Family Vacation Chapter 5


"Put me down, you big goof" she laughed. He did so but did not relax his grip. "You certainly are playful this morning""I got a really good night's sleep. This mountain is really relaxing" Not to mention all the orgasms he had. "Breakfast smells wonderful. What all is there to eat?"Was it his imagination, or did his mother press her ass back into his crotch for a brief moment?"You sit down and I'll bring it to you"He sat at the table and continued to admire the fine form his mother had. She brought a plate of hot food to the table. She leaned across the table to place it in front of him. Her halter top sagged open, allowing him to gaze at two of the most beautiful tits he had ever seen. They were exposed almost completely beneath the loose material. He could clearly see her erect and hard nipples. "There, how does that look to you" she smiled at him. His dick sprang to full length and hardness. He couldn't take his eyes off of his mom's tits. "What, oh, the breakfast. .

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  . it. . . it looks really good" David tried to recompose himself. What was going on here, he thought. His mom was back over at the sink washing some dishes. As he ate breakfast, David couldn't keep his eyes off of that beautiful ass hanging out of her short shorts. She dropped a spoon. She bent from the waist to pick it up. As she did, her shorts drew tight up the crack of her ass and tight into her pussy lips. She wasn't wearing any panties! David almost choked on some food. She picked up the spoon, readjusted her clothing, turned to David, smiled and said "Clumsy me"David knew that this would fuel several jack-off sessions. He knew he would have to come up with an excuse to return to his room so soon after getting up, but he needed some relief badly. "Done with your plate, dear?" His mom asked.

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   "Can I take that for you?" Again she reached across the table exposing her beautiful tits. She lingered in that position longer than was necessary to remove the plate. She returned to the sink. David sat silently for a minute. "Say, where are Dad and Debbie?""Oh, they went out for a walk about an hour ago""An hour? You can walk quite a ways in an hour?"His mom just kept washing the dishes and replied very casually "Yes, you can walk some distance in an hour. But I doubt if they did. If Debbie's plan worked like she hoped, I expect that by now your father has his dick buried in her mouth, her pussy, or up her ass"She turned and faced her son. He had a look of incredible disbelief on his face. He looked at his mom and swallowed. Lisa reached behind her neck and untied her halter top. She dropped it to fully expose her well rounded, beautiful tits to her son. "But, let's not worry about them right now. I'm sure they are doing just fine. " She hooked her thumbs into her shorts and pulled them down and stepped out of them. She was completely naked now.

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   "Now, you and I have some unfinished business to attend to"David shook his head and said "MOM! What the fuck is going on here?"She smiled at her son and came over and sat on the table in front of his face. She spread her legs to givehim a close-up view of her hot, pink pussy. She laughed. "I'll tell you what the fuck is going on. Fucking is what is going on. Debbie is out fucking with your father somewhere and you and I are about to get started"She dipped a finger deep into her pussy and covered it with her juices. She then coated her right nipple with the pussy juice. She batted her eye lashes coyly. "Come and get it"David's head was spinning. He was about to get his wish of fucking his mom. He had no idea how it came to this so quickly, but he wasn't about to argue now. His face came forward and his lips closed around the stiffening nipple. Lisa put her hands behind his head and pulled his face tightly to her tits. David's tongue licked hungrily at the pussy juice on his mother's tit. He sucked.

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   She sighed. He licked. She panted. He nibbled. She moaned. Lisa reached over her son's back and pulled his shirt up. "One of us seems to be overdressed for this occasion" He reluctantly gave up the nipple in his mouth to stand up and let her remove his t-shirt. He looked down at his naked mother setting open legged in front of him. He couldn't help but think how beautiful she was. Lisa reached out and undid the button and zipper of David's cut-offs. "I want to see your cock" was all she said. Without hesitation David pulled his shorts down and off. He too was naked. His hard, erect cock pointed up at his mother's pussy. A bead of clear semen had formed at the opening.

