Mary and I had decided at the end of our freshman year in college to move in together. That was just a little less than a year ago. As the summer was winding to a close and we were getting ready to begin our junior year, we decided to spend a week with each of our families, before classes started up again.
I have four sisters and two brothers. Your typical Irish Catholic family. My older sister had moved out of state, but my three younger sisters were still at home. Ruth is going to be a senior in high school. She is 5’6”, long, dark hair, with some auburn highlights, blue eyes, and a slender, athletic figure. Terri, was born just 11 months after Ruth. She has short, dirty blonde hair, and a slim, muscular body, due to her running track and playing soccer. Her eyes are green and she has some legs that just don’t quit. She is a couple of inches taller than Ruth, 5’ 8”, with a small, yet blooming, butt. My youngest sister, Kathy, doesn’t figure into these events, so I won’t go into details, other than she is a high school freshman, and just beginning to come into her own.
Mary and I arrived at my parent’s house on Sunday evening. We exchanged the usual pleasantries with my parents and discussed the past school year. Being staunch Catholics, my parents would never allow Mary and I to sleep together, at least not in their house! This, despite the fact that we had been living, and sleeping together, for nearly a year.

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   Mary was to stay in my old room, and I would be spending the week on the sleeper sofa in our family room, that is just outside of my old room. My parents sleep on the main floor of their ranch style home. My younger brother, the baby of the family, at 12, and my youngest sister, Kathy, also had their bedrooms on the main floor. Ruth’s bedroom is on the lower level, where my old room is, as is Terri’s room. The layout of the lower level is like this. Ruth and Terri’s bedrooms are at the south end of the house. My old room is at the north end, off of the game room and family room. The laundry room and a full bath are also on this floor. The downstairs backdoor leads out to a small patio with a hot tub and my sisters had talked my dad into putting an above ground, 4’ deep pool, in our back yard. It is just one of those free standing, plastic jobs, but it was a place for the girls to lay out and cool off in the summer. The city code required my dad to put up a privacy fence, to enclose the pool and make it less accessible to small children. There are also tall bushes along both sides and a row of poplar trees growing on the back property line.
Mary and I were finishing off our second round of “toddies” with the folks, when Ruth came home from her friend Jo Anne’s house. She skipped over to where I was standing and wrapped her arms around me. Nearly squeezing the breath from me, she hugged me and pressed her firm B-cup breasts into my chest.

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   Standing on her tip toes, her pelvis was pressed firmly against my crotch.
“John, it is so nice to have you home! She spoke enthusiastically.
“It’s nice to see you too, sis. ” I replied. “But you are going to strangle me if you don’t let go of me pretty soon. ”
I could feel my cock beginning to stir from the sensations her firm breasts and pelvis were causing in me, a direct effect of her ardent hugging. As she released me, I could clearly see that her nipples were hard and erect. It was a hot August afternoon, and her flimsy wife beater T-shirt was damp, and clinging to her pert breasts. I thought maybe it was due to the air-conditioning, but hoped it was from sexual arousal. I did feel a bit awkward. Here I was with a bulge in my shorts, gazing at my sister, trying to maintain eye contact and not look too obvious about ogling her firm titties.
I guess I should preface this by telling you that as youngsters, my sisters and I had played our share of “doctor” and other games that involved exploring each other’s bodies. It usually just involved my older sister Chris and I. Then as Ruth and Terri got older, I would engage them in the same activities. Sometimes these games would include two or three of my sisters and I.

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   I had participated with all of my sisters in playing “The Cover Game” .   This usually involved dry humping, touching each other’s pee place, and sometimes some “dare you to put your mouth on it”. Meaning the girls would take my cock into their mouth or I would suck on a nipple or lick their “pee spot”. Terri and Kathy sometimes played these games with my younger brother, when I “got too old to play” and on a few occasions, I had witnessed my younger sisters engaging in these games without my brother or I. My games with them had never progressed to the point of actual fucking, but it did involve lots of incestuous, pre-teen and adolescent oral sex. But, as time went by, we apparently, somehow, “outgrew” these activities.
OK, back to the present events.
Ruth had crossed the room and was now greeting Mary with a warm embrace. Mary gave my bulging crotch a glance and smiled at me. As Ruth released Mary, I could also see that my lovely girlfriend’s nipples were also protruding from her round nearly D-cup breasts. It was either colder in the house than I felt, or the sensation of having my sister’s taut nipples poking into her rounded tits, was causing some sort of excitement in her also.
“It’s just so great to have you both here. ” Ruth finally declared. “How long are you staying?”
“We’re here for a week. ” Mary replied.

