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My name is Alison and I am 30 years old, slim and have blonde hair and nice 36c breasts. I am married to a wonderful man called Steve. My life changed for the better over 2 special years of my life when I was young. Steve and I meet at school when I was only 15 and he was 17. I loved him so much I gave Steve my virginity on my 16th birthday and as a result I fell pregnant and 3 months before my 17th birthday I gave birth to our beautiful Daughter whom we called Susan. The following year Steve and I got married on my 18th Birthday.

12 years latter we still have a fantastic sex life and tried nearly everything there is to do with sex including play rape, anal (which I love), pissing on each other and even wife swapping. Steve has a work friend called Ian and he's married to a beautiful woman called Debbie and quite often we have wife swapping parties together. The only thing I have never done and never had the inclination for is to have sex with another woman. But for some unknown reason that changed.

Susan is now 13 and and like me has blonde hair, she is starting to develop a figure which when complete men will die for, her breasts are just starting to bud and at the moment are a 32A.

Susan always walks to school in the morning but I always pick her up after school and it was while I was waiting in the school car park for Susan that my sexual feeling for other woman changed and I can't believe who was making me feel horny.

The alarm sounded for end of school a few minutes ago and I saw Susan walking across the play ground coming towards me smiling, she was dressed in her usual school uniform of white blouse, short pleated skirt, blue blazer, white ankle socks and white trainers. With the sunlight catching her blond hair I started to think she looked sexy and my nipples started to harden and I was thinking this isn't right I am getting turned on by my own Daughter. I put it down to the fact that perhaps I was still turned from when me had Steve had spent the entire morning fucking each others brains out before he had to leave for work in the afternoon.

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   But this is wrong I am getting damp in my knickers now, I've never felt like this to another women and this is my own Daughter. But the more I looked at her the more turned on I got.

As Susan entered the car I watched as her short skirt rode up her slender thighs and I was still looking her up and down after she had buckled up

“Hi Mum, you OK what's the matter” she asked me.

“O nothing honey I was just think how beautiful you look”

“Thanks Mum”

During the drive home I kept glancing at Susan getting more and more aroused by the minute and I got to the point that I really wanted to fuck Susan. But she's my own Daughter and it would be wrong but no matter how many times I tried thinking of the implications of fucking my own Daughter, lust kept winning and in the end I thought why not and tonight would be perfect as Steve's out at work till 10 o'clock.

“Mum you OK your very quite and keep looking at me what's the matter” Susan asked bringing me back from my thoughts

“Sorry honey just thinking things that's all, when we get home I need to see you right away in my bedroom”

“Your bedroom Mum, why?”

“Nothing important OK”

“OK Mum what ever”

That it's I've made my mind up I am defiantly going to fuck Susan tonight she can be my first woman fuck. 10 minutes later when we got home Susan and I went upstairs to my bedroom and sat on the bed.

“Susan I am going to ask you some very difficult questions and I want you to answer them as truthfully as you can”

“OK Mum”

“Susan honey have you ever had sex?”

“No-o Mum, why?”

“Have you or anyone else touched you between the legs?”

“No Mum, why are you asking me these question I am still a virgin”

“That's good to know honey, me and your Dad have a pretty good sex life and have tried everything going but I've never had sex with a women. Seeing you today walking across to the car I was getting turned on by you and I have decided that I want to fuck you, have sex with you Susan I want you to be my first female fuck”

“No way Mum that's gross, your my own Mother. Parents don't have sex with there teenage kids and besides your a woman”

“Susan it's called incest some say it's wrong but if we both agree what's wrong about it and two woman can have sex together if they love each other and we love each other don't we?” I had placed my hand on Susan's knee and was stroking her thigh.

“Yes Mum I do love you but it don't mean we have to have sex does it”

“Look Susan honey, it won't hurt I'll be gentle it will be our secret” By now my hand had slipped up under her skirt and I was stroking the crutch of her panties felling the warmth seep from her pussy and by the feel of it I was getting to her.

