Family Traditions Prt 1


      16 year old Haley had been hearing the strange noises coming from her parents bedroom for a few weeks. She finally had enough. She gently tiptoed towards the door to their bedroom. She heard the moans and grunts. Haley slowly opened the door and peered inside. She was shocked to say the least at what she saw. She saw her 17 year old brother,Johnathan's naked back, his body thrusting inward, a pair of legs wrapped around him, she looked onward and saw that the legs belonged to her mother, and she saw her mother's face burried in her father's naked crotch. She wasn't sure what to make of it, she stared on in horror and Haley's father, Kennith looked up as his wife's mouth enveloped his shaft and saw a face staring at their incestuos orgy. He smiled, "Looks like we have an audience. Hang on guys. "  Kennith pulled out of his wife's mouth, with a pop. He walked over to the door and opened it, revealing to his wife Amy their littl girl standing in the door. He led Haley to the bed and set her down. She was still in a silent awe. "Now honey, I'm sure this all seems a little more than strange, and probably a little scary. But don't worry.

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   What we're doing is natural, it's what people do when they love eachother. You're mother caught Johnathan masturbating the other day, and after some talking we decided that we would introduce him to sex, rather then have him have sex with some random girl he doesn't know and catch some filthy disease all because he wasn't prepared. " Haley nodded, trying to be understanding of her parents point of view. "Now incest in this family is a little bit of a tradition. Your mother's side of the family has been enjoying it for years, and in fact it was her mother and father that showed her how to have sex when she was about 15 or 16. On my side, my sister and I were always very close, despite what our parents thought they knew, we were constantly going at it when we were in our mid "So does this mea-" Haley began to ask but was interrupted by her aren't going to ask you to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. That wouldn't be right. But we do ask that if you choose to participate that you keep this a secret from most people. There's a small group of friends of ours around town that also partake of incest, but only a select few. Outside that group you can't tell anyone. Otherwise we could all be in real big trouble. We were planning on introducing you to this when you were a little older, but it seems that we might not have to wait now. So what do you say, princess?" Haley looked at her father and looked down at his now limp cock. She didn't answer, she slowly started rubbing his leg. "Good.

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   Tonight I'll just start you on some basics, and maybe tomorrow we'll move on from there. Now just take my dick in your hands, and start-Yeah. Just like that. Up and down. Ucgh. " Before she knew it Hayley was laying beside her father, jerking him off.  
      "Thatta girl!" Amy cheered on her daughter, as her son began fucking her again. "I can't-OH yeah-Wait for tomorrow. I'll take you shopp-Just like that Johnny. Fuck your mother good-ping. Get you some really sexy outfits. " Hayley was really excited as she felt a strange tingling sensation in her panties that she'd never felt before. She looked down at her father's throbbing dick and heard him grunt really hard, as fluid spilled from the tip.  
      "What's that, daddy?" Hayley asked, the urge to learn gleamed in her baby girl is semen. It's a fluid that helps make babies.

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   Guys shoot it out of their penises when they have an orgasm, which is the peak of a sexual feeling.  Most people just call it Cum. " Hayley felt the cum in her hand, she moved it around with her fingers and brought it to her nose to smell it. "Go on babygirl, taste it. You might like it. " She did as her father told her, and put her cum covered fingers in her mouth. She did like it. She licked the rest of her fingers. "That's my girl. Now, why don't you go back to bed. Tomorrow night we'll move on. " Hayley laid down in her own bed, but had a tough time sleeping, because she was so excited.  
To Be Continued. . .

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