Farmer's Daughter


People who didn’t know the family would have sworn Todd and I were siblings- we both had white blond hair, corn-flower blue eyes and tanned skin from working outdoors so much. By the time I was 14 Todd was working Grandpa’s farm and only coming over once a week for Sunday dinner. He had changed a lot since he lived with us- his skin seemed more tan and rough, his eyes keener and his body was a lot more muscly. My body was changing too- my legs stretched out overnight and I loved to show them off in tight little denim cut off. Over the summer my flat chest had sprouted tiny titties- so small and sweet I didn’t bother wearing a bra cause I liked the way they jiggled. Uncle Todd was like a big brother to me and I could understand he was a little protective of me- but even I was surprised when I hear Daddy and Todd talking about me one night after dinner. “She can’t be running around like that,” Todd was saying. “The whole town’s convinced she’s set to be a whore- hell she’s fooled around with every man on hand. ”“Your right about one thing Todd- she’s got to be taught a lesson. ”It was true I had fooled around quite a bit for a teenage girl- but with so many hot sweaty men around what girl could resist a bit of action? And I never took things too far- never let them stick their dicks inside me. Word got around that I would do anything except fuck- but this didn’t seem to bother the men I was with too much. Sometimes they would come two at a time- one insisting I sit on his face while the other shoved his cock in my mouth and fondled my titts. The older men would touch me slowly, savoring me with their tongue and fingers, calling me their little angel and staring into my eyes as though I reminded them of their first loves. There is never a shortage of men on a farm- stable hands, fruit pickers- travelers who come and go- men who were lonely and horny and ached to be caressed by a woman. Having the farmer’s horny teenage daughter was an extra special treat. This one day in particular was a long hot day.

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   What the men ached for the most on days like this was a cool breeze and icy cold beer- and not even my tantalizing attempts could seduce them into the barn while they were on their way to the bar down town. We only had one bar and I knew that many of my father’s friends- if not my father himself- would be down there on a night like this- but I couldn’t get the urge out of my system. I was hot for it and needed some action. I waited till night fall before I headed down there. Momma never bothered to check on me- she knew the things I got up to and as long as I didn’t fuck anyone or get pregnant she didn’t see any harm in it. She understood how horny a woman can get when surrounded by so much testosorone, heat and animal seat. I wore my usual denim cutoffs and white singlet. The walk down town was long and by the time I entered the bar I was covered in a light sweat. The men in there stared heavily and for a moment I wondered if it was a wise thing to come down here at this time of night. There were hardly any women in there and those that were standing around were the town’s well known whores. “I was wondering if my daddy’s in here? Momma asked me to come get him. ” I said out loud. They all knew who I was and this seemed like the only reasonable explination I could come up with as to why I had come down here. “Your Pa is around somewhere,” barked a neighbour. “Don’t quite know where- but I do know your Uncle Todd is out back playing cards- maybe you should go set with him a while till your Daddy gets back.

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  ” I nodded hesistantly and headed towards the backroom of the bar all the time feeling the drunken eyes of a hundred or so farming men upon me. Even for me it was unsettling. The back room was dark and smoky with a rowdy lot of men playing cards underneath a bare globe. “Well who could this be?” a deep voice asked. I felt scared as I felt someone grab onto me- a strong hand straight onto my ass and hot breath against my neck. “You leave her alone Dwayne,” ordered a familiar voice. “That be my young niece your man handling! I’ll nock your head off if you don’t get your dirty earth scratching paws off her 14 year old flesh!”With a sneer the man let me go but I felt his eyes stuck to me. The sweat that covered me now was not so much from the walk but from fear. “Oh Todd! I’m so glad you’re here- momma told me to come down and get Daddy but I can’t see him no where. It’s too late for me to walk home on my own- can I just set with you a while and when you leave you can drive me home too?” even though I was lying the tears in my eyes were real. I felt scared in this place. Something about all these men together- drunk or getting drunk- was very unsettling. It was hard to see their faces amongst the dark and the smoke. Many wore cowboy hats and even though I could not see their faces they all seemed to see me without a problem. My Uncle Todd looked at me with a charming grin.

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   “Now I’m in the middle of a bad round of poker my little princess,” he said with only the slightest suggestion of being drunk. “So how about you come sit on my lap while I play- maybe you can be my lucky charm and win me some hands? What do you say?”I smiled gratefully. I was worried he might tell me to go home. “Sure Todd, I’ll come sit with you. ”“On my lap baby girl,” he smiled back. “On my lap. ” He patted his knee softly and I snuggled into him easily. He smelt like aftershave and tobacco. He smelt good and I took this chance to nuzzle into his neck and whisper into his ear “Momma doesn’t really know I’m here. Don’t tell them ok? I just wanted to hang out with the big boys. ”He didn’t answer me at all, just gave me a sly grin to acknowledge he had heard me. Something about that grin made me nervous yet got me excited all at once. I watched him play cards and sure enough his luck seemed to improve. The back room was dark but every now and then the light would catch someone’s features and I would recognize a farm hand from home or a neighbouring farmer. For a moment I thought I was my daddy’s face amongst the group of men who were watching the card game but it was only for a moment and I couldn’t be sure it was him.