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   “Then were off to visit my family for a week. ”
“That’s great! It will give me some time to get to know you better. ” Ruth returned. “As well as have a chance to see my big brother again. ”
“It’s getting late. ” My mother broke in. “You had better get your things from the car so that you two can get settled. ”
“Remember, John. This is my house. I don’t care if you two live in sin when you aren’t here, but there will be no sleeping together in my house!” My dad interjected.
“Oh, dad, join the 21 st century!” Ruth scoffed.
“I understand dad. ” I assured him.
Ruth followed Mary and I to the car to assist us. I noticed Mary glancing at my sister’s small breasts as Ruth was leaning into the opposite side of the car.

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   From my vantage point, standing behind Mary, I had the same clear view of my sister’s tits and nickel-sized areola’s.
“Can you believe that dad is making you guys sleep in separate beds?” Ruth questioned, as she leaned further in to take one of the bags. “I can’t wait to go to college so that I don’t have to listen to all of his, “Because good girls don’t behave that way” lectures. Do you know he still waits up for me! I have to have guys park a block away to say goodnight, just so he doesn’t spy on us making out! I swear he must think he is the Pope and that all of us girls should become nuns!
I was so busy gazing at my sister’s perfect, young breasts that I didn’t notice she was looking at me looking at her tits. That is, not until I felt Mary’s tight round ass back into me as she moved back out of the car.
I stumbled backwards as Mary exclaimed, “Damn John, are you just going to get in the way! Or are you going to be of some help here? Your sister is more help then you are!”
“I think he must be preoccupied with something!” Ruth responded, while giving me a wry little smile.
I blushed as Mary looked at me and saw the bulge in my shorts.
“John, is that from me backing into you or are you just really horny?” Mary quizzed in a low whisper.
I leaned into the car as Mary and Ruth walked toward the house with a few of Mary’s and my things. Mary stopped about halfway there, turning around, she looked at me as Ruth laughed. I figured that Ruth must have told Mary that she caught me staring at her breasts and Mary was giving me a rather odd look.
I spent a few extra minutes getting things from the car. Then I noticed Ruth walking back to the car alone. I quickly grabbed a couple of more things, closed the car door and started to walk back to the house. As I passed by Ruth, she chuckled; “They aren’t just “little mosquito bites” anymore are they?” A clear reference to how I used to tease her about our pre-pubescent days of sexual exploration.

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   I wasn’t able to respond and continued to walk toward the house.
I carried the things down to my old room where Mary was waiting. I was ready to turn around and just try to figure out what I should do or say. Mary interrupted my thoughts with the quip, “Get that stuff in here you pervert! I want to talk to you!” As I set the duffel bag and backpack on the floor, Mary pushed me to the bed. I was caught completely off guard as she spoke, “I was a little pissed at you when Ruth told me that she saw you staring at her tits. My first thoughts were of what a sicko you must be. Then I remembered how my two brothers were always trying to catch a glimpse of my boobs when we were growing up. I guess that boys will be boys! I swear all you guys think about are tits and pussies! So if that is where your mind is, I’ll give you some!”
Mary lay down on top of me, grinding her pelvic bone into my crotch. She breathed huskily into my ear, “Take me here John, I’ll make you forget all about your little sisters sexy, little breasts! I saw them too and I can’t blame you for looking at them. I’m just glad she didn’t catch me looking too. ” She gripped my wrist and guided my hand under her shirt, pushed her bra up and pressed my hand onto her firm round tit and rock hard nipple. She then slid her hand up the leg of my shorts, pushing them all the way up my leg. She firmly gripped my rigid cock with her tender hand. I was just about to tell her we had better not do this while my parents were still awake upstairs, but suddenly there was another voice!
“As much as I would love to watch you two get it on, you had better know that dad said he will be down in a couple of minutes!” Ruth abruptly declared. “Looks like it was going to be a real good time too.

