Daniel's Stepmom (Part 3 of 3)


Daniel’s Story, Part 3
"Touch them" was music to Daniel’s ears. This is a moment he had been dreaming of since puberty. Reaching out he cupped first the right, then the left breast. Marveling at the firmness, his hands began a slow search of every inch of her chest. Rubbing the palms across the very firm nipples almost took his breath away.
Standing to the side watching all of this take place, I began to smile. Slightly distorted by the water, it was still obvious that his uncut cock was beginning to grow. Heather was just standing there taking it all in. Smiling at him, she tried her best not to appear to anxious. Looking down through the water at his growing member, it took all the restraint she could muster to keep from diving in and shoving him into her wanting mouth. She actually wanted to see it while it was still slightly flaccid. She loved the look of the skin covering the smooth head. That would have to wait though. This was his time, his adventure, and his first sexual experience with something other than his own hand. It must be perfect.
Slowly bending her knees, she lowered herself until the water reached her neck.

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   His hands were still exploring and he started lowering himself as well. Reaching out and gently touching his face with her hand, she said, "Stay still".
Reaching out, she found the object of her desire. Holding his cock in her hand, she could feel it still growing and throbbing. Looking into his face while slowly squeezing his cock, she saw his eyes close and knew that she had him……hook, line and sinker. Taking a deep breath and holding it, her head disappeared beneath the water. As she reached his now very firm cock, she slowly slid her mouth onto it maintaining a tight seal.
Daniel was in Never, Never Land. Oblivious to all that was around him, every fragment of his awareness was concentrated solely in one spot. Taking advantage of his lack of awareness, I slipped under the water to get a closer look. Moving closer, I could see his cock appearing and disappearing from her mouth. She was about to run out of air, and reluctantly let her prize go and replaced it once again with her hand. As his cock slipped out of her mouth, her eyes opened and she spotted me next to her under the water. Quickly turning towards me, she placed her mouth on mine. Feeling her tongue searching, I opened my mouth slightly and accepted it.

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   The taste was unmistakable. Apparently within the minute or so that she had her mouth on his cock, he had climaxed. Both of us lifted out of the water, her mouth still on mine. As she pulled away, she smiled. Lifting her finger to her lips, I understood the unspoken message. DON’T SAY ANYTHING. She was saving him from embarrassment.
"Oh, my God! That was incredible. " He whispered to her, trying his best to keep me from hearing.
Smiling, she kissed him on his lips and then moved close to his ear and whispered sweetly to him "That’s just the beginning. Before this day is out you will do that many, many more times. When you finally go to sleep tonight, you are going to be sexually exhausted. "
He looked up and put his hands together as if praying. "Thank you, God. "
Heather retied her bikini top as she worked her way towards the pool steps.

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   Grabbing a towel off of one of the patio chairs she began to dry herself. Walking over towards the patio door she reached down and retrieved Daniel’s bathing suit. Turning towards the pool, she tossed it to him. "Here, put this on and come into the house. Anyone for a movie?"
Daniel caught the bathing suit and looked at me. I was already making my way towards the house as I turned to him. "Well! You coming?"
With what just happened still fresh in his memory he said "Oh, yes. I’m coming………and coming and coming and coming. "
I grabbed a towel and threw it to him. "Come on. I can’t wait to see what happens next. " Acknowledging that my plan was out the window.
The coolness of the house took us by surprise. Looking around, I expected to see Heather but she was nowhere around. From the top of the stairs I heard "Find a tape.

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   I’ll be right there. "
Daniel sat in my lounge chair as I selected a tape and put it into the VHS machine. "I think you’re gonna want to sit on the couch with mom. "
"Oh, yeah. God it’s cold in here. My dick is shriveling up like a raisin. "
Laughing at the visual image I just received, I assured him that he would be fine. "I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about. You just leave it to mom. She’s an expert at turning raisins into watermelons. "
Turning the television on, we watched the video unfold before us. I had chosen one of the videos we had taken on one of our many trips to the North Georgia mountains. When the picture appeared, Heather and I were hiking a trail near the mouth of the Chattahoochee River. I remember it was a weekday (one of the perks of being a contract programmer was being able to take days off) and there was no one around. Perfect for making a video.

