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"Oh, damn," she muttered, writhing on her back. Her glassy blue eyes
stared down at her tits and massaging fingers. It was almost as if she
were watching someone else fondle her creamy tit mounds. She squeezed
them and moaned, her thighs clapping tightly together, the squishy
cream of her pussy soaking the crotch of her panties.

With one hand still caressing and massaging her plump tits, Crissy
moved her other hand to her pink bikini bottoms. Teasing herself, she
slipped her hand into her panties and played with the soft silky hair
of her blonde-thatched virgin pussy. Her breath caught in her throat
and she spread her legs.

"Mmmm," she purred, dipping one finger through the wet slippery gash of
her cunt. "Oooooh!" Her hips jerked up as the tip of her finger glided
over her blood-filled sensitive clit. "Unnnn!"

Trembling, she stroked her pussy, the tip of her tongue flicking over
her Parted lips to keep them moist as she gasped air into her lungs.
Warm pussy-cream drenched her urgent fingers and the sweet scent of her
turned-on pussy drifted up to make her head spin.

Panting, she tore off her panties, exposing her bare pussy. She closed
her eyes, pretending her father was at the foot of the bed watching
her. "Ooooh, Daddy. Look at me. " It was a hoarse whisper of

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She spread her legs wide, parted the satiny folds of her cunt and
rolled her hips. The red glistening slit of her virgin fuckhole was
completely displayed. "I'm so wet, Daddy," she whispered. She pinched
her clit and shuddered as tiny spasms rippled through her writhing

Whimpering, Crissy rolled over onto her belly. She pressed her tits
against the mattress, her nipples pleasurably sore as she rubbed them
against the sheet. "Un . . . un . . . un. "

Keeping her legs spread, Crissy reached around, and she parted the
cheeks of her firm heart-shaped ass. "Look, Daddy," she moaned, her
words muffled against a pillow.


   She exposed her wrinkled pinkish-brown
asshole and squirmed.

"I'm so hot!" she gasped, writhing on her belly. She brought her hands
under her body, raking her nails over her clit. Spasms caromed through
her virgin fuckhole and warm sticky pussy-cream oozed out over her
frantic fingers.

Dizzy with lust, Crissy rolled out of bed, staggering on wobbly legs to
the closet door. From dilated blue eyes, she stared hotly at her slim
naked body. She pouted, wishing her tits were bigger, her hips more
round, and the silky blonde hair around her pussy were thicker. "Damn,"
she moaned, rubbing her body. She pushed her tits together, making them
appear larger.

"Unnnn. " The heat in her pussy spread, exciting her in its sizzling

Quivering and panting, she staggered back to the bed, not wanting to
look at her slim body, knowing her father wouldn't be interested in
her. He would want a woman, she knew, and she was only a little girl.

Sprawled out on her back, she played with her wet seeping pussy. Her
body quaked as her fingers groped and massaged her hard pulsing clit.

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"Oh . . . oh . . . oh," she panted, her innocent face flushed with

With her small plump tits jiggling, Crissy worked the juices of her
virgin pussy into a frothy lather. Cream soaked her fingers and oozed
down her cunt crack, staining the sheets. She gulped in air, her hips
jerking. "Oooh, I'm so hot. "

Her writhing body began to twitch sporadically. The insides of her cunt
pulsed and oozed creamy juices into the empty channel of her virgin

With her legs slapping frantically up and down, Crissy raced wildly
toward her climax. She clawed her clit with one hand, scratched the
fingers of her other hand through her red sensitive pussy.

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   Her nipples
swelled, jiggling on the peaks of her creamy tits. She humped up,
trembled, her orgasm a breath away.

"Oh, shit!" she gasped, her blue eyes widening. "Ooooh, I'm gonna . . .

Gulping back her pounding heart, Crissy's fingers devastated her clit
and the opening of her virgin pussy. "I'm cumming," she moaned, trying
to keep her voice down. The last thing she wanted to do was wake her
sister in the other room. "Ooooh . . . I'm . . .

