Daddies secret with Son


It was Thursday 4 o'clock my mum had just left to play poker at Ellen's when the doorbell rang, it was Robbie dads pool friend.   I let him in and he went upstairs to find my dad. I was going out to play soccer like i do every thursday afternoon. I shouted goodbye to my dad and went to the garage to find my boots. I looked everywhere but just could not find them. I presumed they must be in my bedroom so re-entered the house and started walking up the stairs when i got near the top i could hear robbie laughing and could see him through the still open pool room door. But the sight that met my eyes was unbelievable my dad wasn't playing pool or fully dressed he was parading around in my mums thong and bra. He stopped and leaned in to robbie and the two of them started kissing as he unbuttoned Robbie's shirt. Robbie then pulled his pants down to reveal a monster cock which i was unable to imagine how long it might be. MY dad gripped it in his hand and started to stroke it as the two continued to kiss i noticed at this point the bulge in my pants as i realised this was tuning me on. AS the two got fully naked my dad reached into the pocket of the table and pulled out some lube. At this point the stair creaked as i readjusted myself and robbie spotted me. He whispered something in my dads ear and smiled .   My dad called me and i thought of running but my legs had turned to jelly. I entered the room and my dad asked what i was doing i explained to him and found that he continued smiling and he told me itr was o. k to be slightly aroused .

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    He then told me i should be part of this to see what its like and before i could resist he stared to pull my pants down as robbie planted a full on kiss. I had tried things with my friewnds before but this was completely different. By now my dad had removed my pants and started to lick the end of my dick this got me totally hard and my 8 inch cock was digging into his mouth. All the whuile my eyes had been transfixed on robbie's dick and so he climbed onto the table to allow me to suck his cock i started off with short sucks and licks but then started to deep throat him.   I heard my dad squirt the lube in his hands and thought he was jackin off. He then smeared in around and inside my asshole. He then squirted some on his dick and without warning rammed his dick right in. The pain was unbelievable but soon subsided he then started to up the pace faster and harder i was loving my dads cock in me at th same time he started to stroke my cock with the same rhythm that he pounded my ass. As i could feel myself cuming robbies cock tensed up and he fired a huge load in my mouth which i spat on the floor my cock then erupted all on robbies chest which i licked up . My dad then warned me he was going top cum and started to remove his dick but i wanted the full experince and so guided it back in just in time as he squirted his full loasd of hot juicy cum up my ass. My dad slumped back on the chair and continued to watch as i turned robbie over lubed my dick up and positiond over robbies hole i gently guided it in before upping the pace and not before long was pounding his hole. he turned his head and started to kiss me and as our tongues entwined my cock started to tighten i knew what was cuming and shot my full load into his ass. I then went for a shower and as robbie was leaving he told my dad i should get involved more often.   

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