Farmed Out Part Three


Part 3
He watched me as i looked up to him, I was dead horny and couldn't wait to get started on something again, he sensed this and didn't want to undo all his good work so far.
"Your still very horny aren't you boy"
"Oh yes daddy very"
"How about you do some stuff for me while I’m taking a break then"
"Sure thing daddy, whatever you want"
"Ok get completely naked for me and I'm going to go grab some things I want you to play with"
With that he rose from the chair, his cock still soft and disappeared into the kitchen.
I took off my t-shirt and stood naked, waiting for his return.
After a few mins he was back, he had a plastic bag and a big smile on his face. He sat back down and spoke once more.
"ok son, I see you cock has gone a bit soft now, how about we get it back up to strength again?"
"Certainly daddy"
"ok, first I wanna see you on all fours, get down and point your arse in this direction, daddy's gonna have some dirty fun with his fuck hungry son now"
I did as told and positioned myself between his legs with my arse thrust towards his lap.
"good boy, now I want you to play with your arse for me, rub you hands up your crack and open it nice and wide, and you better do exactly what I tell you ok? Keep your head down and don’t look up"
"Hmmm, yes daddy, I’m your sex slave now, what ever you want"
I loved his dominance and I started to rub my hands over my arse and started to feel my hot bum. I heard the bag rustle and a top flip, like a bottle.
Daddy gonna make things a little easy for you now, keep rubbing your arse now"
I did as instructed and suddenly felt a cold liquid on my hands, it was oil and it made sense.
"that’s it son, rub that all in and I want you to play with your arse for me, show daddy how excited you are and how you can finger you own arse"
The oil felt good on my crack and I rubbed my hand up and down passing over my hole and getting it nice and wet. I wanted to give my granddad a good show, I wanted him to see how horny I was and how much I wanted to please him.
"That’s nice son, tell me how it feels when you do it"
"Yes daddy, i like the feeling of the oil on my arse, it makes it very sexy, I’m going to put my finger up my arse now daddy, hope you like it"
I rubbed my index finger into my hole and then inserted it inside, it felt nice to feel the inside of my arse, and soon i was sticking my digit in deeper and deeper, faster and harder, i was loving it,
"Oh granddaddy, it's nice in her, I like this, do you like watching me"
"Ohhh yes boy, your fucking horny, how about another finger"
I stretched around to slide my middle finger inside my arsehole and started to fuck myself, my cock now getting harder and wetter. I tried for 3 fingers but found it was too difficult to move about, and went back to two, but i needed more
"Ohhh daddy it's good, I think I like fucking myself for you, but I want more daddy, can you finger me too?"
"Not yet son, but I have something you might like to try"
I heard the bag rustle again and felt an object given to me
"Try this son"
I felt the object in my hand; it was knobbly and had a large base going up to a point at the top. It appeared to be a carrot.
I put the tip at the opening of my arse and started to push it past my ring
It was cold but felt good inside me and I started to push the veg up and down, gradually taking a little more each time. I let out a groan as the carrot started to open me up
"Ohhh granddad, it feels nice, I like this, and it’s nice up my arse"
"That’s a good boy, shove that carrot up your arsehole and fuck yourself, show your grandad how much you enjoy it"
I continued to play, taking more with each stroke, until I could easily fit most of its thickness and length inside.

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   Now I wanted more again
"urmmm, yes, I need more, my arse is hungry for more, do you have anything bigger for your dirty arse hungry son"
"Sure do"
He got something else from the bag, and I heard him squirt some oil on it
"Try this now"
I took the carrot away and he handled me what clearly was a banana
"Hmmm grandad, this could be nice"
Getting the tip near my anal ring, I pushed the banana inside my shithole,
"Ohhh fuck yer, this is great daddy,"
The shape was ideal, ticker than the carrot and much better to shove in my arse, i pushed back and forth exciting myself to the limit, and taking as much as I could, in and out I stretched my arse for his and my pleasure
"You look good with a banana in your arse son, does it feel good too"
"ohhh yes sir, I’m going to take as much as i can for you, I’m glad you like it"
I started to shove more and more inside my pounding arse, fucking my hole with deep long strokes, and then pulling out to thrust it in again. It was starting to drive me wild"
"Ohhh god it’s fucking good, shitt, I didn't think it could feel this good grandad, I’m so fucking horny right now"
"Wanna try something bigger you slut"
"Ohhh yes, I would love to have even more inside me, what have you got for me daddy"
"Hmmm, lets see, how about this cucumber, it might be too big for you though, i don’t think you'll be able to handle it. "
"Ohhh please sir, please I will try, I want to get a nice big cucumber up my arse for you to see, pleases daddy, let me fuck myself with it for you"
Again I heard him use the oil and he handed me the soaking wet cue.
