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“Hey, it’s cold down here, let’s just go back up into my room and watch TV, okay?” she said. “Yeah, okay. ”This was no big deal because I was in her room all the time watching TV, listening to music, stuff of that sort with her. My aunt always trusted us and didn’t seem to care we were so close. When we were younger, we used to play around with each other. She would play with my penis, and I would play with her vagina. But as we got older, we stopped doing it, and it hasn’t even been brought up since then. Once we got upstairs, she told me she was going to take a shower real quick. She was in the bathroom for about 15 minutes, and came back into the room with only a towel on. “Anything under there?” I laughed. “Haha, well I’m going to change in my closet, so hold on. ”She came out of her walk in closet wearing a thong and a lace bra. I could see her ass perfectly in it, and her tits were pushing against the fabric of her bra. I was lying on my back, and got an immediate hard-on. Before I could do anything about it, she saw it. “Someone a little excited?” she laughed.

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  “Well you come out here looking like that, what do you expect?” I said. “I thought you were changing?”She laughed. “Well, I’m comfortable in what I’m in, and it’s too hot outside for anything else. ”I got a little bolder then because I was so horny. “Remember when were little and we used to play around? You know, sexually?”“Yeah, I remember, that was fun, but were too old now. Plus, were cousins…” she said. “Technically, we aren’t. You’re adopted remember?” I said. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, but I would feel a little weird doing stuff with you, because we’re such good friends. ” She said. “Come on, I have wanted this for so long I can’t even remember. I want to see those titties that have gotten bigger, and the pussy I used to play with. ” I said. She was a little surprised at what I said. “Well I guess we can try it, let’s just not go too far.

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  ”“Fine with me,” I said. She came over to me, and I took off her bra. I started playing with her tits, sucking on them, and pulling her nipples. I massaged both her breasts, as she moaned. “Mmmmmm, that feels good. Suck them hard. Pull out your cock, I wanna put my hands around it. ”I got up and moved to the bed and she followed. I took off my pants and shirt, and got completely naked. She put her hands on my cock and started jacking me off. “Put your mouth on my dick. I wanna see my hot young cousin suck me off. ”She put her mouth on my dick and started sucking away. “Look up at me, I wanna see your eyes while you’re sucking my cock. ”She looked up at me with my big cock in her mouth, and was moaning while sucking.

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   She moved her tongue up and down my shaft and circled the tip of my head with her tongue. After about fifteen minutes of sucking me off, I told her to get up. I told her to keep her thong on, and grind her ass against my cock while I lay down. She got up and did this, and my dick was rubbing against her thin thong. I could feel my dick going between her ass cheeks. I told her to lay back and keep grinding. She did, and I cupped her breasts from behind and rubbed them and pinched at her nipples. We did this for about ten minutes, then she got off. “Take off my thong, I want you to suck my cunt. ”I took off her thong slowly, and started to lick her inner thigh, working my way up to her pussy. Her pussy was perfect, shaved near the bottom with a little patch of brown hair on the top. I started to lick her outer pussy lips. I sucked on them and inserted a finger. I fingered her for a while while licking her clit. “Ohhhhhh, don’t stop, it feels so fucking good,” she said.

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  “Do you like my mouth licking your young wet pussy? Does it feel good?” I asked. “Ohh yeah, suck my clit, stick your tongue deep inside. Mmmmm yeah, I’m cumming, uhhhhhhhh, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. ”After she had a good climax, I lay back down on the bed. “That felt really good, but maybe we should stop,” she said. “Are you kidding? Now that I’ve seen you, I can’t just stop. Come on, come over here and sit on my cock. I wanna feel your tight pussy wrapped around my dick. ”She paused, but gave in and she walked over smiling. She got on top, facing me, and lowered her pussy onto my cock slowly. “Ohhhh, it’s so big, but it feels so good. ”She finally got all the way down, and she started to move up and down. I reached up and play with her tits. I then grabbed hold of her hips and met her thrusts with mine. She was screaming loudly and cumming several times in a row.

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  “OHHHHHHHHHHHH yessss, fuck me hard, shove your hard cock into my wet pussy. Ohhhh yeaaahhh, come on baby, harder, fuck my cunt harder. ”I continued to fuck her, and stopped abruptly. “What the fuck are you doing?” she said. “Why did you stop?”I kept my dick in her, and turned her over and told her to get on her knees. I started beating her pussy from behind and she kept moaning loudly. She lives in the country, so the houses are about 200 feet apart. She had the windows open, so I’m sure the neighbors heard us. I pulled out of her pussy and started rubbing the head of my cock on her asshole. “Sean no, my pussy is tight enough, it’ll never fit in my ass,” she said. “Then we’ll just have to make it fit, won’t we?” I said.
    I started to push the head of my dick in her ass while she was on her knees still. “Oh my god it hurts, go slow,” she said. It took me awhile, but I got my whole cock in her ass, with her screaming the entire time. I started moving my dick in and out of her ass.

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      “Ohh yeah, fuck my ass, I never thought it could feel this good. Uhhhh yeah baby fuck my tight ass, stick that big cock in, ooohhhhhhhhhh. ”While I was fucking her ass, I reached around and started to rub her pussy and clit with my right hand, and with my left hand, I caressed both of her tits. “Mmmm yeah, rub my pussy. Ohhhhhh fuck my ass harder, come on baby, make me cum again. ”“Oh yeah Jill, this feels so fucking good,” I said. I had an idea, so I pulled my cock out of her ass. “Turn over, I’m gonna fuck your tits,” I said. “They aren’t that big,” she said. “Oh well, it’ll work,” I said. I slid my cock in between her tits on her chest. I told her to put her hands over my cock and squeeze her breasts together. “Mmmmmmmm yeah, stick that cock in between my tits, ohhhhhh yeah this feel good. ”She then put out her tongue, and every time my dick got close to her mouth, she licked the end of it. I kept fucking her tits hard until I felt the sensation.

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      “Ohhhhh yeah Jill, I’m gonna cum, uhhhh. ”She took my cock in her hand and pumped it until my huge load landed on her face and in her mouth. I had a little more coming out so she directed it towards her tits. She looked so hot with my cum all over her face and naked body. “Well, that was definitely worth it, I hope it wasn’t our last time,” she said smiling. “Hell no it isn’t, we’re gonna do this every time we get the chance. I wanna fuck you everywhere, and every way. Well, I’m gonna go take a shower. ”“Well, we can wash off, and start there,” she said. “Start what?” I asked. “You said you wanted to fuck me everywhere, and every way. We can start in the shower,” she said smiling. I laughed. “Oh okay, I know what you mean now. Let’s go, I wanna get as much fucking in as possible before your mom, dad, and brother get home.

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      ”She smiled and laughed. I picked her up, lowered her pussy on my already erect cock, and walked to the bathroom for our shower fuck. The End. .
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