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   cumming. "

Hot spasmodic orgasms swept over Crissy's writhing twisting body. The
muscles inside her wet overheated cunt pulsed, gripping an imaginary
cock. "I'm cumming . . . unnnn. "

She bucked up from the bed, hot pussycream gushing from her climaxing
cunt. The frothy white cum flowed over her fingers, down her pussy
crack, and widened the dark stain on the sheet. "Ooooh, Daddy. I want

She thrashed on her back, her head snapping from side to side, her
blonde hair slashing across her face. She strained her neck and arched
her back as another orgasm tore through her pussy like a hot poker.
Tits flopping, hips jerking, she twisted and writhed on the bed, her
little body in the throes of another even more intense orgasm.

Clawing her clit and pussy, she jerked up and flipped over onto her
belly. "Unnnnn," she moaned, her cries lost in the pillow.

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   She slammed
her hips forward, mangling her clit between her fingers. The sweet
tender meat of her asscheeks jiggled, the flesh stained with pussy-cum.

"Oh . . . oh . . . ahhhh!" She ground her climaxing body over the mattress,
crushing her tits beneath her. Legs flopping, clit mashed against her
fingers, she jerked up, crashed down, her screams lost in the pillow.

Gasping and drooling, Crissy humped her fingers, her ass jerking and
twisting wildly. Hot orgasms washed over her trembling body and she
rocked frantically, the bed squeaking beneath her.

"Ahhhh!" Her young body stiffened, quivered, then relaxed as she seemed
to melt into the bed. Panting, she lay there, tingling sensations
seeping over her as the intensity of her orgasms left her weak, yet

Chapter 2

Tammy, Crissy's older sister, stood in the doorway separating their two

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   She was wearing only a pair of panties. Her tits, larger and
fuller than Crissy's, were tingling. She swallowed the lump in her
throat and giggled.

Crissy lifted her head, her face filling with shock as she stared at
her sister. Quickly, she rolled over, a sheepish grin on her face. "How
long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to watch you cream all over the fuckin' bed," she said,
coming into Crissy's room. "Damn . . . I heard the bed squeaking from my
room. "

"You gonna tell Daddy?" Crissy asked, a tinge of fear and excitement
skipping through her young body.

"Why should I tell Daddy?" Tammy said. She plopped on the bed, her
large tits bouncing erotically.

Crissy leered jealously at her sister's plump creamy tits. She began to
tingle all over.

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   She also became aware of her own naked body and her
sister's leering looks.

"Is your pussy all wet?" Tammy asked, her voice husky, her bright green
eyes glassy and dilated.

"My pussy's always wet," Crissy giggled. She spread her legs. "See for
yourself. "

Tammy gasped as she leered hungrily at her sister's virgin pussy.

"How 'bout you?" Crissy asked boldly. "Is your pussy always wet?"

Tammy sighed and peeled off her panties. "I wake up the same way every
morning . . . hot and wet. "

Crissy sat up, her small firm tits jiggling. She licked her lips,
enjoying the sight of her sister's curly red cunt hair. "You still a

Tammy pouted.

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   "I think I'll always be a virgin," she said. "I know you
are. "

Crissy stroked her fingers through her own wet steamy cunt slit,
coating her fingers with pussy-cream. "All I think about is getting
fucked," she admitted.

"Maybe if we make it together, we can have some fun. "

Crissy sighed as a trickling spasm rippled through her pussy. "I'll
pretend I'm a boy. "

Tammy crawled up beside her sister and wrapped her arms around her.
"God, this is going to be fun. "

Crissy melted into her sister's arms. "You ever do this before?" she

"Never," Tammy said. She rubbed her body against Crissy's. "I'm
creaming. "

"Me, too!" Crissy gasped.

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   She pressed her lips to her sister's mouth,
her tongue flicking out into Tammy's open mouth.

Tammy gulped, sucking on her sister's tongue. She squirmed, forcing her
thigh between Crissy's legs. Warm pussy-cream coated her skin.

"Unnnn," Crissy purred. She jerked her hips, gliding her cunt along her
sister's smooth silky thigh. Her mouth came away from Tammy's lips.
"Ooooh, Tammy. This is great. "

"It's gonna get better, too!" Tammy gasped. "Christ, you're really
creaming my leg. "

"Unnn, I know," Crissy moaned, the inside of her pussy bubbling with
warm sticky cunt cream. She shoved her thigh between Tammy's legs,
pressed it up against her cunt. "Ooooh, you're creaming, too. "

They clung to each other, their tits, sensitive and ripe, mashed
against each other's.


