Deep Sleep


Okay, so you have the idea. Little Erin just arrived at my house and she is a knockout. She reminds me of my wife when I met her. And, darn it, she keeps hugging me. This was clearly a bad situation in the making. But, I’m strong and play the role of loving uncle and mature, dependable husband. But, that ass. Did I mention that Erin has a phenomenal ass?Almost two weeks went by and I did very well. When Erin made trips to and from the pool, I averted my eyes. When she hugged me goodnight in her nightdress, I willed myself to remain flaccid and thought sober thoughts. When she would lie on her stomach before me watching TV, I would refuse to think about mounting her and pumping her pussy until she screamed out in delight. Mind over matter. I just didn’t think about those things. But, it was getting harder each day. This disaster started two days ago when Barb and Susan asked me for some sleeping pills. Susan was staying in our guest room and Erin had been sleeping in a small, enclosed porch at the back of the house.

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   Neither of them had been sleeping well since they arrived and Barb knew that I had tons of drug samples in my study. Now, my company was running some drug trials for a new sleeping aid and we had already gotten some great reviews on it. The reports were that they made you sleep like the dead, without that drugged, groggy feeling the next morning. I handed over some sample “burst packs” and explained a little about them. Susan promised to be careful with them and gave me a kiss on the cheek (Don’t think about it. Don’t think about it. ) Later that night, I was making my bedtime circuit around the house turning off lights and checking locked doors. The guest room door was ajar and I could hear Susan’s deep breathing from within the dark room. Now, as a medical professional (sort of), I felt obligated to check on my new patient. I slipped into the guest room and called her name. No response. I gently shook her, but she again did not respond. Her pulse was fine and her breathing steady, so I started to slip out. Great pills. Then I stopped.

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  Now, I had never really had an opportunity like this before and certainly didn’t have this planned. I peeked out the door, confirmed that Barb was not around, and closed the door. I crept back to Susan’s bed. My heart was pounding and my hands were a little unsteady. I shook her again, a little stronger this time, but was again rewarded by the signs of deep sleep. Susan was wearing a t-shirt and some kind of silk shorts. I carefully reached under her shirt and found her sizable breasts. They were round and soft. Much softer than Barb’s. I had known this woman for almost two decades and now my hands were cupping her large, soft tits. After fifteen years sleeping with the same woman, I marveled at how different Sue’s tits felt in my hands. Her nipples were very soft and larger than her sister’s. I then slowly and gently pulled up her shirt so that I could see her wonderful chest. In the dim light of the room, I could only just see her and sat for a minute or two running my hands over her unfamiliar, but fabulous tits. It was both thrilling and terrifying.

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   I mean I was really tense. At any moment, I expected her to open her eyes and scream or to have the door fly open and see my wife standing there. My paranoia grew steadily, so I rearranged her t-shirt and slipped out of the room shaking like a leaf. As I lay in my own bed that night, my heart continued to race and I had a huge erection that would not go away. I must have lay there for two hours thinking about what I had done. I had just felt up my sister-in-law in my own house. I continually alternated between feelings of conquest and joy to feelings of guilt. What was I thinking?! I decided then and there to never pull a stunt like that again. One, it was wrong. And, Two, it was insanely dangerous. But I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. By yesterday morning, I was forcing it out of my mind. I had trouble looking Susan in the eye, though, and I’m sure I was acting like an idiot. I had jerked of twice today and that seemed to help some. If Sue suspected anything, she certainly didn’t show it.

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   I promised to myself a few dozen times that I would never do that again. I kept repeating that right up until I saw Sue fishing the pills out of her purse at bedtime. From behind my newspaper, I watched both Sue and then Erin take a pill. All day, they had just raved over how well they had slept and how grateful they were. I gripped the paper and promised to be a good boy. Yep. I promise. No funny business. Two hours later, I just couldn’t stop myself again. This time, unfortunately, it was with young Erin. In a repeat of the previous night, I found myself at Erin’s side as she lay gently snoring on a wicker sofa. She would not stir from her deep sleep. I knew that my wife was already asleep, that Susan was knocked out in the guest room, and that our kids were asleep in their rooms. Erin lay there looking both innocent and seductive. My heart began to pound and I realized that I had a huge erection.

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   Had that happened the night before? I couldn’t remember, but I had a big boner now. Erin was on her side facing away from me. I’d never had an obscene thought about a minor girl prior to these two weeks and now all I could think about was touching her. I gently ran my hand along her side following the shape of her body from the shoulder to her hip. I smelled her long auburn hair and could tell that she had washed it with the same shampoo that my wife uses. Erin smelled like my wife. Erin looked like my wife. Would Erin love like my wife?I softly ran my hand over her chest and cupped her small tits in my hand. Gently reaching into her nightdress, I ran my fingers over her nipples and marveled at how she felt like both a child and a woman. With paranoid thoughts beginning to rise again, I kept peeking around the corner to confirm that no one was moving around out there. Realizing that I had very little time, I slipped my hand into Erin’s panties and stroked her ass. As Erin snored happily beside me, I found the tight button of her asshole. After rubbing her for a moment, I slightly repositioned her so that I could reach the lips of her pussy. I had just gotten a fingertip in her vagina, when I heard a noise from within the house. I quickly extracted myself, repositioned her clothes, and strolled to the kitchen.

