Destroying Agatha


When Robert planned the annual trip to Lake Watson, he thought it would be the perfect family vacation. He had no way of knowing that a family emergency would keep his new bride from joining him and his daughter, Zoe at the cabin. He also was blissfully unaware of how badly she hated her new step mother Agatha. The moment he told her it would be just the two of them at the cabin, at least for a few days, she began to plan how she could permanently cut her out of their life.

They arrived at the cabin in the late afternoon. The stormy grey clouds that hung overhead whispered promises of a tempest that was yet to come. It seemed to take forever to get the car completely unpacked and everything inside. By the time they finished, the two were both exhausted and hungry. Robert volunteered to drive into town and pick up some take out while Zoe stayed to finish putting the clothes away and take care of their 3 month old puppy Maisey. The soft rumble of distant thunder was already starting to get the poor little dog upset. As soon as her father left, she went back to work, unpacking her clothes and putting them in the dresser in the small room she had always slept in.

The entire time that she worked, all she could think about was how to make her move. She knew the only reason Agatha had such an easy time weaseling her way into their lives, was because there was one need she had never been ever to satisfy before. Tonight she was going to change all of that. The only thing she could not figure out was her excuse to crawl into her father’s bed. It was then that fate seemed to step in.

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   While she had been her clothes into the dresser, she had slipped her IPod into the speakers and turned on some music. Maisey had curled up on the bed, sleeping quietly. A very loud clap of thunder quickly brought that to an end. The dog bolted up, barking and terrified. When Zoe went to pick up the dog, she noticed a puddle underneath her. She kissed the little white fluffy pup on the head and giggled with delight. It was the perfect excuse.

She gathered up a towel and the other necessities and headed toward the bathroom to get a quick shower before the storm got any closer. She was not in there very long when she heard the front door open. She quickly finished, wrapping a towel around her wet naked body before stepping out into the living room.
“Dad, we have a problem. ” She said clutching the towel. “Maisey kinda pissed on my bed. The blankets and mattress are soaked. ”

“What happened?” He asked, looking a bit confused.



“Well you know how she gets when it storms. She was asleep on the bed and the thunder woke her up. I had no idea she would make such a mess. ”

“Don’t worry honey. We can swing by the rental place in the morning and take care of getting another mattress here. ”

“What about tonight?” She asked innocently.

“Well you can bunk with me. ” He replied, taking several cartons of Chinese food out of the bag.

“OK. Let me go change. ” She scampered off to her room.

She dried herself off and changed into a very cute pair of sky blue cotton short shorts with a rainbow trim around the legs and waist, and the matching tank top with the same trim and the word “Superstar” in sparkly rainbow colors across the chest. The clingy cotton accentuated her every curve. When she returned to her father, he was already loading up plates with various items from the cartons. He had gotten all of her favorites.

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   She had missed moments like this, where the two of them just laughed and joked with each other. Soon they were both stuffed and getting sleepy.

Before bed, Robert decided that it would be wise to shower. He secretly hoped that a quick cum would help keep any embarrassing moments from popping upthat night, especially after seeing her dressed like that. Meanwhile, Zoe gathered up her pillows and curled up on his bed. It wasn’t long before she had fallen asleep, while her father was still in the bathroom.

He tried to keep quiet as his hand wrapped around his soapy cock and he began to stroke it. It did not take very long for him to start breathing heavier as he daydreamed about his wife, her lips wrapped around his thick manhood as he fucked her mouth. He clenched his jaw, placing his free hand against the shower wall for support. He started to stroke faster and faster. Moments later he emptied his load onto the tub floor. Despite having cum just seconds ago, he realized that masturbation just did not get the job done like it had before. Since he had been with Agatha, there had been very few days that he did not have his cock in one of her willing orifices. With her being gone a week already, it was starting to take its toll on him.

He returned to his bedroom, wearing just a pair of striped boxers.

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   Zoe was lying on her back, sleeping peacefully. The slight chill to the breeze coming in the partially open window near the side of the bed she was laying on seemed to have an effect on the child. Her tiny nipples were fully erect and quite noticeable even in the darkness of the bedroom. He could not help but stare at her chest as it rose and fell softly with each breath she drew. Much to his dismay, the sight had made his cock twitch. He tried to force the image out of his head as he pulled the blankets up to cover her. As he moved the blanket over her, his hand accidentally brushed against her chest. Robert froze as panic filled him.

Zoe stirred only slightly, still fast asleep. He swallowed hard and quickly exited the room. His cock was once again ready for action. He grabbed his cell phone off the table and checked for signal. The storm seemed to have disrupted the already weak signal he had earlier. He let out a heavy sigh. He paced for several minutes, trying to think of anything that could make his cock deflate before he returned to bed.

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   It took him nearly half an hour to finally calm himself down enough to go back to his room. He quickly climbed into bed, facing away from his daughter and forced himself to sleep.

A few hours passed and Zoe woke up to find that she was spooning with her father. She could feel the large bulge in his boxers pressed firmly against her tight little ass. His arm that lay across her body held her pressed tightly against him. She wiggled around slightly to see if he was really asleep before she would try anything. She knew he was always a pretty deep sleeper. Carefully, she moved his arm off her. He grumbled and rolled over onto his back, still sound asleep. She peeled back the blankets slowly, and gasped as she looked at him. The head of his cock had managed to slip out of the hole in the front of his boxers. She stared for several minutes before gathering the courage to touch it. Her finger lightly grazed the tip of his cock. She watched him closely to see if her touch had awakened him at all. When she saw that he was still out cold, she decided to take a much bolder move.

