Family Vacation Chapter 6


Mike had taken a huge step yesterday. Actually, it was two huge steps. The sex he had enjoyed with David had stirred up a host of feelings in him. He knew that he and his son would share man to man sex again. They had enjoyed it too much not to. Sucking his son's cock and enjoying his cum was wonderful. He had visions of David's tight asshole and thought about burying his hard cock there. He knew that he had to tell Lisa, his wife and had been terrified of what her reaction would be. She could tell something was on his mind as they got into bed. She had gently coaxed the story out of him. He was surprised at her reaction, which was to go down on him and suck a load of cum from his dick. His wife got him hard again, mounted him and begged him to tell the details of his and David's sex session while he fucked her. It had made her a wild woman. He had no idea where all this would end but he couldn't wait to find out. He let himself get lost in his thoughts. Debbie was leading the way up the trail.

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   She too was lost in thought. She was trying to figure out exactly how to get into her daddy's pants. After she and her mother had enjoyed each other's pussies, it was agreed that this morning they would each get the man of their choice. By now, her mother and brother should be fucking back at the cabin. The thought of her brother's hard dick sliding in and out of her mother's delicious pussy made her own pussy very wet and her clit very sensitive. It was time. She decided to try being a little subtle. She stopped and turned to her father. She put on a little girl pouty face and stepped up to him. "Daddy, I'm really going to miss you when I go away to college. You have always been there for me whenever I needed you. I love you so much. " She hugged him tightly and pressed her tits hard into his chest. She gently and tentatively pressed her pussy and hips forward. Debbie could feel the bulge in her father's crotch pressed into her stomach.

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  "I love you too, sweetie. You're my little girl" His hands caressed her back. His right hand moved below the hem of her tank top and on to her smooth ass. "Except now, you are all grown up. A real woman" His other hand was on her ass and squeezed firmly. He tentatively ground his groin into hers. "I didn't think you had noticed""How could I not notice? You are a very beautiful young woman, just like your mother" For a moment, they both thought about how much they had enjoyed Lisa's pussy separately the day before. "Do you really think I am as sexy as mama is, Daddy? I'm flattered that a handsome man like you would think so. ""You remind me of her in so many ways, sweetheart. You even hug the same. "Debbie pressed her pussy hard against her dad so that there would be no doubt about her meaning. "I bet we don't do everything the same, daddy. " She looked up into her father's eyes and grinned. "Would you like to find out?"Their lips met. Mike's tongue began to explore his daughter's mouth.

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   Eagerly, her tongue met his. She began to suck gently on her father's tongue. Mike knew instinctively that his daughter would give good head from the way she sucked on his tongue. His cock throbbed against Debbie's firm young tummy. She was grinding her pussy against the bulge in her father's pants. He could feel her nipples pressing into his chest. His left hand slid up under her tank top and cupped her tit. Her nipple grew even harder against her palm. His right hand slid down under her shorts and panties. His daughters ass was hot and smooth under his hand. Debbie moaned at her father's touch and she felt her cunt begin to lubricate. Debbie reached between them and found the button on her father's pants. "Daddy. . .

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  " she panted, "I want your cock . . . please . . . let me have it. " She was almost frantic unbuttoning and unzipping her dad's shorts. His throbbing dick exposed its headd for her. She grabbed at his shorts and pulled down. She was squatted down in front of him, struggling with his shorts. Mike's dick bobbed in front of her face. Debbie could feel its heat and loved the musky odor it gave off. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth wide and took her father's cock into her mouth. Mike inhaled sharply as his daughter's mouth engulfed his rigid cock.

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   He could feel her tongue twirling around the head. She set up a gentle suction as she moved her face around his dick. He had been right. She did give excellent head. Debbie's tongue snaked around the headd of his cock sending chills through his balls. Her hand gently cupped his balls and caressed them. She looked up at her father with loving eyes as she slowly jacked his cock into her mouth. She let her finger reach back between his muscular ass cheeks and gently probe his tight asshole. Mike took his daughter's head in his hands and began to rock his hips, slowly fuckng her mouth. It was obvious that to him that his daughter was much more experienced at sucking cock than his son had been. He closed his eyes and could imagine both David and Debbie kneeling before him, sharing his cock in their mouths. His dick swelled even more at the vision. Debbie loved the feel of her dad's cock in her mouth. It was so exciting to her knowing that it was from this piece of love meat that the sperm that created her had shot 18 years ago. She knew that more of that same sperm would be shooting soon and this time it would be for her.

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   She began to think about where she wanted her daddy's cum. In her mouth? On her titties? In her cunt?She rocked back on her heels, her father's dick popping out of her mouth. Debbie cupped her tits and rubbed them against his cock, thrilling them both. His slick precum and her spit gave her tits a shimmer in the sunlight. Her nipples were fully erect against the hardness of his dick. "Daddy, I want to do something special for you to show you how much I love you. My pussy isnt cherry anymore and I've had dicks in my mouth, but for you. . . . . " Debbie stood up and turned around, her back to him. She put her feet apart and leaned forward, her hands against a tree. Mike took in the sight of his daughter's beautiful ass. It was perfectly shaped.