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   Heather was wearing a denim skirt and halter-top. As always, I didn’t let her wear any underwear when we went to the mountains. Walking behind her, I saw her bend over to examine a flower. Seizing the opportunity, I took the camera and lowered it for an impromptu "Up-skirt" shot. The next image on the screen was a sexy shot of her ass from below. I turned to look at Daniel and was pleased to see that he had already begun to develop a tent in his bathing suit. Turning back to the video I watched as we continued our hike. We had been here many times and this particular time we had decided to camp overnight at a rustic site provided by the National Park Service. As we entered the campsite, Heather became playful. Turning towards me she crossed her arms, grabbed the halter top and quickly removed it over her head. Cupping each of her breasts in her hands, her fingers began tweaking her nipples until they were rigid. Then she turned and bent over and lifted her skirt, revealing her beautiful ass to the camera. In one swift move, she removed the skirt and ran naked into the tent. I followed her with the camera still rolling. As I entered the tent, I was not surprised at what I found.

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   Heather was lying on the bed (a queen sized air mattress with a sleeping bag on it) with her legs spread for the camera (one of her favorite poses). As I entered, I lowered myself to my knees between her legs and focused the camera on her now moist pussy. Zooming in, the television screen (a thousand dollar, 36 inch monster that is my pride and joy) was now filled with a close up of Heather’s pussy. I could almost feel the air leaving the room as Daniel watched the screen.
Hearing Heather coming down the stairs, I grabbed the remote and paused the tape. As she entered the room, Daniel and I both were mesmerized. I knew she had purchased a new outfit from Fredrick’s, but I had no idea. She was stunning. Never had I seen anything so sexy in all my life. Sheer red seamed stockings attached to a lacy red and black garter hugged her sensuous legs. The garter itself was hidden under a black, sheer, totally see-through baby doll that was trimmed with red lace. Heather’s dark areola and nipples were covered, but certainly not hidden from view. Completing the outfit was a silky, sexy, sheer black thong.
As she walked into the room she looked over at the paused television screen and laughed. "I remember that day.

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   This was when we camped at Horse Trough Falls wasn’t it?"
It was silent in the room. She had asked me a question, but I couldn’t answer. All I could do is stare. I felt my own stirring between my legs and caught myself squeezing my legs together. Daniel was frozen in place. Images from Playboy and Penthouse paled in comparison to the striking view before him.
Crossing the room to the couch, she sat at the other end of it and lifted her legs and placed them in Daniel’s lap. Daniel’s hand came down and rested on one of her stocking covered legs, but remained still. He appeared to be in a trance. Taking her foot and rubbing his hard-on through his bathing suit, she said "Relax, baby. I don’t bite. There……doesn’t that feel good. Why don’t you take that wet bathing suit off and dad, why don’t you start the video back up?"
Daniel reached down and pulled his suit off, not allowing her legs to move from his lap. His hard-on now free from the confines of his suit, pointed towards the ceiling. Relaxing a bit, his hand started moving up and down the stocking covered leg lying in his lap.

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   He was amazed at how sexy it felt. Already aroused, the feeling of the stocking just enhanced his sexual appetite and with it, his confidence. I started the video back up, and the three of us watched the screen as you masturbated for the camera. Daniel’s hand began a slow, methodical back and forth inspection of Heather’s legs. Each stroke brought him closer and closer to the top of the stockings, eventually reaching that narrow patch of bare leg between the top of the stocking and the barely covered pubic mound. Heather’s foot continued it’s massage of his cock, expertly stroking it with her toes. Gathering all the courage he could muster, Daniel slowly made his way to Heather’s crotch. Boosting his confidence, she spread her legs slightly. This not only gave him better access, but also allowed the material of the outfit to move just enough to present a clear view. If he looked closely, he could actually see her lips beneath the sheer fabric. His fingers finally reached their mark. Another confidence boost was obtained when he actually touched the thong and heard a barely detectable moan coming from Heather. Looking up, he saw that she had her eyes closed and was enjoying the feelings that were spreading over her body.
Meanwhile, I’m intently watching the scene unfold before me. My beautiful wife was being seduced by my son…….