I had to use my other hand now, to open my hole to help get the new toy in, it was thick, fucking thick but it was defiantly going to find its way up my arse. Steering the tip I shoved hard and it popped in, stretching my arse to the limit
"fuccccck meeee, yesss, oh god that’s big, ohhh shit, it's in now daddy, watch me fuck it, watch me fuck my arse for you"
It really hurt but after a few strokes the pain was replaced by intense pleasure as the veg was forced up and down my dark passage. It was hard to get too much in but I was not going to give up
"that’s it fucker, drive it in, fuck your arse hard, show your old man how much you love it up your tight young arsehole"
I fucked harder trying to squeeze more and more inside, it was hurting like mad but I was so horny now it didn't matter anymore
"yessss,hmmmmm ohhh fuck I love it, oh daddy I think I’m in as far as I can go, it's so thick, it feels like your thick cock, ohhh yes, I bet I could take your cock in me as well daddy, i would love that, would you fuck me grandad, fuck your dirty grand son's tight arse, please"
"That’s my boy. . . . beg for it and who knows what you'll get"
"ohhh fuck yes, I want to feel your cock in me, fuck my arse like a whore, make me scream and cry, I want to feel your hard thick shaft disappear up my arsehole, pleeasee sir, please granddad fuck me , fuck your virgin son's ass, pleasssee i beg you to fill me up"
"You certainly got a good one there Glenn"
I froze, there was someone else in the room, I went to look up but my grandfather put his foot on my head
"I told you not to look around son, keep playing with your arse, you dirty fuck"
I was speechless but was in no mood to stop, who else was there, i had not heard anyone come in, and now i was spread eagle arse in the air fucking myself with a cucumber to an audience
"You remember ole Jack don’t you boy"
Suddenly I did, he was a dirty ole man that lived in the farmhouse next to my granddads, he always smelt and was about as unclean as you could get, now he was in the room watching me
"Been a while since we had this sort of entertainment ehh Jack"
"defiantly Glenn, and this one looks to be the best yet"
"Well it's in the blood mate, like grandad, like grandson,"
I was horrified, what did he mean "a while since the last"
"Say hi to Jack son,"
I stumbled out the words Hi,
"well don’t stop boy, you were begged for my cock not so long ago, better get back to that cucumber and show us old guys what a good fuck you've become, after all now you've got two of us to keep happy"
I really did not know what to do, i remember Jack from a visit a few years back, he was older than my grandad and would be about 70 now, he lived alone, and always smelt like he had pissed himself. He was always unshaven and overweight, a big beer gut and not a small man either. I saw him once taking a piss in the field and remembered that he never shook his cock off like most people, just put it back in his overall. Probably why he smelled so much.
I tried to get back to my previous state but pushing the cucumber further up my arse but my mind had defiantly gone elsewhere
"Good to see you again Kevin, I can remember you as a little boy, always thought you were a bit cute then, but boy you've grown up"
"ok, son, i want you to shove that cucumber tight up your arse so it stays there, then get up and turn around so Jake can see what I’ve been playing with all night"
I pushed the cue tight in my arse and got up from my knees, and turned to face my grandad and jack. He was no better than I remembered.

