Dan and Bonnie


But, Dan was a quiet, studious type, whose lack of self confidence caused others to tend to overlook him. Oh, he had plenty of friends, but no one would have considered him to be one of the popular group in school. As he prepared to restart the lawnmower, he looked towards the house where his year-younger sister, Bonnie, was sunning herself. Dan felt a wave of confused emotions. This weekend was the first time their parents had trusted the two of them to be home alone. However, they made it clear that the teens had to show their responsibility by taking care of a list of chores. Dan was hard at work on his, but Bonnie was lazing away in the sun. . If she didn't do her share, both of them would suffer. There was another cause for Dan's confusion. For years he and Bonnie had been extremely close. His friends couldn't understand how he and his sister got along so well, never seeming to fight. But he felt having his sister for his best friend was the most natural thing in the world. So he had been shattered when, about a year ago, Bonnie suddenly started treating him like he was some kind of dork. She began hanging out with a wild crowd and put him down as totally uncool. While she was smart enough not to let her grades go in the tank, she no longer joined her brother as a regular member of the honor roll.

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  Shaking off the remembered pain of her seeming betrayal, Dan resumed his work. He finished cutting the lawn and switched off the mower. "I thought you'd like some lemonade. "Startled by the voice, Dan spun around. There before him was an incredibly beautiful, sexy girl in a tiny bikini, holding out a glass of lemonade. Dan felt his cock begin to stiffen, then felt embarrassed as he suddenly realized it was Bonnie. He had always been vaguely aware of the fact that his sister was pretty, but in the surprise of the moment he had for the first time seen her as just a woman, rather than as his sister. Like Dan, Bonnie was tall (about 5'8" to his 6'1"), tan, and slender. Her legs were long and firm, with well turned but not excessively muscled calves and full, well formed thighs. Her little bikini top clearly revealed her nicely shaped breasts. She had a very pretty face in an all-American girl next door way, and while her dark brown hair was currently pulled back in a pony tail, Dan knew it was long, shiny, and silky, with just enough wave to keep it from hanging too limply. Like him, her green eyes were an attractive complement to her dark coloring. Now he understood why his friends were always awkwardly asking about her. She just might be the best looking girl in the school. "Sure, thanks!" Dan quickly began to drink the lemonade to cover his unease.

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   He hoped she hadn't noticed his physical reaction. "I know we need to do our chores or Mom and Dad will never let us stay here alone again. I'm sorry I was just laying around while you were working so hard. Still, I thought the chores would go faster if we helped each other rather than just doing our own. No, don't say it! I don't expect you to help me with all of mine, since you've already done so much of yours. But if I could help you out here this afternoon, then I'll take care of most of my cleaning this evening and you can relax and watch TV"Dan didn't quite know what to say. He wanted so badly to believe that this was the Bonnie he had known all his life rather than the hurtful girl of the last year, but was afraid to let his guard down. Still, what she said did make sense. "Why don't you help with the weeding while I trim the hedge? I'll just put the mower away and get out the tools. ""No, I can wash off the mower for you and put it away. Consider it the first installment on working together. Go get the tools and by the time you get back, I'll be ready to help. "The rest of the afternoon was amazing to Dan. He felt so warm inside to have his sister helping him out. Yet, he was bothered by the strange new feelings that kept hitting him.

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   When he glanced down at Bonnie where she kneeled pulling the weeds, the tiny swimsuit was all but unnoticeable. It was almost like a naked girl was kneeling beside him. He wanted to rearrange his half hard cock, but didn't want her to see him, or to leave a telltale mark of dirt on the front of his shorts. Finally they were done. Bonnie smiled at him and said, "I think we both really need a shower. ""Go ahead, I'll put away the tools. ""Okay!" Bonnie trotted off to the house. He couldn't believe how good she looked as she moved, nor how he could be having these thoughts about his own sister. Just when she seemed ready to reinstate their friendship he was likely to drive her off with lewd looks and lustful thoughts. As he entered the house through the patio door, Dan suddenly stopped short. There, lying in front of him, was the top of Bonnie's bikini. He slowly turned and locked the door, then walked forward and picked up the top. Unthinking, he lifted a cup to his face. He could still feel the warmth of the breast that had so recently filled it. His knees shook slightly as he started to climb the stairs.

