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As we started in the bathroom, all three of our naked bodies were bumping into each other’s, due to the limited space. Donna sat on the toilet seat, and soon, she began peeing. Stephanie stood in front of Donna, and my Punkin reached out to Steph’s pussy and began rubbing it back and forth. As Steph began to get wet, you could easily hear the slurping that Donna’s fingers were making in Steph’s pussy.
While Donna was doing this, I got behind Steph, and ran my cock up and down her ass. I would occasionally push my cock in between her legs, getting it wetter and wetter, then between her ass cheeks again. Donna moved up to Steph’s tits, rubbing and twisting her nipples over and over again, trying to stimlate her even more. I took the opportunity to run my cock between her pussy lips, not going inside her quite yet, but making her even hornier as my cock rubbed over her clit time and again.
Steph said, “Oh my GOD, you two are making me feel SOOO good!! I’m about to come again. I noticed my cock getting made wetter by the second, so I switched the angle a bit, and drove my cock into her pussy from behind. Steph let out a low moan as I plunged in and out of her. Donna was now sucking Steph’s tits, making her nipples as long and hard as was possible. At the same time, Donna stuck two fingers into her own pussy, and began plunging them in and out, building toward her own orgasm.
Then Steph let out another moan, and her pussy began dripping all over my cock, balls, and legs. Her breathing was very heavy, and her pussy was hot and slick inside and out. Donna then let out her now-famous squeal, then said “I’M COMING, DADDY.

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  ” She then stiffened and sprayed her female come all over her hand and wrist, as well as onto Steph‘s pussy and legs. I ran my hands all over Donna’s little nipples as she fell forward toward Steph. Steph, at the same time, fell backwards against my torso. I knew that I would be coming soon also, so I kept stroking inside Steph’s hot pussy until I could feel the semen rising up my dick, then pulled out and shot all over Donna’s chest and tummy, stroking between Steph‘s pussy lips. Both girls then picked up globs of my come with their hands, and licked them clean. Steph then turned around, took my cock into her mouth, and licked it dry.
After we had all come, I was definitely time for our shower. With the water cascading down, both girls and I stepped into the shower at the same time, and Steph ended up between Donna and me. I got some liquid soap into my palm, then washed Steph first. I began with her face, washing and rinsing quickly, before I moved down to her chest and tits. There, I spent time on her boobs, especially on her nipples, and made sure that they were hard as rocks again. Donna took the cue, and began washing Steph’s back slowly up and down, beginning with her shoulders. I moved down to Steph’s tummy, paying special attention to her belly button, before moving further down to her pussy. Donna moved at the same time to Steph’s rear end, cleaning her cheeks, then between those luscious cheeks to her asshole. When Donna’s finger was inside her from the back side, my forefinger moved to Steph’s pussy, cleaning back and forth, “accidentally” touching her clit, then cleaning deep inside her cunt.

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   She was getting soaking wet again, and loving every minute of it.
I decided not to make her come this time, so that we could start on Donna now. This time, I washed her back, while Steph concentrated on her face, then moved down to her tits and nipples, just like we had done to her. Donna already had gotten horny just by moving her hands all over Steph, so that when Steph moved down to Donna’s pussy, Donna began humping Steph’s finger. I washed her ass, then moved to her asshole, lathering it up, then inserting my forefinger into Donna’s asshole. Her breathing began to get faster and faster, but before she could come, I said, “Steph, pull out quickly! Don’t let Donna be the only one who comes in the shower!”
Steph did as I said, and Donna did not come. “Oh, Daddy, I really wanted to come then. I feel SO horny now. What can I do?”
“Just let yourself come down. I don’t want you to slip and fall in the tub when you come. Can’t you imagine trying to explain that injury to your mother?” I asked.
“OK, Daddy, I get it. But that just means that we’ll have to take this to another room, right?”
My daughter, always the astute one.
Then Steph said, “Donna, we are forgetting to clean your Dad, aren’t we?”
“Oh, yeah. I was too caught up in how I was feeling.

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   OK, Daddy, your turn. ” Steph grabbed the soap and began cleaning my chest, then Donna joined her. Both cleaned my upper torso thoroughly, then moved down my stomach to my pubic area. Donna was the first to grab my partly hardened cock, then Steph began rubbing my balls. They both began stroking my cock slowly up and down, occasionally fondling my balls. I could feel my body start to react, and had to tell the girls to stop, or I would be coming all over them. Again, not the time with this many people in the tub together.
I turned the water off, then I volunteered to dry both girls off. Someone had to do it, right? After I was finished with them, playing particular attention to drying all the folds of their pussies, they both dried me off from head to toe.
    They payed special attention to my dick, drying it over and over until I had another raging erection, then stopping at the last second. Since we had been so active for such a long time, we had all gotten hungry again, so I suggested we go to the kitchen for a bit to eat. We all three went back downstairs, none of us wearing a stitch of clothing. I looked at both beauties in front of me, and decided that this was the time for a little touching again. I walked up behind them, and began massaging their asses. Steph began moaning again, while Donna was moving her ass closer to my body.

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       Donna turned Steph around, so that she was sandwiched between Steph and me. My cock was growing rapidly, and eventually worked its way between her legs. I reached around Donna to play with Steph’s nipples, and Steph was doing the same for Donna. I began humping my dick between Donna’s legs, against her pussy, and slowly slipped the head between her pussy lips.
    “Mmmmmm,” said Donna. “That feels so good, Daddy. Put it in further, please! I need to come again!”
    Steph continued to play with Donna’s nipples with one hand, while reaching down between Donna’s legs to feel my cock going in and out of her pussy. Steph found Donna’s clit and began massaging it, while I continued pumping my cock in and out of her pussy.
    “EEEEEEEEEE,” came the response from Donna as she stiffened. Then, Steph and I both felt her pussy spray all over the three of us. Steph continued to massage Donna’s clit, and she stiffened and sprayed again. Once more, I felt my cock about to erupt, and pulled it out and shot my come all over Donna’s ass and back. Steph licked the come off of Donna, then leaned back against the counter with two fingers in her own cunt. I got down between her legs, lifting one onto my shoulder to spread her pussy lips wide, and began licking her pussy. Then I sucked on her clit,circling my tongue around her clit, then sucked hard on it.

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    “Mmmmm,” was all Steph said before coming into my mouth. Her juices flowed freely, and I licked up all that I could. “That was great, Mr. Light! I love it when you eat me out. It makes me feel good all over. ”
    “I’m just glad I can help, girls. And you are getting better and better yourselves,” I reassured them. “Now, lets get some food before going to sleep. We are going to sleep tonight, aren’t we, Punkin?”
    “We might, Daddy, but I’m making no promises. ” That brought giggles from both girls.
    I thought to myself, “I must be the luckiest man in the world. ” But I had to remind both girls--”No talking about this to anyone else, OK?”
    Both responded with OK at the same time. The next question had to be asked now: “Are either of you on birth control?” I dreaded the answer, but both responded in the affirmative. “That is a relief. Maybe next time, I’ll come inside you both.

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    “Yes, we both really want that, Daddy!”

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