Father and Son Vacation


Chapter 1
Kent woke to the feel of finger tips lightly brushing along the outline of his hard penis through his underwear. Ever so gently they traced up and down his shaft, down around his balls, then up around the shape of his head. I t was immediately obvious to him that those finger tips were taking in every detail of his shape, his size, his hardness.
The cycle continued. So gently, so meaningfully, so wantingly.
His mind was heavy with sleep, still thick with drink. It took him a moment to orient himself. Then his head began to clear. He was sleeping on top of several layers of sleeping bags, in his briefs, no shirt. He was in a small tent he had erected for the two of them. The night had cooled somewhat, it must be getting towards morning. When he first lay down it was still hot and sticky despite the fact that the sun had been down for hours.
They were traveling through to Florida, planning this stop in the beautiful Kentucky resort park to camp out. A nice chance to get a first hand view of the country they were passing through, as well as a way to save money, not staying in a dank hotel. He had actually left the highway early so that they might have a few hours of daylight to enjoy the forest, and to set up camp in a leisurely fashion.
Once it had begun getting dark, he built up the fire to a respectable level and partook in some livation.

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   Perhaps, a little too freely. It was enjoyable just the same, and he knew he had put away at least a 12 pack. Maybe more.
By all means he should actually be passed completely out, good for many hours of coma like sleep.
Which was exactly what his son Kyle must have thought….
He was mortified. His 16 year old was feeling his cock up in a very sensual manner. No wonder he had a raging hard-on.
He lay immobile as his mind raced. Totally caught off guard, he was unsure how to handle the situation.
What’s he doing? He thought to himself. Then he remembered when he was about the same age. He and his best friend Wayne were fucking horny little bastards. They had many sessions, in various secret locations, telling each other erotic fantasies, repeating dirty stories they had managed to read, talking about tits and asses and pussies…. they got themselves pretty worked up indeed.

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Of course, what started out with them playing with themselves under blankets discreetly, hiding their hardons and what they were doing to themselves. But nature soon took its course and soon, one of them suggested taking turns feeling up each other’s asses pretending it was a girls. It wasn’t long before Wayne let reached over and stroked his cock.
Wayne was also the first one to suck it too. Kent didn’t mind admitting he savored that particular memory. It was Wayne’s turn to play with him. Kent leaned back on a couch while Wayne was kneeling on the floor, Kent’s rigid dick in his hands.
Then Wayne did something different.
He leaned forward and began rubbing Kent’s penis on his face. Kent felt a shiver of excitement as he began to suspect what was going to happen. Wayne continued rubbing the head on his cheeks, first one then the other. Then instead of lifting his head to switch cheeks, he began to take the route across his lips.
Kent’s excitement heightened.
Oh, do it! Do it! His mind kept repeating, hoping against hope that what he thought was about to happen would happen.
Then it did.

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   Halfway across his lips he paused and opened his mouth ever so slightly. Kent wanted to just push Wayne’s head down. But that turned out to be unnecessary as Wayne slowly engulfed Kent’s wanting cock.
Kent was getting his dick sucked, and it felt soooooo good! Definitely cool how that went down. Wayne’s building lust, the anticipation, the slow, but almost certain outcome, the way Kent prayed he was actually going to do it.
His mind snapped back to the present. Trepidation filled him as he considered making his state of awareness known. The thought of the mutual embarrassment that was sure to follow. How would they look at each other tomorrow? He continued to lie motionless.
Then it occurred to him that what his son was doing was probably natural. After all, he was most likely curious, and given an opportunity to explore with what appeared to be unknown to the other party… It even occurred to Kent that there was a certain login in his son’s perverseness.
Kent had once copped a feel of titty off his sleeping sister. The encounter was brief, almost non-existant in fact, but he did get a squeeze in and as much as he savored the knowledge of what her breast felt like in his hand, the real prize was knowing that he had a secret she knew nothing about.
Every time he looked at her for a week, he thought Yeah sis, I felt your tit in my hand. If you only knew… And a perverse pleasure would fill him.

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   It would give his dick a little twinge every time. He imagined Kyle might have similar thoughts.
The logic being borne out he came to a decision. He would feign sleep and let his son satisfy his curiosity.
About the time he came to this conclusion, Kyle seemed to finish his caresses.
But instead of rolling over and going to sleep, Kyle changed position, rising to his knees and moving his body over Kent’s. Kent waited. Soon fingers slowly slipped themselves under the waistband of his briefs and he felt his son’s hand wrap itself around his prick. Despite himself, slight pleasure ran through him at the skin to skin contact.
“okay”, he thought “he wants to feel it without a layer of cotton over it” He waited again to see what Kyle would do next. He suspected Kyle would work his hand up and down his shaft a few times and be done with it.
Instead Kyle let go of his cock and used his hand, along with the other to gently slip the briefs down. He was careful and took his time. He was successful and Kent felt the cool air touch his skin as his cock and balls were exposed. And he felt his son begin his gentle traces once again, feeling his every vein and contour.

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   Touching his head, the down his shaft to his balls. A tickle around his sack with barely touching nails and Kent began to realize that it was beginning to feel awfully good. Guilt ran through him briefly and he shoved it aside. After all, this wasn’t his idea.
Another emotion crept up and it took a minute to identify it. He began to think about how horny his son must be getting. He thought about how he was just laying here practically offering himself to his sons arousal. His sons arousal was raising his own arousal. He was getting turned knowing he was turning his son on.
His level of arousal raised another notch. He gave in to it. Why feel bad, he might as well have a good memory come from this little encounter. He began to hope the light was good enough for his son to see his proud erection. Maybe to admire his fine cock. He hoped his son was erect as well.