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   Then he was brought up short again as he recognized the other half of her suit lying on the step above him. He picked up the tiny panty and raised the crotch to his nose. As he breathed in the musky scent his cock rose to full erection. In a daze, he noticed that the shower seemed much louder than usual. When he reached the top of the stairs he understood why. The bathroom door was wide open. He stood, stunned, in the doorway, still holding the swimsuit in his hands. He could see the blurred shape of his sister's body through the shower door. Suddenly, the shower door began to slide open. Before he could think to jump away, Bonnie stuck her head out. "Hurry up and get in here before the water gets cold! And just throw my suit and your clothes in the hamper. I'll need to start a load of laundry after we're done. " Her head disappeared back into the shower and the door slid closed. Dan couldn't believe it! Had Bonnie actually asked him to shower with her? And what did she mean by "after we're done"? Done with the shower? Or done with something else? He couldn't think at all, but zombie-like walked forward. He pulled down his shorts and underwear in one motion, his turgid cock leaping free.

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   He was momentarily embarrassed by the thought that she would see it, but then took a deep breath and, quivering from head to toe, stepped into the shower. Bonnie's back was toward him. "Take the soap and wash my back, please!" He began to rub the soap over her soft shoulders and her smooth back. A short lean forward would have allowed him to look down her front, but he refrained. Reaching the small of her back, he paused. "Keep going! I got so sweaty that every inch of me needs to be washed clean!"He moved down over the globes of her ass. They felt so good sliding soapily under his hands. As he moved towards her thighs, he resisted the urge to slide his hand into her crotch. Washing down her legs he marveled at how perfect they were, how any boy would be ecstatic to touch legs like these. "I think you're ready to do my front. "Bonnie turned around. To Dan's relief, she looked at his eyes, rather than dropping her gaze to his cock. He, however, couldn't resist letting his eyes travel down her body. Her breasts were incredible! Medium sized and perfectly shaped, with smallish brown up pointing nipples that were erect in their centers like two pencil erasers, they reminded him of a model he had seen in some Playboys. He had thought that Joy Behrman had the best breasts in the world, but now felt that Bonnie was in a first place tie.

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  As he dropped his gaze lower, he was amazed at the sight of her thick mass of black pubic hair. He had gained the nickname "Bush" ever since his own pubic forest had sprouted. Now he saw it ran in the family. He couldn't believe how much sexier it was than the trimmed and shaved pussies he saw in the magazines that he and his friends snuck from their dads and older brothers. He moved forward and began to wash. Her breasts felt incredible, the hard nipples poking delightfully into the palms of his hands. Her firm stomach quivered slightly as his hands passed over, exciting him all the more. He built up a thick sudsy foam in her pubic hair, then quickly shot the back of his hand across her pussy, still too shy to actually probe with his fingers. . Finally, he washed the front of her legs and feet. "I washed my hair before you came in. I thought it would make things easier. But now, it's your turn!"Bonnie turned him around and began to wash his back. He couldn't believe how great it felt to have her hands rub his back, his ass, and the backs of his legs. He began to tremble again as she turned him around and lovingly washed his face.

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   Her hands on his chest and stomach felt even better than on his back. She skipped over his genitals to wash his legs, then returned, carefully washing his scrotum. It was the first time any woman had seen or touched his balls since puberty, but it felt so right that his embarrassment was gone. Finally, she gave a quick wash to his erect cock. Then she made him bend forward and she washed his hair. She took some shampoo and washed his thick mass of black pubic hair. She turned him around and let her shampoo slickened hands come around his body and take hold of his cock. He could feel her breasts pressing against his back and her pubic fur rubbing the back of one thigh. Quickly, she began to pump his cock, and unsurprisingly, just three strokes brought him to orgasm. He pumped shot after shot of thick white semen against the shower wall. She turned him again, and gave him a deep and passionate kiss. His first, he couldn't imagine that the lips of any other girl in his school could possibly taste so good. Then she rinsed him off, turned off the shower, and stepped out. Dan followed. He had not noticed the two thick towels when he had come in, but now Bonnie took one and began to dry him from head to toe.

