Family turn on chapter 2


Diane awakened early the next morning to do some housework and fix breakfast for her family. At six that morning, with only a pale gray light filtering through the blinds, she climbed out of bed and covered her nakedness with a robe, knotting it around her slender waist with the sash. Then she went into the kitchen.

She put on the coffee and opened the refrigerator for some cream, but she hadn’t slept well, and she was sleepy enough to knock the carton of half-and-half onto the floor.

“Shit,” Diane murmured. She looked around the kitchen for the mop, but realized that she’d left it in the kids’ bathroom the other day when cleaning upstairs. Frowning, Diane padded barefoot through the living room and walked up the stairs.

But as she turned down the hallway towards the bathroom, Diane noticed something. Her son Kenny’s bedroom door was open. Only partly open, but enough so that she could see him lying on the bed.

On his back. He was naked. His cock was sticking up. He had an enormous hard-on.

Passing his door, Diane stopped dead in her tracks. For several seconds she stared in shock through the open door, unable to believe what she was looking at.

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   Kenny was fast asleep, his eyes closed and his lips curled in a dreamy smile. He had apparently kicked the covers to the foot of the bed while dreaming.

It was apparently a very sexy dream, because his cock was as hard as a rock. His prick stood out from his balls and cock fur, rising over his stomach, the prick knob pulsing lightly over his navel.

“Oh, shit,” Diane whispered. “Oh fucking God, oh fuck…”

Her son’s naked body was as lean and desirable as she’d ever hoped; Diane wanted to suck and lick every inch of him. And his prick was huge. His cock wasn’t quite as fat as his father’s, but his prick was every bit as long, and Diane almost came as she imagined that long, throbbing cock shaft fucking her buttery cunt.

For so long she’d hoped secretively for glimpses of Kenny, desperate to see his prick in the raw. And here it was, right in front of her. She couldn’t believe her good fortune. Diane couldn’t have asked for a better view of her son’s prick.

Stop, Diane, her conscience told her. This is wrong. Stop now.

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   Turn away.

But she didn’t. Her pussy was beating like a heart, flooding her cunt slit with so much fuck juice that she could feel the slick stuff on her inner thighs. Diane’s fingers trembled as she lightly pushed open the door. She tiptoed across Kenny’s bedroom and stood at the side of the bed, her huge tits heaving under her robe as she stared at his huge hard prick.

Up close she could see the thick vein on the swollen underside of his prick. The cock knob was wonderfully fat, spongy and a deeper pink than the shaft of his cock. His balls were huge and hairy; Diane moaned as she thought of how much cum they contained.

A drop of pre-cum glistening on his piss hole, pearly and thick, was ready to drip down the stone-hard cock shaft of his cock. Then, before her eyes, Kenny’s prick started to twitch and throb in his sleep.

“Oh, fuck,” Diane whispered again. “Oh, Kenny, oh fuck…”

His eyes were tightly shut. Diane’s hand trembled as she dropped it until her fingers touched the throbbing shaft of his cock. Diane felt as if she’d fallen into a trance. She watched herself as if from a distance as she closed her fingers tightly and gently around the swollen shaft of her son’s prick.

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His cock felt big and hot and good. Shuddering, the horny mother closed her fingers in a fist around the throbbing center of his prick. Kenny stirred, but he gave no sign of awakening. Blushing with shame and fear, Diane hornily began to beat his meat, stroking and milking the quivering stiffness of his cock.

“Cum, Kenny,” she whispered. “Cum for me. Cum for your mother…”

Kenny’s big cock throbbed violently in her fist, growing even longer and fatter. Then a huge geyser of thick white spunk sprayed from the tip of his prick, shooting over his stomach.

It splattered on his tawny, muscular chest in a torrent. Diane whimpered and beat his meat fast and hard. A lewd smile curled her son’s mouth as he came in his sleep. The white jism jerked out of his cock again and again, until only viscous droplets of cum oozed from the tip of his prick.

“Mmm,” Kenny murmured. His eyelids started to flutter.

Diane hurried out of the room, pausing in the hallway to shut her son’s door carefully and quietly behind her.

