My wife left me when our daughter Dawn was barely five years old.   I spent her entire life with no other goal but to provide her with everything a young girl could want.   This meant long hours and working two jobs, as a result she picked up most of the house work.   I knew she was the spitting image of her mother who was a breath-taking beauty.   But with all of my work I failed to notice her becoming a woman.   Two things happened that helped me realize what I had missed.   First I won a lawsuit against one of my employers for sexual harassment, the guy was a fag and I got sick of his mouth, but that is another story.   The lawsuit left me with enough money that I was able to quit working at all; the second thing that happened was a direct result of the first.  I woke up at about 6 am one morning, I sleep naked and while I was working I used to wake up so early that there was no way Dawn would be awake, so my first trip to the bathroom in the morning is generally in the nude.   Groggily I wandered down the dark upstairs hall to the bathroom door.   As I turned to walk in I ran smack into something.   The high pitched yelp of my daughter brought me to my senses.   Not thinking I hit the hall light switch and we both froze.   I stood before my sixteen year old daughter; she was completely naked, my eyes adjusted to the light fixed on her breasts, perfect heavy and round.   My eyes wandered down her lithe body to her hips and crotch.   I had just enough time to realize she was shaved bare before I realized I was looking at my own flesh and blood.

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    My eyes shot up to hers and found that she was staring slack jawed at my penis.   Nine inches long and not quite as thick as a can of soda, it was rock hard morning wood that had her attention.   Dawn mumbled “oh, sorry. ” she slid past my never letting her eyes leave my groin.   The whole encounter took all of two or three seconds, but it burned in my brain and I couldn’t get the perfect body out of my mind.   I stroked my cock in the bathroom not feeling the least bit guilty about my incestuous lust until after I ejaculated all over the bathroom wall.   Wrapped in a towel I shot back down the hall to my bedroom with a rapidly hardening cock.   I pulled on some pajama pants and a wife beater and headed to the kitchen.   Dawn came down to the smell of frying bacon, still bashful I couldn’t bear to turn and look at her, so I said good morning to the approaching foot steps behind me.   To my surprise her arms snaked around my waist and her lips nuzzled into my neck, “Good morning Daddy, smells good. ”  She released me and I began scraping eggs onto her plate and turned with my senses reeling that she was acting as if nothing happened only half an hour ago.   I sat across from her at the small kitchen table and we chatted typical morning chat about what we were each going to do that day, but all I could think of was the fact that I could see her hard dark nipples through the battered old T-shirt she wore as a night gown.  
            Days drug out into weeks and I got where I couldn’t jack off without thinking of my daughter.   One night as I lay in bed I could hear shuffling and small noises coming from Dawn’s room.   I tip toed down the hall to her door and found it slightly ajar.

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    I peeked in and saw her at her computer; it was obvious that she was naked and masturbating.   I could see the image of a young man on the screen and he was jacking off too.   She was on her webcam.   I was immediately horny and furious that this boy was seeing my daughter.   I went back to my room and laid awake most of the night.   I forced myself to remain in bed as Dawn got ready to go to school.   As soon as the door closed I was out of bed and into Dawn’s room.   I sat naked in her desk chair and started up her computer.   It took two hours of searching to find what I was looking for, two files one with pictures of Dawn in various states of undress and masturbating with various objects.   The other file had video clip she had taken of herself on the internet.   I sat there all day reveling in the sinful pleasure of jacking off to images of my daughter.   I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard “Daddy?”  I spun around, I had lost track of time, now here I was with lotion slathered all over my cock and hand naked trying to think of what to tell my daughter as images of her flashed on the screen behind me and the sounds of her recorded moaning filled the room.   I stammered for something to say but my body reacted on its own.   She was in her cheerleading outfit; I grabbed her head and forced her mouth to mine.   She struggled against me and protested in muffled squeaks as I forced my tongue into her mouth.

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    My greasy had slid down her back to her ass, it was firm and hard.
      I turned her in a struggling dance and backed her toward her bed.   I spun her around with her arms pinned behind her back and forced her to her knees bending her over her bed.   I nearly shredded her short skirt pulling it from her body.   “Daddy, no!”  She cried out “Daddy don’t hurt me, I’m sorry Daddy!”  She was begging me to stop but when I looked down at the bare ass before me, there was only one thing I could do.   Prying her legs apart I guided my penis to Dawn’s labia.   I rocked my hips forward and the lotion helped me slide inside my daughter’s body.   The heat of her pussy seared my cock as the head of it slid deeper into the tightest cunt I had ever experienced.   “It hurts. . . …Daddy, It hurts…  …it’s to big… …please stop Daddy!”  She gasped between hisses of pain.   Holding Dawn’s hips I slid in as deep as I could.   I held it there feeling the pressure of my cock against her cervix.   I starting sawing back and forth,  Dawn’s sobs did nothing but turn me on more.

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        Her pussy was so tight it caused me real pain but I continued knowing this experience was forbidden but what I had been looking forward to for weeks.   I reached around and began rubbing her clit, I doubted it would do her any good as I raped her but I did it anyway.   Her sobs quickly turned to gasps and then to moans.   By now I was pounding my penis into Dawn with all of my might while my fingers moved against her clit like machineguns.   Dawn went stiff all over and began screaming, I thought it was because she was being raped at first but I quickly realized she was cumming and cumming hard.   It was more than I could stand, I felt my balls tighten.   A familiar tingle went through my body and I drove my engorged cock as deeply in as I could.   I felt my semen blasting up through my penis and Dawn grunted as it exploded deep in her womb.   My cum filled my daughter with blast after blast of my seed.   It felt like I came for hours and when it finally ended I found myself collapsed on her back, powerless to move.   I used my last bit of strength to remove my cock from Dawn’s gaping vagina.   I rolled onto her bed and tried to regather my strength.   “I, I, I came…  …I think.   Daddy?  Did I cum?”  I nodded and felt her warm body beside mine, her hand rested softly on my penis drenched in her pussy juice.   “Can you do it again Daddy?”  I nodded.

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