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"ahhh now that’s a nice young firm body you got there Kevin, why don’t you come over and give your uncle Jack a hug then"
My granddad looked at me "well go on then"
I went to walk but it was not easy with the cucumber still in my arse. I waddled over to Uncle Jack. He put his arms out and embraced me pulling me close to him; i could feel that his cock had also been enjoying my display. As he hugged me, his hand when around to the cucumber and he gave it a tug, forcing it further up my arse, I let out a groan. Then he took a step back and started to admire me, running his hands over my body. He still smelt of piss, and his rough hands felt like sandpaper on my skin
" A fine specimen indeed Glenn, and how old are you now Kevin"
"16 I said abruptly"
"Hey answer your uncle politely son"
"Sorry grandad, 16 uncle jack"
"and a fine 16 you are too, we've not had a youngster like you around since that 14 year old lad from across the field about 10 years ago, but even he was not as sexy or dirty as you"
"aye jack, he was a bit special, but I tell ya, he was not as hot as my boy here, shame he moved in the end, we had fun with him"
"Mind if I have some fun now with your grandson Glenn ?"
"Not at all jack, feel free, he ripe but ready, aren’t you son"
I had little option, "yes granddad,"
Uncle Jack held my head, and looked into my eyes
"You don’t mind giving your ole uncle some attention now do you,"
I nodded
"Sorry boy" his voice suddenly got rough
"No uncle jack", I’ll do whatever my grandad wants"
"You’ll fucking do whatever I want as well" with that he grabbed the back of hair and forced my head back
Give your uncle jack a kiss then, he came towards me and used his other hand to squeeze my mouth making me open my lips. He kissed me, and put his tongue down my throat touching my own tongue in the process.
He smelt of alcohol, he smelt of piss, he tasted disgusting, he pulled away and then spat on my face, "you’re gonna be the dirtiest fucker of ‘em all" He spat again and then proceeded to lick the salvia off my face.
"Now take my clothes off for me bitch"
He let go off my head and beckoned me to undo his clothes.
He was wearing a farmers overall, I undid the two straps and underneath he had a old jumper. I pulled the overall down to his waist and lifted the jumper up over his raised arms and he was naked underneath. The smell of sweat was strong. He grabbed my head again and forced me to kiss him again "now kiss me boy, kiss me all over my body"
He guided my head from his mouth to his chest, he was a hairy man, and i was almost choking on the grey hairs on his chest, as i kissed and licked him, my head was directed to his nipple,
“Play with my tits, suck them and tease them with you tongue"
I sucked on his nipple, the taste of sweat was actually starting to turn me on again, as much as i hated it, this dirty old man was starting to make my cock rise again. It was jolted again shortly after as jack grabbed the cucumber still in my arse and twisted it, the oil had started to dry up now and it hurt when he moved it. I let out a small moan
"That’s a good slut, now lick my armpits, lick 'em all over, uncle jack hasn't showered for a week getting ready for you"
He took his hand from the veg in my arse, and lifted it high, using his other hand to guide my head to his sweaty hairy armpit.

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   I liked around the hair of this unclean man, each lick pleasing him and at the same time arousing me more.
"Hmmm, you gotta nice young tongue boy"
I licked more, and then he guided me down his chest again towards his stomach, "that’s it child, lick me all overall, taste an old man's sweaty body, now drop to you knees"
I had licked around his fat waste and now was forced to my knees
"That’s it, just sit back gently so that cucumber stays in your arse and rests on the floor"
I did as told, not that i had a choice his hand now back around my head.
He made me lick under his belly, and I went to pull the rest of his overall down.
"Not yet fucker, stay where you are" he released my head and turned his body around. "Now you can take them off"
I pulled his overall down and he had no pants on, i was face to face with his bum.
"Now take a sniff, stick your nose in my crack and smell me"
He forced my head down and I could smell his arse, it was quite gross, sweat and shit and as hairy as his chest.
"You like the smell of uncle jack? Do you??"
