Father’s Diary


    I am a 43 year-old constructor. Clever, handsome, rich, these descriptions has nothing to do with me; in fact, the only things that I am proud of my self are my muscular body and my huge dick. What do you know? They did help me won the heart of my beautiful wife. My wife and our daughter, Lily, were the dearest things to me. Fate, however, seems to be jealous of me, it took my wife away from us when Lily was only 10 year-old.
        Ever since my wife’s death, my daughter and I both became the most important people to each others. For 3 years we lived in harmony. Life was not necessary abundant, but it was happy, for we have each others.
        Lily was my proudest procession. Her gorgeous eyes sparkle with happiness. Her little ponytail can win the hearts of all adults, and her skin as smooth as baby. Unlike other girls, however, Lily begins to develop quite early. By the age of 12 she already processes a sexy figure, a figure so attractive that it becomes the main attraction of all the perverted men outside. I never bother to teach her anything about man and woman, because I am also one of those perverted men.
        My morality always tells me it was wrong to have anything bad thought toward my own daughter, but my morality was gradually broke as Lily develops everyday. My last defence of morality was eventually broken, and that’s when my diary begins.

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May 24, Sunny
        Today Lily was supposed to go fundraising today buy selling passengers little flags. She is good at that. Most men are more then willing to spend a buck to exchange the moment when my lovely Lily sticks a flag sticker onto their chest. Today, however, many men would miss out that chance, for I was going to make a move on my daughter.
        Lily was wearing her usually mini-skirt and T-shirt today. I am so poor that I can’t afford to buy her any beautiful clothing, but Lily never complains. You can’t find a better daughter in the whole while world. That’s why I must enjoy my every moment spent with her.
        Before she leaves, Lily hugged me and gave me a small good-bye kiss. I repay her with a big hug. I love the feeling when my huge arms hold onto her small body. It felt like I own her and she can never escape my grasp. The moment she left the house I went into my room and start disguising. I learnt about disguising from the internet, they have everything online these days.
        Only a few moments and I was transfer into a very old man.

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   The only thing that will give away my disguise was my inconsistently muscular body, but Lily shouldn’t be able to realize that.
        When all was ready, I left my house and went to the site where Lily was supposed to be fundraising. Near the entrance of a park I found my lovely daughter Lily. The cruel sun never stops torturing the little girl. Lily was covered in sweat. Her shirt was soaked that you can even see her bra inside. Lily, however, didn’t seems to have any complains. She just tried her best, trying to sell her flag stickers to everyone.
        I walked up to her, and tried to make my voice and low as possible, hoping she won’t realize my real identity.
“Hello mister, would you like to buy a flag for the poor children?”
“Why sure, I remember the days when I barely have any food. You have to help those in need right?”
“That’s right! You are so very kind mister. Here, your flag. ”
“You know, I happen to have extra money with me today. Can I buy all of your flags?”
“Al…all of them?”
“O so I can’t buy them all at once?”
“No, no mister! That’s not what I meant. Thank you very, very much for your kindness.

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   Here are about 50 flags here. ”
“Ho, ho, ho, that was no biggy, but there is one problem…”
“What is it mister?”
“I am afraid some big guy would want to rob me if I pull out that many cash in such a crowded place. Can we go somewhere quiet?”
“O certainly mister. ”
        How naïve, only a few lies and she was willing to follow a stranger to a quiet place. I guess I am the one to blame, since I never bother to teacher her stuff like these.
        I led her deep into the park. I knew there was a spot in the park where there are tons of trees and people rarely walk by. Once we were there I made sure we were in the blind spot from the main road.
“Okay, I think we are safe here. So how many flags are there?”
“Fifty, sir, here you go. And thanks again for your kindness. ”
        She passed me her flag stickers and opened up her two hands, ready to receive my money. I pulled out 50 bucks, but I didn’t give it to her right away. I pretend to be troubled and play dumb with Lily.
“Hm…what use do I have with all these flags?”
“Huh? I don’t know, it’s up to you.

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“But then why should I pay so much money for some useless flag stickers?”
“But, but sir. I already gave you the flags. ”
        Lily looked like she was about to cry. I guess she got her reasons. If all her flags are gone but there isn’t any money to return. The fundraising leaders might think she stole them all. For that reason, she was playing right into my hand.
“Well…I guess I will pay for your flags, but only if you promised to play a little sticker game with me. ”
“A sticker game?”
“Yes, it’s a little game that I used to play when I was your age. It was a long time since the last time I play it. How I wish to play it again. ”
“O, if that’s the case, a simple game would be fine. ”
“O you are one kind girl. Thank you. ”
“No problem.

