During several of these episodes, I watched as my sister masturbated. I could tell by the way she walked into her room at night if she was going to masturbate that night. She would close the door behind her and lock it, something that she never did unless she was going to masturbate. She also turned up her music loud, loud enough so that I could hear it through the double-plated window. She would then provocatively slide off her clothes, as if she was undressing for someone else. Little did she know that she was. I could tell that she evoked pleasure from undressing this way, and watched her shiver with delight as she slid her silk panties off her hips and down her legs. She sometimes used lotion, bringing the bottle to the bed and coating her fingers until they slid effortlessly past her rosy lips. I would watch as she lay on the bed in front of me spread-eagle with one hand working feverishly on her clit and the other grabbing at her small-C cup breasts. At one point, she actually grabbed the bottle of lotion and, covering the neck of the bottle with the lotion from her fingers and turning around so that she was in a doggy-style position with her ass facing me, pushed the first half of the bottle up into her pussy. I watched as she pushed the bottle up into herself and her lips spread wide to accept the large bottle. I could see her tits hanging downward, crowned with her hard, bloated nipples, and her open asshole as it winked at me. She worked herself up into a frenzy, moving her hips back and forth with the motion of the bottle. What she did next surprised me. She leant her head down so that she was balancing on her head and knees, and, with one hand still working the bottle in and out of her cunt, reached her other still-lubed finger back to her asshole. She started by just running her finger around it, circling the puffy, pink tissue.

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   Soon, however, she started applying more and more pressure, and finally ended up with her finger two knuckles deep in her tight hole. She began to pump her finger in her ass to the same rhythm of the bottle, and soon was crying out in pleasure. I watched as she came so hard that the nectar squirted out from around the bottle and absorbed into the white bed sheets. My sister crumbled in a heavy-breathing heap onto the bed, legs together and bottle sticking out from between them. I watched as she lay there, her chest rising and falling as she gasped for breath. She rolled over and fell asleep almost immediately. She lay there with her eyes closed and the lights and music on, and I could tell she was dreaming already. As I stood there, stroking my hard-on and watching my sleeping sister in her naked glory, I made a decision. I need proof for myself that this whole thing happened, I thought. I might wake up tomorrow and forget all about it, thinking it was just a good dream. No, I thought, I can't let that happen. I sneaked back into the house through the patio door and proceeded down to the basement. I grabbed the video camera, threw a battery in the back, and stopped on my way through the family room for a tape. I then went upstairs and retrieved the small wrench that opens all the doors in the house. I had used it when we were younger if my sisters had locked themselves in a room when we were playing hide and seek or some other game.

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   I went back downstairs, set up the camera and the tripod, and hit record, so that the camera would not make a sound when I was in the room. For this reason, the first couple seconds of the tape are dark, but it makes it more realistic anyway. I fumbled with the wrench, partly because of the dark and partly because of my increasing anticipation. I finally fit the wrench, and twisted. The lock gave a soft click, and I pushed down on the handle, swinging the door open about six inches. Peering in, I saw with relief that my sister had not budged; she still lay naked on top of the covers in the same position. The bottle, however, was now in my sister's hand instead of in her cunt, where I had last seen it. This made me a bit afraid, as if she might still be awake. However, I could hear her breathing deeply, and decided to forge ahead. The music was still playing loud so I pulled the door closed behind me. I crept in my sock-covered feet towards the side of the bed, the side closest to the door. As I neared the bed, the aroma of beer and hard liquor bombarded my senses. So she went out and drank tonight, I thought. That would explain why she had passed out so quickly. That might also explain the wild behavior.

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  I set up the camera five or six feet from the bed and stood behind it, zooming in on my sister's round tits and trying to keep my erection in my pants. As I panned down her body, which was slightly facing me, she suddenly rolled onto her back, and as she did so her knees bent and she ended up spread eagle with her knees slightly raised off the bed. I couldn't believe my good luck. With my sister showing no signs of knowing I was in the room, I quickly picked up the camera and tripod and moved around to the foot of the bed. As I set the camera down, I stopped and stared at the sight in front of me. It was even better than seeing her through the window. My sister lay there, knees bent, spread eagle not even four feet from me. At this point, I couldn't control my hard-on, and unleashed it from my pants. Just the release from its former binds felt great, but now my cock grew even harder. The tip became swollen and red, and the veins stood out like braille lines. I stood behind the camera, one hand on my dick and the other on the zoom button, and recorded an extreme close-up. With her legs spread apart, her pussy lips opened out in front of me, and I watched as her clit seemed to harden and grow. She must be having one hell of a dream, I thought. I left the camera running and slowly knelt by the side of the bed. I again paused to make sure my sister was still in a deep sleep.

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   Assuring myself that she was, I slowly reached a hand out to her cunt, pausing again as I neared her. I again ventured on, and lightly touched her clit with my forefinger. Not a movement from my sleeping sister. I started stroking her hard clit slowly and still lightly, not believing that I was actually touching my sister's cunt. I added a bit more pressure, and my sister still did not respond, continuing to sleep peacefully. However, as I stroked, I noticed my sister's cunt getting wetter and wetter, and the sweet aroma reached my nose. I slid my finger down the slit of her lips, and brought my finger to my mouth. The taste was fantastic, but I don't know whether it was the actual taste or the thought that I was tasting my sister's vagina that made it so wonderful. Lubricating my finger with my sister's own juices, I began to push my finger up into her cunt. Because the bottle had stretched her out so much, she was loose enough that I could push my finger in all the way to the middle knuckle without any interference. I began to work my finger in and out of her cunt slowly. I slowly removed my finger and stood, returning to the head of the bed. I stood there, with my cock in my hand, and whispered my sister's name in her ear. I wasn't even worried that she would wake up at this point. I could always tell her that I had walked in and she had been lying there nude, with the camera rolling.