"Yes uncle, i like to smell your arse"
"Good, then i want you to lick it all over, lick my arse and taste my dirty crack for yourself"
I started to lick the top of his crack, he was a dirty man, but again the taste was becoming second nature to the fact that I was getting hotter by the second
"Now get you hands and open my arse wide, force your face in and eat me, eat my arse and lick me out you dirty little shit sucker"
Now he was starting to get me going, I pulled open his bum cheeks, closed my eyes and started to lick all around him. He reached around and pushed down my head, forcing my own arse a bit further down on the now aching cucumber up my arse"
"that’s it Jack, get him to eat your arsehole, I’m getting quite a buzz watching this from here, you're doing your granddad proud son, lick uncle jacks dirty arse like a fucking whore"
Granddads approval made me feel better, the though of him watching his dirty grandson made me want to do a good job. I opened jack’s arse wider and licked all around him almost sucking on hairy arse like I had my granddads cock, I had wanted to lick my daddies arse before, now I was doing it for uncle jack, the dirtier it was the better it felt.
"Ohhh son, you use that tongue well, fuck your good, i bet you would love to get that tongue deeper and taste inside your uncle jacks deep arse"
"Yesss, sir I would"
"Beg for it like you begged you grandad"
"please uncle jack, let me lick you inside, let me eat your arsehole, and taste you, your arse tastes so good I want to get my tongue deep in you"
With that he held his own arse cheeks, allowing my hands to hold further in and I buried my face searching out his hole with my tongue
"Ohhh yes boy, tickle my shit hole with you tongue, get in there and lick it up, I’ve made sure I haven't been to the toilet for you, get your tongue up there and taste my shit hole"
He was starting to sweat as well and beads of liquid began to run down his crack, i licked them up, now totally gone in my own perverse dream, licking further i got my tongue up his arse and could taste the mixture of sweat and shit, but there was something else, something musky, it almost tasted like spunk. Whatever it was I was too far gone to object and I started to dart my tongue in and out almost tongue fucking this 70 year old mans shithole
"fuckkk you are good, i bet you fucking love the taste of a really dirty arse don’t you, your a fucking shit sucking whore"
I didn't want to stop now and started to almost gobble at his arse, the brown mess filling my taste buds.
"Shit boy, time you took care of the other end"
He pulled my head away and turned around, his cock slapping my face, he was fucking huge, i had never seen a cock like it, he had a foreskin and massive balls, massive hairy balls. , He grabbed my head again,
"Now work that tongue on my sac, like my balls, taste how hot you have made me between my legs, lick it clean"
fuck I wanted this cock, it's grotesque smell did nothing to put me off, I licked liked a kid with a lollipop at his balls, pushing his legs apart, I darted between his legs, sucking the sweat from his skin, then I wanted his balls in my mouth, I could only fit one but that was enough, i sucked on him like a whore, he knew I was loving it.
Gradually i worked around his sac, kissing licking teasing, now i wanted his cock, his huge fucking cock in my face, I started to work towards the shaft. His hand now letting go of my head, he knew he didn't need to direct me anymore.

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My own cock was now rock hard and soaking wet with juices.
"ohhh uncle jack, I must have your cock, it looks massive, you balls taste so good your cock must too, please uncle jack let me suck it for you, let me drink your juices and feel your hard knob in my face. "
"ohhh you fucking deserve it boy, you fucking deserve it, show uncle jack what a fucking dirty cock sucker you are, take my cock in your hand and pull my foreskin back, i haven't washed it for week, so there's lots of old cum cheese for you to eat, put my cock in your mouth and suck on it"
I needed no other invite, and I grasped the solid meat and as I pulled back his foreskin could see his filthy knob, it was sick, but I wanted it, I wanted to taste it and I wanted to swallow every inch of it.
"Yes sir, it's dirty just like me, I’m gonna lick it clean for you uncle jack, I’m gonna eat every inch of your filthy cock"
With that I licked his knob, tasted the week old cum, I licked around his head, juices seeping out were lapped up and then I had to have it. Opening wide I engulfed his knob and sucked him harder than I had sucked my grandad
"Ohhh fuck me Glenn this boy is fucking great, "
I was pleased i was satisfying these two dirty old men, suddenly, I felt a hand grab the cucumber and I was lifted off my knees , i knew it was grandad, he was behind me. I took the cock from my face and looked around; grandad was there, cock in hand and hard as fuck.
