Double the Trouble, Double the Fun


            Jake suppressed a sigh as Janie put her clothes in the empty bottom drawer of his dresser. He knew that she couldn’t help being in his room for the week, but it still irritated him that he would get no privacy for awhile. Mandi turned and gave him an apologetic smile.
“I know this sucks, big bro. , but there really isn’t any other choice. ”
Jake smiled in spite of himself. Janie always called him “big bro. ” when she was trying to make him happy, and he was older… by four minutes. Jake had no clue what his parents had been thinking when they bought this matchbox eighteen years ago. Their mom had been eight months pregnant with twins, and still they had bought a place that had no room for growth. The one floor house had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a tiny kitchen, and a small family room that also served as a piano room, den, and office. To put it nicely, the family had always been close.
            And now, to top it all off, they had decided that now was the time to redo the moldy wall of the teen’s bathroom. Janie’s room shared this wall, so she was told to move to Jake’s room for the duration of the project.
            Janie finished her unpacking and plopped down on the bed next to her brother. “Listen, I really do feel bad about invading your room.

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   Thanks for letting me crash here. ” She leaned over and gave him a brief hug. Jake squeezed back and grinned evilly.
            “No problem sis. Just don’t get mad if I snore, hog the covers, or drool!”
            “Or all three at once!” Janie joked back, and both knew that the next week would turn out okay.
            The first night was, understandably, uncomfortable. The double bed was much too small for two eighteen year olds, and it didn’t help that they were trying to give each other as much space as possible. After all, the two siblings hadn’t slept in the same bed since they were nine years old, and a lot had changed since them. Especially a lot of physical things. Jake and Janie were exhausted the next morning, and spent most of a beautiful summer day slouched on the couch. That night they made a mutual agreement that sleep was better that personal space, and ended up spooning most of the night. However, it was the third night that the twin’s relationship was changed forever.
            Jake woke up around midnight to Janie’s moans. She was writhing on the bed, pressing herself against him and shuddering slightly. After calling her name a few times and not getting any response, Jake figured she was having some sort of nightmare.

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   He went to shake her awake, but stopped cold as she spoke.
            “Oh yes, give it to me! Harder… Harder! Ohhhhhhh!” She shuddered again and started to buck slightly. She was dreaming all right, but it definitely wasn’t a nightmare. Jake was caught somewhere between embarrassment and curiosity. He respected his sister’s privacy, but was dying to know who she was dreaming about. Had she had sex already? If she had, she was one up on him. He thought back but could only remember two of Janie’s boyfriends, and neither had seemed that serious. His thoughts were cut off abruptly when Janie came. Jake’s cock grew instantly hard as she arched against him and moaned. He knew he shouldn’t be reacting this way to his sister, but his cock didn’t seem to care whose tight ass it was pressed up against.
            Slowly, almost against his will, Jake began to dry hump his sister. “Fuck! This feels so good!” he thought wildly, and pressed his wrist into his mouth to keep from shouting out. He was seconds from the biggest orgasm of his life when Janie jerked awake. Panicked, Jake rolled over and pretended to sleep, praying that she hadn’t been aware of what he was doing.
            Janie sat up in the small bed and looked down at her brother’s still form.

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   She had been having a very erotic dream, and had a bad feeling she might have said something out loud in her sleep. “Jake?” she asked cautiously, “Are you awake?”
            Jake made a non-committal grunt and shifted. “Yeah, I guess so. ” A period of tense silence followed. Finally Jake admitted, “I didn’t mean to, but I kinda heard you a little while ago. You were moaning and talking. Care to explain?”
            Janie felt her cheeks heat and knew that if she were to look in a mirror they would be bright red. “I’m so sorry about that Jake! It’s just that I usually…take care of things at least every other day, and being in here I couldn’t do that. I guess my subconscious was trying to make up for it. ” She trailed off and waited nervously for a reply.
            Jake considered his response carefully, and then nodded. He knew just how she felt. “It’s okay Jan; I’m having the same problem. And besides, I like to get off at least once a day, so I’m probably even hornier than you right now. ”
            Janie laughed softly.

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   “Poor you, have you gotten any relief in the last three days?”
            It was Jake’s turn to blush. “Yeah, actually…I’ve been doing it in the shower. ”
            Janie wrinkled her nose and hit him playfully with her pillow. “Ew, that’s gross!” she exclaimed, then laughed. “Never mind, I guess it’s better than what I just did!” Chuckling, Jake turned on his bedside lamp and took Janie in his arms. He settled her on his lap and put his face in her hair. She smelled so good, like roses and lavender. “So…” he said softly. “Who were you dreaming about?”
            Janie ducked her head. “No one,” she said quickly, and tried to pull away from her brother’s comforting embrace. Jake held her tight and shook his head. “Come on Sis, we used to tell each other everything. When did that change?” When he didn’t get a response Jake searched his memory for names. “Was it Roger?” Janie shook her head. “Seth?” Another head shake.