“But Mum I am still a virgin, I don't know what to do I am scared”

“Susan don't be scared, there's a first time for everything, I've never had sex with a woman you've never experienced sex so it will be a learning curve for both of us” I had slipped my fingers under the edge of her panties by now and was stroking her pussy.

“Mum what you are doing to me does feel nice it's making me feel funny”

“That's a good thing, why don't you do the same to me there's a good girl, don't be shy” I said and Susan looked at me shrugged her shoulders and slowly placed her hand on my thigh and slowly inched her hand up till she got to the hem of my short summer dress and kept it there for a few minutes

“What's the matter Honey you can go higher do to me what I am doing to you there's nothing to be ashamed off ” I said

Slowly Susan began to stroke her hand up under my dress till she came to my damp panties and stopped again

“Come on Susan darling please carry on for mummy”

Susan began stroking my pussy through my knickers “put your hand inside my knickers” I said so Susan slide her fingers inside and started to stroke my pussy

“There's a good girl see there's nothing to it” by now I was stroking Susan's bald pussy and had found her hole and started to push a finger into her tight pussy “Susan honey do you like what I am doing to you”

“Yes mum it feels nice”

“Good now do the same to me, finger my pussy too” And slowly Susan found my hole and started to push her finger into me. We were looking into each others eyes and we moved towards each other and started to kiss and for a few minutes we just sat there on the bed kissing and fingering each others pussy.

I broke the kiss looking at my sweet Daughter thinking this is all wrong but I was so turned on I thought oh well so what “Susan lay on the bed”

Susan laid on the bed and I began to undress her, I unbuttoned her blouse to revel her training bra which I pushed out the way so I could suck on her budding breasts and then I kissed all the way down to her naval.

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   Her school skirt I pushed up around her waist then I took hold of panties a pulled then off and for the first time in many years since she was a toddler I was looking at my Daughters beautiful smooth bald pussy. I spread her legs and lowered my head toward her pussy and inhaled the sweet sent of her young pussy, I parted Susan's pussy lips with my fingers then started to tongue her pussy tasting her sweet juice. I pushed a finger inside and felt her hymen.

“HMMM mum that fells so good please don't stop”

I didn't stop I carried on as I was enjoying myself, I pushed another finger in and I kept flicking my tongue across her tender clit. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and slide them down between her arse cheeks until I found her arse hole. With my fingers being coated in Susan's juices I found it easy to slide a finger straight into her arse. I kept finger fucking Susan's arse and pussy swapping between the two and after a few minutes Susan shook with an orgasm. I had given my own Daughter her first orgasm.

“WOW what was that Mum that felt really good I feel as I am floating?”

“That my sweet was your first orgasm, do you think you could give me one”

“I'll try Mum”

I laid on the bed and spread my legs ready for Susan. Susan reached under my dress and pulled my panties off and started to kiss my pussy “It tastes funny Mum” “Don't worry honey you get use to it” Susan carried on exploring my pussy with her tongue and fingers and soon I too had an orgasm

“How did I do Mum”

“Excellent for a first timer, come up here and give me a cuddle and a kiss”

“Want to do some more?” I asked

“Yes” was all Susan said

“Lets strip off then, lets strip each other” so we both stood beside the bed, Susan began by unbuttoning my dress and watched as it feel to the floor she then removed my bra and I stood there naked in front of my own Daughter as she admired my still perfect figure. “Mum you look amazing I hope I get a figure like your” she said, “You will” I replied. Then I started to strip Susan, undoing her school skirt and letting it fall to he floor then her blouse and soon Susan was as naked as I was. “Let me show you what a 69 is, lay on the bed” I told Susan.

Susan laid on the bed and I knelt above her face then lowered my pussy to her waiting mouth “Tongue my pussy like you did before” I told her and that's what Susan did and I started to tongue her pussy too and a few minutes later we both had another orgasm. “That Susan was a 69”.

