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She had never seen anything so big, it was at least four inches wide and about eight inches long, and he wasn’t even hard. “Suck you fucking little whore!” he commanded. She just kneeled there not sure what to do, all of a sudden she felt the palm of his hand connect with the face sending her into the floor once more. “When I tell you to do something don’t just sit there like a dumb little bitch, do it!” Again she felt his hand connect with flesh leaving another giant red mark. He grabbed her by the hair and lifted face back level with his now semi-hard organ. “No be a good little slut and suck it” she pensively opened her mouth and took his cock into her. The very thought of ever doing this to a man had never occurred to her in the past, the fact that her girlfriends all did it to their boyfriends made her sick to the stomach. Yet now that she was finally experiencing it, she didn’t think it was all that bad. She had only taken about a quarter of the monster dick into her mouth and she already felt as though she was going to choke if she took any more. She almost chundered when he grabbed the back of her hair and forced the rest of his cock into her mouth and down her throat, she tried to move back to get it out of her throat but he was to strong and he held her head there. “That’s better bitch all the way down your throat, now make like a good girl and make me cum!” She began to suck his dick once again, and each time that his cock went down her throat it got easier until she finally got the hang of it, he was starting to moan and wriggle around now and she wondered if there was something wrong with him. She went to take his dick out of her mouth to ask if something was the matter when she felt a large slimy ball hit the back of her throat. “Swallow you little cunt, and if you spill any of it I will beat you into next week”. She started to swallow, but no matter how hard or fast she swallowed it just kept coming. Eventually after what seemed like litres of the slimy substance it stopped, he took his dick from her mouth and collapsed onto the lounge. “That was the best fucking headjob I have ever had, I can’t wait to see what your little cunt is like bitch”, she knew what her cunt was but didn’t know what he meant by seeing what it was like.

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  See looked between his legs and saw that his dick was slowly starting to grow again; she began to fear what would happen. After it was standing again he grabbed her around the hips and lifted her from the floor. He carried her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. Once he had her down he instructed her to spread her legs as far apart as she could get them. She did what she was told out of pure fear for her safety, she spread her legs until all her muscles began to complain, then he grabbed her legs and forced further apart.
    She screamed in agony as she felt the muscles in her thighs tear, she started to squirm in his grip attempting to get her legs away so that the pain might abate but she had no such luck. He climbed on top of her and she gave in to him finally realising that he would do with her as she pleased and there was nothing she could do about it. She felt the head of his dick come to rest on her puffy red pussy lips and she tensed. “That’s right you dirty fucking bitch, you had better get ready because your about to feel what it’s like to fuck a real man”. Phhhhhttt, she spat in his face one last sign of defiance. “No real man would do what you’re doing, so just get whatever it is that you’re going to do over with and then get the fuck out of my house”. Another scream left her lips, but was cut short as her breath left her. He had finally done it; his entire mammoth cock had been shoved all the way into her cunt. She felt as though it was going to come out of her mouth. He started to thrust into her, not caring about how much pain she was in.

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       Fortunately for her he didn’t last long. The fact that she was so tight had made him cum quickly and for this she was at least thankful. Now that it was finally over she passed out, thankful to finally be dropping into a peaceful oblivion. She woke the next morning, her assailant still at her side. She pulled her up onto one elbow and stroked his face. She was lucky to have such a caring father; he had helped her fulfil a fantasy that she could never have fulfilled if she had gotten with any of the boys that had propositioned her at school. He eyes fluttered as he woke. “Hey baby girl”“Morning daddy”“Are you ok”?“I am fine daddy, thankyou for being the greatest dad in the whole world”“No baby thankyou for being the greatest fuck in the world, I have never had such a tight little pussy around my cock before”“Well daddy” she said as she laid back and spread her legs “You can have this tight little pussy anytime that you want”. He smiled as he mounted his daughter for the second time he knew that this was going to be a great father daughter relationship. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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