Curious Kayla gets to see, part 5


     After a short rest, and my hands eager to bring him back up, Jason's cock was rock hard, ready and eager to ream out my horny cunt again.

     "Lay back baby, let me ride you", Jason whispered.

     I eagerly took position, my pussy was dripping again, I needed it, wanted it, my brother's cock was amazing, and I couldn't get enough of his fucking. My cunt was pulsing with lust, eagerly awaiting the stuffing it would soon feel, and the explosion deep down inside of me, the feel of his rock hard prick as he would explode, squirting wildly, filling up my horny heat with a big, juicy load of hot spunk. I felt his big head against my lips, and in one smooth stroke, he slid it in, drawing a squeal of lust from me as his hard, stiff shaft stretched the walls of my cunt, parting my tightness, until he was in me, right to the balls, I wrapped my legs around him, and urged him on.

    "Yes, oh yes, my brother, my lover, give your eager sister more, I need it, I want it, fuck me lover!"

     He was glad to do so, and my mind was whirling with nasty, delicious thoughts. My brother was fucking me, my cunt was being split open by my brother's horny cock, he had pumped his hot, incestuous sperm into me, I had swallowed his loads. What would our parents think, what would our freinds think, if they could see my brother and his horny sister, locked in an incestuous embrace, with his stiff ramrod cock buried deep inside his sister's hot pink folds? Those thoughts shoved me to the peak, then I felt the familliar spasms starting deep, as I plunged.

     "Oh fuck, oh my god, yes, oh fuck, I'm cumming, fuck yes, yes, YES!"

     I let out a howl of sheer pleasure as my cunt exploded, my body shaking and jerking as my climax tore thorough me. My brother quickly pulled out, reposisitioned me on hands and knees, and rammed back into me doggy style. I could feel his hard cock touching my cervix, and my orgasm started to build back up to force again.

He started to ream me out, giving my horny pussy a doggy style power reaming, and it jumped back at me, my orgasm slammed me again, my howls of pleasure filling the bedroom, my inner walls clamping tightly at him. He pulled out again, before he could cum, and lay back, telling me to mount him in reverse cowgirl style.

     "Yeah, your ass is so sexy baby, I wanna watch my sister's sexy ass going up and down as you ride me, make yourself cum over and over!"

     I was happy to do so, and I sank down the length, grunting with pleasure as I impaled myself, riding up and down on his hard stalk of flesh. It took all of a minute, before I came again, then the orgasms started one right after the other, fuck, I was going wild, it felt like I would never stop cumming. I could feel my tight walls clamping against his cock, milking wildly at him, and that did it.

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     "Fuck, oh fuck yeah, gonna fill you baby, gonna blow my load inside my sister, yeah, yeah, fuck YEAH!"

     I could feel his rock hard prick start pulsing, and the jetting of his stiff cock as he unloaded more of his hot incestuous sperm inside me, and as he filled me, I had an idea. After the last drops were inside me, I quickly pulled off, and squatted over his face.

     "Lick me brother, lick out all your hot juice, then save it in your mouth, I want to suck out all your juice out of your mouth, so I can swallow it all!"

     Jason was eager to do so, and as he applied his open mouth to me, I could feel the big glut of spunk slide out of me, and right into his waiting mouth. He sucked me for another 30 seconds or so, then he tapped me on my leg, letting me know I had a sweet tasty treat waiting for me.

     I quickly got down to where his head was, and lay down, watching as his smiling face appeared above me, his mouth lowering towards me. I opened my mouth, and he opened his mouth to mine, and I felt a riveting jolt of pleasure as his spunk gushed into my mouth, giving me that big mouthful to swallow, which I was happy to do so.

     He took me in his arms, and I cuddled close to him, feeling very much at ease. It was 2 o'clock Saturday morning, and I could feel sleep starting to fall over me, I had enjoyed a sexual workout like I had never dreamed possible. And we still had all of Saturday and part of Sunday, if our parents didn't come home soon. With my brother's nude body against mine, I drifted off very contented.


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