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Over the next few hours we continued to fuck and experiment. We tried nearly everything including fisting each other, feeling my Daughters small hand slide into my pussy was an amazing feeling and exploring each others arse holes with fingers and tongues. We were laying on the bed recovering from what must have been our tenth orgasm when a really hardcore idea came into my head and considering what me and Susan had just been doing I thought what the heck why not mention it.

“Susan Darling do you know what I would really enjoy seeing and would turn me on no end?”

“No, what Mum?”

“Watching you fuck Dad”

“Are you serious Mum” Susan replied after a few moments silence


“OK why not Mum besides I've just been fucking you so why not Dad too.

    Anyway I want to lose my virginity to a man I love and care about so why not Dad. But how do I get him to fuck me”

    “Easy, wear something sexy like that short mid thigh length cotton skirt you have and a loose t shirt but no panties, I'll wear something I know will turn him on to get him started and you finish him off by sitting on his lap facing him and saying something like Daddy teach me to fuck or something like it. ” He will be home soon so lets get ready

    At 10 o'clock Steve walked in “Hi sweet” he called. I was wearing my short silk dressing robe with nothing on underneath Susan was sitting on the stairs waiting out off sight. When Steve saw me his jaw nearly hit the floor. He walked up to me and gave me a big kiss putting his hand inside my gown and feeling my juicy pussy “HMMM is Susan in bed if so lets fuck” He said “Not yet Darling I have a surprise for you, go and sit on the settee” I told Steve and when he was seated I called to Susan “Daddy's home”

    Susan walked in wearing what I had suggested and I could see Steve eye her up and down. Susan walked over to Dad and straddled his legs and sat on his lap facing him arms around his neck “Dad I have a favour to ask and I don't want you to get angry I would like you to teach me how to fuck a man, Mum has already taught me how to fuck a woman but I need you to teach me real sex I would like you to fuck me please”

    The look on Steve's face was a picture he kept looking between me and Susan lost for words but I knew we had him Susan lent forward and whispered in his ear “What do you say Daddy, I am not wearing any panties” that did it.

    Steve put his hand under Susan's skirt and I could tell from the look on her face he had found and started to finger her smooth pussy.

    “No Susan your not wearing panties are you, you naughty little girl aren't you”

    “Yes Daddy” she replied

    “OK if you want me to fuck you and teach how to have sex with a man you must learn everything including giving a blow job, sucking a man's cock in another words

    “OK Daddy show me, teach me to be a real woman”

    “OK Susan sweetheart knell on the floor” Steve said and Susan being the obedient Daughter she always is knelt on the floor and Steve stood up and stood if front of her.

    “Now Susan undo Daddy's trousers and pull them and my boxer shorts down” Steve told Susan and Susan obey and was soon faced with Steve's hard 9 inch cock “Wow Daddy”

    “Susan, take hold of my cock, wrap your hand around it and start to pump it up and down like this” Steve started to wank his cock to Show our Daughter how to do it “Now Susan it's your turn” Steve said and Susan copied what Steve had just shown her.

    “Ummm that feels good, now I want you to suck my cock, put it in your mouth and start sucking as you would a lolly, bob your up and down, after a while some stuff will shoot out, don't worry just swallow it, it will taste a bit salty but it's good for you as it's protein, OK Susan” “OK Daddy” and Susan lent forward and took Steve's cock in her mouth and started to suck it like she was told how to do.

