes blood to fill the blood vessels and. . . Tah-dah! you get a hardon! This little beauty could give a guy in a coma an erection!"I inserted Danny's flaccid cock into the cylinder and turned on the electric pump. As soon as the pressure gauge was in the green zone, I switched it off. After two minutes, I released the vacuum and slipped off the cylinder, and sure enough. . . Danny now sported a nice erection!Cindy and Debby cheered and commented to each other about the size and appearance of Danny's erection.

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   Debby wondered aloud, "How big do you suppose it is?" to which I answered, "Why don't you go get a ruler and measure it?"She scurried off and soon returned with one. Debby took hold of her brother's now hard shaft and delighted in the feel of it. "Oh! It's so hard. . . yet the tip feels like velvet!"Then she did something that surprised all of us. She bent down and planted a big wet kiss on the mushroom-shaped head! Finally, she placed one end of the ruler at the base of Danny's shaft and read the measurement. "Hmm. . . looks like you're an even six inches Danny! That's not bad for a 16 year-old!"Danny looked embarrassed and said, "Geesh! I feel like a piece of meat!"I nudged Debby aside and took hold of Danny's erection in one hand. Looking at Debby, I said, "Now watch closely! This is how you give a guy a great blowjob!"With that, I began to encircle the rim of Danny's cock head with the tip of my tongue. My hand slid up and down the length of his shaft while I tickle the sensitive area beneath his testicles with my other hand. When I finally took him into my mouth and began sucking in earnest, Danny let out an involuntary moan. I soon began tasting his pre-cum and doubled my sucking and bobbing action.

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   Suddenly, His body began to spasm beneath me and his cock erupted with jet after jet of warm, creamy love-honey!"Ahh! Oh! Mmm. . . " Danny cried out as he unloaded his essence into my mouth. I struggled to keep up with the flow as I savored the flavor of my little brother's semen for the first time. I looked up at Danny's flushed face and said, "Well now. . . what was that you said about girls not turning you on? From the mouthful you just gave me, I'd say you got very turned on!"Danny shot back, "You forced that out of me! You had to use that pecker pump thing to get me hard!"I replied, "In time, we won't need to use the pump on you. Your body and mind will naturally respond to our hands, mouths, and. . . vaginas!"When Danny heard that, he began to strain at his restraints and cry out, "Damn it Becky! Let me go! This is rape! I don't want to have sex with any of you!"Cindy came to his side and began kissing his cheek while caressing his chest with her hand. She whispered in his ear, "It's for your own good, sweetheart! We're only doing this because we want to help you!"I noticed that Danny's erection was getting soft, so I used the pump on him again. Once his erection was restored, I asked, "Okay, who wants to go for a ride?"Both Cindy and Debby shouted, "I do! I do!"I said, "Well, why don't you two take turns? Cindy, go ahead and mount him.

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   Just take up a nice leisurely tempo and stop after five minutes, then it'll be Debby's turn! After Debby has her turn, then I'll take him. We'll just go around and around like that until he comes in one of us! Debby, why don't you straddle Danny's head and have him treat you to some pussy licking?"As Debby began to climb onto her brother's face, he angrily protested, "Hey! I'm not gonna do that! Get off my face! Tha. . . Mmmph!"Debby lowered her pussy onto Danny's mouth, cutting off further protests. When I saw that he wasn't using his lips and tongue, I reached down and gave his testicles a little squeeze. That got his attention, and then I warned, "Start kissing and licking or I'll squeeze even harder!"Danny quickly complied, working his lips and tongue up and down Debby's labia like he was a cunnilingus pro. Cindy, meanwhile, straddled her brother and guided his cock head into her moist entrance. As she worked up a slow, steady rhythm, her strokes became longer and deeper until she had taken all six inches of Danny's shaft inside her tight pussy. "Oh Debby! You're gonna love this! His cock is just the right size for a first-timer. . . not too big. . .

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  and not too small!" Cindy assured her little sister. Debby answered between moans, "Yeah? Well, his tongue is driving me crazy!. . . I never imagined it. . . would feel. . . so wonderful!"When Cindy's five minutes expired, I said, "Okay, times up Cindy! It's Debby's turn now!"Cindy reluctantly dismounted and Debby hesitatingly climbed onto her twin brother. I handed her a condom and instructed her on how to put it on. "Roll it down all the way. . .


