Family Vacation Chapter 3


Debbie had talked her mother into going for a walk in the woods. There were lots of little trails that offered exercise without being terribly demanding. Debbie seemed restless and Lisa knew that she herself needed some exercise since she couldn't get to the club for several days. It had been a while since the two of them had spent much time together, and Lisa thought she might be able to get Debbie to talk about how David's cum got on to her tits. She would have to approach her daughter carefully for the information, she knew, but she thought she could find something out. For these reasons, Lisa readily accepted her daughter's invitation to go walking. Mother and daughter had been walking for about almost an hour. The sun was high in the sky now. The temperature in the thin mountain air was very warm when they were out of the shade. Debbie untucked her flannel shirt from her shorts, undid the bottom three buttons and tied the tail immediately below her breasts. The firmness of Debbie's breasts reminded Lisa how firm her own breasts still were. Maybe not as firm as her daughter's but certainly as well rounded and large. It sounded kind of conceited but Lisa knew where Debbie had gotten her good looks and fine form. David had taken after his father: tall, muscular, and fine rugged features (and a nice cock she had to admit). Debbie's pretty face and attractive figure had come from her mother. If David and Debbie had made it, Lisa could understand their mutual attraction.

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   After all, she now had fully admitted to herself, wasn't she thinking about some way to seduce her own son? The image of David jacking-off, his hand loving his dick, his cum shooting out of the head into his hand, and his tongue licking up his own cum was still very vivid. She loved her husband very much. She also loved her son and wanted to fuck him. Lisa found herself being jealous of Debbie. Lisa was walking behind Debbie. She was fairly certain that David and Debbie had fucked. Or at least had sex of some kind. David's cum had gotten on to Debbie's tits one way or the other. Lisa evaluated her daughter's figure from behind. Debbie had a nice trim waist and very shapely hips. Her ass had a nice feminine curve to it. Her daughter was very attractive. Of course David found Debbie attractive. If even her own mother could see it, why wouldn't her brother. Obviously David had thought that I am attractive and sexy, Lisa told herself, or he wouldn't have reacted the way he did to seeing me masturbating.

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   No, she had no reason to be jealous of her daughter. She loved both of her children. Lisa was now aware that her gym shorts were creeping up into her crotch and pleasantly rubbing her clit with every step she took. This, coupled with the lusty thoughts she was having, was getting her pussy wet. The two women suddenly came upon a clear mountain pond. The sun was hot and the water looked inviting. "Come on, mom, let's go swimming" and in a flash Debbie had removed all her clothing and was headed into the water. Lisa had a good look at her daughter's naked body and could see that it was made for lovemaking. Her clit tingled. "Come on in, mama, the water's kind of cold, but it feels so good. " From where she stood, Lisa could tell the water was cold. Debbie's nipples stood out from her large areola almost a half inch. Is that how they had looked when David had shot is cum onto them she wondered. Lisa removed her own clothing and ran and jumped into the water. The water took her breath away and she came up right next to Debbie, gasping.

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  "You weren't kidding when you said the water was cold. It's freezing! Look at my nipples, you would think I was ready to cum they are so stiff. ""Mama!" They hugged tightly in the cold water and felt each other's nipples press into their own tits. "Oh, come on, Deb, don't be such a prude, it's just us girls now"They swam and kept moving trying to stay warm in the cold water but soon the water won. They both ran up on shore to a grassy patch out of the breeze but warmed by the sun. They lay down side by side to warm up and dry off. The warm sun felt good on Lisa's tits. Without thinking, she leaned back against her arms, sitting cross legged, fully exposing her pussy to the warmth of the sun. "Mama, do you think I'm sexy" Debbie asked her. The question caught her off guard. "Yes, dear you are very pretty. ""I didn't ask you if you thought I was pretty. I asked if you think I am sexy. You know, the kind of woman that men want to have sex with based on her looks. ""I know what sexy means, Deb, you don't have to explain it""I mean, look at you, mama, you look so good.

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   And I don't mean for your age, either. I mean, you just look really good, in a sexy way. ""Thank you, dear. I try to look good, working out at the club and all, but it is hard to fight against age sometimes""Mama, don't be silly. I mean look at you. You are twenty years older than me, but your titties are still nice and firm. Do my titties look as sexy as yours, do you think?"Lisa opened her eyes and looked at Debbie. Debbie was feeling her own breast to check their firmness. Debbie's nipples rose in response to her own touch. "Yes, dear your breasts are very nice. I bet your boyfriends love to play with them and suck on them, don't they? If they don't, they are crazy. You silly, look how you made your nipples stand up" Lisa laughed at Debbie. "I'm not the only one. Look at yours,mama, and you're not even touching yours. " Debbie was right.