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  Todd kept drinking as he played and soon I felt his hand snuggle around my waist and down towards my crotch. “I may sit this hand out. ” He told the men. “You were very naughty for coming down here. ” He whispered into my ear. “But I know why you did it, I can feel how hot you are down there. And the whole town’s been talking about what you get up to. ” He was rubbing his hand against my crotch and slowly kissing my neck. The men who were playing cards tried to keep playing but were throwing glances towards us as the game went on. His other hand began circling my nipple- at first over my light singlet but it wasn’t long before he snuck his hand underneath the material and cupped my tiny tit in his hand. I could feel his cock hardening under my ass and my own shorts were starting to feel wet from my own juices. “The whole town knows what you been getting up to…”He repeated out loud, this time so all the men in the room could hear it. “So if you are going to act like a whore then we are going to treat you like a whore missy!”The card players stopped playing cards and watched eagerly. I felt myself blushing as the men watched my uncle fondling me yet I was also getting aroused. “Help me out here big brother.

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  ” He called out. Sure enough from the group of men my father stepped out. Drunk, somewhat angry but horny too. “You got some nerve coming down here dressed like that girlie. ” he barked. I tried to get up but my uncle held me down firmly. “Bit late to try and get away don’t you think?” he whispered again. “Besides- we know how much you wanted to be here. ”While my uncle held me down against his body my daddy pulled off my wet denim cut offs. My shaven pussy was bare for all to see. Uncle Todd was still seated- his strong arms hooked under and over my arms and his hands clasped the back of my head. I couldn’t get up or move. “So this is the pussy every man and his dog has been tasting hey?” Daddy growled. He slapped me across the face when I tried to speak out. “Shut up whore!”Daddy got down on his knees and hungrily lunged into my cunt with his face and mouth.

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   His tongue lathered up my pussy juices and I could not help but start to grind into his face. I was scared and turned on all at once. My uncle whispered filthy words into my ear and kissed my neck. He called me a slut for teasing all those men by not putting out. He said if I was to act like a whore then I should be down here every night and making decent money rather than giving it all away for free. He said he was happy that I was such a slut cause now he could fuck his niece with no shame at all- since everyone else had had a shot. His rough hands fondled my breasts- and at some point Daddy stopped eating me long enough to rip my singlet off. My little titties were exposed and roar went through the room. It was then that I realized all the men were watching- some had even come from the front bar. Many had their hard cock’s out and were jerking off to our performance. I felt like a whore on show yet somehow this only made me hornier. I felt ashamed- I could not control myself as I grunted and grinded into my father’s face- I cried out for him to touch me, to finger me- to fuck me- and the men in the room jerked harder- called out more filth- started to spurt the spunk onto me. Daddy stopped eating my cunt and flopped his own large cock out. It was bigger than any cock I had ever sucked before and I couldn’t help but wonder how much it would hurt when he put it in me. I knew he was going to fuck me.

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   I could tell by the look in his eye- he was angry at me- possibly my whole family was- for being such a slut- and this was my punshiment. Daddy grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his cock. I screamed from the pain and my body was like a rag doll as my Uncle let go of me and Daddy thrusted into me. My virgin pussy bled and I felt no pleasure at all. The scent of blood sent the men into further frenzy- many were pushing up close, wanting to rub their dicks against me, trying to put their cocks in my mouth. Many ejaculated on me and some of them began spitting on me. Daddy fucked me hard and fast before finally blowing his load and shoving me onto the floor. I felt sore, my cunt wide open seeping blood and pussy juice. I turned onto my knees to get up when I heard my Uncle Todd say “Where do you think your going?”I stayed very still and felt my uncle kneel behind me. His hard cock probed my sore pussy and finally shoved itself in. I was on all fours. Some men were laying underneath me and sucking on my little titts- another man tilted my head up and shoved his cock into my mouth. My body overcame it’s initial pain and shock and started to feel pleasure again. With every part of my body receiving some sort of pleasure I couldn’t help but feel horny again, and as my uncle fucked me I started to understand how good a cock could feel. I begged to be fucked, I eagerly sucked whatever cock I felt in my mouth and shuddered with glory every time my dirty body exploded in orgasm.

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   Uncle Todd blew his load and let the next man enter me. He came around to my face and started kissing me passionately. I saw my daddy watching out of the corner of my eye- his cock already hard again. That little back room had deteroaited into a primitive fuck fest. Men fucked my pussy, when that became too loose they started on my ass. At times blood oozed out of my orifices, at others I was so exstatic that I begged to be fucked harder. Men sucked at my titts, sat me on their laps and hungrily chew at my flesh. Before long I was covered in bite marks and bruises- my nipples swollen, bloodied and burning from being sucked and pinched so much. I was covered in cum, spit and piss- for whenever I was on the floor being fucked the others would take that was a chance to mark me with their scent. Every man used me that night- the morning light started to enter the back room and the men started to dissapear. I was left naked on the floor, covered in piss and bruises. My young cunt tender and my titties sore. Daddy picked me up and carried me over to his truck while Uncle Todd picked up the scraps of my clothing off the floor. I felt exhausted and ashamed. I could not believe how horny and aroused I had felt- but the memory of those men using me- pissing on me- sent shudders down my spine.

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   “We are trying to teach a lesson,” Uncle Todd said to me softly. “That is what a whore is treated like. If that is how you behave then that is what you will get. ”They then took me back to Grandpa’s farm- Grandpa was long dead and uncle Todd lived here alone. “As soon as you walked into the bar last night I rang your mother. ” Daddy said. “I told her you were staying at a friend’s place for a few days. ” I nodded absently not knowing where all this was leading too. First Uncle Todd took me to the bathroom and set a the tub with hot water. He gently placed me in there- washing me softly and speaking sweetly to me. “I know you had a rough night princess- but now you will see how a lady should be treated. ” Daddy watched Uncle Todd washing me. When this was done they both dried me, covered me in talcum and added soothing lotion onto my bruises and bites. Daddy carried me into my grandpa’s old room and laid me on the bed. I fell asleep estantly and wondered what would happen when i awoke.

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