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   Jake smiled impishly and said, “If you don’t tell me, I’ll be forced to draw my own conclusions. ” He took a deep breath and started to rattle off names. “Superman? Batman? Johnny Depp? Mr. Bean? Papa Smurf? The Incredible…” Jake stopped when he saw the tears trickling down Janie’s cheeks. He had meant to make her laugh, and had apparently failed miserably. He rocked her back and forth in his arms, whispering sweet nothings as she cried freely.
            “Oh Jake, it’s so wrong!” she sniffed miserably and buried her head in her hands. Jake looked down at her rich brown hair in confusion. What could be so bad as to cause this reaction? “It’s okay sweetie. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. You’re sex life is none of my business. ”
            Janie looked up at him, her deep brown eyes so like his own. “I want to tell you so much, but I don’t think you’d ever forgive me. ”
            Jake sat back and went through a quick mental list of taboo couplings. Had she made it with a teacher? Another girl? A family member? The thought made him grip her harder as fury clogged his throat.

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   “Have you… Has dad asked you to…” he choked out. Janie’s head snapped up so fast she hit his jaw, causing his teeth to click painfully together. “No, Jake, no!” she exclaimed. “Of course not!”
            “Who then?” Jake asked tightly, his patience and nerves worn thin. Janie gulped and said in a barely audible voice, “My twin brother. ”
            “You’re…” Jake trailed off in shock as the words sank in. Not her volley ball coach, not (Thank God!) their father, but him! She was fantasizing about him! Slowly Jake put his hand under Janie’s chin and lifted her head. She looked at him with wide, frightened eyes. Without a word he leaned down and kissed her slightly parted lips. Kissed her with a passion that had been building inside him for eighteen years. She went limp in his arms and opened her mouth wider, gladly receiving the kiss and giving back just as earnestly. Jake caught her lower lip in his teeth and bit down lightly.
            “So you’re not mad?” she asked breathlessly. He laughed and rolled over, pinning her beneath him. He looked down at her, and the worry on her face nearly broke his heart.

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   He shifted and pressed his straining erection against her thigh. “What do you think?” he asked. Janie’s worried expression melted into one of pure delight. She wriggled beneath him and said, “Jake, I need to see you. Please Jake. ” Jake shook his head and sat up. “I want to see you first. ”
            Slowly, teasing him, Janie lifted her nightshirt over her head. Finally she tossed it aside and clasped her hands behind her neck. Her breasts were small but perky, and the round pink nipples made Jake’s mouth water. Immediately he leaned over and took a nipple in his mouth, lavishing it with his tongue. Janie arched her back, pressing the breast further into his mouth. He reached up and started to tweak her other nipple, circling his finger around her areolas. Janie was whimpering now, and she desperately started to tug at Jake’s shirt. He reluctantly detached himself from her glorious breasts and ripped the shirt over his head.

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   He wasn’t a super buff guy, but he sported a small six pack, and his chest was smooth and hairless. Janie ran her fingertips over him, circling around his small nipples and running down his stomach. Jake brought her close for another kiss, mashing her tits against his chest. They both shivered at the feeling, and Janie broke the kiss to tug off her shorts.
Her hands brushed Jake’s hard on several times in the process, and he groaned loudly. He too reached down and tugged off his boxers, finally releasing his throbbing cock. Janie looked down at it in shock. “It’s so big!” she whispered nervously.
 Jake couldn’t help but feel a little proud about his eight inches. “So it’s bigger than any other ones you’ve seen?”
 Janie looked into his eyes, and he felt her tremble a little. “I’ve never done anything like this before Jake. You’re gonna have to help me. ”
Jake was nonplussed. “I’ve never done anything either,” he admitted quietly. Janie stared at him with wide eyes.

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 “I was sure you had!” she exclaimed.
Jake chuckled and brushed some stray hairs back from her face. “And I was sure you had. ”
Janie looked a little shocked. “What are we going to do? Neither of us has any experience. ” She sounded panicked, “How does anybody do this for the first time?”
Jake squeezed her tight, “Shhh sweetie, its okay. That just makes it more special for both of us. ” He could feel his boner pressing against her damp snatch, and tried to hold back his moans of pure lust.
 Janie looked a little reassured. “Well,” she said shyly, “I’ve always wanted to give a blowjob. ”
Jake thought he would faint from the sheer pleasure of just hearing those words. Janie was scrambling to the floor, and Jake turned and swung his legs over the side of the bed, scooting to the very edge to give her full access. This was the moment he had always fantasized about. Originally, of course, he hadn’t imagined that his twin sister would be the one giving him his first head, but now he couldn’t think of anyone else in the world he would prefer.
Janie licked her lips nervously as she stared at Jake’s throbbing erection.