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   Her mother's nipples were fully erect. The combination of the sun and the intimate conversation had caused them to rise from her breasts. The tip of Debbie's tongue glided over her lips. "You have such pretty titties, mama. " Debbie's hand slowly rose, hesitated only inches from her mother's right breast. "Can I touch them, just to see how firm they are compared to mine"Lisa looked deeply into Debbie's eyes. She wasn't fooled by Debbie's explanation. There was lust in her daughter's eyes. It was the look of a woman in need of touching and being touched. "Do you think you should, Debbie?""Mama, don't be such a prude" Debbie teased. "It's just us girls now. "Lisa made her decision. "Yes, Debbie, you may touch them"Debbie's hand gently cupped her mother's breast. Lisa sucked in her breath at the first touch. The contact with her nipple sent a sensual charge directly to her cunt.

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   She has being turned on by her own daughter. She sighed. She knew that she needed to make sure. "Debbie, you are a grown woman, now. Are you certain of what you are doing?""Yes, mama. . . I know what I'm doing. I love you so much, mama. You are so pretty and sexy. . . " Debbie's voice trailed off to a whisper. "I want to love you, mama"The two naked woman embraced. Their tits flattened against each other.

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   Each could feel the others nipples hardening even more into their own breasts. Their hands gently stroked the others bare backs. Lisa's hands went to her daughter's ass and squeezed. Debbie's left hand found its way to the inside of her mother's thigh. Then ever so lightly it brushed her pussy. They laid back in each others arms. They were no longer mother and daughter. They were now two lust-hungry woman, badly in need of satisfaction, ready to please and ready to be pleased. Their lips met and separated. Their tongues wrestled and explored each others mouths. Debbie found her mother's clit and began to stroke it the way she stroked her own. She had fooled around at slumber parties with girl friends but never as intently or with such need as now. Now she truly longed to love the woman in her arms. Now Lisa caressed her daughter's tits and pinched her nipples. She appreciated the firmness of Debbie's breasts.

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   Lisa broke the kiss with her daughter and allowed her kisses to slide downward. She found Debbie's left nipple first and licked it slowly and then took it between her lips and teeth. She bit lightly and playfully. Debbie jumped and gasped at the pleasure her mother was bringing her. She pulled her mother's face even tighter to her chest. "Oh, mama, that feels so wonderful. Do more. Please"Lisa continued to suck at Debbie's boob. Lisa allowed her right hand to slide down Debbie's firm belly and find the light patch of pubic hair between her legs. Debbie responded in two ways. First she opened her legs wide to her mother's touch. Secondly, she increased her own exploration of her mother's crotch. Debbie spread her mother's cunt lips and was amazed to find the incredible wetness there. She ran her fingers up and down her mother's pussy lips to make sure her fingers were well lubricated. She wanted to bring pleasure to this woman she loved so much.

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   Then Debbie slid two fingers deep into her mother's pussy. Lisa reacted by thrusting her hips up to meet Debbie's hand. In turn, Lisa slid a finger deep into her daughter's cunt. The two beautiful woman were almost mirror images of each other in appearance and action. Mother and daughter, lover and lover, woman and woman, each intent on pleasing the other and each intent on receiving pleasure from the other. They passionately caressed each others clits and fingered each others pussies for the longest time. Each delighted in the wetness they brought to the other. "Please, mama, I want to make you cum. I want to please you so nicely. Please lay back and let me love you"Lisa was enjoying the feel of Debbie's nipple in her mouth and the feel of Debbie's pussy so much that it was difficult to let her go. Slowly she shifted and lay on her back in the soft grass. Debbie was now on top of her, kissing her deeply. Debbie began to move her kisses down her mother's body. She stopped at Lisa's tits. Debbie licked, sucked and loved the breasts she had nursed from so long ago.

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   Her lips, teeth, and tongue made Lisa's pussy even more in need of relief. Debbie moved further down. Instinctively, Lisa spread her legs and raised her knees to allow for what she knew her daughter was about to do. Without hesitation, Debbie's tongue found her mother's clit. Lisa shivered at the touch. Lightly, her daughter's tongue caressed her clit. Then Debbie's tongue dipped deep inside of her mother's cunt, scooping out a helping of delicious pussy juice. The taste of her mother's pussy merely drove her on to new passion. Her tongue returned to Lisa's clit. She placed two fingers into her mother's cunt and began to finger-fuck her. Lisa was now lost in the multiple sensations her daughter was bringing to her. Lisa caressed her own breasts and nipples to add to the pleasure. Lisa felt Debbie lightly caress her asshole with another finger. She raised her hips to let Debbie know that was what she wanted, too. Her daughter then slipped a finger into her ass.