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   When she finished, he took the other and returned the favor. The new sensation of touching her body through terrycloth was as exciting to him as it had been to touch her through soap. Instinctively, he took her earlier kiss as an invitation. His cock stiffened again as he dropped the towel and swept her up into his arms. For a moment he considered carrying her into their parents' room, and then to hers, but in his inexperience he didn't know if there would be any telltale signs. So he took her to his room. If anyone got into trouble with their parents, he wanted it to be him. Dan laid Bonnie on his bed. For a moment he just gazed at his incredible sister. Then he leaned forward and kissed her. He let his lips slowly slide down her body. He nuzzled her chin, her neck, and the hollow at the top of her chest. He kissed down between her breasts, then slowly circled them with his tongue, finally arrowing in on her nipples. He sucked each one briefly into his mouth, marveling at the erotic feel of their firmness against his lips and tongue. Now he moved down, nibbling her stomach, skipping her pubic area to kiss and lick her legs.

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   He tried to remember every hint he had ever read in a magazine as he nuzzled and licked the soft skin behind her knee. Finally, he moved back towards her crotch. Bonnie parted her legs, giving him full access to her pussy. The thick black covering was so sexy, it turned him on so much more than if it were shaved or trimmed. This was the pussy of a woman, not a little girl. Hungrily he dove into her muff, his tongue seeking her labia and clit. He probed with his fingers as he licked and nibbled with his lips. He could feel her juices flowing onto his face and fingers. His heart pounded in lust and passion. Now he moved back up her body, kissing all the way until he once again locked her lips. Taking his cock in his hand, he probed her pussy with the tip, finally finding the hole. He pressed softly and was rewarded as the head popped in. He slowly eased forward until he was stopped less than half way into her vagina. Startled, he pushed back and looked at her. He never would have contemplated doing this if he hadn't been sure that she had long ago given her virginity to her wild friends.

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  "Bonnie. . . ""Please don't stop!""But Bonnie, I didn't know!""Oh, don't you understand, Dan? I always wanted you to be my first! That's why I've been so mean to you the last year. I thought because you are my brother, it couldn't be. I wanted you to hate me, so that I wouldn't be tempted. But watching you outside today I felt so full of love for you that I knew I had to have you. I knew I wanted to give myself to you; to let you be my first!""But Bonnie, this is the first for me, too! You deserve to lose your virginity to someone who knows what he's doing!""Dan, do you really think anyone else could show me more love than you have today? I know it's the first time for both of us - that's what I want - that's what feels so right!"With that she wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him towards her. He felt her hymen begin to give way. Now he gave a hard thrust and felt it tear as he buried himself to the hilt. She gave a brief cry of pain, but then smiled up at him. It was the most beautiful smile in the world! Filled with love, he began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her tunnel. . It felt so great! He was happy she had masturbated him to climax in the shower, because he wanted this to last as long as possible. Something inside must have agreed, because he was able to go on and on despite the stimulation of her warm, soft, wet, gripping pussy on his pistoning cock.


   They kissed again and again as they moved together in their passion. Finally, he could hold back no longer. He drove in as deeply as he could. Just as his cock began to pulse in orgasm, he was rewarded by the feel of her pussy clenching him as she orgasmed too. Despite his earlier come, he still was able to pump shot after shot of his semen deep into his sister's body. Finally, exhausted, he collapsed on her, their lips linking in one last, tired, lingering kiss. One thing they both knew: this was going to be one great weekend!More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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