   Their hips jerked and their cunts pulsed, oozing
hot buttery cream. Their mouths locked and their tongues explored, the
spit in their mouths drenching their faces.

Crissy pulled away from her sister. Panting, her blue eyes glowing, she
leered at Tammy's lush body sprawled out on the bed. "I'm tired of
kissing. I wanna do more. "

Tammy caught her breath. "If you had a cock, you could break my
cherry. "

Crissy brought her mouth to her sister's plump ripe tits. She flashed
her tongue over one swollen nipple. "I don't have a prick, so my mouth
will have to do. "

"Ahhhh!" Tammy gasped. She squirmed, waiting for Crissy to devour her
tits. "Suck 'em, Crissy. Suck 'em and bite them like a boy would do.

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"I will," Crissy whispered. "I'm gonna suck every part of your body,
then you can do the same to me. "

"Yes," Tammy moaned. She spread her legs and reached for Crissy's small
cherry-capped tits. She squeezed, making her younger sister moan. "Make
me crazy. "

Crissy's head was spinning. She got comfortable on the bed, fondled her
older sister's tits, and her blue eyes fixed hungrily on the girl's
swollen pink nipples. In the next instant, she brought her mouth to one
jiggling tit and sucked.

"Ahhhh!" Tammy panted. "Bite! Bite!"

Crissy lost her mind. Gobbling on her sister's tits had her crazy. She
feasted on Tammy's cherry-red nipples, making the tips hard. She
slobbered her spit over the girl's soft creamy skin, her tongue working
over every warm inch of her sister's huge tits.

Tammy writhed on her back.


   Her red-fringed pussy was creaming, soaking
her ass-crack and thighs as she squeezed her legs together. "Ooooh,
bite me, Crissy. Bite my fuckin' tits. "

Crissy, her face smeared with drool, used her teeth. She nipped at her
sister's nipples, biting and sucking her white silky skin, turning it
red. In seconds she had Tammy wailing in ecstasy.

"Ooooh, Crissy! Crissy!" Tammy forgot about mauling Crissy's tits. She
dropped her hands to claw the sheet. The inside of her pussy pulsed
each time Crissy took a deep suck on her tits. "I'm creaming . . .

Crissy lifted her head and saw what she had done to her sister's tits.
Panting noisily, she climbed over Tammy's body, straddling one of
Tammy's long outstretched legs. She ground her cunt against Tammy's
knee and whimpered.

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   "I'm so hot, Tammy!"

"Me, too," Tammy moaned, leering hotly at her sister.

Crissy's hips were jerking. Her small tits jiggled, her nipples feeling
as if they were going to burst. "I'm creaming . . . Christ, Tammy. I'm
creaming your fuckin' knee. "

"I feel it!" Tammy gasped. She jerked up her knee, smashing it against
Crissy's cunt, and watched her younger sister's face twist into a mask
of lust.

"Aghhh!" Crissy wailed, almost toppling off her sister's knee. "Jesus,
Tammy. I'm so fuckin' hot!"

"My pussy, Crissy. Eat my pussy. " Tammy was shaking, the inside of her
virgin cunt on fire.

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   "Eat my pussy. Make me cum!"

Drunk with desire, Crissy stared down between Tammy's parted legs,
gazing greedily at the red gash of her cunt. "Then you eat me . . .
right?" The words came from her mouth in gasping pants.

"Yes . . . yes," Tammy moaned. "Oh, God, get the hell off my leg and eat
my pussy. "

Douglas Adams, having heard noises coming from his daughter's bedroom,
had climbed the stairs. Curious, he peeked into Crissy's bedroom. A hot
jolt of passion churned his gut. He gulped and leered at his two naked

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   Instantly, he had a hard-on, a hard-on that ached painfully.
He stared, his gaze traveling over Crissy's lithe body as she climbed
off Tammy's knee.

"Shit," Crissy moaned. "I'm shaking all over. "

"Eat me," Tammy begged. "Christ. Make me cum. " She rubbed her own
swollen tits.