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He let himself start to enjoy the attention. He reasoned that like his son, he had a secret too. He was awake and enjoying it. They both could get away with the forbidden act and not have to face the personal embarrassment of it.
Besides, all that was happening was his son was copping a feel. Big deal.
Then another change occurred. He sensed his son looking at him. Probably double checking to make sure he wasn’t waking up.
Then the fingertips left him and his sons hand was wrapped around his dick again. Kyle changed his position once more. He lowered his body and positioned his head closer to his father’s penis. He seemed to be studying it for a minute.
Kent felt a familiar feeling. One he hadn’t felt since his encounter with Wayne.

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   Recognition came over him. Anticipation filled him.
“Oh god…is he going to?” he wanted to feel bad, but instead a small voice in his head began to rise up. ”Oh yes… you want to don’t you?” he couldn’t pretend he didn’t want it. His son wanted to put his mouth on his daddy’s cock and he reveled in the wrongness of it. So dirty. Mmmmm. The same thoughts cycled through his mind, gaining in intensity.
“Oh you naughty boy, you are gonna look at me and think about how you did something sooo kinky. You’re going to know you sucked daddy’s dick” He let it sink in and again his arousal went up. He almost wished he could feed his son his fat cock, push it in his waiting mouth, share the perversion in the open.
Then it happened, a soft wetness slowly engulfed him and Kyle went down, sucking softly, working his tongue on the underside. Pleasure exploded through him and he struggled to remain still. His son went down as far as he could, getting over half of it in and then began to rise. Kent prayed he wouldn’t stop there.

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   He didn’t. He came up, he went down, sucking, working it, and obviously enjoying it. Kent began to involuntarily move his pelvis to match the rhythm, willfully keeping it subtle. Kyle must have interpreted this as natural reaction and didn’t pause.
In fact, if anything he gradually increased his tempo, accenting his actions with soft slurping now audible. He even let out a few quiet moans and a few other sounds associated with the pleasure of the act. Kent knew Kyle was slightly caught up in the moment and let his own caution level drop, moaning in a low fashion he hoped would be associated with one who is caught in a deep pleasurable dream. So far it seemed to be working.
Kyle must have been convinced of his father’s level of unconsciousness because he soon began to use more force, sucking harder and slurping louder. Kent followed suit, trying to keep it convincing. His mind kept focusing on the fact that his son was sucking him. He kept thinking how Kyle must feel, knowing he was sucking daddy’s cock; he let this knowledge fill him. It began to overflow.
Suddenly he hit his peak and could no longer contain himself. He began thrusting his hips, and Kyle sucked harder.

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   His moans were no longer low, but load and guttural.
He ejaculated with more force than he could ever remember. Kyle tried to take it in his mouth but was soon sputtering as cum leaked out around the shaft engulfed in his mouth. He pulled away and the next wave shot a stream across his cheek and into his hair. The wave after that was lesser and merely dropped a couple of gobs on Kent’s belly.
Kent immediately resumed his feigned coma, trying to control his breathing. He wasn’t sure how Kyle could not know he was awake, but he wasn’t going to face the awkwardness tomorrow if he could help it. He shifted like a disturbed sleeper and let out a couple of semi convincing grunts associated with sleep. ”
Kyle used a towel to wipe off his father’s stomach and pulled his briefs back up then left the tent. To head for the bathrooms to get the cum out of his hair no doubt”. Kent wished he could have seen his son’s cum filled mouth and the cum on his face and hair. He barely got a glimpse as it happened.
Alone in the tent, he took a minute to shake off the incredible episode and compose himself. By the time Kyle got back, he had rolled over and was actually drifting off. His last thought before losing consciousness was that his son certainly seemed to know a bit too much about sucking some serious cock.

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Chapter 2
The morning sun sent a blinding beam through the window of the tent and directly into Kent’s closed eyes, waking him suddenly. Everything that had happened the previous night came instantly to his mind and it took but a second to shift gears.
He let out a pitiful moan and held his head as though it was splitting. Kyle stirred and Kent knew he was waking up. He let out another made a show of getting unsteadily to his feet and staggering out the tent door. Once outside, he hurried to the bathroom to take his morning piss and once finished, made another show of staggering back slightly recovered.
Kyle seemed to be eyeing him, gauging his state of mind. Kent made some clumsy attempts at picking up cans, knocking more over than he recovered. He appeared to shrug it off indifferently and sat at the picnic table once again hold his head and rubbing his eyes.
He looked to Kyle. “oh man, why’d you let me drink so much? I feel like I’m gonna die…”
Kyle studied him. ”I couldn’t stop you if I tried last night, you were in a zone. Do you remember anything?” he was testing the water.
“Not after the first couple. I don’t even remember going to bed, did you have to carry me?”
Kyle visibly relaxed.


   “Naw, you made it on your own power” he turned and headed to the johns. Kent knew then that everything was going to be just fine. Business as usual.
With the exception that he had the knowledge that his son sucked the shit out of his daddy’s big fat dick and gagged on his cum. Kent felt his cock harden quickly. ” Whoops, better not think of that just yet” he thought, then “I’ll save that for when I’m alone and can do something about it” he anticipated the moment he could relive the awesome experience.
Part two coming…


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