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   Sorry to deflate your, uh-humm, brother!” She chuckled as she eyed my shrinking cock in Mary’s hand.
Mary quickly sat up, her shirt and bra still raised above her breasts, giving my sister a clear look at her full, rounded, C-cup, breasts. As Mary quickly regained her composure, rearranged her bra and shirt, she mumbled, “I’m sorry Ruth, but I was just trying to get his mind back on me. ”
“Oh, I don’t think that will be a problem. Your breasts are bigger than mine. My brother is a bit of a boob man and I know he likes yours much better. The bigger the better, right John?” Ruth taunted while pushing up at her own breasts. “But really you two, dad said to check on you and to let you know that the parents are going to bed. He did say it was my responsibility to make sure you two were not sleeping in the same room though. And John, you know dad, he will be up so early in the morning, probably around 5, so you had better be sure that you don’t fall asleep in the same bed!”
It was all I could do to keep my dick from getting hard again as I pulled the leg of my shorts back down over my cock. Wondering just how long Ruth had been watching Mary and I. How long had she been standing there watching Mary stroke my cock while I fondled her tits and slipped my hand into her pants. Had she seen all of this? Was my younger sister not upset or surprised by this? Just how much “parking” had she been doing before having her boyfriends finally bring her home?
Ruth spoke again, “Well; both Terri and Kathy are staying over at their friend’s house tonight. Too bad they didn’t get to see this sexy little show. I bet they would have liked seeing there brothers hard on as much as I did.

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   Not to mention your sexy boobs, Mary. I’m going out to take a quick dip in the pool. You two can join me if you like. ” Ruth invited. “Or you can go back to what you were doing, and run the risk of dad coming down, just to make sure I warned you about the sleeping situation, again!” She then sauntered out of the doorway and began removing her tank top while heading for the back door.
Mary and I just stared at each other for a few minutes. “Well, lets join your sister for a swim, since we probably can’t shower together here either. Maybe by that time your parents will be asleep and we can get back to what we were doing. ” Mary suggested.
She then walked toward the door, stating, “Apparently your sister isn’t requiring suits. Are you going to join me or just sit there?”
I was in total disbelief. Here was my girlfriend asking me if I was going to join her and my sister, in skinny-dipping! I let my dick do my thinking for me and was soon standing next to the ladder into the pool, still fully clothed. Mary had used the few minutes it took me to get to the pool to strip and lay her clothes on the patio next to Ruth’s few folded articles. I stood there for just a moment admiring the two naked female forms in the pool. I admired Mary’s naked body, the sensuous, large breasted blonde girl I was in love with.

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   And, floating on an air mattress, was my sister. Ruth was completely nude, seemingly unashamed of her naked body.
“Well, come on in big brother! Ruth exclaimed. Mom and dad never come out here, and besides, I’m sure they are both sound asleep by now. Are you afraid to let me see you naked again? It’s not like when we played our little games as kids, but I did just see your privates a few minutes ago. Mary and I are showing you ours, now you gotta do the same!” She commanded. “Otherwise I tell dad that I heard you two doing things he told you not to do!
Was my sister blackmailing me into getting naked? I really didn’t care. Seeing her firm breasts and the thin, landing strip of dark, wet, matted, curly hair between her slightly spread legs, lured me in. I abruptly tossed all of my clothing aside, walked up the short ladder, with my rigid cock waving from side to side, I slipped into the pool.
“Now there you go brother. Isn’t this much more comfortable? I know that couldn’t have felt too good keeping your stiff dick stuffed in your shorts. Mary is one lucky girl to get to stroke your cock the way she was in your old room! I remember when you used to let me do that too, but that was a few years back, huh? Long before I grew this stuff!” She said while brushing her hand across her neatly trimmed pubic hair. “It’s such a nuisance! I think I’ll see if your lovely girlfriend will show me how to shave it all off. Just like her completely bare puss! Is that why you like her pussy so much big brother? It does look so much like a little girls. Just like your sister’s pussies when you used to kiss them for us! Did you know that Mary? My brother used to spend hours talking his sisters into letting him put his tongue into our little “pee spots” and then we would all take turns putting his little boy thing in our mouths.