Crissy enjoyed the power she held over her older sister. "I'll eat your
pussy," she said.

She dragged a finger up through Tammy's wet seeping cunt. "When I'm
ready. "

Hot spasms caromed through Tammy's twisting body. "You little bitch,"
she moaned. "Eat my cunt and stop teasing.

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Crissy had no intention of stopping her erotic game. She pinched
Tammy's clit, making her sister writhe and scream. "You better stop
howling, or Daddy will hear you. "

"You bitch!" Tammy gasped.

"I'm a bitch," Crissy tormented. "I'm the bitch who's gonna suck your
cunt and make you cream. You better be nice to me. "

"I will," Tammy promised. "I'll do anything you want. "

Crissy massaged her sister's cunt, pinching the girl's hard throbbing
clit and running her finger up and down her sopping cunt slit. "Will
you eat my asshole out with your tongue and suck it?"

"Yes," Tammy moaned. "Anything! Anything!"

Crissy twisted Tammy's clit with her fingers, then dropped onto her
belly. She licked the juice-stained flesh of Tammy's inner thighs, her
head spinning, her own cunt dripping. She sucked and chewed on Tammy's
thighs, her mouth getting closer and closer to her sister's overheated

Tammy writhed on her back, her tits flopping, her nails clawing the

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   She humped up, whimpering under her sister's mouth. "My pussy,"
she pleaded. "Eat me!"

For a second, Crissy stared at her sister's pussy. It was red, the
velvety folds swollen, glistening with a filmy cream that oozed from
the inside of her cunt. She swallowed hard, her blue eyes glazed with

"Eat me," Tammy howled. She humped up, her ass coming off the bed. She
twisted her hips, moaning, anxious for her sister's tongue to put out
the raging fire in her steamy pussy. "Eat me!"

Crissy scooted her hands under Tammy's jiggling ass, digging her nails
into the soft flesh. She fused her mouth to Tammy's pussy and sucked.

"Aghhhh!" Tammy wailed, her body trembling wildly. "Ooooh, Crissy!

Warm pussy-cream flowed over Crissy's face. She sucked, drawing sticky
cream into her mouth. The taste of her sister's pussy made her dizzy
and her cunt contracted sporadically, pulsing, gripping an imaginary

"Suck," Tammy moaned.

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   "Ooooh, suck me, Crissy!" She thrashed on the
bed, her pussy flowing, her cunt feeling as if it was being sucked from
her body. "Oooh, Crissy!"

Douglas watched, not believing what his eyes were witnessing. His
children, both babies in his eyes, were acting and carrying on like two
oversexed whores. It blew his mind. He rubbed his cock through his
pants and pushed the door open another few inches to get a better view.

Crissy wormed her tongue between the velvety folds of her sister's hot
pussy. She lapped hungrily at the flowing juices, swallowing them as
her tongue penetrated the entrance to Tammy's virgin fuckhole. She
raked her sister's ass, making her howl and twist on the bed.

Tammy arched her back, jerked her hips and smashed her cunt into
Crissy's face. "My clit, Crissy! Chew my fuckin' clit!"

Crissy plastered her mouth tightly to her sister's pussy, chewed
sadistically on the loose folds and sucked warm cream into her mouth.
Her fingers scratched the sensitive flesh of her sister's ass as she
sought the crack and the tiny ring of her asshole.

Tammy squirmed, bucking her hips. Her mouth opened as Crissy's fingers
clawed her asshole. "Ooooh, no," she cried. "Don't!"

It was too late.

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   Crissy's finger jabbed viciously into Tammy's asshole.
She twisted it, her sister's cries of anguish turning her on. She
jabbed another finger into her sister's asshole, finger-fucking her
tiny shitter as she gobbled hungrily on Tammy's overflowing pussy.

Tammy's eyes widened. The pain of Crissy's ass-stabbing fingers blended
with the pleasure of Crissy's cunt-sucking mouth. It drove Tammy wild
and she bucked and twisted maniacally on the bed.

Crissy darted her tongue into Tammy's fuckhole, felt the thin skin of
her cherry. Hot cream bathed her tongue as she licked quickly through
her sister's gaping cunt slit. Her own hips jerked, her clit brushing
against the sheet. Spasms rippled through her pussy, spasms that made
her eat her squealing sister at a more frenzied pace.