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   Kenny hadn’t awakened. She’d gotten away with giving him a hand job.

But her pussy was juicing and burning so hard that she could barely stand it. Diane stuck her fingers in her mouth, tasting the musky flavor of her son’s cum drippings. Her cunt throbbed violently, wetting her inner thighs with the sticky flow of her fuck juices. She needed a big stiff prick in her mouth immediately.

The breakfast and morning coffee were forgotten. Diane hurried down the stairs, already tearing, open her robe to reveal her dripping cunt and huge jiggling tits. She entered her bedroom and rushed to her sleeping husband.

Harry was on his back, with his over-endowed prick forming a sumptuous lump under the sheets. He always got a nice boner when he was asleep, Diane thought. He called it a piss hard-on, relieved by his first trip to the bathroom upon awakening.

But he wasn’t going to have a chance to relieve it that way now. Diane shrugged off the robe, leaving herself naked. She pulled the sheets from her husband’s body, exposing his iron-hard prick.

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His cock was even bigger than Kenny’s, but she knew that now it was only a substitute for the cock she craved. Diane crouched on the bed at her husband’s side and wrapped her fist tightly around the center of his huge, steely prick. Then she furiously started jacking his cock, whimpering as she pumped her hand up and down the swollen thickness of his cock.

“Umph…” Harry frowned in his sleep, then opened his eyes and looked at his wife in sleepy befuddlement. “Diane…”

“Wake up, Harry,” Diane hissed. She beat his meat as hard as she could, rhythmically hammering her fist up and down his throbbing prick. “I’m horny. I need to give you a blow job. Wake up so I can suck your big fat cock!”

Then she lowered her head, pressing her lips to the crimson knob of his hard-on. Harry slowly awakened completely as he watched his gorgeous wife open her mouth wide, stuffing her lips with the twitching length of his cock.

“Diane, you’re so horny this morning,” he murmured. “I can’t remember the last time I saw you like this. ”

“Shut up,” Diane whispered harshly.

She returned her mouth to his hard-on and gurgled shamelessly as she sucked even more of his prick down her buttery throat. Her lips closed in a tight suctioning circle around his prick.

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   Furiously she started sucking, caving in her cheeks to increase the pressure around his cock meat.

“Unh!” Harry was wide awake now, wincing as his massive cock pulsed in his wife’s mouth. “Oh shit, honey!” Eagerly he started humping his ass, thrusting his cock into her mouth. “You’re turning me on! Suck it, baby! Suck the cum out of my rod!”

Diane sucked his prick like a woman possessed, shutting her eyes and thinking of nothing but the fat, hot pulsing prick clogging her lips. She fantasized about Kenny’s magnificent cock as she gave her husband a blow job, imagining him writhing beneath her, his huge prick trembling as he shot off thick spurts of jism down her throat.

Slurping and sucking noisily, Diane wrapped her hand tightly around the root of Harry’s hard-on. She started to jack his prick as she sucked on the cock knob, steadily pumping the loose flesh of his prick. Her tongue pushed into his piss hole, lapping up the cum drops that were starting to ooze up from his balls. Then she rolled it all over the glistening crown of his cock, tantalizing the tip of his prick.

“Gonna cum,” Harry gasped. He thrust his hands behind her head, curling his fingers in her thick brown hair. “Suck harder, honey!” He rocked his ass off the mattress, fucking his prick in and out of her pursed lips. “Jesus, you’ve never given me a blow job like this before! You’re sucking the cum right out of me!”

Diane’s cunt ached as she anticipated the salty spray of jism, squirting down her throat as she wished she’d been able to swallow Kenny’s load. Puckering her cheeks sharply, she sucked Harry’s cock harder than ever, thinking of nothing but the impending explosion of fuck juice.

“Aw, baby!” Harry grimaced and arched his hips off the bed, stuffing his wife’s mouth with his cock… “Cumming, baby, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The white stream opened his piss slit, spurting hard from the tip of his prick.

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   Diane tasted the muskiness of his cum and nearly came as her husband did. Repeatedly the white jism exploded from his spongy cock head. She swallowed it all down, gurgling as she lapped and sucked up every drop of his thick cum.

