Emily at home Pt.1


Emily had just moved to a new town after her father had passed away from cancer.   Emily was 13 years old about 5’2” and just budding breasts.  She lived with her older sister Julie who was 17 about 5’8” and had good C sized breasts.   They also lived with their mom she was 40 and was still pretty good looking with large D sized breasts.  
Emily noticed weird noises coming from her mom’s room one night after they were fully moved in.   Her room had a door that led out side so she snuck out side to look in her mom’s window.   When she got to the window she saw her mom completely naked rubbing and sticking her fingers in her vagina.   She had taken a sex ed class but it had only talked about the changes that happen during puberty and the reproductive organs.   Seeing her mom naked doing this made Emily feel weird and then she noticed he panties and pajama bottoms were wet.  
The next morning her mom left for work Emily and Julie were off from school so they were home alone.   When Julie woke up Emily was waiting in the kitchen for her.
“I wanted to aske you some thing” Emily said as Julie walked in.
“What is it Emily” answered Julie.
“Well last night I herd strange noises coming from moms room so I snuck out side and looked in her window” Emily stops for a second “and I saw mom naked rubbing her breasts and vagina and sticking her finger inside herself and after I saw this I started to get a wet spot on my pajamas and I felt really weird I just want to know what was going on”
“Mom was masturbating she did this because she really misses dad because know he can’t give her sex so she has to pleasure herself and you got et because you were horny” answered Julie “do you have any more questions. ”
“No” answered Emily confusingly.
“Do you want feel really good” asked Julie.

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“Umm…. sure I guess” answered Emily
“Then take you cloths off and sit on the table with you legs spread” demanded Julie.
Emily strips down and sits on the table and watches her sister undress this makes her feel weird again and she notices the table is wet below her.   Julie walks over and starts to touch her still developing breast Emily moans quietly in pleasure as Julie start to suck on her nipple and work her way down to her vagina. When she get to her vagina she stops and tell her sister to call it her pussy instead.   Then she starts to suck on her pussy moving her toung up and down over the slit then she pulled her pussy lips apart and licked clit this made Emily almost jump with pleasure.   Julie kept licking until Emily felt really weird and shot a stream of white liquid in Julie’s mouth Julie swallowed it and explained to her what an orgasm is.
Then she told Emily to stand up then she sat down and told Emily to lick her pussy Emily did until Julie came and shot cum all over Emily’s face then she kissed Emily and licked it all off as she finished licking it off they heard the front door open and noticed it was the time their mom usually got home.