Curious Kayla gets to see.


     Our parents were away for the weekend, and my 18 year old bother promised he'd watch out for me, his 16 year old sister. Saturday night, and he sat me down, and asked me if I could be trusted.

     "Of course I can, what's on your mind Jason?"

     "Well, I'd like to go out to a friend's party, and if I do, I have to leave you alone. So, if you get into trouble, sis, I'll be in deeper trouble, since I'm being trusted to watch out for both of us. "

     I said, "Hey, no problem big brother. I'm just gonna hang out, watch a movie, and go online for a bit, I promise I won't throw any wild parties, go cruising the town, or end up with some guy in my bed. "

     I could see the relief cross his face, and he said, "Kayla, you're the best, thanks sis, I'll see you later. "

     He pulled me to my feet, gave me a quick hug and a quick kiss on the lips. I was a bit startled, but he wasn't trying to start anything, just expressing his gratitude as he got his jacket, and headed out the door. After he left, I could still feel the press of his lips against mine, and even though he was my brother, I felt a sexy tingle spread through me.

     In the living room, I clicked on the DVR and started to watch the movie, it quickly bored me, and so I went online. There was not much going on, and I decided to make an early night of it. Heading upstairs, I quickly stripped naked, tossed my panties into my laundry basket, and crawled into bed. I always sleep naked, I hate even the idea of wearing anything under the covers. Once I was old enough to put myself to bed, I quickly dumped the idea of pyjamas, nighties or any other sleep wear.

     After dozing for a few hours, I woke up to hear my brother getting home.

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   He came up the stairs, and I heard him outside my room, the door opened just a bit, and he peeked in.

     "Kayla, are you awake?"

     I was about to answer him, but the tone of his voice confused me, I'd never heard him ask me anything in that tone of voice. I decided to fake it, and acted like I was asleep, breathing deeply and slowly. I could sense him walk up to my bedside, watching me, then I heard him turn. I cracked my eyes open just a bit, and I could see him bent over. There was enough light from the hallway to see him pick up the panties that I had just put in my laundry basket a few hours ago, and quickly head out the door. He was going to use my panties to jerk off with!

     I'd heard the same thing from my friend Sarah, she told me that her brother regularly used her panties to stroke off with. She'd peeked in at him, and had watched him sniff her panties as he stroked, and then shoot his load all over the crotch where her pussy lips had been nestled not so long ago. She said it didn't really bug her, he only selected her used panties that were just going into the wash anyway, so no big deal. She also said it made her hot, to secretly watch him stoking his stiff, hard prick. I was intrigued, and I thought that I could do the same thing. My brother was going to use my panties, so I should get to watch him, fair is fair!

     I crept out of my room, and down the hallway, I could hear his TV come on, and I opened the door quietly. His bed is facing the TV against the far wall, and with his back propped up against the headboard, he had no way of seeing me, while I could see everything. He had a porn video on, and he was sniffing the crotch of my just worn panties, that had been cupping my pussy just a few hours ago. A hot, blonde porn actress was stroking some stud's cock, the camera was filming from the guy's point of view.

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   She was lying on her belly, her head level with the hard cock, and she was stroking a slick, lubed hand up and down his pole.

     "Oh yeah, good boy", she cooed, "yeah, love to stroke a hard, stiff cock. All you bad boys watching, get your cocks nice and stiff, and stroke your cock along with me stroking my man. "

     Jason's cock was rock hard, and he was stroking his cock, his hand going up and down, up and down in concert with the porno actress' hands. I couldn't decide what to look at, both the TV scene and Jason's cock stroking were turning me on like crazy, so I kept watching one scene for a few seconds, then the other for a few seconds.  

     The actress was starting to look familiar, as she cooed, "Do my big boys feel like cumming now? Well, that's not going to happen, I won't let my bad boys come that easily. Stop, stop right now" she said, stopping the stroking of her man's cock, "and rest for a minute or two. I'm going to start and stop, several times, I hope my bad boys do the same, I want your spunk to gush out, I want you to hit the ceiling!"

     I felt a shock as I suddenly realized who the actress was. She wasn't any kind of professional porno actress, she was our school's history teacher, Miss Kristine Marston. She was about 35-40 years old, as far as I could tell, and if she would have had any kids, she'd be a definite MILF for most of the school's male population. Her skirts always showed real nice, long legs, her blouses always had one or two buttons open, and she'd display as much cleavage as she could get away with. You could see the guys straining, when she'd bend down to her desk, and her blouse would gap open, giving the guys as much of a view of her big, firm breasts as their eyes could drink in. When she was walking down the hallways, no male student could resist, and every male's eyes would be following the sexy sashaying motion of her hips and her sexy rump. She was hot enough for guys to stroke off over, even with her clothes covering her, but now, WOW! She usually had brunette hair done up in a bun, on the tape, her hair was dyed blonde, and cut in a short shag style, that's why it took me a minute to figure out who she was, but it was her. Wow, where did he get that tape from?