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   So how do you play it?”
“O it was easy. You just come here; stand next to this tree and turn around to face it. That’s right. Now, put your hands up and hold onto the log. That’s basically all you have to do. I will start sticking these stickers on to you. No matter how ticklish you feel. You can’t move, or else you will lose and I won’t pay you anything. ”
“Okay, I got it. Hehehe. ”
        Cute little Lily even thought it would be fun. Kids.
“Okay, so one on your hand…one on your arm…and one under your armpit. ”
“Hehehe, it tickles. ”
“One on your leg and one inside your skirt.

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        Step by step I started to invade her sensitive parts. I reached my hand into her skirt and started to feel her leg and butt. Lily was shaking from ticklish, but she didn’t dare to move. Her legs were so soft and her skin was so smooth; it felt like my hand was skating on some soft ground. I continued to feel her leg, touching her pussy once in a while as if I didn’t mean it. Lily seemed to have some feeling, for her cheek started to blush and she started to breath heavily.
“Now one on your belly and one…oops, your shirt is in the way. I guess we should remove it. ”
        Then, without her reply I lifted her T-shirt up and took it off. Lily show a bit of resistant, but I threatened her if she move I won’t pay her a buck, so she quietly returned to her pose and allowed me to continue my little game.
        I stuck some more stickers on her body, touching her at the same time. I ran my hands on her stomach, then her back, and slowly, I reached up to her little bra. I teased her breasts by rubbing it lightly, picking her nipple once in a while. Don’t underestimate my 13 year-old daughter; my hands were barely enough to grab hold of her tits. I rubbed and rubbed, and then suddenly I pull her breasts outward, squeezed them at the same time.

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        Lily let out a moan, face redder than ever. Her bra has a butterfly nod in the front. Almost all of her bras are like that, because I bought them for her. I reached for the nod, and slowly untie it.
“Ah! Mister what are you doing?!”
“O, o, one on your chest, and one on your little cherry…”
        I continued to play dumb with her and play my little game. I stopped touching her for a second, avoiding her suspicion. Maybe because she saw me stop my movement and so concentrated at my game. Lily stopped complaining and let me continue my game.
        While I continue with my sticker game, I stood closer to Lily, and place my harden cock to her butt. Lily didn’t resist, maybe because she thought that was my arm. Even through my pant and I can felt her bouncy ass, almost covered my cock.
        When I finished all my stickers, I reached up to Lily’s arms with my left hand and grabbed hold of them, so she can’t put them down. My right hand started to reach down to her skirt. Lily finally realized there was something wrong. If my left hand was holding her and my right hand is touching her.

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   What was that hard thing at her ass?
        Lily started to struggle, but even time she moves her nipples would touch the rough surface of the tree. I enjoy the sight when Lily tried to get away but her every movement would stimulate her already harden tits. When she struggle her butt would move around and massage my cock. I almost come just because of that.
“Mister please stop, can we play some other games? I don’t like this game. ”
“Another game? Sure!”
        I turned her around, put my whole left arm around her waist and suck on her nipple. My right hand reached into her skirt and started to rubber her slightly wetted pussy through her panty. Finally Lily started to panic. She tried to push away from me, but my muscular still hold her in my grasp.
“No! Stop, please let me go! I won’t take your money, please just let me go!”
“Well, I guess I could let you go, I will even pay you. You just have to do me one last favour. ”
“Yes! Anything else, just please stop. ”
        I let go of her and took my cock out. It was so hard already that the veins were as large as an earthworm.
“Well you see little girl, my penis is sick.

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   Some cream was stuck inside and they won’t come out no matter what. All you have to do is to suck them out for me. ”
“But…I don’t know how. ”
“It will be easy, I will teach you. ”
        I had Lily kneeled down in front of me, and I placed my cock near her mouth.
“Just suck on it like you would when you eat a lollipop, you hands hold on to it and move up and down. It will help pumping the creams out. ”
        Lily unwillingly reached for my cock, and slowly places it into her tiny mouth. Her tiny hands wrapped around my cock and move them up and down. Her tiny mouth tried to suck on my cock but the best she could do was to place the head of my penis in. Nonetheless she tried her hardest. She sucks on them like lollipop, just like she used to do when she was a kid, licking it once in a while too.
        I was already close to my limit. Her soft hands and mouth was like adding oil on fire. Only 2 minutes and Lily sent me to the heaven.

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   Large amount of sperm came out into Lily’s mouth. I believe she ate some of it, because I saw her chocking after I exploded.
        Damn! I was planning to fuck her that day. But Lily was so gifted that I came much earlier then I expect. I guess I will have to find another chance then.
        I paid her the 50 bucks I promised. She even said thank you before she leaves, what a good kid. That night Lily came home quiet early. She was quiet for the whole night, even if I tried to ask her what made her so quiet.
    She only said she was too tired that’s all. I was a bit relieved. This means what ever I do to her in the future; she will only keep them to her self. Hohoho, I can’t wait for the next time we have fun together Lily.
    Dec 26, Cloudy       
    Today is Boxing Day. I went outside to buy Lily a white bikini as her Christmas present.