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   Did he ever tell you about our childhood games? No, probably not. Go ahead, John, tell her its all true. ”
I was stunned and shocked at the words my sister was using and the secret family stories she was sharing! “Ruth, please stop. ” I blurted.
It was then that I noticed that Mary had slipped her hand between her spread legs and was rubbing two v shaped fingers over her cleanly shaved pussy.
“Well it appears your beautiful girlfriend is enjoying my stories, big brother! You don’t want me to stop telling my story, do you Mary?” Ruth teased.
Ruth then slipped a single digit between her now wide spread legs. Her sweet young pussy was completely open before me and I saw the little clit that I used to lick when I was younger.
Mary stopped rubbing her pussy and walked over to me. She looked into my eyes, firmly gripped my rigid shaft and led me right up to the raft my nude sister was floating on. Both girls’ eyes appeared glassy and dazed. Mary reached up to Ruth’s hand and guided it to my pulsating cock. It had been years since I had felt my sister touch my cock.
    Now that I was grown up, my cock nearly exploded as Mary wrapped her hand around my sisters and began to move Ruth’s hand up and down my 7” shaft.
    I was awe struck.


       I wasn’t sure that any of this was really happening and if it was, was it supposed to feel this good? Mary released her hand and watched as Ruth continued to stroke my cock, just below the water line. Mary once again began to work on her own pussy and leaned forward to suckle my little sister’s nipple!
    She raised her head from the perky nipple for a moment and said, “It’s all right John. Isn’t this what you are always telling me you would like to do? Share me with another girl? Ruth is another girl and her body just drove me wild this afternoon. I never thought I would do this, but she is so much like you. It almost feels like I have been with her already. She is you, just in female form!”
    With that, my sexy Mary began to vigorously tongue my younger sister’s nipple again. Alternating licking it and then puckering her lips to suck the nipple in and stretch the elongated nipple and areola into her mouth, taking more of my sister’s breast into her mouth with each sucking action.
    I could tell Ruth was clearly aroused. She began to grip my shaft more firmly and quickened the pace of her stroke on it.
    “John, my sweet brother, give Mary what she wants. Show her how you used to use your tongue on my little pussy. I want to feel your warm wet tongue slipping up and down my wet cunt. Oh, yes John, like that. Show Mary how you used to use your tongue on me!”
    I feverishly began to tongue fuck my sisters wet pussy hole. The water was beginning to really move in the pool due to our rigorous frolicking! It had been years since I last had my face buried between my sweet sister’s legs.

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       I was now enjoying it with a renewed zest. The delicious flavor was the same, just maybe more pronounced. The sweet aroma was so inviting. I now found myself wanting to explore my sisters now mature pussy with my engorged cock. I watched Mary continue to alternate sucking first one breast and nipple, then the other. I also saw my sister raise her head to suckle on one of Mary’s elongated, nipples. Damn I wanted to feel my cock inside of my sister’s pussy, but I was afraid to interrupt any of the current activity, in fear that everyone might suddenly come to their senses.
    Ruth suddenly slipped off of the raft, stating, “I can’t take this anymore!” My fears were realized! My sister was putting a stop to my dream come true! Shit!
    “That’s all I can take out here! Were going to my room, John! Mary I want to lick your beautiful shaved pussy while I finally get to take your lovers, or should I say my sexy brother’s cock in my pussy! Don’t be alarmed big brother. I’m not a virgin. I have had several guys, but every time, I would fantasize that I was fucking you. ”
    Mary didn’t stop her. She actually took Ruth by the hand and led her up the steps out of the pool. I stared at the two perfect bodies as the emerged from the water. I watched the water trickle down the short, dark hairs between my sisters legs, as she took each step. I rushed out of the pool and followed them both to Ruth’s room.

