Daddy's Little Girl


The little girl could tell he was weakening. She swung her leg over her father's body, andplaced the tip of the enormous member up against her tiny little crack. "SeeDaddy?" she said, "I'll make it feel real good for you, I promise. " The clear liquid seeping from the end of her father's penis lubricated her cunny-lips, sothey spread smoothly around the pulsing rod. The stimulation was too much for the older man. George stopped fighting. If his little girl wanted to fuck, why not let her? As long as he didn't force her. . . "Oh, OK! If you insist," he capitulated. "Gee thanks Daddy! You'll like it, really! Ginny says her father likes to squirt his sperm up in her tummy, even more than he likes being sucked-off. I'm sure I can do it at least as good as she can. " The older man was NOT worried that he wouldn't like the feel of his pre-pubescent daughter's tight little cunny wrapped around his prick. Far from it. In fact, he was worried about just the opposite. The little girl's squirming had worked almost two inches of her father's throbbing prick meat into the child's tight little hole, and the stimulation was threatening to make him squirt thick sticky cum all over the inside of her tightly squeezing little snatch, before he had even half of it inside her.

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   Luckily, there was an interruption. "Ow!" said Susanne. "How come it hurts?" She had a little over a third of her father's rampant penis inside her, and the erotic sight almost made him squirt anyway. "It's your hymen," he explained,"your virginity. If you want to fuck, you'll have to break it. It hurts. That's why I didn't want to do it untilyou were older. " "Wouldn't it hurt then too, Daddy?" "Well, I guess. " "Then I guess I might as well do it now, and get it over with," said the determined littlefifth-grader. The little girl grit her teeth, and sat down hard. There was a straining moment, then three more inches of paternal prick vanished into thechild's belly. A tiny drop of red ran down one side of the man's prick, but the little girl didn't cry or complain. The only sign of her pain, was a tear that appeared in her eye, as she felt her father's prick slide all the way home in her belly. That tear was enough for her father. "I'm sorry, Suzy, but I warned you," he said.

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   "We'd better stop now, and maybe you can try it again some other time. ""No!" said the determined little girl. "I said I'd make it feel good for you,and I will. " Gritting her teeth against the slight pain of her torn virginity, the child began rising and falling on her father's enormously swollen prick. At first, it didn't look as though she was going to succeed. The man's prick had softened considerably, when he realized that his daughter was hurt. Still, the stimulation was extreme, and the little girl obviously was determined to keep ongoing until he came inside her, so he did his best to help. George always was a man who tried to keep his own promises, and was not one to deny his own daughterthe same integrity. Suzy watched her father close his eyes, as he tried to concentrate on the delicious feel of her incredibly tight little snatch milking and squeezing on his engorged prick. Surprisingly, it was starting to feel good to her, as well. Too soon, it was all over though. Suddenly the man stopped, and pushed his prick up inside his daughter as hard as he could. Suzy suddenly feltwet between the legs, and knew from the symptoms that her father was ejaculating his potent sperm right up inside her. For the first time, the little girl knew her father was squirting his sperm inside her where it belonged. She wondered if she could get pregnant yet, and if not, how long it would be before she could.

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   Oh well, if she didn't, Suzy was sure her mother would insist that her father kept on fucking her until she was. The little girl was glad she had a mother who cared enough about her daughter to let her get pregnant by the man she wanted. Even if that man was her own father. The hard part had been convincing him. Suzy was pretty sure her father wouldn't stop, now that he had felt her tight little cunny milking the sperm out of his prick. From now on, the little girl figured she could get fucked as often as she liked. She was right. "See Daddy," said Suzy, "I said I'd make it good for you. " The little girl squirmed; seating the last quarter-inch of her father's fat cock in her tightlittle slit, while the last few drops of incestuous cum drooling out of the tip of his prick eased the pressure, and allowed it to shrink just a little. "Did you like it Daddy?" she asked. Her father didn't reply. George was too over-whelmed by the implications of the thing he had just completed. After all, it's not every day that you take your own daughter's virginity. To top it off, there was the comment Suzy had made earlier, implying that his wife EXPECTED himto impregnate the little girl. He was barely able to nod.