Tammy lurched up, then slammed down. Her hips rotated in tight quick
circles. "My clit! Make me cum!" She shoved forward, mangled her clit
against Crissy's teeth. "Aghhhh!"

Crissy's face was soaked with sticky cunt cream. She twisted her
fingers inside Tammy's asshole, jabbing them in and out quickly, her
sister's screams and twisting body telling her that she was having a

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   She sucked hard, ready to give Tammy what she wanted--an orgasm.

"Yessss," Tammy hissed, sensing Crissy was ready to make her cum. "I'm
so close. Bite my clit! Make me cum!" She was delirious, her body
quaking, swirling at the peak, needing only Crissy's teeth to take her
over the edge.

Crissy latched her teeth into Tammy's blood-filled clit. With her
sister's clit a prisoner of her teeth, she lashed her tongue over the
ultra-sensitive tip. Cream gushed from Tammy's cunt.

Tammy wrenched her body, stiffened, then went into wild frantic
convulsions. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she wailed, not caring who
heard her screams of lust. "I'm creaming, Crissy!"

Crissy knew it. Tammy's pussy-cum was drowning her. She held on tightly
to Tammy's clit, her tongue whipping back and forth over the tip. She
sucked, almost tearing Tammy's clit from her twisting body.

"Aghhhh! I'm cumming! I'm cum . .


  . ing!" Tammy went insane. She pounded
the bed with her fists, lifted her legs, grabbed them by the ankles,
stretching them wide as she twisted her hips and ground her cunt into
her sister's mouth.

Crissy buried her face against Tammy's pussy. She chewed on her clit,
sucked it and whipped it with her tongue. Cum flowed into her mouth,
over her face and down her chin. She jabbed hard, stabbing her fingers
in and out of Tammy's shitter as her older sister thrashed and jerked
on the bed, a prisoner of her mouth and ass-ripping fingers.

Tammy arched her back, then dropped her legs. Her neck strained as her
head snapped from side to side. Her hips lurched up, twisted, then
slammed down, driving Crissy's fingers deeper into her asshole.
"Oooooh, Crissy! I can't stop! I can't stop!"

Crissy didn't want her sister to stop. For the first time in her life,
she was really enjoying sex. Even sucking her sister off was better
than playing with herself alone in bed. She ravaged her sister's pussy,
chewing madly on Tammy's throbbing clit, sucking hard and lashing her

Tammy ground her ass down onto Crissy's fingers and screamed as
Crissy's nails raked the walls of her tight shitter.

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   She shoved
forward, mashed her clit into Crissy's chewing teeth. "Ooooh! Oooooh!"
She bucked up, grabbed her flopping tits and mauled them with her

Crissy chewed harder. She jabbed another finger into her sister's
asshole, making Tammy jerk up from the bed. Her free hand came out from
under Tammy's body and she used her nails on Tammy's sizzling flesh,
clawing it wildly, leaving red lines all over her creamy white skin.

Tammy's legs stiffened. A shuddering explosion ripped through her empty
cunt. She fell back on the bed, twitching, whimpering, her clit and
asshole still controlled by her lust-crazed younger sister. "No . . .
more! No more," she begged.

Crissy released her sister's clit and sucked one last time, taking a
river of pussy-cum into her mouth. She yanked her fingers from Tammy's
asshole, then lifted her head from between her legs. Cunt-cum coated
her features, dripped from her chin.


   "Now, it's my turn," she panted.

Douglas watched it all as Tammy ate Crissy's asshole and pussy until
she climaxed. Slowly and quietly, he stepped away from the partially
open door and went back downstairs, his cock aching and his forehead
dotted with sweat.

"I never had so much fun in my life," Crissy moaned. "After breakfast I
wanna come back up here and do everything all over again. "

"When Daddy goes out," Tammy said. "Shit, the way we were screaming, it
was a wonder he didn't come up and catch us. "

Crissy giggled. "I wonder what he'd do?"

"Beat our asses," Tammy said, climbing out of bed.

