Family turn on chapter 3


Diane’s youngest child Penny was slim and very pretty, with a lithe body and wide blue eyes and long blonde hair that fell halfway down her back. She looked very innocent and even younger than her years, which led her parents to think of her as just a little girl.

But Penny was growing fast. Her tits weren’t large, but they were full and shapely, and the large pink nipples showed through her bra when they were stiff. Her pussy mound was coveted with fleecy light brown hair, and the lips of her cunt were fleshy and fully developed.

Moreover, Penny was very horny, even hornier than most teenaged girls. Boys in her high school frequently asked her out on dates, and though she refused out of shyness, she fantasized about fucking them, about feeling their stiff cocks fucking her virgin cunt.

In the past year, she felt, she had become obsessed by stiff cocks. Secreted in her closet were several magazines featuring male nudes, and she looked at them when she fingerfucked her eager young cunt.

She thought men were fantastic looking all over, from their faces to their chests to their thighs. But, more than anything else, she wanted to see a stiff, long hard-on, to feel a cock throbbing in her hand and pussy, to taste a prick in her mouth.

It was a weekday afternoon, warm and sunny, the perfect day to be outdoors. Her father was at work, and both her brothers were out playing ball. The day was so nice that even, her mother had skipped the rest of the day’s housework.

Penny was all alone in her bedroom, and she was very horny. As she lay on her belly, she thought about sex, and again her mind wandered to stiff, throbbing pricks.

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   Penny hornily started to hump and grind her ass, rubbing her pussy on the bed through her skin tight jeans.

Her history teacher looked like he was well hung. Sometimes he didn’t wear underwear, and sometimes Penny could see his cock swelling in his pants when he looked at her or another pretty girl. The tube of cock flesh seemed to stretch down his thighs… Penny whimpered and ground her hips harder on the bed.

Then she started thinking about her daddy’s cock.

Penny blushed shamefully as she thought of her father, but she got much hornier at the same time. She knew her daddy had a simply enormous prick. She’d never seen his cock naked, but she’d seen the shape of his cock through his pants, and his prick was obviously very long and fat. Penny’s pussy burned as she thought of taking her daddy’s cock out of his pants and rubbing his prick, making his cock grow stiff and hot in her little hand.

“Oh, Daddy,” Penny whispered. “I want you, Daddy. I want to suck your dick…”

Uncontrollably horny now, the teenage blonde grabbed the pillow and thrust it between her legs. Then she started dry humping it hard and fast, panting and groaning as the heat built steadily in her hairy virgin cunt.

“Well, well, well,” a soft voice said behind her. “Is this your idea of doing your homework, Penny?”

Penny gasped and rolled over.

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   Standing before the bed was Mike, her tall, handsome older brother. His mouth was stretched in a knowing grin. That was a typical expression for him, Penny knew. Mike was a cruel, arrogant boy, and he always seemed to be leering wickedly at some girl.

“What are you doing here?” Penny murmured, blushing fiercely. “I thought you were with Kenny. ”

“Well, I’m not, am I?” Grinning, Mike sat on the edge of the bed and looked at his sister teasingly. “Of course, you obviously thought I was with him. Or I wouldn’t have just caught you rubbing off your pussy. ”

Penny started to deny the charge, but she stopped when she realized how obvious it would be to both of them that she was lying. All she could do was blush and lower her head in embarrassment. Then she felt Mike’s hand sliding up her leg, caressing her slender, shapely thigh through her tight faded jeans.

“You’re a horny little girl, aren’t you, Penny?” Mike whispered. “What were you thinking about?”

“Get away from me, Michael,” Penny protested shyly. “You can’t touch me like that.

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“Who says I can’t, Penny? What’s wrong with touching you? I don’t give a shit if you’re my sister. ”

Then he thrust his hand between her legs. Penny tried to shut her thighs, but she was too late. Her brother cupped her steaming pussy through her jeans and rubbed her cunt lasciviously. Penny groaned as an uncontrollable heat spread through her wet cunt. “Ungghh… stop that, Michael…”

“You don’t want me to stop,” Mike said self-assuredly. “You like it. You’re a very horny girl. Tell me, Penny, have you ever fucked a guy before?”

Penny whimpered.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you? I’ll bet none of your little boyfriends has even seen you naked. Have they?”

Penny gulped and shook her head. Then her brother calmly undid her belt buckle and fumbled with the zipper of her jeans.

“Stop that!” Penny cried girlishly, trying to bat his hand away. “I’m not going to let you see my body!”