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   "Thanks Daddy!" she said, with a room-brightening smile. "I TOLD you you'd like it. " Suzy squirmed a little lower on her father's lap, bringing renewed life to the swollen memberplugging up her tightly stretched little hole. A blob of white slowly oozed out around the base of the man's prick, as the little girl slowly rotated her hips, seeming to enjoy the feeling of her own father's sperm inside her vagina. "Can we do it again?" she asked. "Uh Suzy," he said, "I really don't think this issuch a good idea. " "Why not Daddy?" she asked, logically, "You liked it. " "I liked it. " "Why can't we do it again? I'll make it feel REAL good this time; I promise!" The warm squeezing of her tight little slit reminded George of just how good it had felt THIS time; and somehow he had no doubt that Suzy WOULDmanage to make it "feel better. " That was not what was troubling him. "Uh Suz," he explained, using his short nickname for his daughter, "I know it feels good. That's why we'd better stop now; before we both start to like it so much we won't be able to stop. " "Daddy! that doesn't make sense," pointed out the little girl, as her squirming brought renewed life to her father's prick, "I liked it, and sodid you. I can tell," she added, as her father's prick expanded once again inside her. "So why SHOULD we stop?" The man could tell that Suzy liked the feeling of her father inside her almost as much as he liked feeling her body around his.

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   It was hard to refute her argument. Still, he had to try. "You might get pregnant," he pointed out. "Daddy!" exclaimed the little girl in disgust,"Of course I will. What's the idea of fucking, if you don't get pregnant? Momma says if I'm lucky, I could have 4 or 5 kids by you, before I start high-school. " The man's jaw gaped. "You WANT to get pregnant?" he asked. "Of course, silly," she replied, "Why do you think I wanted to get fucked in thefirst place?" The thought was so exciting. After having left ONE big sticky load of cum in his cute little daughter's belly, he had expected to be unable tocum for quite a while. It was completely unexpected therefore, when his little girl informed him that she not only knew she could get pregnant, but actually WANTED her own father to plant a baby in that cute little tummy of hers, George Pepper lost control. Hedid it again. He came inside his own young daughter; doing his best to get his little girl pregnant. Well, If Suzy wanted her father's baby, and her mother didn't mind, (Didn't mind, heck! It seemed that his oversexed wife was doingeverything she could, to get her husband to knock their little girl up. ) then who was he to object? To be sure, the thought of his young daughter's flat little tummy being stretched by her own father's baby growing inside her didn't turn him off. George must have left what felt like two quarts of incestuous baby-making sperm in his little girl's tight little snatch.

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   (Even though it was probably only about a teaspoonful or two, it FELT to the man likehe pissed gallons of thick creamy cum in his daughter's eagerly accepting young womb. ) Pulse after pulse of thick sticky white baby-juice spat out the tip of his swollen prick, and into the warm welcoming recesses of the precocious young child's body. Feeling him spasming inside her again, got Suzy excited as well. George didn't think his daughter had an orgasm, but she sure seemed to be happy just knowing her father had given in, and was doing his best to give her the baby she wanted. Finally, his mighty spasms slowed down to just squirts, and then justa dribble of cum leaking into the little girl's belly. This time George said it. "Thank you Suzy," he gasped. "Thank YOU Daddy," she responded. "I love you. " "I love you too, Honey," he replied. What else could a man say to his daughter who might possibly be carrying their child, even as they cuddled together; enjoying the pleasure of being mated. Suddenly the real world came crashing down on the two lovers. "WHAT are you DOING?!?!" screamed his wife; coming into the room and finding her husband and daughter in the most compromising of positions. "Ohshit," he said so quietly that neither of the other occupants of the room could hear. George just KNEW this had been too much of a horny fantasy to be true.