     Jason stopped, he picked up my panties, and sniffed at them again, his cock rock hard, waiting for the command to stroke again.

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     "Um, Kayla you sexy little sis, man, your cunt smells so good. I'd love to smell you for real, lick your tight little pussy, and feel the tight walls of your sexy cunt around my cock as I fuck you. Wonder if you're still a virgin baby, I'd love to be the one to open you up!"

     Oh fuck, what a situation. My brother would love to fuck me, he's watching a real hot porno tape made by our history teacher, and sniffing my panties, dreaming about fucking me. My cunt was almost gushing, the erotic nature of it all hit me hard, I pressed my body against the doorframe, so I could brush my tingling tits against the cool wood over and over, and my hands quickly found my pussy. I could smell myself, I was so hot, and I came in about 30 seconds, clamping my lips shut to hold back the howl of pleasure I wanted to let go. I kept on going, as Jason was instructed to start and stop several times, enjoying the feel of orgasms slamming into me.

     "Ok you bad boys, now for the finale", Miss Marston cooed, "now I want you to wrap a thumb and forefinger around the base of your cock, and make sure the foreskin is pulled down nice and tight. Squirt more baby oil over your cock, then, jerk your other hand lightly and rapidly up and down, over your exposed cock head. My bad boys who are not circumsiced will have an explosion like they've never had before. Remember, aim for the ceiling!"

     Jason did as he was told, he started to grunt and mutter as he stroked, the voice of Miss Marston filling the room.

     "Oh yeah, stoke that big hard beauty. Imagine that I'm there with you. I'm right between your legs, look and see me. My hands are stroking you, I wanna feel your cock throbbing and pulsing in my hands, you're gonna blow off a thick gusher, just for me.

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   Can you see me, and you feel the grip of my hands stroking your steely rod?"

     Jason was grunting and sighing, he growled "Oh yeah baby, stroke my cock, make me hard, so I can fuck my hot sis Kayla!"

     Hearing that shoved me into a fifth orgasm, fuck, I was on a roll.

     "Now, now, let it go! My hands want you to cum, cum for me, my bad boys, and let that spray go, cum for me, NOW!"

     The on screen cock did exactly that, thick ropes of cum started to spray out and my bother grunted, "Oh fuck YEAH!", and my brother was cumming, too, his cock erupting, thick white streams shooting up like a geyser, then splattering down over his hand again and again, a geyser of hot, white cum spilling down his fist and onto his belly. I couldn’t take it—my swollen clit was throbbing, aching for relief, and I came for a sixth time, watching him thrust and grunt and spill even more cum as it slid down the length of his shaft, my pussy contracting so hard as I climaxed I wanted to scream, but I had to bite my lip to keep from making any sound at all as I shuddered and bucked against the doorframe.

     My brother was rubbing his cock as it started to soften, then he wrapped my panties around his cock to wipe off his cum, and then he used them again mop up the thick load of spunk he had sprayed over his cock and belly.

     On screen, Miss Marston was using her hand to milk the last drops from her man's penis, and she smiled at the camera.

     "Umm, good boy, such a big, juicy load. I hoped you liked that explosion, and I hope you hit the ceiling. Any time you want, just rewind, and let's do it again, real soon!"

     She winked, and blew a kiss to the camera, then the screen went blank. I quickly eased my brother's bedroom door shut, and quickly scampered back to my room. A few minutes later, I was fast asleep, my six orgasms had guaranteed me a wonderful relaxed sleep. As I was sleeping, I dreamed about what I had seen, then I started to dream about watching my brother undress in front of me, displaying his hard, stiff cock. I dreamed he went down on me, licking my pussy until I was ready to explode, then notching his hardness against me, and thrusting it in. I'm a virgin, and I dreamed that I'd feel a searing pain as I was deflowered, as my pussy was stretched open for its first fuck. My dream had my pussy getting over the pain, and my brother pumped his hard cock in and out, I could feel my pussy burning, and as he grunted, his cock pulsing, unloading a thick gush of cum deep inside me, I came too, suddenly waking up, my fingers buried in my pussy, my clit throbbing wildly with the pulsing of my real life orgasm.


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