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  Lisa captured the drop on her finger tip. She raised it to her lips and spread it like honey. "I'll share it with you, dear" Their lips joined in a passionate kiss. Their tongues met and caressed and then wrestled in heat. David could feel his mom's firm tits pressed into his own muscles. She reached between them and found his dick. One hand went to his balls and the other to his shaft. She fondled his balls and gently stroked his shaft. David's hand slid up the inside of her thigh. He felt his mother shudder in pleasure at his tender touch. It gave him new confidence. His finger touched the wetness of her pussy and then slowly found its way deep into her cunt. He began to finger fuck his mom. Their kiss broke. "How did you know, mom?" She looked lovingly at the hard cock in her hands and gently stroked and milked.

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   "My, your dick is just as beautiful as Debbie said. I can hardly wait to have it in me. ""You mean that you know about Deb and I fucking also?""Yes, dear. Don't be so shocked. Let me explain. . . " Lisa began with her self examination that led to her masturbating and being caught by David. She related her excitement of knowing that he was watching her. The whole time she was telling her side of the incident, she kept up a steady rhythm on her son's cock. At moments, she would pause and kiss his neck or nibble on his ear. She finished with how she had crawled and found his cum and tasted it. "That's how I knew we were going to lover's""But what about Debbie, how did you know about that?""This part is a little more complicated. . .

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  I hope you understand. . . "Lisa explained that she had seen dried cum on Debbie's tits and knew that it could only have come from David's balls. The fact that David and Debbie had fucked only made it more clear in her own mind that she wanted his cum also. She hadn't been sure how she was going to approach his sister about it when they came across the small lake and went skinny dipping. She left out no detail about the passionate sex she and her daughter had next to the small lake. David almost blew his wad all over his mother's belly and hands when he heard about their lesbian lovemaking. After Debbie and she had shared each other's pussies and juices, it was easy to ask Debbie if she was fucking her brother. "Isn't it funny how things work out?" she smiled. "Now, son, let's see how things work in"Lisa scooted her ass to the edge of the table and opened her legs wide. "In time, maybe yet today, I want to suck your cock and let you shoot your hot cum all over my face. I want you to fuck my pussy until I can't stand it anymore. I may even want you to fuck me in the ass. .

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  . but right now I want you to fill my pussy"She pulled gently on his dick to bring him closer. He withdrew his fingers from her cunt. She ran the head of his throbbing dick up and down the dripping opening to her cunt. The clear liquid on the head of his dick mixedand became one with his mother's juices. "One more thing, son. I also know about you and your dad""Dad told you? You are not upset?""No, dear the thought of those two beautiful men pleasing each other thrills me. The only thing that bothers me is that I didn't get to share in any of all that cum that was flying around. ""You will mom, real soon" He moved his hips forward and the head of his dick disappeared into her velvet tunnel. "Seems like I'm that last one to get your cock, son. ""Yeah, and you were first one I wanted to fuck""Well, fuck me now!"David thrust forward and buried his dick in his mother's cunt. Their pubic hairs joined to become one mat. Her legs came up and wrapped around his trim ass. Her arms embraced his neck. He began to fuck his mother.

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   He couldn't believe how tight her cunt was. For some reason he assumed that because she had children and was older it would not be as tight. But his mother's pussy was as tight on his dick as his sister's had been. At first he fucked her slowly to make it last. He didn't know long he could last without filling his mom's pussy with his cum. "God, mom, you feel so good. I love you and I love fucking you, mom. ""I know dear. I think you're going to make me cum soon. I am so hot for your cock. ""I hope so. I want to please you so much""Just keep doing what you are doing and it will happen" She loved the feel of her son's cock filling her pussy. It was thick and long. Like father, like son. On his deep thrust in she could feel the head of his dick kiss her cervix.

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   It was wonderful. Lisa used her heels on her son's ass like spurs to make him drive deeper and deeper into her cunt. She could feel the head of his dick spread the walls of her cunt tunnel as he withdrew. She thrilled to the way it filled her as he thrust in. His cock slid on her clit making her shiverin delight. Lisa could feel her orgasm building. Tighter with her arms and legs she held her son as he fucked her. Tighter with her pussy she squeezed his cock as her cunt approached explosion. "Oh, baby, oh, son, fuck me. I'm going to cum. Make your mama cum, baby. Fuck me hard. I want your cum. Oh, I want your cum, son. Fuck me hard.


