First taste of forbidden fruit


When I was 15 mom and dad had divorced and mom had taken up with this guy, turned out married. He would come over 2-3 times a week and they'd usually go out drinking and several times come back to her room.

Since dad had left I had been thinking and looking at mom differently, trying to see parts of her body, wondering what it would be like to touch her, feel her, and knowing she was sexually active with this guy only fueled the ideas in my horny little mind. So when they'd come home I would wait until they were in her room and usually leave for a while.

One night I came home and they were already there, I heard the familiar sounds from down the hall. Decided to go to my room, and quite possible jerk off again to the muffled sounds of her low moans. . . only her door was ajar so I looked in and there they were. The bedside light was on and I could see them clearly, him on top and could even make out his dick appearing and disappearing from her pussy. I couldn't help but watch a bit.
Not long after I started watching I heard him grunt lowly and he stopped. . . so I went back to the living room and was watching TV when he came out. He told me to check on her later because she'd been "really ripped" when they'd come home.

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   Then he left. I watched him pull out and drive off and then sat back down thinking about what I'd seen.

Now I'm sure you already no, a 15 y/o boy is a virtual walking hard-on anyway, and the pictures I had in my head of his dick sliding in and out of my mom did nothing to help the situation. I sat there for a bit then decided to go on to bed. As I went down the hall her door was open and the light was still on. . . so I looked in. . and there she was, naked and it looked like passed out.

Now this was not the first naked woman I'd seen, had been sexually active with a local widow for almost 6 months, and that is where I usually went when it got to much for me around the house, but this was different, here was the woman I desired and loved the most, in a very vulnerable position. I walked over to the bed for several reasons, to turn off the light, cover her and yes, get a closer look.

Being that close to her and looking down at her I felt an ache in my crotch that needed attention. I turned off the light and actually picked up the cover to put over her when she stirred and mumbled "I thought you went home". It came to me then that she thought I was him coming back for seconds!!!!! I reached out with a shaking hand and touched her lightly on her breast and she damned near purred.

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With that I walked back over to the door, looked back at her and shut it. Standing there in the dark I knew there'd be no better chance, and my cock was actually aching, so Iundressed. I quietly walked back over to the side of bed and sat down easily, the caressed her breast again. As I did this she almost purred and moved her head closer to me. I couldn't help myself and soon had my dick close to her head, still caressing her tits I touch it to her lips. Without very much prodding at all she took me into her mouth and started sucking me. I was in heaven!!!

I was still afraid that she'd come completely to and realize it was me before accomplishing my entire goal so I forced myself to keep my hips still, until, within a few minutes I knew I was going to explode, and I involuntarily thrust forward as I started cumming. This cause a slight gagging from her but she backed off and drained me. I couldn't believe she hadn't came to and knew it wasn't him. She even commented as she finished that I seemed a bit bigger tonight. Talk about a real booster, my dick responded immediately and was stiff as a board again as I paid with her tits and then slid my hand down and fingered her for the first time.

I had been in there about 30 minutes, and she was responding well, calling me by his name the whole damned time, when I decided to go for broke. I got up and went to the foot of the bed. As I put weight on it she spread her legs a little further and that's when I saw it. The SOB had left a used rubber laying on the bed between her legs!!!! Not only did this piss me off but it also made me realize that he used rubbers, and I didn't have any with me.

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   But the sight of her, spread and waiting was too much and it didn't take long before I decided what the hell, and crawled on up the in between her legs.

When I felt the head of my dick come in contact with her I paused again. I knew that if I went any further there was no turning around and that she'd know, at least when she woke up. Took all of about 2 seconds for me to put that thought aside, and a little help from her raising her hips slightly, and I slowly slid myself into her for the first time. GOD it felt great. I felt every inch as it slid into her, the hot moistness of her taking me deeper, and, to my astonishment, even though they'd just had sex, she seemed tight around me.

As I went in she sucked air in and said "You do seem bigger tonight, I'm going to be sore in the morning", this only served to goad me on further. I lay there for a bit enjoying the feeling of her before I started a slow, shallow hump, which she was soon matching. She started her low moans, only this time I was the one making her do it.

As she did I started to fuck her deeper and harder. I had it in my mind that I wanted her to come to and see it was me, not him, because I knew I wasn't going to stop until I filled her. Her moans increased in both frequency and loudness, and she started saying things like "Oh my god, it's never felt like this", and "yes, fuck me harder Jim" The name made me determined to erase it from her mind and I went even deeper and harder until she almost cried out and I felt her pussy contracting around me, This sent me over the edge, I held out as long as I could but sending her into orgasm was too much and I drove deep and let myself go inside of her!!!!

I guess the feel of my cum spurting into her brought her around and she cried out "damn you, I told you to always use a rubber"!! With that she moved her hand over and turned on the light. I was still inside of her, and amazingly was still hard as her eyes adjusted and she looked up into my face and said "Oh my god, Donny it's you!!! What the hell are you doing!!!. I remember telling her "Something I've wanted to do for a long time now" and started to fuck her again.

She'd struggled a little but guess she figured it was already too late because soon her cries turned back to the moans and she was fucking me back.

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   With her being cooperative now I decided too do something to her that my widowed lover had taught me. I slid out, took her legs from around me and put her ankles over my shoulders. I did get a glimpsed of her pussy as I was doing this and saw my cum leaking out and then I got the head back into her and drove myself in as hard as I could.

She immediately went into a very loud moaning and I swear I felt me dick hitting bottom a few times. Wasn't long before I felt her contracting around me and her crying "Oh my god yes". . . I had to stop after her orgasm for a little bit to control mine. This was my chance to erase his memory from her and I was determined. This was me fucking her know, not him.

I made it until her third orgasm and couldn't hold out any longer so I drove in as hard as I could and emptied myself deeply inside of her for the second time. I thought my damned balls were being forced through the head of my dick this time!!!!

As I finished I collapsed on top of her, lay there for a minute and then rolled over. She lay there for several minutes, not saying anything, neither did I. She turned over on her side and asked me "Well, how did it feel to rape your mother?". .

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  . kind of hit me because I didn't expect this question. Maybe "why" or "How long have you wanted that?" but not "how'd it feel to rape your mother". I looked at her, first her face, and saw some of my cum in her hair from when I pulled out after the blow job, and then lower and saw my drying cum on her inner thigh, then back into her eyes and answered truthfully. "It felt great to me. . . how about for you?"

She looked where I had, wiped her finger through the cum there on her inner thigh, and then licked it from her finger. She smiled, moved closer and said "It was wonderful. . . want to do it again?", and kissed me before going down to take me into her mouth again.

This time she only sucked me hard and then, with a smile on her face I hadn't seen in a few years, mounted me. .
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