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    “My God your good at this” said Steve and a few minutes later shot his load into Susan's mouth which she did swallow “How was that Daddy?” asked Susan “Bloody good for a beginner, are you ready for the fucking lesson now?” asked Steve “Yes I am Daddy”. Good lay on your back, spread your legs and show Daddy your pussy”

    Susan laid on the floor and spread her legs apart and Steve knelt on the floor between her legs “very nice, nice and smooth, I won't come inside you Susan just in case” said Steve “It's OK Daddy I had my period 2 weeks ago so I won' t get pregnant besides I want you to come in me I want to know what it feels like” “OK if you are sure” “Yes I am Daddy” “OK” with that Steve parted her pussy lips and began to run his tongue along her slit pushing a finger into her pussy, after a couple of minutes Steve said “Right I think you are ready for my cock now”

    “Susan lift your legs up” which she did “There's a good girl” said Steve as he lined his cock up with our Daughters pussy “Are you ready for Daddy's cock” “Yes Daddy fuck me please” and slowly Steve began to slide his cock into Susan's pussy. Watching Steve fuck our own Daughter was really turning me on big time and I spread my legs and started to play with my own pussy.

    “How does it feel Susan” asked Steve

    “It's hurts a little but don't stop it feel awesome I feel funny down there”

    It didn't take long for Susan to have an orgasm and Steve to shot his load into her pussy “Thanks Daddy, that really was awesome” “Susan before I teach you some more I need to recover why don't you crawl over to Mummy and show Daddy what you two did earlier today” “OK Daddy”

    Susan on hands and knees crawled over to where I was sitting on the edge of the settee and parted my legs wide open and began to tongue my pussy “Mum lay on the floor please” and I obeyed and Susan pulled my silk gown open revealing my nakedness and started to suck on my tits whilst finger fucking my pussy, slowly Susan began to move her tongue down to my waiting pussy. Whilst Susan had her tongue buried deep in my pussy I notice Steve stand up and move behind Susan then he flipped her skirt over her back and slide his cock into Susan's pussy and started to fuck her “Now Susan this is what they call doggy style fucking” He told her. In a few minutes we all orgasmed at the same time.

    As we were laying on the floor Susan turned to Steve and said “Daddy earlier Mum pushed her fingers into my arse and she was telling me how she enjoys you fucking her arse, can you do that to me, fuck me in the arse too I mean” “Susan it will hurt” “It's OK Dad I'll get used to it, please” “OK sweetheart, tell you what while I go and get the lube why don't you get into a 69 with Mum I'll be right back” so Steve went to get the cream and Susan straddled my face and we started to 69 again. When Steve came back he knelt on the floor behind Susan and squeased a good amount of lube onto his figures “Are you ready Susan” he asked “Yes Daddy” “OK” then Steve started to work his fingers into Susan's arse then he started to lube his cock and when he was finished he lined his cock up with Susan's arse then started to push in “AAAAHHHH” Susan muffled her scream by pushing her mouth tight against my pussy “Do you want me to stop sweetheart” asked Steve “No Daddy, carry on please” so Steve did and soon shot his load deep into Susan's arse and what with me driving my tongue deep into her pussy Susan soon orgasmed again.

    We all collapsed on the floor recovering, after a few minutes Susan said to us “Mum and Dad thank you I enjoyed that so much I am off to bed now as I am worn out”

    Steve replied “That's OK Sweetheart, but Susan before you go to bed I want to just tell you that what we have just been doing is illegal, I know we all consented but some people don't agree with incest so you must not tell anyone, keep it our secret OK or we may get into trouble”

    “OK Daddy I promise, Good night” Susan replied

    When Susan had gone off to bed Steve and I talked about what just happened and we agreed we will include Susan in our future sex games and despite Steve telling Susan to keep it secret he came up with a really good idea involving his friend Ian from work and his wife Debbie who we often wife swap with. Ian had told Steve that he caught his Son James who's 15 and his Daughter Beckie who's 13 fucking when he got home from work early one day. Ian never said anything to them he just watched them. The next day at work Ian had told Steve about it and admitted he wished it was him Beckie was fucking and not her brother. Steve's plan is to hold a wife swapping party with Ian and Debbie but include Susan, James and Beckie as well. Steve is going to talk his idea over with Ian at work tomorrow.


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