"ohhh fuck yes, take it out grandad and fuck me please,,, fuck your virgin son's arse, I’m ready grandad, really ready, pleasssee fuck me hard, I need you to stick your cock in me pleasssee"
"Your a good boy and you deserve it, you deserve a good hard fucking at both ends"
"ohhh yes pleeasee, I want to take both of you together, i want to be a good whore for you both, fuck me in the arse and fuck my face, just fuckkk me pleeasee"
With that the cucumber was yanked from my arse, and I felt my granddads knob against me,
"Hard and fast or slow and deep son"
"ohhh grandad, don’t make me wait, fuck me hard and deep, ram your cock so hard in me I scream, just fill my shit hole with your hard cock,"
With that I felt his knob enter my arse and like a bullet it was rammed deep inside me with full force and the thickness of his shaft i almost collapsed.
"ahhhhhh fuckkkkk it so fucking gooooood, yesssss fuckk me eeeee oh goddddd don’t fucking stop pump my arse full of prick"
He did, without any prompting my grandad had shoved his cock right down my arse and was pumping every inch inside me,
"Now shut up fuck face and eat my cock as well"
Jack grabbed my head and forced his weapon inside my mouth, i was groaning in ecstasy as these two older men fucked my face and arse, as grandad thrust in so jack thrust out, between then they rocked me, each cock pushing deeper forcing more of the other one in. I no longer had any control,
"ahhghgn mmmm hmmm urgeee " i moaned as the men screwed their new cock hungry toy
"fuck him jack, fuck his face, the little shit won't be able to walk for a week, he fucking loves every inch of hard cock we can give him"
They continued to violently fuck their 16 year old virgin piece of meat until they were both ready to cum
"Fuck he knows how to give head, I’m gonna blow my fucking load soon"
"Make him fucking eat it all jack, he loved my cum earlier, couldn't get enough, cum in his mouth and watch the dirty whore lap it all up. " " I’m gonna shoot my load right up his arse
I loved what I heard and within seconds, I loved what I felt,
"Ahhh yes, you cunt, feel my load inside you, feel granddads hot cum in your arse, yesssss, yesssss ahhhhhh"
He trust deep again and shot a bolt of hot spunk straight down my shit passage, he jerked each time to shoot more, filling my arse with cum. Just as he did jack grabbed my head and i knew what to expect
"Take it all cum sucker, fucking eat my spunk, yesssss, ahhhhhh"
He blasted a load straight down my throat, and kept on blasting, both men emptied themselves in me; I swallowed and gagged as I took two loads of spunk inside me,
Jack then pulled up and shot the last loads of cum all over my face, he was thicker and sweeter than grandad and he slapped my face with his wet cock
"that’s it you whore, lick up my cum, taste uncle jacks love juice, you fucking love every minute you dirty white cum drenched whore"
He was right I did
"Ohhh fucking hell Glenn what a fuck, shit, I can't hold back, Open wide bitch uncle jacks gonna piss all over your face"
I looked at him, it was now too good to be true, and this was going to get better
"Oh uncle yes, piss on me, pee all over my face, watch me drink it for you, piss on my mouth and I’ll eat it all"
He held his cock and set out a stream of hot piss straight down my open throat, and then all over my face covering me in hot liquid.
"It feels so sexy on my face, I love drinking your piss"
He jetted a few more streams then forced my face back down on him to saviour the last few drops.
Grandad grabbed my hard cock and wanked me while I swallowed what was left of Uncle Jacks piss.
"Come on son, shot your load for us now"
It only took his touch to have me shooting my own load and my experience was complete.
Jack took his cock away and grandad pulled his cock out of my sobbing aching arse.

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   I flopped to the ground exhausted.
The two old men looked at each other well and truly satisfied. I looked up, rubbed the cum from my face and put my hand to my arse, I wiped my full arsehole and then brought it to my mouth and licked my fingers clean.
“You guys are great, you can both do what you like when you like with me, just fuck me and make me your play thing, I’ll do anything for you and I mean anything"
The old men looked at each other and then back and me and granddad just smiled and uttered "now that's my.
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