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    Mary lay back on Ruth’s bed. “Lick my wet pussy Ruth. I want to feel your tongue inside me. I want to feel your tongue, just like I’ve felt John’s inside of me. Please fuck me with your tongue!” It was only a matter of seconds before my sister had her face buried between Mary’s legs. It had always seemed to me that she had spent more time exploring my other sister’s young pussies during our games. Apparently she had continued this into her nearly adult life. As she spread Mary’s clean shaven pussy, she raised her perfect heart shaped butt for me and with her free hand, gripped my cock and pulled it to her still dripping slit.
    I had a clear view of my sister’s puffy, dark, haired, crack. Her puffy pussy lips led up to her sparsely, haired, sphincter. The few strands of dark hair hung damp around her pretty asshole. I leaned forward to plant a quick kiss on her tiny butt hole, then positioned myself between her legs. She spread her legs, pushed her ass back toward me, and again gripped my cock from between her legs. I knew this had to be a dream. My sweet young sister was ravaging my beautiful girlfriends shaved pussy while she began to rub my pulsing cock across her soaking wet pussy and clit.

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       The little rose bud clit was rock hard as she ran the tip of my cock across it. It was then that my loving sister pushed her butt back and slipped the head of my cock into her steaming moist cunt. I was overcome with anticipation. My beautiful sister was so wet and tight. I gently pushed into her. She moaned. Mary began to buck her pelvis against my sister’s face. She was writhing in orgasm. After my initial thrust into my sister’s sweet pussy, I just stayed inside of her. I did not pull back, and I couldn’t slide any further into her. I just rested there for a moment. I felt my cock pulsating inside of my sister’s tight pussy. I felt her using the muscles inside her tight cunt to squeeze my cock as tight as her pussy would allow her. The sensation was unlike any I had known. This was forbidden! Yet here I was, my sister using her pussy to squeeze her brother’s cock.

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       I began to slowly pull back out. I could feel her pussy trying to grip my cock with each movement. Begging to hold me in. I looked down to see the ring around the head of my circumcised cock withdrawing from my sweet sister’s cunt. With one fluid motion, I thrust all the way back into the tight wet grip of her pussy. It was as if her cunt had a life of its own. She would grip me as tightly as she could, hold me tightly in place, then begin to loosen her grip so that I could thrust back into her again. As I began to quicken my pace, pounding faster and harder into her ever so eager cunt, I felt a hand grip my tight nut sack. Apparently Mary’s orgasm had subsided and she was now licking at Ruth’s erect clit and gently squeezing my taut balls. Ruth began to moan then short shrill squeals. I felt the cum building in my balls and was now ready to shoot my wet sticky load of cum inside of my sisters tight hole. As my cock pulsed inside of Ruth, Mary gave my balls a tight squeeze! I exploded in unison with my sweet young sister. Her cunt exploded with wet pussy juice. I leaned forward, my cock pumping, Mary now using her long fingernails to tickle my balls. I cupped my sister’s small, firm breasts.

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       Her sweet pussy milked the last drops of cum from my cock. The three of us remained motionless, frozen for what seemed an eternity. Our souls danced together. This wasn’t meant to be forbidden. It was too beautiful. Too perfect. Nirvana sex!
    Ruth collapsed forward. My cock dislodged from her with a load pop. Ruth lay on her stomach. I fell backward and to the side. I watched, eyes glazed over as Mary moved up to Ruth’s cum filled pussy and began to use her tongue to gently lap up my cum and the flood of cunt juice that was still between Ruth’s legs. She tenderly lapped at my beautiful sister’s cunt. She eagerly devoured all of the mix of my cum and my sisters cunt juices. Ruth responded by again slightly raising her butt. More of our commingled juices slid into Mary’s anxious mouth.

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    It lovemaking had lasted nearly two hours! The clock read 1:32 A. M. I slowly raised myself from the bed. Mary, satisfied she had accepted all of the cum that my sisters sweet cunt would give up, followed my lead.
    “Thank you Ruth! That was fantastic and so perfect! I love you!” Mary whispered into my sister’s ear. Ruth appeared to use every last ounce of strength to roll onto her back. “I love you too, Mary. Thank you so much for sharing John with me. I want to do this again. Every day that you guys are here. You are so perfect inside of me, brother. It almost seems like we become one! Good night loves! Please pick up our clothes from the patio and sleep in separate beds. Then I won’t have to lie to dad and go to confession. Good night! Love ya both!

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