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   Her ass crack parted just enough to allow him to see the tight hole that longed to be filled. He stepped forward and got on his knees and put his hands on her hips and gently pulled her back. Her ass pillows spread on either side of his nose and lips. His tongue was reached out, waiting to make contact. At the first touch of her dad's tongue to her asshole, Debbie moaned. She pressed her hips back harder and felt his tongue enter her. She could feel her asshole yield and open to him and soon he was fucking her ass with his tongue. Deeper and deeper his tongue reached into her musky tunnel. Its heat and aroma were like a drug to him and his cock continued to swell. Mike took advantage of the position and angle and ran his hand between Debbie's thighs. His fingers were wet with her pussy juice even before they found her pussy. First one and then two fingers found their way into her tight cunt and he started to finger fuck her as he eat her sweet ass. Debbie instinctively worked her knees and hips. She fucked her ass back to her daddy's face and fucked her cunt up and down on her daddy's fingers. She loved everything he was doing to her.

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  "Oh god, daddy, you are so good. Fuck me daddy. I've wanted you to fuck me since I was little and first thought about fucking. I love your tongue up my ass daddy. Oh god, oh god. . . . "The combined sensations of his tongue up her ass and his fingers in her pussy were taking Debbie higher and higher, racing toward orgasm. "Oh god, Daddy, don’t stop, please. Make me cum Daddy, please. Make me cum. Oh fuck, oh fuck. . .

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   make me your little whore daddy. . . I'm your little fuck slut" Debbie's hips worked faster driving his tongue deeper and his fingers deeper. Mike slammed his hand into her soaked crotch faster and faster. His arm was covered with her cunt juice to the elbow. He could feel her pussy getting hotter and tighter on his fingers. His tongue was deep in his daughter's tight pucker when she came. Debbie was gasping for breath and almost screaming obscenities when she came. Mike felt a burst of hot liquid escape her pussy and run down his arm. He knew she must have pissed. “What a little vixen she is” he thought. He allowed her to come down from her high a little when he pulled his fingers from her cunt and stood up. His cock was right at the proper level. He took it in his hand and ran it up and down the crack of her shapely ass and then found the target he was looking for.

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   His tongue had gotten her good and wet and loosened her up. Mike felt Debbie's asshole kiss the head of his dick and he pushed gently. At first there was no yield, but then her little asshole opened and he felt the first heat on his cock. Debbie pressed back. The head of his cock popped inside her rectum. "You ok, baby?" he asked her. "Oh fuck, yes, Daddy. Fuck my ass" she moaned back at him. Mike pulled her hips toward his, his cock sliding deeper and deeper into her. It was like sliding into the tightest, hottest pussy he had ever been in. Her ass engulfed his dick and swallowed it whole. Finally his pubic hair was mashed on the soft down of her ass. He then pulled back out. The suction of her ass on his cock was incredible. When he felt the tight ring of her sphincter at the head of his cock, he stopped.


   And then he got serious about ass fucking his daughter. With increasing speed he slid in and out of her ass. When he pulled away, he could see the deep pink lining of her asshole tug out around his cock. When he pushed in, her asshole almost disappeared as he entered her. Debbie was in awe of what was happening. She had loved sucking her brother's cock and fucking him. She had loved eating her mother's pussy. But this!!!! This was the most wonderful thing. Her father's cock was filling her unlike anything ever before. It had been a little uncomfortable at first but then she relaxed and let it happen. His cock felt like it was deeper in her ass than any cock had ever been in her cunt. She could feel every bump and ridge as it slid in and out of her tight butt hole. Its heat burned her tiny little hole, but it was a good burn. Then she felt her daddy's cock begin to get even bigger. She wanted to cum again.

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   She balanced herself with one hand and brought her other to her pussy. Debbie put two fingers up into her cunt. She could feel her daddy's cock moving inside her rectum as her fingers moved inside her pussy. Her daddy's balls slapped at her pussy lips and ass as he fucked her. She was in fuck heaven. Mike knew it wouldn't be long before his cum filled his daughter’s bowels. The tingle was starting to build and he slammed into her faster and harder. He reached out and swatted her ass, leaving a red hand print. He could feel her fingers pressing against his dick, separated only by a thin wall of tissue. "Fuck me you little cum loving whore. . . fuck your daddy's hard cock, you slut" he whispered between gritted teeth. "Oh god, yes, Daddy, fuck my ass. Give me your cum.

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   I want it so much"Mike roared as he felt the first wad of cum shoot up the thick vein of his cock. When Debbie felt the throb, she pulled away and dropped to her knees quickly. Her hands circled her father’s cock and jacked him as he came. Wad after wad pumped out onto her face, covering her lips, her tongue, and dripping down her chin to her tits. Her tongue reached out and licked at the still dripping head of her fathers cock. She could taste the musky residue of her asshole and she loved it. She rubbed his cum all over her face with his cock. Mike looked down and smiled at his sexy daughter, his cum glistening on her face and tits. He pulled her up and kissed her hard. He licked his cum off her face and let her suck it off his tongue. "Was I good for you, Daddy?""Sweetheart, you are wonderful"They lay down on a soft tuft of grass, her fingers slowly jacking his cock, his fingers once again probing her soft pussy. He sucked on her tender young tits as she moaned. "I wonder what is happening back at the cabin" they both thought, neither knowing that the other knew full well what was going on. Debbie rolled over on her back, raised her knees, and parted her thighs. Mike had a wonderful clear view of her wet, deliciously link pussy.

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  She put her little girl pouty face on again. “Daddy, I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk”He lay on top of her and kissed her deeply, their tongues dancing in her mouth. She reached down between their thighs and found his cock. It slid easily and slowly into her cunt. An hour and two loads of cum later, they lay still, two fucked out lovers, father and daughter. .
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