“Do you want me to tell Mom and Dad what I just caught you doing, Penny?”

The threat made Penny hesitate, and that gave Mike enough time to undo her jeans. The next thing the young virgin knew, her big brother was skinning them over her plump little ass cheeks, wriggling them down her long tapering legs.

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Penny squealed and started to struggle, but Mike was much stronger than her. He literally ripped off her panties, gasping in surprise as he saw how much light-brown fur covered her teenage pussy.

“God, Penny, you’ve got a hairy little cunt, don’t you? And it’s all wet! You’re awfully horny today!”

“No, Michael, stop!”

Mike crouched between her legs, keeping her thighs spread. Calmly he pulled her jeans over her small feet, leaving her naked except for her jersey top. Then he slid his fingers up and down her pussy slit, feeling the wet fuck juices that clung to the pouting folds of her cunt.

“Ungghhh!” Penny blushed hotly as she felt lust flooding through her pussy. “No, Michael, no…”

“Doesn’t it feel good, Penny?” Grinning arrogantly, her older brother dipped a finger into her succulent young pussy and gently started to pump and wriggle it in the clasping folds. “Don’t you like feeling my finger up your cunt?”

“Ungghhh… oh, Michael. ”

She did like it, better than anything she’d ever felt. Penny stopped struggling beneath him. Her legs spread, her ass wiggled hornily on the bed. Then she felt herself grinding and humping her ass cheeks, thrusting her pussy onto her big brother’s hand.

“Unhhh, Michael!”

“Yes, you’re just a horny little slut,” Mike crooned knowingly. “You like it when I play with your pussy. But I’ve got news for you, Penny.

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   It feels even better when a man licks your sweet little cunt!”

He slid to his stomach between her creamy white thighs, holding her legs wide apart with his hands. Penny gasped as he dropped his head between her legs, gluing his lips to the fragrant juicing folds of her pussy. Then he started sucking her cunt, slipping his tongue between the curly haired lips of her pussy.

“Unngghhh!” A throbbing wave of pleasure seemed to gush through Penny’s body, making her sleek nakedness tingle from head to toe. “Michael, Michael…” She tried to fight the lust, but it was impossible. Soon she was humping her ass harder than ever, fucking her cunt all over his face.

“Do you want me to suck your pussy now, Penny?” Mike murmured huskily. “Say you want it, baby sister. Tell me how much you want my tongue in your cunt. ”

“Suck meeee!” Penny gasped. Grimacing with shame and desire, she thrust her hands behind Mike’s head and pulled his face onto her throbbing cunt. “Eat meee! My pussy’s so wet! I want to cum!”

Mike took his hands from her inner thighs, realizing that it was no longer necessary to hold them apart. Brutally he thrust them under her hips, cupping the peach-shaped cheeks of her little ass. Then he started to eat out her teenage pussy like a wild man, fucking his tongue deep between the pulsing, pouting lips of her virgin cunt.

“Ungghhh!” Penny felt more and more fuck cream oozing from the depths of her fuck tunnel, making her cunt feel wetter, hotter and stickier than ever before in her life.

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   “More, suck me more!” Mindlessly she clawed his neck, grunting and panting as she pumped and fucked her cunt onto his mouth.

Now it was Mike’s turn to grind his aching hard-on on the bed, as he reveled in the pungent aroma of his sister’s horny pussy. His tongue moved in a blur as he pushed it into her fuck hole, lapping up the cunt cream oozing from her throbbing pussy slit.

Her clit was protruding, rising from the protection of its fleshy hood. Mike slid his tongue farther up her pussy crack, teasing her by licking and kissing the underside of the sensitive little bud.

“Awwwww!” Penny’s expression contorted obscenely with lust as her big brother tongued the small button she always rubbed when jacking off. “Lick rue, Michael! My cunt’s so hot! I’ve gotta cum!”

Sighing with pleasure, Mike wrapped his ups tightly around her swollen clit. He sucked it gently but forcefully, sending waves of pleasure shooting through his sister’s writhing body.

He knew that he was going to give her a good fucking as soon as she came, and he wanted to loosen up her cherry pussy for his enormous cock. Pulling one hand from her bucking ass cheeks, Mike extended his fingers and dipped two into the flowering folds of her cunt slit.

Gently he pushed them inward, making his sister whine as her pussy hole stretched to accommodate his fingers. Then he had them all the way in, buried to the knuckles in her burning cunt.

