Daniel's Stepmom


This is a true story about the emergence of my 21-year-old son into manhood. . . . assisted by his step-mom, Heather.  
Daniel is my youngest.   His mom and I ended our relationship when Daniel was 2 years old.   He doesn’t know it but the relationship ended because I had to go to the police station and bail his mom out.   She was charged with solicitation.   Need I say more???   I got custody of the children and it wasn’t long before I realized how hard being a single dad was going to be.   Believe me, I have an infinite amount of respect for those unfortunate women who are forced into that situation with no source of income other than child support or minimum wage employment.   Fortunately I had a good job and the means to support us financially.   It was the non-financial support where I lacked any good qualities.   By the second year of being single, I had convinced myself that I needed another wife to help me to raise these children.   Not exactly the best reason for getting into a relationship, but it was the one I used at the time.
I didn’t spend a lot of time looking.

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     I was desperate.   Fortunately, a wonderful woman came into my life that was willing to take on a “ready-made” family.   I am sure that she has questioned her state of mind many, many times when thinking back on that decision.
The two older boys (yes, all 3 boys) were old enough to have bitter feelings about my divorce of their mom and also old enough to know just how to use the “You’re not my mom” approach on the step-mom.   I couldn’t tell them the real reason why I divorced their mom so consequently, everything ended up being my fault.   To make a long story short, the two older boys provided many challenges to Heather and I.
Daniel however, was young enough to have considered Heather as “Mom” all of his life (at least as far as he could remember).   They had their share of problems, but what family doesn’t.  
The two older boys left the nest as soon as possible.   Because there was 10 years difference in age between Daniel and his next older brother, more than half of his life has been spent as an “Only Child”.   Spoiling and coddling Daniel was regular routine around our house.
Daniel has never been “Hunk” material.   His latter high school years were a constant battle with acne and weight.   Not that he was fat.   In fact, just the opposite was true.

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     I was concerned at times that he was under-nourished.   When you have to buy jeans with a 34-inch inseam and only a 26-inch waist, you spend a lot of time searching.   Not for something that he likes necessarily, but just for something that had a reasonable fit.   Later, as he entered college he began to fill out……. but I don’t want to get ahead of the story.
It was during one of these shopping sprees that Daniel had his first encounter with mom.
School was out and it was between Daniel’s third and fourth year of elementary school. I think that put him around 9.   It was a sunny, summer day in Atlanta.   Typically, the temperature was holding around the 90-degree mark and the humidity was high.   Shorts and tank tops were the order of the day.  
Our “Back-To-School” shopping was in high gear.   On this day, Heather and Daniel were out to buy some jeans and a bathing suit.   The store had just opened and Heather and Daniel were the only customers.   Looking around in the store, they found a suit for Daniel to try on and as usually happens when Heather goes into a clothing store, she also found a suit that SHE would like to try on.

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The dressing room consisted of two booths with curtains.   They each went into their respective rooms and began to change.   Needless to say, by the time Heather had just completed removing all of her clothes and was reaching for the bottoms of the bikini, her curtain opened and Daniel came in.   “What do you think, Mom……. ”.
When he noticed that Heather was completely nude, he lost all words.   Now since Heather was a “Step-Mom”, Daniel had never seen her without clothes.   It was not something that was ever thought about.   Heather had given Daniel baths when he was younger, but all that ended when he began school and could “take care of it himself” because he was a “big boy” now.   It had been 4 years since Heather had seen him without clothes.  
She didn’t want to scare him, nor make a big deal of it and “scar him for life”, so she just sat on the stool in the dressing room and said “Come here and let me see. ”  
As all moms do, the first thing she did was reach for the waistband of the suit to check the fit.   As her fingers slipped inside, they touched something that was familiar, warm and surprisingly hard.   It was sticking straight up and her fingernail scraped against the foreskin covered head.
“Ouch!   That hurt.