       Bikini for Christmas might sounds weird, but they are cheap during this period of the year. Lily would love this, because her old one was way too small for her now, so small that you can see her nipples shown through it. Not that I don’t like the sight of that, but I can stand other man staring at her when she goes to the pool. If the pool was crowded, lots of man would even gather around Lily, touching her body as they pretend to swim or play. Lily herself was too naïve to realize anything, but I was certainly mad to see that. Although I can’t deny that I got turned on by the sight of that.
            So after dinner, I gave Lily the present. She jumped up and down, clapping her hands like she would do when she was 5.
    “Happy Christmas honey. ”
    “O thanks dad! I wonder what you got me this year. Oh, I am so exited!”
    “I know you will love it. ”
    “O wow! A new swimming suit! I love it dad, the old one is getting too tight for me. Thank you, this one is very cute. ”
    “So are you honey. ”
            Lily gave me a light kiss in the cheek.

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       I left her in the living room to admire her new bikini and went into my room to grab the camera.
    “Hey Lily, why don’t you try that on and we will take some picture, see how it suits you. We will take some pictures too. ”
    “Hey that’s a great idea! I go change. ”
            After a few minutes, Lily exited from her room. Gosh…I dare say my Lily is the prettiest girl in the whole world. Her perfect skin was rival to the white bikini, long legs, bouncy tits, along with the most pure smile, even the angel have to hide in shame at the sight of Lily.
    “How do I look dad?”
    “Gr…great. You look great in it honey. Let’s take some pictures. ”
            I took a few quick pictures of my lovely daughter, and then I couldn’t control my lust anymore. I approach her, pretend that I am going to take some close shots. I reached for her face, then her shoulder and slowly move my hand toward her waist.
    “Sigh…my daughter has grown so much. You are beautiful honey.

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    “Hehe, thanks dad. Dad quit it! It tickles hehe. ”
            My daughter thought I was playing some game with her, so she kept dodging my touch while laughing. I pretended to play with her as well, but my eye sight was faced at her bouncing tits and my hands kept touching her. Finally my lust went over my head and I grabbed her breasts.
    “Ah! What are you doing dad?”
    “I just want to see how much my lovely daughter have grown that’s all. Don’t worry, I am you father remember. ”
            Usually lies like this would work, but Lily seems very resistance to me rubbing her breasts. Maybe it’s because of her experience with me last time in the park. She escaped into her room, saying she was tired and she is going to bed, and then locked her door. I am not in any rush. I look back into those pictures I took earlier. Just by looking at them turns me on. I started to jerk myself, and very soon I shot some sperm onto the pictures. “It’s time” I thought to my self.

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            I took out the spare key to my daughter’s room, and opened the lock gently. Lily was already asleep, and changed into her pyjama as well. I quietly move toward her bed and sit next to her. Carefully I observed the childish sleeping face of my daughter. It made me felt very guilty to have any wrong thought toward her, but her chest was going up and down due to her breathing. Just at the sight of that turned me on again.
            I carefully lifted up her blanket, revealing her pink flowery pyjama. I reached for the buttons, and unbutton them one by one. In no time, Lily’s braless tits were revealed to me. Two little cherries were as pink as…well as cherries I guess. I reached for her nipples and pitch it. To my surprise, Lily’s body trembled a bit when I touch her nipples. I looked up to her face and I could saw her eyes jumping under the closed eyelids, face red like an apple. Lily was still awake!
           I freaked out, but when I noticed that Lily did not show any sign of resistance, I know she was scared. Again I got bold; I started to suck on her nipples and playing her tits and the same time.

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       Lily’s breathing got heavier by the minute, yet still no sign of resistance. I slowly took off her pants and placed my already oiled penis close to her vagina.
            Naïve Lily still tried to pretend she was sleeping, but her eyes shut so tight and her hands hold the pillow very tight as well. It was obvious she knew what’s going to happen and was scared.
    “Sorry Lily, but you are too lovely, I have to do this. Forgive me. ”
    “No…. ”
            I could hear her quiet pled, but it was too late to stop me now. Nothing can stop me at that moment. I was going to take my daughter’s virginity! Closer and closer my penis draws toward her pussy. Any sec now…
    “What are you doing!?”
    “Ma. . . ma???”
            Fuck! It’s my mom. She got a spare key to my house and she probably wanted to celebrate late Christmas with Lily as well…O god I was busted…
    Dec 27, rain
            It seems like I got away last night by blaming I was drunk and I have no idea what I was doing.

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       I told my mom that I missed my dead wife too much that I mistaken Lily to be her. My soft hearted mom believed in it. Although she buys it, she still thinks Lily should spend the rest of her holiday with my dad back in the country side. And she will live with me instead, to make sure that I have no wrong thought toward Lily. Well…I guess we will have to have our fun later then. The only worry now is my dad, who is going to spend many days with my lovely daughter,.
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