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  . or was it the other way around. No matter. It was wonderful. It was a dream come true for me as well as for Daniel. As corny as it sounds, I was very proud of both of them.
I looked back over at the television screen and smiled at what I saw. I had apparently gotten tired of watching her satisfy herself and decided to get in the action myself. Positioning the camera on a nearby box and pointing it at us, I was on my knees beside her head and she was turned towards me with my cock in her mouth, sucking me expertly.
Daniel and Heather were oblivious to the television. Out of the corner of my eye, they shifted and caught my attention. As I turned to watch again, Heather was lifting herself to assist Daniel in removing her thong. After taking it off and discarding it, he put his hands inside her knees and gently spread her legs……never taking his eyes off of her now revealed pussy. From my vantage point I couldn’t see, but I was familiar with her enough to be able to imagine the view that presented itself to Daniel. After spreading her legs, his fingers traced a path to their target.

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   It was a trip that he had imagined for many years but never thought he’d take.
Heather has an exceptionally beautiful pussy, especially when she is excited. Her vaginal lips swell to several times their normal size and protrude noticeably. So much so, that even the crotch of her bathing suit bulges when she is aroused. Granted, most people wouldn’t notice……. . but I knew what to look for. Another feature of Heather’s pussy is it’s tendency to produce moisture. Now, most women get wet when they are excited. Heather goes beyond wetness. Her pussy produces copious amounts of juice when she is aroused. She has to change the sheets on our bed several times a week because of the spots that are produced by our sexual activity.
This day was no exception. By the time Daniel’s fingers reached her clitoris, the liquid was oozing down between her cheeks and onto the couch. Surprised (but pleased) by the amount of juice, Daniel’s finger was now glistening.


   Bringing it to his nose, he breathed in the musky smell. It’s not the first time he has smelled this, although he did not let on to anyone. Several times in the past, he had been in the laundry room and found a pair of Heather’s panties in the dirty clothes and savored the smell. Nothing like this, though. Opening his mouth, he inserted his finger and tasted his mom’s juice for the first time. As he expected, It was wonderful and it served to just wet his appetite for more.
Spreading her legs even further, he repositioned himself on the couch to eat her pussy. Moving in closer, he finally was able to get a good, up-close look at the object of his desire. It was without a doubt the sexiest, most beautiful, most arousing thing he had ever laid eyes on. Unable to resist any longer, he lowered his face and touched her clitoris with his tongue. Then, with remarkable resemblance to someone who had been in the desert for days without water and suddenly had come across an oasis, Daniel lost control and buried his face in her pussy.
It was difficult for me to just sit back and watch this scene unfold before me. I wanted to jump in……. to be involved in it somehow, but at the same time I didn’t want to take anything away from Daniel’s experience. With all the restraint I could muster, I sat in my recliner and tried to be inconspicuous.

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Things were really starting to heat up on the couch. Heather was now grabbing and squeezing her breasts while pushing her pelvis into Daniel’s face. Every now and then Daniel would come up for air and I laughed to myself when I saw his face wet with her juices. I had entertained thoughts of giving tips and pointers to him at the beginning, but I could see that wasn’t necessary at all. I started wondering if he had really never done this before. He was taking to it like fish take to water.
Eventually, I heard the familiar sounds of an approaching orgasm coming from Heather. As it neared, her moans became louder and louder until she finally screamed "OH, GOD YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!"
Almost obscured by her noisy orgasm, I heard Daniel actually slurping her juice. Great. Just one more thing to turn me on. I sat in my chair watching ………… and wanting………. .
By now, Daniel’s cock was so hard it hurt. Heather was still recovering from her intense orgasm when she reached down and grabbed it and pulled it up to her face. Apparently it was Daniel’s turn for a little oral satisfaction.