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      God mom, be careful. ”
“Geez, I’m sorry!   Did I break the skin?   Here, let me look at it. ”   With that, she pulled his suit down just enough to spring his erection.  
Heather had always been fascinated with his uncut tool when she gave him baths.   She actually delighted in teaching him how to retract the foreskin and insure it was always kept clean.   His was the first uncut cock she had ever seen and when he began school, she was disappointed but resigned to the fact that she would never see it again.
This was an awkward moment, to say the least.   Trying her best not to make a big deal of it, she gently handled his adolescent manhood.   She had scratched his foreskin, but she couldn’t resist the opportunity to pull the foreskin back and admire it one more time.   Looking back up at him she said, “Oh, my goodness.   I really did scratch you.   I’m so sorry sweetheart.   Mommy will put something on it when we get home.   Do you think you will live until then?”   When she looked at his face, she realized that his eyes were glued to her now hard nipples.  
“Why do they get hard like that, mommy?’
Not wanting to tell him the real reason they were hard, she said “It’s just cold in here, honey.


     They get that way when it’s cold. ”   Quickly changing the subject. “ So, these seem to fit pretty good.   Is this the pair you want?”
“You bet. ”   That seemed to satisfy him and he returned to his dressing room to try on his jeans.
Heather smiled at herself, remembering the look and feel of his cock in her fingers.   It was a nice feeling.   She couldn’t wait to get home and play doctor.   A familiar warmth was creeping in between her legs as she stood and completed her business in the dressing room.
As they pulled up in the driveway, one of Daniel’s friends had appeared and was inviting him out to play “war”.   Daniel left all of the bags for Heather to carry into the house and he went scampering off to play with his friend.   “I’m General Custer and you can be Osama Bin Laden”.   Heather smiled at his massacre of historical facts.
Disappointed, and still thinking about the encounter earlier, she kept herself busy for the remainder of the day.   By the time Daniel came home, she had spent the day cleaning and cooking and was tired.

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     On top of that, I had come home.   That was not only the last time she saw him undressed but as far as we knew it was the last time he had seen her undressed………………. . until some years later.  
Daniel was now 21 and was a sophomore attending a local university.   It was between semesters and he was home most of the time.   I was working a regular day job, and Heather had taken off for a week to go to Maine to visit her parents.
Over the years, Heather and I have had a wonderful sex life.   One of the things that we do to break the monotony and spice things up a little, is videotape some of our intimate sessions.   I really enjoy filming her in a wide variety of situations.  
One time, we were in the process of spring-cleaning and took a load of winter things to the storage unit that we had rented.   No one else was there, and the camcorder was in the truck so, why not.   I got the camcorder and I made her get completely undressed and I taped her arranging boxes in the storage unit in the nude.   Now some of you may say “big deal”, but it was very sexy thinking that someone could walk into the area any minute and see her.   That was a BIG turn-on for me.

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     I’ve always been into showing her off.
Another time, we were riding my Harley in the mountains and we came across a trail to a waterfall.   Usually these trails were inundated with hikers.   This time, it appeared that there was no one around.   It was a half-mile hike to the falls, and I took the camcorder with us.   Along the trail, she would walk in front of me and open her blouse and then turn around and “flash” me.   (whenever we went out on the Harley, she wasn’t allowed to wear a bra and she was encouraged to wear something that would allow the areola around her nipple to be seen through her top.   The sexier the outfit, the more fun the ride. ).   Reaching the waterfall, I set the camera up on a rock and we skinny-dipped in the pool at the base of the falls.   Afterwards, we set the camera up and filmed her giving me a BJ and all subsequent activities.
Of course, there were always the nights that Daniel stayed with his friends and we were able to set up the tripod in the bedroom and get some wonderful footage of our wild bedroom activities.   We filled up several tapes, which we kept hidden in the closet.
On this day, Daniel was home by himself.   Always the curious one, he began an exploratory mission in my bedroom.

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     Had I know about it, I certainly would have been upset at him.   Now, I just look back on it with amusement.   Boys will be boys.  
Much to his surprise, he came across my stash of tapes.   Curious as to their content, he took them off to the living room (where the big screen TV is), and inserted the first tape.   You can imagine the look on his face when the image appeared on the screen.   As luck would have it, the first tape that he picked begins in a hotel room in Orlando on a summer vacation that we made a year or so earlier.   Daniel was working and going to school so we took the opportunity to take a vacation……just the two of us. The video was one that I had captured of Heather when she was putting on her bathing suit.   At first, she didn’t know I was filming.   I had turned the camera on and placed it on the dresser.   Walking over to her, I feigned helping her tie the top in the back.   Standing behind her, I placed my body up against hers and begin to grind my hips.   She smiled and reached around behind her and slipped her fingers into my trunks.   I had very loosely tied her bathing suit, and I reached around her with both hands.