Immediately he felt her pussy muscles clasping around them, clinging tightly, as if drawing them into her belly. Mike continued to suck her burning clit and pulled out his fingers until they barely separated her throbbing cunt.

Then he fucked them back in again and started to jack her off fast and hard, pushing them deeper inward with every thrust of his hand.

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“Cumming, I’m cumming!” Penny’s ass danced madly off the bed as the exquisite heat built in her belly, making her cunt gush and her asshole throb as she prepared to cream in her brother’s mouth. “Keep sucking me, Mike! Unh, unh, my cunt’s so hot, it’s burning! I can’t stand it, I’m cummmmiiinnng!”

Her cum pumped through her pussy with earthshaking intensity. For a full minute, Penny writhed and bucked in horny ecstasy, pulling her brother’s hair, humping her cunt relentlessly onto his mouth. Her pussy petals throbbed and plumped out, and Mike’s lips were deluged with a thick flow of cunt cream, oozing from the depths of her cumming pussy.

He continued to eat out his sister until her cum had completely subsided. Then, licking stray pussy curls from his lips, he lifted his head and grinned at her wickedly.

“Now, try to tell me you didn’t like that, Penny. ”

Penny was still very ashamed of herself, but she had to nod her head. Mike rose to his knees between her spread-eagled legs. Then she gasped as he pulled down his pants, showing her his stiff cock through his underwear.

“Sucking your pussy made me very, very horny, Penny,” he said. “My cock feels like it’s going to explode. I really want to fuck you now, but I’m not going to do it unless you want me to. Do you?”

Penny knew this was her chance to save her virginity, but she also suspected that Mike had known the effect his cock would have on her. Penny couldn’t take her eyes off his prick, the meaty cockshaft stretching the cotton of his shorts.

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   It was the best look she’d yet had of a hard-on, and she was dying to see the rest of his cock, dying to feel his prick pushing into her wet little cunt.

“Yes,” she whispered shyly. “I want you to. Take off your underwear!”

Grinning, Mike rose from the bed. Unhurriedly he pulled off his t-shirt, showing his baby sister his hairy, muscular chest. He kicked off his tennis shoes and stepped out of his jeans, leaving himself naked except for his shorts, denying Penny the sight of what she wanted to see most.

Penny felt so helpless that she could only rest on the bed and tremble as she watched. Mike leaned across her and gently pulled up her jersey top, waiting until she lifted her head so he could pull it over her shoulders. Then he unfastened her bra, exposing her small, stiff-nippled tits.

“You’ve got nice breasts, Penny,” he said, then lowered his head to suck a stiff, rubbery nipple into his mouth.

“Unnggghhh!” Desperately horny, he lifted her hand and pawed his hard-on through his shorts. “Take off your underwear. I want to see your dick!”

Mike chuckled and stood beside the bed. “Take them off yourself, Penny. ”

Penny rolled onto her side and grabbed her brother’s shorts.

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   Her hands shook as she skinned them overt his hard-on. Then she gasped as his cock bobbed out free of confinement, standing straight before him like a length of iron pipe.

His prick was enormous, even bigger than the pricks pictured in her collection of dirty magazines. The cockshaft was long and fat and swollen, and the prick-knob was the size of a huge plum. The piss hole was open, and milky pre-cum dripped from it, failing luridly to the floor.

“Oh, fuck,” Penny whispered. All thoughts of conscience were forgotten as she stared hungrily at her big brother’s huge prick. “Let me suck it, Michael. ” Wrapping her little hand around the shaft of his cock, she tried to draw the puffy, bloated prick-knob to her lips… “I want to put it in my mouth. ”

“No, Penny. ” Mike chuckled and pushed her hand away. Then he stripped his underwear the rest of the way down and climbed onto the bed between her legs. “You can do that some other time. Right now I want to put my cock in your cunt!”

He crawled into position between her spread eagled thighs, holding his throbbing prick in his fist. Penny stiffened as she felt the fat, shiny-skinned cock-knob press onto the buttery folds of her cunt.


   Already his prick felt enormous, and, as she looked at the rock-hard cockshaft looming between her legs, she couldn’t imaging taking all of his prick into her little cunt.

“Take it easy, Michael,” she pleaded. “I’ve never done this before. ”

Mike smiled and rotated his hips, fitting his spongy cockhead securely between the pouting lips of Penny’s wet cunt. Then he contracted his asscheeks, slowly pushing his rigid hard-on into the clinging sheath of her pussy.