  No! don't try to pull the narrow section down over the tip! That's the reservoir that collects the semen. If you don't leave that empty, the condom will burst when he ejaculates!"After putting the condom on, she then slowly guided the tip of Danny's penis into the doorway of her virginal passage. Debby's breath quickened as she lowered herself ever farther onto the shaft. She felt the resistance when Danny's penis was about half way inside. She instinctively knew that this was her hymen. I noticed her hesitation and said, "Just back off a bit and get a running start. Better to break through it quickly and then just sit still until the sting goes away. After that, enjoy your first time!"Debby pulled back a couple of inches, then taking a deep breath, she quickly impaled herself to the hilt on Danny's shaft. The momentary sting of her deflowering caused her to whimper, but she soon adjusted to her vaginal invader. Slowly, she took up a gentle up and down motion, going a little deeper with each successive downstroke. Danny's oral attentions had helped bring her sexual arousal to a fever pitch, and it was obvious that she was fast approaching her first cock-induced climax! I noticed her five minutes were about to end, but not wanting to spoil her first time, I said, "Take all the time you need, darling! Don't worry about that time limit. . . just enjoy yourself!"She panted back, "Ahh! I. .

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  . think I'm. . . coming! Oh! Yes! Oh yes!"She began frantically bouncing up and down on Danny's organ as her climax swept over her! Cindy and I clapped and cheered her on and I shouted, "Alright girl! Do it! Fuck his brains out!"I noticed that Danny's face was flushed and he was breathing rapidly. I asked, "How you doing little brother? Tell us the truth! It feels really good, doesn't it? Doesn't her pussy feel nicer than some boy's butt?"Danny didn't answer, he just looked toward the wall. I suspected he was beginning to enjoy it too, but was ashamed to admit it!Debby's climax had completely drained her of energy. She collapsed on top of Danny and lay there, nuzzling into his neck and whispering endearments into his ear. "Oh Danny! That was wonderful! I love you so much!"I allowed her some time for the afterglow of intercourse before I asked her to dismount. Now it was my turn, and I was determined to bring Danny to his first climax inside a woman!I removed the condom from his softening cock and used the pump on him again. "Okay sweetheart, it's big sister's turn now! I want you to come for me, okay?"Danny answered, "Please Becky, don't do this! This is wrong! You're my sister!"I said, "What's more wrong. . . having sex with your sister or humping another guy?"He didn't reply, but I could see in his eyes that my argument made sense. I guided his hard shaft into my opening and lowered myself onto him.

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  "Cindy was right! Your cock is very nice! I'm gonna enjoy giving you this medicine as often as possible over the next few days! Can you feel my pussy muscles squeezing your shaft, Danny? It feels nice, doesn't it? You're getting close to coming aren't you? It's okay sweetheart. . . don't be ashamed to admit you're enjoying this! Go ahead. . . pump me full of your love-honey!"My pumping motion and sensual talk had its desired effect. Danny suddenly tensed up and then his whole body went into orgasmic spasms!"That's it! Yes! Fill me up! Ahh. . . I'm coming too! Oh! Yes!. . . " I could feel Danny's warm semen jetting deep inside me, and he pumped out so much cum that it began to squirt out of my vagina with each downstroke! Bending down, I planted a wet, passionate kiss on Danny's lips, pushing my tongue into his mouth. I was pleasantly surprised when he kissed back, pushing his tongue into my own mouth! This was the first sign that our medicine was beginning to work!Epilogue:Over the next few weeks, my sisters and I took turns giving Danny his sexual therapy.

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   We were like a tag-team, when one of us was worn out, another would take over. To say we fucked like bunnies would be an understatement! I was amazed by the sexual stamina of our 16-year-old brother! Sure the pump made it possible to keep him erect for multiple sessions, but he never seemed to tire or run dry. Every time he climaxed, he managed to fill our mouths and vaginas with fresh semen!We made daily progress with Danny. As he became more cooperative, we began to gradually removed some of his restraints. This freedom of movement slowly transformed him from a passive and reluctant rape victim to an active and willing participant! Instead of just laying on his back while we rode him, we could have him Fuck us in a variety of positions. On the fifth day, Debby excitedly told me that Danny had gotten an erection without the aid of the pump. After he had ejaculated during intercourse with her, she got him hard again by giving him a blowjob and he then came in her mouth. I decided that we would discontinue using the pump and instead rely upon more traditional methods for stimulating his erections. As the weeks went by, we fell into a routine. Danny would rotate between the three of us, spending each night with a different sister. During the day, he was free to choose with whom he would have sex. His favorite daytime sex partner was his twin sister. I hoped that our therapy had adjusted our brother's sexual orientation, but I wasn't sure. When I came home early one day, all doubt was removed. As I walked past his bedroom, I heard the unmistakable sounds of a girl in the throws of her climax! I couldn't resist taking a peek and silently opened the door.

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   Sure enough, Danny was servicing an attractive teenage girl who lived next door! My sisters and I have continued to have a sexual relationship with our brother. We couldn't think of a good reason to put a stop to such a pleasurable activity, so we continue to this very day!The EndMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER. has a huge list of cuties and escort services in Mykonos!

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