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     With one, I slipped under her top and began massaging her breasts.   With the other, I reached into the bottoms and found her wet, ready and willing.    I removed her suit completely and she turned and removed mine.   Down on her knees, she took my now-hard member into her expert mouth.   Oh, what a feeling.
Heather is a trim 50-year-old beauty.   Time has been very good to her and she honestly doesn’t look a day over 35 (at least to me………and to many others).   Never having had kids of her own, her perky breasts were as firm as her flat tummy.   No tucks or Botox here.   Except for a little Clairol, she is all natural.  
Viewing the video, it didn’t take long for Daniel to get hard.   Since mom was in Maine and dad was at work, it seemed natural to remove the shorts and underwear and get comfortable in dad’s recliner.   With the remote in one hand, and his uncut cock in the other he settled in to watch the “movie”.   “Damn, she’s hot!” he exclaimed, stroking his manhood while his eyes were glued to the television.   Soon, he found that he needed both hands and tossed the remote aside.

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I’m a programmer by trade, and it just so happened that on this day, our network server crashed.   With no way to perform my job, and with no chance of the system being back up for the rest of the day, I was allowed to take the rest of the day off.
The way our house is laid out, the front door opens into a foyer, which opens into the living room.   It is no more than 5 steps from the front door to the living room.   Not thinking ahead very well and certainly not expecting anyone to come in, Daniel had left the front door unlocked.   Opening the door, the first thing I heard was the television.   It sounded like Heather was talking and I thought she had come home early.   Excited to see her, I wasted no time in getting to the living room.   Daniel had been so completely engrossed in watching the video, that he did not even hear me come in.   He was situated so that his back was to me, and I was looking over him at the television.   My first reaction was of anger, but before I opened my mouth and said something that I am sure I would have regretted later (this is one of the things that I attribute to Heather’s influence…. she is very good at teaching Anger Management) I stopped to consider the situation.   Still unaware of my presence, I stood still and watched.   Smiling at the television as I remembered that day, my anger quickly subsided and was replaced by memories as I watched.   Soon, I found myself getting that familiar stirring in my loins.


     Watching my son, I was impressed at how he had developed.   Looking at him in a way that I had never done before, I noticed his muscular legs, his washboard abs, his bulging biceps, and his now massive 9 inch cock.   “Glad to see he got something from me.   Damn, makes me wish my parents hadn’t circumcised me. ” I said to myself.
As I watched, I began to get feelings of pride.   Now I know that seems kinda weird to some of you.   Be that as it may, I am proud that my wife is as beautiful and as sexy as she is.   I am proud that my son is well endowed like his father (my 10 inch cock is displayed very nicely on television right now.   It is disappearing in and out of Heather’s mouth).   I don’t know what came over me.   Next thing I knew, I found myself saying outloud “Isn’t she something?”.
You would have thought a bomb had exploded in my recliner.   It was comical to watch him try to figure which was the most important thing to do first, stop the tape or put on his pants.   Unfortunately, the small table beside the chair which held the remote was just far enough away to require a long stretch to get to it.

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     As he reached for the remote, the chair returned itself to it’s upright position fairly quickly.   The result was Daniel, sprawled on the floor with nothing on but a T-shirt.   The television was still on and the video was still playing.   His eyes were frantically darting between the TV, me, the remote and down to his hard dick.   I was enjoying this immensely.   After he realized I was laughing uncontrollably, he began to calm down.   Soon, he accepted the fact that he had been “Busted”, and was beginning to realize just how funny the situation really was.   “God, you scared the shit out of me Dad.   What the hell are you doing home so early?”
I told him what happened at work and that I had the rest of the day off.   “Now I have to decide what to do about you and this new development.   Stop the tape, put your pants on and let’s talk. ”
After complying, he sat back down (this time on the couch) and prepared for the lecture.  
“OK, we’re both adults here.   The way I see it, we have two issues.   Number one, it disturbs me that you felt it necessary to go exploring in my room.

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     What were you looking for?”
“I don’t know.   I thought maybe I might find a Playboy or Penthouse or something like that.   Boy, I really hit the mother lode, didn’t I?”  
I couldn’t help but laugh.   “Yes, you sure did.   But that doesn’t change the fact that you were digging into stuff that belonged to someone else.   That’s just plain wrong, and you know it. ”
“I know.   I’m sorry. ”
“OK.   Now that we got that out of the way, we need to tackle issue number two.   These videos are intended for private viewing.   Private as in, Mom and Myself.   .   If we had wanted you to see these tapes, we would have kept them out here by the tv.   Now, some would say that what you are feeling right now is incest.