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   She lowered her face close to his cock and began to gently lick the tip. He made a small sound, but did not stir at all. She licked it again, this time making several passes over it before pulling back.

She could feel the crotch of her panties becoming wet already. Something about the taboo act had her even more worked up than she thought it would. She leaned in again. This time, she took just the head of his cock into her mouth and began to suck it softly. His hand landed on the back of her head as he grumbled some unintelligible syllables. She took it as a sign of encouragement and let a little more of his cock penetrate her mouth. Soon her head was bobbing as she took all she could of him in, still sucking softly. She was getting uncontrollably horny quite quickly. She moved her head a bit until he moved his hand.

Zoe could not believe what she was about to do. While she had given blow jobs several times in the past, she had never actually had sex with anyone. She had never imagined that this was how it would happen, but she was too incredibly horny to care.

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   Very carefully, she pulled off the shorts and left them crumpled on the bed. She knew if he awoke while she was trying to straddle him, he would quickly stop her. She did her best not to make any moves that would wake him up from his deep sleep as she straddled him.

She managed to get herself on top of him without incident. Now would come the hard part. She reached down beneath her and gently grasped his cock, and began to guide it toward her dripping wet cunt. She held her breath as she began to lower herself down onto it. She inhaled sharply through clenched teeth as she felt it stretch her tiny opening as the head pushed inside. She whimpered as she felt the head nudge her hymen.

She took a deep breath and pushed down until she finally felt his cock tear through it. The pain was awful but slowly began to fade as she sank further down on his cock. She was so caught up in how good his cock was starting to feel inside her, that she did not realize what was going on. Robert sleepily opened his eyes, looking up at her groggily. He quickly convinced himself he had to be dreaming. It completely escaped her attention that he was starting to wake up.

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   She started to ride him slowly. Zoe let out a soft moan.

“Oh daddy” she whispered. “I love your cock. ”

Her pussy juices started to flow, helping lubricate his shaft as she bounced on it. Robert was waking up more as his daughter enjoyed his cock. He watched her close her eyes and toss her head back. He felt her hot wet cunt gripping him so tightly. It felt so incredible that he didn’t want it to stop, even if it was just only a dream. He still had not convinced himself it wasn’t.

Zoe was startled as she felt his hands suddenly grip her hips. Her eyes opened as she turned her gaze to him. He stared up at her with such lust. He started to thrust up into her, making her moan very loudly. He watched her perky tits bouncing as he pulled her down on his cock.

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“Take of your shirt. ” He grunted.

She did as she was instructed, peeling the cotton tank off over her head and tossing it aside. He thrust harder up into her. He slid his hands up along her sides, pulling her down on top of him. He moved his hands to her tits, palming them. Her hardened nipples pressed against his hands. He squeezed them as he grunted again.
He lifted her up off him and laid her onto her back. He took a moment to slip off his boxers which were wet with her juices. He lifted her legs so they rested against his sides and started to pound her little virgin cunt harder and faster. He could feel her wetness increase with each stroke. She moaned loudly and bucked into his hips. Her hands moved up and down her father’s muscular arms. He lowered his head and placed his mouth to her breast.


   He started to suck her tiny pink nipple, while he forced deep inside her cunt. Zoe writhed from the mixture of slight pain and intense pleasure.

“Fuck me daddy” She pleaded “FUCK ME”

He stretched her tight hole as he kept fucking her with all his might. Her body started to shake. He knew she was about to cum all over his cock. He leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth. His tongue invaded his daughter’s mouth. She moaned into the kiss. Her tongue wildly wrestled with his. He felt a new rush of her pussy juice covering his cock. He continued to drill her cunt hard through the entire duration of her orgasm. Once it was over, he pulled out, much to her dismay.

“Come on baby. Finish me off with your mouth. ” He said.



He wanted to feel her sweet teenage lips wrapped around his painfully stiff cock. Zoe got up, letting him lay back on the bed. She quickly took his cock into her mouth. The wetness from her cunt clung to his skin. It was the first time she had tasted herself. She didn’t mind the flavor of her pussy on his cock. She diligently worked her lips up and down it.

“Oh god yes baby. Suck daddy’s cock. ” He groaned. “I want to cum in that pretty little mouth of yours. ”

He could not believe what he was saying. He was still not quite fully conscious of what was going on. He was so wrapped up in how good it felt that he no longer cared about anything else. He put his hand on the back of her head.

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   His fingers interlaced with her hair, and forced his cock down her throat. For a moment she gagged, not used to having something so large jammed in there. Once she managed to stop gagging, he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth several more times before he slid it in a final time. He held it there as he grunted, emptying his entire load down her throat. He grunted as she swallowed every drop.

He pulled her head up slowly. His overly sensitive cock slipped from between her lips as she looked up at him. Her eyes were still filled with tears from the gagging. She didn’t say a word. She just curled up on the bed next to him, completely naked and fell asleep in his arms. It was not long before he too was overcome with dreams of taking his daughter again and again.

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