First Story - Part 3 - Never Leave Empty Handed.


Eliza expected her son through the door but was far more disorientated than planned when police officers barged into her home pointing firearms in every direction trying to find these criminals. I had phoned them as soon as my mum told me she was in trouble. I figured they couldn’t have gotten far, so I decided with all my adrenaline pumping to go and look for them. I wasn’t going to let them get away with this If I could help it. Meanwhile my mother was being questioned, she didn’t have any urge to have sex now.

After about an hour of searching I was beginning to get tired so I decided it was time to head home to make sure my mum was okay. I know I sent police officers but most of the time they are pretty unreliable, perhaps this time they would be better, after all they didn’t operate very far away from our home.

I came home; my mother was sat on the sofa and seemed pretty calm. She motioned for me to sit down so I did; as soon as I had sat down she grasped me so tightly. She was very clingy but I put that down to the fact that she had just been raped or something, after all, the house was pretty tidy. I wondered if the police had helped her out a little bit. She told me about what had happened for a while and then we just sat and hugged until she fell asleep.

“Oh my god” I whispered quietly, whilst she had been hugging me the dressing gown she had on slipped, I could see her breast and it was getting me hard. I tried to dismiss the feeling but my wood was thinking for me. I moved away from my mum careful not to wake her up. I then put a leg up onto the sofa took my penis out of my boxers and put it to her beautiful lips.


   Feeling her hot breath on my dick felt so good, it was then that I decided I needed to feel her skin and it was then that I knew I would have my mother.

I parted her lips with my penis letting it slide around inside her mouth feeling her tongue underneath it keeping it moist. I very slowly pushed forward into her mouth and came back out. I did this until I was face fucking her. She started to move a little bit so I slowed down and took it out of her mouth. I then dropped down to suck on her marvellous tits. I moved to them hungrily, sucking as much as I could until she started to moan out. I was getting scared she could wake up.

I had to be quicker, I dropped down to her womanhood, took in the aroma. I felt like a crazed dog for sex, I went straight in licking around her labia until I started working at her clit. She started to moan again, this time I climaxed all over the cream coloured sofa. I knew there would be some marks if I didn’t clear up, so I went into the kitchen to get some wipes and cleaned up. I made sure that I covered her up again but didn’t bother moving her, just in case she realized what happened. She was more than sticky from my sexual assault.

I ran up the stairs feeling dirty so I made sure I showered and went to bed ready for whatever tomorrow would bring.

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   I fell asleep quickly knowing I was going to fuck my mom.
I woke up the next morning with my morning wood, didn’t feel like masturbating and getting rid of it so I did my best to hide it. I went downstairs to hug my mum. Just as I hugged my mum my erection slipped up into the crack of her bum.

She gasped and I broke off the hug. It was then I remembered my plans to fuck her, I let her get around to cooking breakfast again. My dick was hard and ready to come out of my boxers once again. .