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     My personal feeling is that this is not incest since she is not your real mother.   I think you are pretty fortunate that it was me that discovered you and not her.   Now, what are we going to do about it?”
Daniel has always been a little cocky.   I never expected it in this situation, though.   “Well, what she don’t know won’t hurt her.   I gotta be honest with you dad.   Now that I know those tapes exist, unless you burn them I’m gonna keep looking till I find them.   I just gotta see the rest of them.   She is so hot.   I closed my eyes and it was almost like I was fucking her myself.   I know I’m not supposed to feel this way about mom, but like you said………she’s not my real mom. ”
Trying my best to maintain my composure, I took the easy way out.   “Alright, I need to think about this for awhile.   Why don’t you go upstairs and clean up and we’ll go out and grab some lunch somewhere.   Meanwhile, I’m going to try to come up with a plan for some things.

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    Lunch was quiet.   Neither of us said a word about what happened earlier, but both of us were thinking non-stop about it.   After lunch, we got back in the car and headed home.   On the way, I finally broke the ice.   “OK, tell you what.   First, you gotta know that we aren’t doing anything behind mom’s back.   I’m going to have to have a discussion with her about this whole matter.   As it stands now, you’re just going to have to keep yourself in check and don’t do anything stupid that would ruin your chances of something that few boys your age get to experience……. and that is all I’m going to say about it until I’ve had a chance to talk to her.   She’ll be home tomorrow.   I want you to find something to do tomorrow afternoon and evening.   I want to be home alone with her to discuss this and I don’t want you to be around if the discussion goes bad. ”
    That night, neither of us slept very well.   Daniel had a million questions he wanted to ask but dared not ask any of them.   I had not given him any specifics, and his imagination was running wild.


         I was in my room trying to rationalize what I was about to do.   There were all kinds of arguments in favor.   There was the “not his real mother” thing.   After all, he is 21 now so it can’t be considered child abuse.   Even as good as his body looks, you eventually have to look at the face.   Daniel is not a handsome young man.   It was a face that “only a mother could love”.   Hey, there’s another argument for……….      I was reaching.
    Next day was a terrible day at work.   I couldn’t get my mind on my work for anything.   All I could think about was how Heather was going to react to what I had to tell her tonight.   I had pre-arranged with my boss to leave at 3 to get to the airport to pick her up.   On the way to the airport, I reviewed it over and over in my mind.   It was settled.

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         My mind was made up.   No turning back………     Well, but what if………….
    Because of the new policies at the Atlanta airport, you can no longer go to the gate to meet the plane.   Consequently, we had made previous arrangements for her to call me when she gets to baggage claim and I will make my way to the curbside pickup in time to get her.   I never fail to be overwhelmed when I see her, especially after being separated for a week.   Opening my arms, she hurriedly runs to me and jumps and wraps her legs around me to hold on.   We kiss passionately and she finally lets go and plants her feet back on the ground.   As I open the truck to put her luggage in a young lady nearby says “Newlyweds?”.
    “Young lady, we have been married over 20 years. Only tomorrow, will I ever have loved her more than today. ”
    “Awwwww!    That’s so sweet. “
    Apparently Heather felt that it was the right thing to say.   She turned to the young lady and said “Aren’t I just the luckiest woman you have ever met?????”   Both of us smiling from ear to ear, we got in the car and drove away.
    On the way home, Heather asks “So, what’s been going on at the house?   Is it still standing after having two bachelors living there for a whole week?”
    “Yes, it’s still standing.   Not much has changed.

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      ” I lied.  
    When we got home we noticed that Daniel’s car was gone.   “I wonder where he is?   I would have thought he would be here to greet me?’
    “Maybe he is out with a girl. ”
    “Wouldn’t that be something?   Oh, I hope so.   Poor thing.   I don’t think he is ever going to find someone to pop his cherry on. ”   She said smiling.
    “Well, I for one hope he stays gone for a little while longer.   I would love to welcome you home properly. ”
    “Mmmmmm!!!    What did you have in mind, as if I didn’t know?”
    With that, we left the bags in the car and ran upstairs to the bedroom.   Closing the door and locking it, we ripped each other’s clothes off and attacked.   Throwing her on the bed, I spread her legs and dragged her over towards the edge.   I knelt on the floor, placed her legs over my shoulders and began to give her what I knew she was needing.   Heather absolutely LOVES to have her pussy eaten.   She produces more juice than any other woman I know (not that I know that many…………well, that’s another discussion for another day).