Crissy thought about her father whipping her ass. She shivered,
imagining his big hand cracking her bare ass and turning it hot and
red. "Maybe it would be fun. "

"You're crazy," Tammy said. "I'm goin' in my room and get dressed for
breakfast. You better get dressed, too.

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"I will," Crissy said dreamily. She rolled out of bed, her thoughts on
her father as she dressed.

Chapter 3

Crissy lay quietly in bed, the curtains on the window parted, the moon
lighting the room in erotic shadows. Her legs were spread, the sheet
kicked off her slim body.

"Mmmmm," she purred, rubbing her hands over her nightie, squeezing her
tits through the thin sexy material. "Whatta day. "

She slipped her hand into her bikini bottoms, stroking her pussy while
thinking of her sister's mouth sucking frantically at her cunt. "Ooooh,
God. "

It had been a fantastic day of sex with her sister. They had made it
together in every room in the house after their father had gone out.

Crissy squeezed her thighs together. Warm pussy-cream oozed from her
fuckhole, coating her fingers as she wondered if she should go into
Tammy's room and wake her up. She decided not to. Tomorrow would be
another day and their father would be gone again.

Douglas tiptoed down the hall, and he peeked into Crissy's room.

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gut churned as he watched his youngest teenaged daughter play with
herself. In seconds, his prick was throbbing, aching painfully in the
tight confines of his pants. He found that his breathing was raspy,
shallow. He fought his lust and hunger for his young daughter, but
couldn't tear himself away from the door. He had to watch.

Crissy squirmed on the bed, her hand caressing the velvety folds of her
sizzling pussy. Her eyes widened and she glimpsed the shadow of her
father in the hall. A gasp caught in her throat, and her first thought
was to cover herself up and feign sleep.

Instead, a hot smile spread over her full mouth. This was her chance.
If he was looking, maybe she could turn him on. Her innocent mind never
conceived anything else happening.

"Ooooh," she murmured softly, massaging her small plump tits through
her nightie. "I'm so hot. " She spread her legs again and glided one
hand up through her seeping pussy.

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   "Mmmmm. "

Douglas almost choked. The palms of his hands were sweaty and his mouth
was dry. He couldn't stand it. All day the image of his two naked
daughters had haunted him, kept his head reeling.

He coughed loud enough for Crissy to hear, waited a few seconds, then
opened the door.

Crissy's breath caught in her throat. She pretended to be surprised and
quickly brought her hand out from her panties. "Is that you, Daddy?"
she whispered.

"Yes, Crissy," Douglas said hoarsely. "Just checking to see if you were
asleep. " He started to go, the ache in his groin keeping him from
leaving his daughter's bedroom.

"Sit with me for a minute, Daddy," Crissy sighed. "Please. "

Douglas sat on the edge of the bed.

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   His gut was churning as he leered
at his daughter's small tits pressing against the top of her frilly
nightie. He could see the outline of her swollen nipples and the sight
sent a hot jolt of lust through his cum-crammed balls.

Crissy squirmed on her back and stretched. Her nightie slipped up,
baring her soft belly. Her bikini bottoms hugged her slim hips, leaving
an erotic display of creamy virgin flesh displayed for her father's

Douglas stared, his gaze roaming anxiously over Crissy's lithe body. He
stared at her crotch, where only a few minutes ago the child's hand had
been playing. His breath came out as if someone had kicked him in the

"I can't sleep, Daddy," she whispered hotly. "I feel all funny inside. "
She squirmed, shivering under her father's leering glances.

She wriggled her hips, parted her legs and inched her nightie up
higher, exposing her rib cage. "Will you rub my belly for me? Maybe
it'll help me to relax. "

Douglas groaned as he brought his hand to the silky flesh of his
daughter's stomach and began caressing her. Touching her sent a tremor
caroming through his balls, and it took all of his willpower to keep
from ripping her nightie off and raping her virgin body.

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"Mmmmm. It feels good, Daddy," she sighed. She rested her hand on his
thigh and felt him stiffen. Hot spasms ripped through her pussy. She
placed her other hand on his as he moved his hand in wider bolder
strokes. "Nnnnn, I like it, Daddy. "

As if he were hypnotized, Douglas watched his hand, covered with hers,
skim her sizzling smooth flesh. "Maybe I should let you get some
sleep. " His voice was ragged, coated with desire for his virgin child.

