First time w/ Daughter


Topic: First time with DaughterI was in the living room one afternoon, watching a football game, when in comes my little 13-year-old daughter named Donna.   I was sitting in the recliner when she came in, but she grabbed a blanket, saying she was cold, and just climbed on top of me.   This was something she had done many times before, so I never gave it a second thought.
This afternoon, something seemed a little different, though.   She couldn't seem to get comfortable.   Her constant shifting while on top of me got my dick harder and harder, until it was nearly painful.   Since I was already with a raging hard-on, I decided to see how far I could get things to go, so I started to tickle her ribs.   Every time she giggled and moved, I managed to brush one of her 30-A boobs, and eventually began feeling her nipples hardening.  She was braless today, which was unusual for her.  This didn't help my condition any, but it did embolden me even further.   I decided to push things a little farther now, and began just rubbing, but not tickling, her bare tummy.   It was easy to get to since she was lying on her back now.
"Daddy, that feels good," she finally said, as I rubbed her skin in a circular motion.   Since I was already rubbng bare skin, I decided to push things even further by rubbing up to barely touch her lovely little breasts.   When I got no resistance, I pushed even higher, now just lightly touching her nipples.   I felt her little nips quickly harden under my touch, and Donna began to moan a little louder, maybe even a little too loud, since her mother was in the bedroom asleep.

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"Sshhh," I warned her, "or I'll have to stop.   You can't let mommy hear us, or we'll both be in big trouble. "
"OK, Daddy, I'll be quieter. "  She was always such an obedient child, and now was no exception.
"Does this make you feel good?" I asked her.
"Yeah, it makes me feel great.   But, Daddy, it also makes me feel a little funny down there. "
I decided to see how far I could push this, so I said "What do you mean by 'down there?'"
"You know, between my legs. "
"Is it a bad feeling?" I continued.
"No, not a bad feeling, just one I've never felt before," she replied.   "I think I'm getting wet inside, and I don't want to pee all over you. "
"Well, first off, Punkin', it is definitely not pee, so you don't have to worry about that. But I can make you feel a lot better than you do now, if you really want to. "
Now, her eyes got big, and she said, "Really, Daddy?  Will you show me?"
Then my more cautious side kicked in.   "If I do, you can't tell anybody, and I mean Anybody.

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"Oh, Daddy, I promise, Cross my Heart!" she exclaimed.
"And you have to be as quiet as you have ever been, remember?"  And with that, I kept one hand on her left boob, and my other hand rubbed slowly down her body, back down to her tummy, over her Mound of Venus, and through the first growth of pussy hair.   Finally, I found her nearly hairless virgin lips, and ran my forefinger down, then back up, applying slightly more and more pressure each time I went down and back up.
      I could feel her lips parting more and more, until her heat and wetness was obvious to my invading finger.
     "Mmmmm, that feels so good, Daddy," Donna moaned.   Please keep going. "
    "I will, Punkin.   Just tell me if it hurts, and I'll stop.   And remember, try to keep it quiet. "
    "OK, Daddy. "
    Then my finger began more of an in and out motion, just to about 1/2 inch in, then back out.   In the meantime, my other hand kept up its work on the little nipples, switching from one to the other and back, trying to give her as much pleasure as possible.   Now, I put a little more of my finger into her pussy, which was continuing to get wetter with time.   I was up to my first joint now, and in just a few seconds, up to about 1/2 of the finger.   Her pussy was making the sexiest slurping sounds now each time I put in the finger, then pulled it out.

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    "Oh, my God, Daddy, I'm feeling real funny down there now. "  Her rate of breathing had obviously increased, and her face was becoming flushed.
    "Just let it go, Punkin.   You are about to experience what's called an orgasm, though most call it coming.   When it happens, you'll feel pleasure like you've never felt before. "
    "I think it's happening now!!"  And then she squealed into the blanket, trying not to wake her mother.   But through the blanket, I could hear "OH GOD, OH GOD, THIS FEELS SO GOOOOD!"
    My finger and hand were soaked, along with her panties.   There was also a wet spot on my pants, but that was OK with me, because I had just managed to give my daughter her first orgasm.
    When  she finally came down, she said "Boy, that was great!  Can we do it again, Daddy?"
    "I think we might be able to find the time again.   But next time, let's make sure we're alone, so you don't have to bite a blanket when you come. "  And I thought to myself, next time will definitely be more interesting for me too. . .

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