  "Her orgasm hit right before his. Her pussy was the center of her universe. She thrust her hips hard into her son's groin. Her nipples were rock hard in his chest. "Oh, mom, you're making me cum. I love fucking you. . . I'm going to fill your cunt with my cum. . . here it cums. . . here it cums"She could feel her son's dick grow even bigger inside of her pussy.

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   The liquid heat shot hard deep in her cunt. Their thick juices mixed. David lost count of how many times cum shot out of his dick into his mother. They were cumming together, that was all that mattered. Their hips pounded together in ultimate pleasure. Finally, they slowed and clung to each other catching their breath. David sucked on his mom's hot and sweating tits. She laid back across the table. It wasn't possible to keep his dick in her at this angle. They both shuddered as it slipped out of her, dragging their juices out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. His mother had the beautiful look of a satisfied woman. And he was responsible. He leaned over and hugged her tightly. His lips instinctively went to her nipple. She stroked his hair "That was wonderful, David" she sighed "But now my pussy is getting the table all messy.

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   I know you like the taste of your cum. I bet its even better mixed with pussy juice. What do you think?"Even before she had finished her thought his face was at her pussy lips, devouring the mixed liquids dribbling from her cunt. She was right: his cum and her pussy juice was delicious. He sucked on her cunt and gathered a mouthful of their mixed juices and brought it to his mother's mouth. Their lips parted and he shared it with her. They swallowed most of their thick combined juices, though a good bit of it dribbled down their chins and cheeks. They, mother and son licked it off each others faces and laughed. He picked his mother up off the table and carried her to his bed. Already his cock was hard again and eager to fill his mother's pussy, mouth, ass, or where ever she wanted it. In the bedroom, he laid her down on the bed. She scooted over so her head was hanging over the edge of the bed. Lisa opened her mouth wide and looked up at her son. "Fuck my mouth, baby"David looked down at the beautiful woman below him. .

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  . her tits spread across her chest. . . her legs wide open and her pussy dripping from their just completed fuck. He put his thighs on either side of her head and bent his knees. His mother's tongue reached up to lick his balls. Her hands wrapped around his dick and started to jack him slowly. She then took his cock and licked the drying juices off of it and then put it in her mouth. David started rocking his hips, fucking his mothers mouth. He felt the head of his cock hit her throat and then felt her throat relax and let his cock in. She could breath on his out stroke and sucked on the in stroke. He reached down to pinch her nipples and play with her tits as she deep throated his cock. Her nipples responded to his touch. She moaned around his dick.

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  Lisa loved sucking her son's cock. His balls tickled her nose when he pushed his cock down her throat. She wanted to cum again. as David fucked her mouth and squeezed her tits, she reached down and started to play with her pussy. She immediately found her clit with the fingers of her left hand and then put two fingers of her right hand deep within her cunt. David was in sexual heaven. He watched, almost hypnotized, as his cock slid in and out of his mothers mouth. Her lips in a tight circle around his shaft. He watched her fingers disappear and reappear in and out of her pussy. It was too much for him to take and he began to feel his orgasm build. Faster he fucked his mom's mouth. Faster she masturbated. He pulled his hips backward and jacked his cock over his mother's face. His load of cum shot out covering her lips and tongue and shooting over her tits and almost to her pussy. It ran down her cheeks and the sides of her tits.

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   She loved the heat and wetness of her son's load. Her orgasm hit at almost the same time. She moaned and licked his cock and savored his cum. Her fingers reached deep with in her and she felt her cunt muscles contract tightly around them. David was exhausted. His mother had not only drained his cum but she had drained his strength. He sat down on the floor next to her face, panting. She turned her head toward him and their lips met. David could taste his cum on his mom's tongue as they explored each others mouths. He got up and laid down next to her, taking her tit in his mouth and putting two fingers in her cunt. He felt his mom's hands find his cock and begin to stroke him to hardness once again. "Holy shit!", he thought to himself. . . "How could it get any better than this" he wondered.

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