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         Anyway, today was no exception.   Within seconds my face was glistening with her wetness.   Unable to hear her moans because of her thighs squeezing my head, I knew they were audible nonetheless.   After 20 years, we know each other pretty darn well.   I know exactly when an orgasm is building in her, and the one that was building now was a big one.   What sends her over the top is when I actually use my upper lip to peel back the skin covering her clitoris and once exposed, flick my tongue back and forth over the hard nub.   About 30 second of this is all it takes and I am always rewarded with a flood of liquid passion.   This is my goal.   I would much rather suck up her juice than anything………. except maybe what I was about to do to her.
    She lay exhausted on the bed, her legs still hanging over the edge.   I climbed onto the bed and helped pull her up onto it.   Lying beside her, I on my side and her on her back, I begin to trace my fingers gently over her breasts and down her flat tummy to her nicely trimmed bush.   I know how sensitive that area is right now and avoid actually touching inside the hairline with my finger.   At this point, I know her well enough to know that there is only one thing that she wants touching that area.

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         Spreading her legs and positioning myself over her, I begin to rub the purple head against her.   Beginning as low as I can get, I ever so slightly slide it along the crack between the cheeks.   Working my way up to the bottom of the lips,   I separate them revealing the opening that is my target.   Glistening with her juice, I slide easily in.   Further and further I push until I am completely swallowed by her.   Then, while still inside her I lift her legs and place them over my shoulders.   This angle of entry, coupled with my full 10 inches enables me to reach her G-spot.   Touching this spot with the head, and then pushing so that it rubs ever so slightly across it while at the same time applying just enough pressure has very predictable, and consistent results.   It never fails me.   It only takes a few seconds of this treatment and Heather is beginning the signs of another intense orgasm.   Soon her body goes stiff and tightens.   Then she begins to shudder and her moans become louder and louder as she rockets over the edge of the orgasm.   Waves and waves of pleasure splash over her body as she finally opens her eyes and looks at me.   “God I missed that.   You know just what to do.

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         You should give lessons. ”
    Well, she opened the door.   I immediately went in.   While my cock was still inside her, I said “Well, you know that it is only because I know YOU so well.   I know which one of YOUR buttons to push to take you over the edge.   If I was going to give lessons, it would have to be on you………and that is just what I intend to do if you are willing. ”   As I finished the sentence, I began my pumping.   Slowly, to insure that I lasted through the entire story that I was determined to tell, I began to tell her about coming home yesterday and spotting Daniel jacking off to one of our videos.   I told her about laughing about it, and about our conversation then and the one in the car after lunch.   I was half expecting her to immediately dismiss the idea and get mad at me for even mentioning it.   That would not only have spoiled the mood, but would probably have put me in hot water for quite awhile.  
    But that’s not the reaction I received.   Surprisingly enough, she smiled at me and said “You know, every since that summer when I accidentally scraped my fingernail on his dick and I got another good look at it, I have had fantasies about him.   I’ve never mentioned it because I was concerned you would think I was a terrible person. ”   Well, this just made me pound harder.


         It was such a turn-on, that I couldn’t hold back any longer.   With one last shove, I emptied a weeks worth of semen into her.  
    Afterwards, we lay on the bed exhausted.   In my mind, I’m wondering if her comment was made   “during the heat of the moment” or did she really fantasize about having Daniel’s cock?   It took about 10 seconds for me to get an answer.   She turned to me and raised herself up on her elbow and said “So, what’s the plan?”
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    Η κάθε καυτή γκόμενα μας είναι κορυφαία ερμηνεύτρια όσον αφορά το σεξ και διαθέτει εξαιρετικές δεξιότητες που θα σας αφήσουν άφωνους. πλοηγηθείτε ελεύθερα στη συλλογή φωτογραφιών μας για να δείτε αυτά τα χυμώδη κορμιά με πιασίματα και τα γλυκά πρόσωπα που δεν ντρέπονται να σας παρουσιάσουν τα μοντέλα μας.
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