Dad Caught Us 2


Since I got so many positive comments on my last story, I'm gonna write a second part. .

I turned around and saw my dad's angry face looking down at me getting ready to stick my hard cock inside my sister. "Do you always do this to Ashley when I'm away?" My dad asked as I watched his frown turn into a slight smile. I couldn't speak. I was too shocked. "Well? And Ashley, what do you have to say for yourself?" Ashley looked at me and I looked at her. We were both trying to figure out if our father was really mad or not. "I-I-I've been drinking. " Ashley said. "None of this was Chris' fault. I walked in on him during his private moment and got turned on. I'm so sorry daddy. " Ashley grabbed my blanket and covered up with it. As she was getting ready to walk out, my dad rushed to the door, closed it and stood in front of it. "Nobody's going anywhere.


   Son?" My dad said, as he turned to me with the sickest smile on his face. "Y-y-yes?" I replied, scared to answer. "Since your sister wants to act like a slut, we're going to treat like the dirty slut that she is. Finish what you were doing. " By this time, my hard-on had disappeared completely. "Dad, I'm not going to have sex with my sister. " I was finally able to spit out. My dad stood there looking at us for what seemed like hours, even though it was only seconds. "Well what were you about to do before I walked in? What would you have done if I hadn't walked in? You were gonna fuck her before, so fuck her now. Act like I'm not even here. " Ashley dropped my blanket and laid back on the bed. "I'm not gonna fuck her, thats sick. " I said as I attempted to walk out the room. My dad was still standing at the door as he proceeded to laugh. "You aren't going anywhere Chris.

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   You want to be a man, I'm gonna show you how to be a man, even if it means that daddy has to be the first one to pop her daughters precious cherry"

I was completely disgusted and in utterly shock. I couldn't believe my dad, the one who claimed that he would never do anything to "hurt" his little girl, was about to do this. Right in front of me. My dad turned to me, un-doing his belt as he went on to tell us how bad he wanted this and how long he had to wait. I looked at my sister and seen the tears rolling down her sweet little cheeks. She looked at me, begging me with her eyes to stop our dad. I had to say something. It was only right. "Dad. You can't do this to her. " I hated talking about my mom, but if it was going to save my sister from basically being raped by my dad, I had to. "What would Mom think? What if she's looking down on us right now?" My dad looked at me, by this time he was fully naked. He laughed and pushed me out of the way as he was walking to the bed that Ashley was laying on. He positioned himself on top of my sister and asked me to come over to where they were. My feet would not move.

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   I was standing there, looking at the fear on Ashley's face. "Now listen baby girl," My dad said to Ashley "I'm gonna teach your brother a thing or two about sex. On the count of 3, I'm gonna enter you and it's gonna hurt. If it hurt's, don't be afraid to scream, the louder you scream, the more excited daddy gets, and the more excited daddy gets, the quicker he cums, and the quicker he cums, that's less time for me to pull out and daddy is gonna cum in your sweet pussy if he can't pull out in time. Now if you're a good girl, daddy won't cum in you. okay" As scared as Ashley was right now, all she could do was nod. "Chris, count to 3" Dad said. "One. . . . Two. . . .

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   Thr. . . . " Before I finished the 3 count, I could hear Ashley let out a piercing scream as my dad penetrated her tight little pussy.

All I could do was watch. The sight of my dad fucking my little sister was even turning me on a lot more then I expected. As I continued to watch, I could see Ashley lighten up a little bit. By the tiny moans that Ashley was giving, I could tell even she was enjoying what our dad was doing to her. I started to rub my now, full-erect cock. After a couple of strokes, I could feel the precum leaking down my pants. Minutes passed and I watched as my dad gave his final thrusts and shouted "I'm going to cum!" He quickly pulled his cock out of Ashley's soaking wet pussy and shot a load of cum onto her boobs. He rolled over and let out a loud moan. What Ashley did next surprised me, and even my dad. Ashley started rubbing my dad's dick.

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   The shock on my dads face quickly turned into a smile as he whispered, "You like what daddy did don't you, my sweet little angel" Ashley smiled at my dad and went down to suck his dick. I was standing there jacking off watching my little sister do to our dad the same thing she did to me before our dad walked in. My dad looked at me, then let Ashley continue to suck for a few more minutes. "Chris, come here" my dad said to me. "Ashley, let your brother fuck you now. " Ashley got onto her knees and spread her legs. I got behind Ashely and started rubbing my 7 inch dick on her clit. In between sucking off my dad, I heard Ashely moan. I finally became brave enough to stick my dick into Ashley's pussy. It felt so good on my dick. As I was fucking her, I could hear my dad moaning like he did before he came. "I'm going to cum Ashley", my dad said a second time. Ashley didn't stop or anything, I watched as she swallowed the second round of my dad's cum. My dad got up and watched me as I was fucking her. "Go faster and deeper Chris, let Ashley feel your dick.

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   Make Ashley scream in pain" The tiny, slow thrusts of my dick in my sister's pussy became bigger and faster. Pretty soon, I felt that sensation in my dick. "Ashley, I'm going to cum" I said. "CUM INSIDE HER!" My dad yelled. "Fill her tight pussy with your cum" It was too late to argue because I had already shot my load into Ashley's pussy. Ashley, exhausted from everything, then passed out. "I'm gonna carry her back to her room. " My dad said. I put my boxers back on and watched as my dad walked out, carrying Ashley, naked and passed out, on his shoulders and closing my door. "Night dad" I said. I never got a response. Minutes later, I heard the now familiar sound of my dad, fucking the shit out of my sister Ashley.

More positive comments and ideas will result in a Part 3

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