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   She got so drunk that night that she wouldn't have remembered even talking to me in the morning. Satisfied that my sister was out cold, I lowered my cock head into her open mouth. My cock pushed her mouth open slightly as I went, but she made no movement and I proceeded. The feeling of her tongue on the tip of my cock and the fact that I was getting all this on camera was driving me crazy. That's enough of this, I thought. Might as well take full advantage of the situation. I withdrew my cock from her mouth and returned to the foot of the bed. I knelt on the bed in between my sister's thighs after repositioning the camera for the best angle. Leaning down on my left hand and using my right to position the head of my cock at her opening, I slowly buried my cock all the way up to the hilt. I withdrew, and again slowly plunged into my sister's stretched pussy. The feeling was unbelievable. Looking down at my sister as my cock slid in and out of her, I began to pick up the pace. As I did this, I felt a hand on my hip. Suddenly my sister's eyes fluttered open, and she smiled into my astonished and scared face. Without saying a word, she pulled my lips to hers and we kissed for the first time, with my cock still buried to the hilt in her.

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  She broke the kiss and laughed. "Martin, I've wanted you to fuck me for so long. Do you think I'm stupid? I know you sit outside my window every night and watch me undress. I never said anything because I liked putting shows on for you. I would get off every night undressing for you, thinking about you every time I masturbated. I made up my mind before I got home that tonight would be the night. "My mouth was still hanging open in disbelief when she rolled me over and climbed on top of me. "The camera was a touch I didn't expect," she said. "We'll leave it on, though. That'll be a great video when we're done, I assure you. " The camera was towards the end of the bed, and was getting a perfect shot of my sister's perfect ass. From her kneeling position on top of me, she grabbed each of my hands and placed them on her breasts. She then leaned forward and, looking through her legs to position her cunt, impaled herself on my cock. She let out a sigh as her cunt enveloped my rod, and had to widen her legs to take the whole length. As I lay back with my hands cupping and squeezing her perfect tits, my sister went to town, bouncing up and down in my lap.

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   I reached down and rubbed her clit with two fingers, and she started moaning in time to her bouncing. Within three minutes, she was going wild, and came soon after, spurting cum all over my legs. She collapsed on top of me, and I slid out from underneath her, keeping her on her stomach on the bed. I pulled her hips up so that she was again on her knees with her face in the pillow. I leant down and licked the full length of her ass crack, starting from her cunt and going all the way up, past her asshole. She shuddered as I did this, and so I concentrated my tongue on her asshole. I ran my tongue along the pink tissue around her asshole, as I had watched her do a while before with her finger. She was getting so much pleasure from this that she almost came again. I stopped and reached down and grabbed the bottle of lotion, the same bottle that my sister had shoved up her cunt. I squirted a good amount into my hand and rubbed this all over my cock, and squirted lotion in the crack of her ass. My sister realized what I was going to do, and looked around to tell me to be gentle. I first worked a finger into her ass, up to the third knuckle. She was still loose from finger-fucking her ass before, so I knelt and guided my cock to her entrance. Pushing past the O-ring was tough at first, but as I slowly pushed, my cock head popped in and my sister sighed in pleasure. I slowly pushed farther in until I had finally filled my sister's ass with my cock.

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  The sensation was incredible, like nothing else I had ever experienced. The feeling of her tight O-ring squeezing tightly around my cock made me almost cum immediately, so I slowed the pace and concentrated on deep, slow thrusts. My breathing was lost in the sound of my sister's moaning, and she came again, frantically massaging her clit with her palm. As she came, I picked up the pace again, grabbing her ass and moving it back and forth in rhythm with my pumping. I came in her ass with incredible force, feeling the release like I had never felt before. I pulled out and cum dripped down the crack of her ass as I rubbed what remained all over her ass cheeks. Invigorated, she grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. We jumped in the shower together and explored every inch of each other's body as the hot water sprayed over us. I was hard again in no time, and my sister knelt in the shower, taking my cock deep into her throat. She licked the precum leaking from the tip, and ran her tongue all over my balls, sucking one at a time into her mouth. She let my cock go and bent over in front of me. She begged, "Please, fuck my pussy. I want that fucking cock in my pussy SO bad!" I had to oblige, as my hard on was now raging again. I let her guide my cock up to her pussy lips, and quickly thrust deep into her. She let out a sigh of relief and started moving her ass backward to meet me.

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  "You are a horny little bitch, aren't you?" I said. Her deep guttural moans were her only reply as I fucked her for a good twenty minutes. I was determined not to cum too soon. She came another three times, frantically humping my cock as her juices squirted out onto my cock and mingled with the warm water. I finally let loose my incestuous fluid, shooting my cum deep into her pussy. I held her around the waist, feeling my orgasm spasm through me, until it was over and my limp cock fell out of her loose pussy. We got out of the shower and toweled each other off. As we dozed off, kissing and fondling each other, I thought to myself, "Nothing will let me forget about tonight. " My sister would never let my forget, as it turned out. She was ready to fuck every time we were alone after that night. Even while we watched movies in the family room, she would jerk me off under a blanket or slip my hand under her panties. We also watched our own movie of that first night very often, usually when we were the only ones home so we could act it out again as we watched. I will never forget that first night, and the film in the camera will make sure of that. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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