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   His wife might not mind his little girl sucking him off, but fucking her? He knew he should never have let his daughter talk him into this. Now he would have to pay for his horny fantasy. There was no doubt about what they had been doing either. Even though his prick had wilted at the first angry word from his wife; slipping out of their daughter with a quiet "slurp. " The rivers of white greasy cum drooling out of the little girl's snatch, coupled with a bright red streak on her thigh gave mute evidence of the fact that he had not only just fucked the little fifth-grader, but had just taken her virginity as well. George just knew he was truly and royally fucked! The man's wife didn't give him a chance to defend himself, or try to cover up what he had been doing. "Look what time it is!" she almost screamed. "I come in here, expecting to find YOU dressed, and ready for school. " Here his wife passed a scathing glance at their daughter. "And YOU," she continued to her husband, "I expected to begetting ready for work! Instead, what do I find? Two sex-maniacs who can't even remember that Suzy's bus leaves at 7:25 exactly. " As if to prove her point, there was a loud rumble outside, interrupted by a grinding of gears, as the school bus passed the house; picking up speed as it did, since Suzy wasn't out there to be picked up. The woman continued her tirade. "Well if you think I am going to take Suzy to school this morning, just because you two are two busy fucking to payattention to the time, well you've got another think coming!" June Pepper looked at her husband and daughter with disgust, while she wound down. "Since you're the one who made her miss her bus, YOU take her to school this morning," shegrumbled. "I don't care if it DOES make you late for work.

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   I have other things to do!" The woman stalked off towards the kitchen, only pausing long enough to send two last-minute instructions back to the mismatched couple in the bedroom, as they both sat there; somewhat in a state of shock. "And for heaven's sake, clean up the mess between her legs," she instructed, her voice tricklingback. "I don't want you getting that stuff all over the bed or carpet; and she shouldn't go off to school smelling like a whore, even if that's what she is: Daddy's little whore. " "Yes Momma," replied Suzy, for both of them. George Pepper was too much in shock to reply. First, from the thought he was in trouble forfucking his daughter; then from the shock of finding out that he was NOT in trouble for fucking the little girl. If you see what I mean. "From now on," came the voice of his wife, as she gathered her stuff together in the living room, "if it's going to take you that long to fuck your father, then do it at night. Besides, if you do it then, you'll have a better chance of getting pregnant. Bye!" George heard the door open. June really WAS in a hurry that morning. "Bye Momma. . . I love you," the clear sweet voice of their child warmed his heart.

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   "I love you both too, now get going!" The slam of the door interrupted his "I love you too," but he knew June had heard him anyway. Reluctantly, George and Suzy gotup off the bed; pausing to stop the flood of messy white spilling from her crotch from making a mess on the floor by wiping it up with a tissue. The little girlhurried to get dressed, and gulped down a glass of "instant" breakfast at her father's insistence. She looked incredibly cute in a short little dress, with matching panties that almost made it look as if she wasn't wearing any.
    That gave her father an idea. "Take off your panties," he told her. "Huh?" Suzy asked. "I thought you were going to take me to school. We've only got about 20 minutes. I don't think we have time to do it again. "George grinned. His little girl didn't have enough imagination. "Just take themoff," he said, "you'll see. " So she did. The older man gathered them up, stuffed them in his pocket, and headed for the car.

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       "But Daddy, what? . . . " Suzy hurried to catch up to her father. Her short little dress was just long enough that you couldn't see her lack of panties. "Here," he said, getting in the car, and holding his door open afterwards. "But Daddy! I can't climb over you!"complained Suzy, looking pointedly at the other side of the car. "Oh yes you can," her father replied, freeing his prick from the hole in his pants. "You cansit on my lap, like a good little girl, while I drive you to school. " Suzy's mouth made a big "OH" of surprise, but she didn't object. Five seconds later, George Pepper's lap was full of squirming, giggling little girl, and his prick was being squeezed by the tightest, sweetest little hole in the whole wide world. "Thanks Daddy," murmured Suzy in her father's ear, "I thought I'd have to wait until tonight for this. " They drove to school that way. Suzy was the very image of a sleepy little girl snoozing on her father's lap, while he drove her to school. About halfway there, Suzy started rotating her hips, while talking to her father; whispering in his ear.