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   It pointed straight up at her bent face, as if greeting her. Finally she took his shaft in one hand and experimentally brushed her lips against the swollen tip. When Jake moaned quietly she gained courage and took an inch or so into her mouth. The taste wasn’t delicious, but it wasn’t completely disgusting either; mostly pungent and a little salty. She let another inch slip in and started to suck gently, letting her tongue rest on the soft underside of Jake’s shaft.
Jake was now breathing erratically, and Janie knew he was trying to be quiet, lest their parents should hear and come to investigate. Deciding to take him closer, Janie used her free hand to cup his balls and lift them. They were heavier than she expected and she opened her mouth a little in surprise, letting another inch of cock slip deeper. Jake was on the verge of coming, and he started to thrust a little into Janie’s mouth.
“Oh Jan! Uh Uh! I’m gonna cum! Do you want me to pull out?” Janie shook her head no and the very motion sent Jake over the edge. Gobs of incestuous cum fired into Janie’s mouth, hitting her squarely in the back of her throat. She let go of Jake’s cock and it slipped out of her mouth, still spurting white goo. She was coughing and gagging as the stuff trickled down her throat and Jake had fallen backwards on the bed, cock twitching as the last of his cum leaked from the head. Both were breathing heavily but after a minute Jake regained his composure enough to pick Janie up and sit back down on the bed. He settled her back in his lap while she still sputtered a little.


   “Are you all right sweetie?”
Janie nodded and all Jake could do was wait patiently until her breathing returned to normal. Finally she looked up at him and asked, “Did you like it?”
Jake smiled broadly and tousled her hair. “What do you think???”
Janie smiled back and wiggled impishly on his lap; his penis was already stirring and she felt it against her bottom. She wiggled again and Jake growled softly. He quickly flipped her on her back and straddled her, his erection back in business. Janie smiled at him in a “cat’s got the cream” kind of way. “What are you going to do now, Big Bro?”
Instead of responding, Jake slid down Janie’s body until his head was between her legs. There he had an unobstructed view of her lush, wet pussy. It was completely shaved except for a small tuft of hair at the top of her slit, and Jake thought he had never seen a prettier sight. Slowly he began to lick and nibble his way up her thighs, sweeping his tongue close to her pussy lips but never actually touching there. Janie was panting heavily by now and groaning in frustration. “Jake, Jake stop it! Ohhh Jake you’re driving me crazy!” Her cheeks were flushed prettily, and her petite tits jiggled with each gasp of breath. Jake clamped his arms around her hips and brought her up to him, diving face first into her warm, writhing folds. He found her clit and sucked in earnest, slurping the sweet juices as if he hadn’t had a drink in days. Janie was bucking wildly now, and it didn’t take long for his ministrations to send her spiraling into an abyss of wild pleasure.

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Jake had been hoping for such utter bliss, and he used the opportunity to align his throbbing cock head with her moist slit. Still clinging to her hips he thrust himself into her depths, breaking through her hymen in one smooth stroke. Janie was brought back to reality when the sharp pain shot through her body, and she cried out while tears leaked out of the corners of her eyes. Jake stayed still over her, allowing her passage to stretch and accommodate his intruding organ. Janie looked a little shocked, but eventually the pain wore off and was replaced by an uncomfortable but not entirely bad feeling of being stuffed. Finally she opened her eyes and glared at her brother accusingly. “You did that on purpose!”
Jake nodded and bent to kiss her pouting lips. “I knew there would be less worry if I just did it when you weren’t ready. ” He looked suddenly disconcerted and wary. “You did want to have sex, right?”
In response Janie bucked upward slightly and gave him a lopsided grin. Her pussy was still a little sore, but the sharp pain was gone. She kissed him back passionately and he began to move slowly in her. In and out, in and out: it was something he had seen on many porno movies but had never had the opportunity to do. Now…
Janie’s soreness was forgotten as each thrust of Jake’s hips bumped his groin into her clit.
Frantically she wrapped her arms around his back and began to pump herself upward, meeting his thrusts.

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   She was in a frenzy of pleasure, and began to tell Jake what she wanted. “Harder! Harder! Faster… Oh Jake! Oh Big Brother! I love you…. ” She came again and it was her vow of love more than anything that made Jake lose control. He began to shoot stream upon stream into his “Baby” sister, unmindful of her unprotected womb. His shouts were louder than hers, though unintelligible, and it was a true miracle that their parents didn’t burst into the room. Finally Jake rolled off his sister, sated and utterly exhausted. She cuddled close to him and they fell into a deep sleep.
Janie woke late the next morning and grinned down at her twin. He was still fast asleep and snoring softly. She slipped back into her shorts and top, and was about to wake him when she had another idea. She leaned over his sleeping form and slowly started to pump his semi-hard shaft with her hand. When he was fully erect she bent and licked the purple crown, swabbing it with her tongue. When it was nice and wet she blew softly, causing goose bumps to rise on Jake’s thighs. He jerked awake and stared at her. “Janie what are you…” he trailed off and a slow smile overspread his face.

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   “I was afraid it was all a dream. ” Janie shook her head as an identical smile lit her features. Suddenly Jake grabbed her and hoisted her until they were nose to nose. He slipped his hard tool into her tight depths and whispered, “Janie… I’m the luckiest guy in the world!”
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