   She was full now. Debbie concentrated on pleasing this lusty, sexy woman she was loving, her mother. Debbie fluttered her tongue all over her mother's clit. Debbie lovingly worked her fingers in her mother's cunt and ass. She was able to see her mother playing with her tits at the same time. Lisa drove her hips hard up into Debbie's touch. She could feel her orgasm building Faster she thrust her hips at Debbie's fingers. She loved the way her daughter's fingers filled her cunt and ass. Debbie's tongue on her clit was bringing her ever closer to climax. Debbie responded by moving even faster. Her hand was a blur and she fucked her mother's pussy and asshole. Her tongue fluttered harder and faster on her mother's clit. Suddenly, Lisa held her breath and froze. Then, her hips thrust up and spasmed. Her hands left her tits and pulled her daughter's face tightly against her pussy.

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   Debbie could feel the hardness of her mother's clit beneath her tongue. Her mother's cunt squeezed hard down on her fingers and the wetness of her pussy increased even more. Her mother's anus clamped around the finger she had there. She continued loving her mother. After what seemed like minutes, Lisa began to come down from her orgasm. She lightly pulled on Debbie's shoulders. She shuddered as Debbie's fingers left a void in her pussy and ass. Debbie was now back on top of her, their tits caressing the others. They kissed deeply. Lisa loved the combined tastes of her own pussy and her daughter's mouth. "That was wonderful, Debbie. Now I want to do you. I love you too, you know. ""But,mama, I'm not done with you, yet""Then let's do each other at the same time" Debbie knew exactly what her mother meant. She raised up and repositioned herself.

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   She looked directly down into the glossy pinkness of her mother's pussy. With Debbie's thighs on either side of her head, Lisa gazed lovingly and lustily at her daughter's cunt. Debbie's clit was swollen and in need of relief. A long string of pussy juice began to drip right toward Lisa's mouth. Her mouth opened wide and her tongue extended to catch it. She tasted her daughter's pussy juice for the first time. It was delicious. The two woman then wrapped their arms around each other's hips and drew them closer to their faces and mouths. Their tongues found the other's pussy at the same time. In their passion, they each tried to devour the other. Tongues in cunts, faces against pussies, noses against assholes, tits on bellies, they were like one lust crazed creature intent on satisfaction. For a half hour they continued their lusty sixty-nine session. They probed pussies and assholes with tongues and fingers. Each lost times of the number of times their pussies exploded in orgasm. Lisa discovered that Debbie's orgasms became so strong that she would loose control of her bladder.

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   Twice, when Debbie came, Lisa could taste the salty piss squirt into her mouth from Debbie's cunt. She knew how much pleasure she could bring her daughter. Finally neither one could cum anymore. They were weak from pleasure. Debbie returned her mouth to that of her mother. They kissed. They licked their thick juices from each other's faces. Finally, they rested, warm flesh to warm flesh, tits to tits, enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking. After recovering for a while, Lisa asked her daughter the question. "Debbie, how did you get David's cum on your tits?"Debbie sat up quickly. "How did you know?""Debbie you and I just got done having a wonderful session of lovemaking. We both know that we will do it again. If you are fucking David you have nothing to be embarrassed about after what we just did. Tell me about it. "Debbie kissed her mother and squeezed her tit.

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   "Oh, mama, you are so wonderful. I wanted to tell you all about it but I was so afraid of what you would think. There is so much to tell. . . "Debbie unfolded all the details. She started with David watching his mother masturbate and how he had jacked-off. Debbie went on to tell about what had happened in the RV, how she had played with herself for her brother, given him the blow job, and how they had stopped to fuck for almost two hours after that. "Mama, David is a powerhouse lover. His dick is so big and hard. And mama, he wants to fuck you so bad that it is driving him crazy. ""Let me tell my side of the story now" Lisa said. She revealed to her daughter how she had seen the figure jerking off in the hall and thought it was her husband. She told how her excitement increased when she knew it was her son. She described her excitement and how she had cum when she saw David's cum shoot out of his dick and when he licked it up.

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   They even compared the taste of David's cum when Lisa told how she had found the wad that David had failed to catch. Finally, she confessed to her daughter: "I know David wants to fuck me. And Debbie, I want to fuck him. You and I just enjoyed mother daughter incest. It may be wrong, I don't know anymore. I do want it to happen again. You are a wonderful lover" They kissed deeply "But now, I want to experience mother and son incest. But what about your father?"Debbie dipped two fingers into her mother's saturated cunt. "Don't worry mama, I'll take care of him".
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