       "I'd better put those panties on, before I get out of the car," she said. "Why?" asked her father. (He knew why; he just wanted to hear her response. ) "Because if I come in the classroom with no panties, andmy pussy dribbling cum, Mr. Gardner's going to send me straight to the principal's office. " "What's wrong with that?" he teased her. All the while they were talking, Suzy's tight little cunny kept squeezing on her father's prick in awarm friendly manner. She was still slick inside, from the cum he'd squirted in her earlier, so the stimulation wasn't so much, as to send him over the edge. George figured he could drive all the way to school, before filling the child'swomb with his sperm. They'd probably just have to pull over to the end of the parking lot, while he got off. George wasn't worried. A few times in the past he had taken Suzy to school late, and she had sucked him off over in that same corner. Once, he even saw another car sitting over there, while one of Suzy's classmates was in the car with HER father. George had watched the child's headbobbing up and down, so he was pretty sure what they were doing. "Huh?" he said.

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       In his introspection, George had missed his daughter's response. Her tightlittle cunny squeezing on his swelling prick had also distracted him. "I said, 'The principal's a pervert. '," explained Suzy. "Ughn. . . How so?" he croaked. Suzy was getting to him after all. "He fools around with little girls!" exclaimedSuzy. Her vehemence surprised her father. Suzy didn't seem to mind her own father fucking her. Why should she mind some other man the same age fucking girls like her? George asked her. "Any time someone is hauled into his office for 'playing around', he usually ends up fucking them. All the kids know about it, but itseems that none of the teachers do.

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       Or at least if they do, nobody says anything. " "Even the boys?" he asked in surprise. "Boys, girls, teenagers or little kids. Mr. Shank likes them all. I hear he's got three girls in my class pregnant right now, and even more in the sixth-grade. If you believe what you hear. "Suzy gave another wriggle on her father's lap, causing him to release another spurt of pre-cum into her tight little hole, as she continued,"Surprisingly, none of the kids seems to mind. . . Even the little ones. " "Little ones?"her father gasped, barely managing to stop at a traffic light. The school was getting closer. "Uhuh," she replied, "I hear he's even fucked some of the first-graders. Since nobody ever complains though, it's hard to tell.

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       I knowfor sure he was fucking some of my classmates, two years ago. I almost went down there myself, just to see what it was like. " The thought of his little girl being fucked, was almost too much; George barely managed to restrain himself enough to ask, "Why didn't you?" "Daddy! I wanted my first time to be with you. " "Oh. " George was flattered. He had to finish this conversation pretty quick though. "Then why don't you want to get sent to see him now?" he asked. "Because he might fuck me. " "So?" he asked. "You're already fucking me. Would letting some poor old oversexed schoolteacher in you cute little panties beso bad? Besides, you said all the other girls seem to like it. He must be pretty good. " "Daddy! He might get me pregnant!" said Suzy in exasperation. "Then let him," George said, as he began ejaculating his sperm up into his child's vagina at the very thought. OOOH, that was sexy! Just thinking about the principal, cool as a cucumber in public, while he boffed the little girls in his private office.

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       George was slightly disappointed that his daughter hadn't been one of them. "Oh Daddy, don't be silly," murmured Suzy in her father's ear, as he pulled into the school parking lot. "I want this baby to be my daddy's. " "OOoohhh!" George groaned, and let his little girl have the last sticky drops of incestuous seed. Well, if his little girl wanted a big belly by her own father, then George was quite willing to do his part. "If you say so," he groaned, as the final drops oozed out of his prick, and into his little girl's body. "Only remember, there'sstill next year. ""Huh?" replied Suzy, somewhat distracted, as she tried valiantly to extract every precious drop of her father's sperm up inside her vagina. "After our baby is born, you can always get pregnant again, as your mother pointed out," he replied. "All your babies don't have to be mine, do they?" Suzy threw the tissue-box at her father, as she struggled into her tight little panties. "THIS one does," she said pointedly, using one of the tissues to stop up her leaking hole. "I gotta goDaddy. . . See you tonight.

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      " "See you," her father confirmed. "Love you,Cutie-Pie. " George started to pull out, heading for work, but paused long enough to hear his daughter's reply, and answer her in return. "Love you too, Daddy. Can we do this again tonight? Please Daddy?" "Promise to make it 'feel good' for me?" he teased. "Promise," she giggled. "OK, then I promise too. " And that was that. George Pepper headed off to work with a very sticky crotch, while his daughter skipped into school just ahead of the bell, with her own father's thick sticky sperm dripping down the side of her leg. They were both too happy to givea damn. Tonight. . . George could hardly wait. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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