Cum, Kenny, she thought. Cum for me, cum for your mother. Fill my belly with cum…

Harry grimaced and writhed helplessly on the mattress, almost pained by the violent intensity of his wife’s cock sucking. Diane didn’t release his prick until she’d drained his balls of fuck juice. Then, while his prick was still hard, she grabbed his cock in her fist and again began furiously pumping his slimy cock.

“Keep it stiff, Harry,” she whispered, almost threateningly. “Keep it stiff so you can fuck the shit out of me!”

“But Jesus, Diane! You just sucked me dry! I just woke up!” Harry protested. “Christ, you’re horny this morning! I haven’t seen you this horny in years! What in the world has gotten into you?”

Ignoring him, Diane released his cock and climbed quickly on top, straddling him with her knees planted on the bed to either side of his hips. She reached between her creamy thighs and grasped his cock, whimpering as she realized his prick was still long and stiff.

Then she lifted his cock and directed the puffy prick knob to her dripping pussy.

Her cunt was so wet that his prick went in like a knife cleaving through butter. Diane shuddered and closed, her eyes, pretending it was Kenny’s hard-on fucking into her cunt.

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   Her enormous tits jiggled and swayed as she started humping her ass, stuffing her husband’s cock slowly into the clinging tightness of her cunt.

“Unh!” Harry felt his wife’s pussy muscles clasping around his prick, keeping it hard and horny for another cum. Forgetting his exhaustion, he started humping beneath her, driving his cock into the slippery sheath of her pussy. “Oh, Diane, your cunt’s so fucking wet! It’s sucking my cock! Work out, baby! Work out on my prick!”

“Fuck me, Harry,” Diane whimpered. “I’m so hot, I’m going to explode. Fuck me hard!”

She leaned forward, letting her enormous tits drag up his hairy chest. Her hips convulsively wiggled and bucked until she had every inch of his steely cock embedded in her churning pussy. Then her asscheeks jiggled as she feverishly started humping, fucking her burning cunt up and down his cock.

“Fuck me, Harry!” The bed shook as she bounced her ass, hammering her hairy pussy up and down on his prick. “Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me! Fuck my cunt with your huge cock!”

Harry slid his hands up her sweating torso, then cupped the bucking cheeks of her ass. Grimacing, he hammered his ass off the bed to meet her strokes, fucking his swollen, blood engorged cock in and out of her throbbing cunt.

“Harder, Harry, fuck me hard!” Diane’s hips moved in a blur as she fucked her pussy on her husband’s cock. “I can’t stand it! Suck my tithes, Harry! The nipples are so stiff! I’ve got to cum!”

Harry opened his mouth, letting his lust craved wife move her melon-shaped right tit over his chin. He closed his lips around the huge, dusky pink cap and sucked hard, fucking his lips. Diane squealed as his tongue wriggled on the hardened, rubbery nipple, drawing it out, sucking it passionately.

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“Cumming, Harry!” She clawed his shoulders and worked her pussy tirelessly on his prick, feeling the cum heat starting to churn deep inside her belly. “My cunt’s so wet! It’s cumming now! Can’t stand it, awww, Harry, fuck meeeee I’m cuummiinngg!”

The cum exploded through her pussy, making the walls of her cunt clasp tightly around Harry’s prick, flooding her pussy with fuck juice. Diane whimpered and slammed her cumming pussy onto her husband’s huge cock, wanting her cunt completely filled with dick meat as the spasms flooded her body.

It was one of the hardest cums she’d ever experienced, and she knew even as she was having it that it was because of her son. She was desperate to fuck him now, Diane realized. It was a desire she knew she would have to suppress, but she didn’t see how she possibly could.

“I’m making it, baby!” Harry cried. He released her huge tit from his lips and cried out as his cock grew to total stiffness in her cunt. “Oh shit, baby, take it, take my cum. ”

The second load squirted out of his swollen cock head, spraying deep inside Diane’s burning cunt. Diane worked her pussy muscles, helping her husband drain off all of his load. But, as he came, she was dreaming of Kenny’s cum, wishing that she could feel his teenage load spurting in her pussy or gushing down her throat
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