First Story - Part 2 - Mother Plots


I couldn’t believe my own son was turning me on, true I hadn’t been fucked in many years now and the old dildo was starting to feel more like my old limp lifeless excuse for an ex-husband. Still, I shouldn’t have these thoughts he is my own. “But investigating might not hurt” I thought to myself finishing up with the housework. I went upstairs into Matt’s room, the smell of manhood lingered in the room. Distracted only for a second, I noticed the computer monitor blinking and thought it careless of Matt to have left something using so much electric on. I waved the mouse and instantly was presented with flashing images of porn. Once I was past the adverts I saw a tidy little page labelled Sex Stories Post.

“This is all incest!” I exclaimed. I was dwelling around for a little while until I realised that the account was still logged in. I clicked ‘Baby Blue’ and searched for what my little boy had been posting. Funny enough all I could see was countless streams of mother and son literotica. I was so shocked but at that moment my pussy tingled lightly. “Does he really have an interest in me?” I thought whilst letting my hand rub my swollen clit sitting in his chair.

My left hand came up to my breast pinching and rolling my tender nipple. I squealed in delight thinking about my son fucking me. I lightly rubbed up my labia until I was nice and tender then let my fingers ravage me.

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   I screamed in ecstasy, flicking my clit until I was brought into a massive climax. I creamed all over his seat, but at that point I just didn’t care. I shut down his computer and decided I wanted to phone my friend Alison.

“Eliza, you cannot be serious! Do you not what that could do to your relationship with your son. I know you are lonely, but perhaps you need to get out a little more. ” Alison exclaimed, knowing full well what I’m like when I’m in my frenzy.

“Alison, it’s different. I know he likes me, I’ve seen the porn and read the stories. He wants to fuck me and he wants to be my lover. If only he was the man I met 20 years ago!” I said knowing full well what I was going to do whether or not my best friend agreed.

“Look Eliza, I know I can’t stop you but think about your son. What if it’s just his taboo and he just thinks about it because it gets him off. Oh well, I’ll speak to you later hon. Keep out of trouble, bye!” She put the phone down and I was left to work my way around my little man.

The next few hours were spent masturbating and planning how to trap my boy into his little fantasy world.

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   After deliberating what I could do, I went out of a whim and decided that the fastest way to get to my son would be to phone him and fake being robbed or something. He has always been so loyal and I know he would do anything for me. I waited about half an hour so I knew he would be fairly close to home before getting him to rush back and see me all worked up. The phone rang:

“Matt, is that you? Come quickly, we have been robbed” I screamed down the phone at him. I almost surprised myself how upset I sounded.

“Mum, calm down it will be okay, the most important thing, are you hurt?” he said to me calmly. My brave young boy would be the brick I always needed.

“I’m not really hurt son, I’m upset though an…. and” as I spoke the words he cut me off at thinking I was the slightest bit in pain.

“I’ll be right there mum, hang on, I’ll come for you” he hung up the phone and his last words to me stuck in my head. Maybe he will just ‘cum’ for me tonight. Now all I had to do was wait, I decided the best course of action would be to roughen up a little bit so I trashed up my hair, smudged my makeup and cut up my dressing gown.

I waited by the window to see him rush to the door; I sat on the sofa and cried like I’ve never cried before. .
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