“Ungghh!” Penny bit her lip and winced as she felt her pussy petals stretching, tearing as they tried to accommodate the massive thickness of his cock. “Oh, Michael, it’s hurting me! Your cock is too big for my little pussy!”

“No it’s not, baby,” Mike murmured. He was having trouble controlling himself as his sister’s cunt muscles reflexively nipped and sucked the tip of his prick. “It’s just going to take a little while to get it all the way in. ”

He pushed down hard, invading his teenage sister’s pussy with another half-inch of his cock. Penny shuddered and spread her legs wider. Then her big brother was fucking into her, stuffing inch after inch of his huge cock into the virgin sheath of her pussy.

“Unh! Unh, Michael! It’s so big!” Penny lifted her head and watched the veined cockshaft going into her cunt, whimpering continually as her pussy walls stretched and tore. “You’re hurting me! Your dick’s too big!”

“Just give it a minute, Penny,” Mike panted.

He kept on working his ass, and Penny watched as the length of cockshaft protruding from her pussy grew smaller and smaller.


   Then his prick was in to the hilt, embedded in the churning tightness of her fuck hole.

Penny moaned and let her head fall back to the bed. The only part of her body that seemed to have any sensation was her cunt; she felt her pussy throbbing like a heart, pulsing around the giant prickshaft fucking into her belly. Mike paused and groaned too. He’d never fucked a tighter pussy than his sister’s.

“Are you okay, Penny?”

“Yes,” Penny mewled.

“Does it still hurt? Do you want me to go on?”

Penny could feel a strange wetness in her cock-stuffed pussy, and she knew that it was blood seeping from her virgin cunt. But there was no more pain, and the pleasure replacing it was almost unbearably intense.

“No, it doesn’t hurt,” she said. “Fuck me!”

Penny wiggled her ass on the bed, gasping as her big brothers cock seemed to shift deep inside her hairy pussy. She lifted her legs as high as she could, completely opening up her cunt for the invasion, of his cock.

Then she started humping. Her bucking motions were awkward at first, making it obvious that, this was the teen’s very first fuck. But soon she was gyrating beneath him like a pro, hornily thrusting up her pussy for more cock meat.

“Fuck me, Michael!” She wrapped her arms around his brawny shoulders, pulling him close.

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   “My pussy’s so horny! I want your dick!”

Mike laughed and lifted his ass, withdrawing his hard-on until only the cock-knob parted his sister’s bloody pussy lips. Penny whimpered and humped up her cunt for more prick. Slowly Mike fucked back into her, again filling her ravished cunt with every inch of his cock.

“Aww, yes, yes, yesssss!” Penny clawed his shoulders and whipped up her ass like a bitch in heat. “Gonna cum again, Mike! Fuck my pussy, fuck it as hard as you can!”

Mike pulled out his cock, then fucked it back in again. Then he started fucking her rhythmically, reaming out her curly haired pussy with long, driving strokes of his cum swollen cock.

“Unh, shit unh fuck haaarder, fuck me haaaard!” Penny’s frenzied whimpers and groans filled the bedroom as her brother fucked her cunt with his prick. “I love it, Michael! I’ve never felt anything this good before! Harder! It doesn’t hurt anymore at all! Aww yes, fuck the shit out of me!”

Mike slid his hands up her scissoring thighs, clutching the ball-bearing cheeks of her little ass. Then he started to fuck his aching cook into her pussy as hard as he could, filling her cunt to the hilt before withdrawing for the next thrust.

“Gonna cum now!” Penny shivered and grimaced as the lust flowered in her burning cunt slit. “Fuck me harder, big brother. Fuck me as hard you can! Unghh! Oh oh fuck yes! I’m cuuummmiiiinnnnnnggggggg!”

The spasms swept through her cock-filled cunt, making her pussy throb and burn with the ecstasy of cumming. Penny squealed and humped up her ass like a fuck machine, pounding her pussy furiously onto her brother’s prick. Even as she came she felt his cock growing longer and stiffer into her churning cunt.

“Oh shit, Penny,” he moaned.

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   “I’m comming too! Ahh!”

He collapsed between her thighs, fucking his cock all the way in her sucking, gurgling pussy. Penny screamed as she felt the hot cum flooding out of his balls, spurting deep into her cunt, tilling her pussy with fuck cream. It was the first fuck she’d had and the first time a man had cum inside her, but she knew instinctively what to do. Twining her thighs around her brother’s back, she flexed her cunt tunnel, helping him drain all of his wad into her clasping, buttery pussy slit.

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