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   I found my little one drinking a glass of water, so I helped her back to her bed. Standing there in the living room, I didn’t know what to do. Both shocked at what I’d just done and furious with myself, I slowly pounded my forehead with my fist. Do I just go to bed and stop this madness? Do I go back to Erin? If so, how far should I go? Should I sneak back into Susan’s room again? My head was pounding as hard as my heart, so I just went to my study and sat there at my desk regaining control. I jerked off and vowed to never touch my niece and sister-in-law again. What was I becoming? This was not like me. Never again!Now, it is twenty-four hours later and I have just fucked Erin. I just fucked her in her small ass. She slept through the whole thing—a testimony to the effectiveness of modern drugs. I cannot believe that I did that. I watched them take pills again tonight. I even slipped Barb one of the pills in a drink, because I didn’t want to be disturbed. On the previous nights, it was spontaneous. Tonight, it was planned. It was like someone else was doing these things and I couldn’t stop them.

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   I came to Erin’s sofa: firmly and quickly removing her clothes. Her young, thin body took my breath away. Brave in the knowledge that her sleep would not be broken, I brazenly pulled my face to her pussy and ate it like a madman. I acted like a man possessed. Erin stirred, but did not awaken as I drove my tongue into her pussy and licked her sweet asshole. I had to fuck her—right then and right there. There was no stopping this now. I fumbled with my clothes as my head swam. I dropped my pants and was startled at the size of my erection. I wanted to rub my cock against her pussy. I wanted to enter her. I wanted to fuck her deeply. I was clearly now out of control. Suddenly fearing that I would break her hymen, I stopped and pulled out--crazy with emotion. I was nuts; Erin just slept on.

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   I sat there trying to calm down and figure out how to get out of this. I wanted to fuck her, but had enough sense to know that it was impossible without discovery and disaster. What if she awoke? What if she bled? What if I got her pregnant? No way. Just when I had talked myself into returning to my bed and fucking my wife, Erin rolled over and exposed her ass to me. Staring at her ass, with my dick in my trembling hand, I asked myself quietly if I could ass fuck her without waking her. Now, I had never had anal sex in my life but it had to hurt. I had tried to talk Barb into it years ago, but was met with an icy stare. Once the idea had come to me, there was no going back. My supply cases in my study quickly produced a tube of lubricant and I quickly confirmed that everyone in the house was still asleep. Now, I was back at Erin’s side with my decision made. She had not moved in my absence and her young, round ass beckoned me on. I would do it. If she started to wake, I’d just think of something. There was no going back now. With trembling hands, I applied a bead of lubricant (we carry only the best) to my finger and gently eased it into her asshole up to my second knuckle.

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   Erin slept on. I worked my finger in and out a time or two, but she never stirred. Now was the time. I coated my cock with lube and was shocked at how large it looked next to Erin. Erin was just a small girl. Now, I’m of normal size, but my six-inch cock suddenly looked enormous next to this young girl. Climbing onto the sofa, I positioned my dick so that I could enter her. Working slowly, ever so slowly, I began pushing against her bottom in short easy strokes. Nothing. I knew that I couldn’t push hard without risking a forceful entry, so I alternated between gentle finger entries and pushing with my cock. Suddenly, I was in. The swollen head of my cock disappeared inside her. She moaned sleepily, mumbling something, and I froze. Erin twisted slightly and then began breathing evenly again. Then, I could breathe again.

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   I began slowly pumping her; each time gaining a little more ground in her. Soon, she was taking most of me and I was about to explode. Looking down on my sweet niece, I felt that familiar tingling in my chest as an orgasm began to swell up. Erin looked like the young bride of my youth. I tried to hold it back, but immediately began pulsing cum into her tight ass. With one last push, I finished my load and had to steady myself with my hands on the sofa. My face was wet with sweat and my chest was heaving. I wanted to just collapse on top of her, but slowly pulled out of her instead. She lay there before me in the dim light. Nude. She rested comfortably on her side with her hair askew on the pillow. She looked like a sleeping angel. Scanning down this vision, I gasped at how her asshole was visibly red and swollen and how my semen was still dripping from her crack. Slowly regaining my senses, I began to cover my tracks and get out of there. I wiped her clean (as good as I could) with my boxer shorts and pulled her clothing back on.


   I dressed again and tidied up the area, still amazed at what I had done and that she had never awakened. I was overwhelmed with emotion—excitement, guilt, fear, lust, and shame. My legs were unsteady when I tried to walk. I stumbled to my room and found my wife in that same deep sleep. I showered and washed my niece from my swollen dick. Feelings of guilt were replaced with lust and I stroked myself off again in the shower. Falling into bed, I still lay here thinking about what just happened. Susan and Erin leave in two days. What happens tomorrow night? Gawd! What will happen tomorrow morning? What will Erin think when she awakes and knows that something isn’t right? What if she is in pain? Should I confess this to everyone immediately? Or, will I get away with it and just ass fuck Susan tomorrow night too? Or young Erin again? Knowing that sleep will not come tonight, I lay here thinking about the path that I’ve now taken and wonder where it will take me. I’m both terrified and thrilled. What have I become? I look over at my wife asleep on her side. Her long auburn hair is spilled over her shoulders. She looks like Erin. The sheet does not hide the shape of her ass. That is one great sleeping aid.

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   My cock begins stiffening again. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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