Enough is Enough pt 3


Topic: Chapter 3: Getting inside of Caroline Again;Chapter 3: Getting inside of Caroline Again;      Later that evening I sat watching TV with mom and Caroline, while Judy, Cindy and Jackie went to bed. Within a half hour mom said goodnight and went to bed as well. Caroline and I continued to watch the show that was on until it finished, then she too said goodnight and started to go down the hall towards her bedroom. I walked down with her but stopped to check on the other girls. I first looked in on Jackie and saw her lying in bed with the covers thrown aside and her little night shirt bunched up around her nice set of breast leaving her Pussy exposed. When I got to Cindy’s room I already had a hard-on starting, Cindy like Jackie had thrown the covers aside but she was naked with her legs spread open and her hand still resting on her Pussy. Judy like the others was lying there showing off her Pussy but she was still working her wet clit.       I got to my room and I could hear the shower running, telling me that Caroline was taking her nightly shower. I locked my bedroom door and got undressed; I made my way over to the bathroom door and walked in making as little noise as I could. Caroline didn’t realize that she had an audience yet so I watched as she worked her clit driving herself to a massive orgasm. As Caroline’s orgasm burst forth she started moaning my name saying how she wished that we weren’t brother and sister.       I stepped into the shower behind her and took her in my arms and said why worry about that. I placed my left hand over her left breast and started to massage it, while my right hand made its way down to cup her Pussy. I didn’t give her time to say anything as I bent her forward enough to allow me access to her tight Pussy with my raging hard-on. I rubbed the head threw her slit just once each way before I pushed into her. Caroline started to protest that I didn’t have a condom on but I silenced her by thrusting deep into her while rubbing her sensitive clit.

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   I pounded her hard until I brought her to another peak of orgasmic bliss, and then let my seed fly deep inside of her, pushing her over the edge and into her orgasm. I stayed hard this time and kept on fucking her tight Pussy.       Caroline wanted to stop for long enough to get dried off and move to the bed. We quickly dried each other and moved in to her bedroom where again I made sure the door was locked and then lay down on her bed. Caroline came over and started to lick my Dick so I pulled her up and over me so that I could return the pleasure to her. I let her continue until I knew that if she kept on I was going to blow my load. I stopped her and had her turn around and lie beside me while I continued to play with her clit. Caroline looked at me with love in her eyes and said that she was glad that I came into the bathroom to make love to her but she was glad that I hadn’t cum inside of her again. I didn’t say anything knowing that I intended to fill her womb with another huge load of my seed. I started kissing her breast and worked my way up to her lips as I moved over on top of her to put my Dick back into her warm wet Pussy. Caroline’s eyes went wide as I slid back into her continuing to kiss her deep and long as I sank into her depths. I started another slow motion fuck with her building to a steady pace and depth.       I pushed myself up and kept up my steady motion as I lifted her legs to give me deeper access. Caroline was starting to get into the rhythm with me. I was going deep enough to enter her womb as I pounded away, Caroline started to thrash and buck up and down as she went into another orgasm.

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   I buried my Dick all the way in her with the head deep in her womb as the first stream of semen left my Dick filling her full of cum for the second time that night, I then let her legs drop back to the bed on either side of me. We fell asleep like that with my Dick-head still locked inside her womb.       I woke the next morning with a smile on my face until I heard a commotion in the hall outside Caroline’s door. I got up off of Caroline and went to listen at the door. Jackie and Cindy were having an argument about who was first to get into the bathroom. I went through to my room and pulled on some shorts and went out to break up the fight. Both girls stopped arguing when they heard my door open and they tried to get out of the hallway. I was quicker than them and found them standing there naked again. I sent them to their rooms to get dressed while I decided how to handle this situation. Caroline looked out her door at that moment and asked if I was coming back to bed so that we could have another quick session before we had to leave the house for school. I went back into her room with her and closed the door sitting on the bed I asked her what she thought about the fight that was just going on in the hall. Caroline said she thought they should get a hard spanking on their bare bottoms.  I gave Caroline a quick fuck filling her for a third time with my seed. This time Caroline realized what I was doing and started to cry saying that she thought we agreed that I wouldn’t cum in her. I told her that my not cumming in her now wouldn’t have done anything but left me needing to cum since I filled her twice that during the night.

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   Caroline then told me that she wasn’t on birth control and this was her most fertile time of the month.       We then got dressed and went down for breakfast with the rest of the family. I told Jackie and Cindy that they were to come straight home from school and not to even think about bringing anyone home with them. We all left for school, and mom went to open the store. I finished all of my classes and rushed home to get things ready for when first Jackie and then Cindy would get home. Jackie came in a few minutes after I did and I had her go to her room to change her clothes.
     But that is for the next chapter.

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