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   Wanting to stuff it into her mouth, he was almost disappointed when she began running her tongue up and down the shaft. That disappointment was short lived, though. As she licked it like a lollypop, soon he was closing his eyes and remembering the pool. This was much better, he thought. Before he got a chance to get accustomed to her tongue, he felt the warmth of her mouth engulf his hard member. Soon, she was riding his cock with her mouth and tongue while squeezing the base of it with her fingers. Taking her other hand, she began lightly circling his anus. Then, like the expert cocksucker she was, she was able to stick her tongue out slightly while his cock was still in her mouth and wet down her finger enough to allow it to slip easily into his anus. Curling her finger and pressing against the base of his cock from inside his anus, he immediately erupted into her waiting mouth. Swallowing every drop, she finally pulled away and Daniel dropped onto the couch.
"OH MY GOD!! That was incredible. "
Heather turned to me and smiled. "I think Dad is feeling a bit left out " she said as she slipped off the couch and crawled on all four over to the recliner. Grabbing the waist of my bathing suit, she pulled it off in one fluid motion. Grabbing my already hard cock, she buried her mouth on it and began sucking it feverishly.

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Now, from Daniel’s vantage point all he could see was his mom’s bare ass and swollen pussy inviting him in so, being the obedient son that he was, he obliged. Lowering himself from the couch and onto the floor, he worked his way up to Heather. Reaching down and grabbing his flaccid cock, he began stroking it to get it hard again. A few strokes were all that was needed, and soon he was pointing it to the opening between Heather’s swollen lips. As his cock touched her pussy, she reacted by looking up at me and smiling. With my cock still in her mouth, it was a devilish smile and I watched as it broadened with each inch that he buried into her. Finally, she had to relinquish her hold on my cock and focus on the hard cock of her stepson that was now pounding her wet pussy. I reached down and grabbed my cock and began stroking it while I watched my son expertly fuck his stepmother. I figured after coming twice in the last half hour, that he may be at this awhile and it turned out I was right. Hearing the slapping of his body against her ass, I continued working on my cock while enjoying the view. Eventually, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of a building orgasm coming from deep down Daniel’s throat. Soon the tempo began to increase and I could tell that he was about to experience his first climax inside a woman. With a loud groan, I watched him push into her one last time and I heard her scream "YES!!! GIVE IT TO ME, BABY. GIVE MOMMA ALL YOUR SWEET CUM". With his body shuddering in orgasm, I felt my own climax working it’s way to the surface.

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   Slowing down my pace, I was able to delay it for just a bit longer. As Daniel’s orgasm subsided, Heather was now able to move again. Still looking at the floor, I reached down and placed my hand under her chin and lifted her head. As she looked up, my hard cock filled her view. Opening her mouth, she took my cock just as I began unloading my seed. Reaching up and grabbing my cock, she began milking every drop she could get from me.
Afterwards, we were all spent. The two of them just collapsed onto the carpet and I plopped back into my recliner.
The only sounds being made were heavy breathing. Finally, Heather stirred and was able to get to her feet and head to the bathroom to clean up.
"Don’t go away. We’re not done yet. Not by a long shot. "
Daniel turned his gaze to me and said "Damn, Dad. No wonder you guys are such a happily married couple.

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   Is she always like this?"
"Like what?"
"You know. Horny all the time. Is she this horny all the time. "
"Well, let me put it this way. I have a feeling that she is gonna be a lot hornier in the future. At least as long as you are living here, that is. "
"Are you kidding? I’m not going anywhere. I’m already in Heaven. "
"I know, Son. I know. Welcome to Heaven. "
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