"Oh, no, Daddy," she pouted. "Stay with me. " She moved her hand slowly
up his thigh, her fingers an inch away from the bulging hard-on in his

"Rub me 'til I fall asleep. " She inched his hand under her nightie,
causing his fingers to almost touch her small sensitive tits. A soft
sigh escaped her lips.

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Douglas fought the urge to span the flesh of his daughter's tits. He
choked back a groan and eased his hand out from under her nightie.

"Oooh, Daddy. " She licked her lips and sat up, making sure her hand
rubbed over the bulge in his pants. Touching him made her dizzy. "Give
me a kiss goodnight and you can go. "

Douglas leaned forward, expecting to give her a peck on the cheek.
Instead, he found her quickly in his arms, her soft urgent lips parted,
then quickly pressed against his own.

Crissy was out of her mind. She had thrown her arms around him, her
lips fused to his. She darted her tongue into his mouth, whimpering as
she rubbed her body against his.

Douglas couldn't fight his desire any longer. He held her, felt her
tremble in his arms. He sucked on her tongue, roamed her squirming body
with his hands, exploring, sampling the silky flesh of her young body.

"Ooooh, Daddy," Crissy gasped, pulling her mouth from his.

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   "Touch me.
Touch me. " She threw herself onto her back, pulled off her nightie and
displayed the soft mounds of her small ripe tits.

"Unnnn," Douglas groaned, his jaw clenched, his eyes feasting hungrily
on his daughter's tits.

Crissy was trembling, waiting, praying her father would do what she
wanted. She arched her back, jutting out her tits. "Touch me, Daddy.
Please. "

Douglas brought one large hand to his child's tits. The tip of her
nipple burned into the palm of his hand as he spanned her flesh and
began massaging the pliant meat of her tit. "Crissy," he moaned. "We
shouldn't. "

"Ooooh, Daddy," she pouted, writhing on her back. "I like it. Don't

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Douglas couldn't stop. He no longer wanted to. He massaged both her
tits, his prick straining in his pants to be free. "Sweet Crissy," he
moaned huskily.

"Ummmm, Daddy. " Her cunt was on fire. She rocked her hips gently,
wallowing in the pleasure of her father's massaging hands. "You're
making me so hot. "

She brought her hands to his and made him squeeze her tits with more
urgency. "Are you hot, too, Daddy?" she purred.

"Yes, Crissy. " He kneaded her small tits, his eyes devouring her body.

"Take off my panties," she cooed. "Touch my pussy. "

Douglas' head was reeling.


   He squirmed on the bed, brought his hands
down to her wriggling hips and eased her panties down until the silky
blonde hair of her virgin cunt came into view. He choked, his prick
ready to burst in his pants. "Sweet Crissy. "

Crissy was breathing hard. She lifted her ass and sighed as her father
whisked off her panties. Quickly, she spread her legs. "Touch my pussy,
Daddy. I'm all wet. "

Douglas brought his hand to Crissy's cunt, cupped her moist pussy-mound
as she squirmed against his hand. Warm sticky cream soaked his palm.

"Unnnnn, Daddy. " She lay completely naked, legs spread, tits jiggling,
hips rolling as her father fondled and caressed her virgin cunt. "Ooooh
. . .

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   oooh . . . aaaah!"

Douglas kneaded her tits and stroked her cunt. The sweet scent of her
pussy invaded his head, making him dizzy. "Baby," he rasped. "Sweet
innocent baby. "

Crissy brought her hand to her father's bulging crotch. She rubbed it,
squeezed, then shuddered as his cock throbbed violently through his
pants. "Let me see your cock, Daddy," she whispered hotly. "I've never
seen a cock before. "

Douglas was about to lose his mind. Hearing his daughter talk this way
drove him crazy. "You take it out, Crissy," he groaned.

"Mmmmm, Daddy.


  " Reluctantly, she squirmed away from his hands. "Lay
back on the bed and I'll take off your pants. "

Douglas dropped to the bed and stared at his naked daughter. He was
tense, a raging fire in his balls spreading through his body. He
gulped, leered, his gaze fixed on her tits as she quickly undid his
belt and pulled down his zipper.


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