First time with my cousins pt. 4


The last part of this saga

The next morning we were awakened by Chuck's little eight year old brother, Brad, shaking my shoulder and telling us their dad said to get out lazy butts out of bed. His dad had let Chuck off the hook for getting up early for milking duty this morning because he had company. We were both naked under the covers. I was on my side facing out toward were Brad was standing and Chuck was snuggled up next to me with his crotch in my butt. We were spooned with his arm round me. I could feel his hard dick pressing into my ass crack. I had a boner too. As Chuck became awake and realized the was hugging me, he quickly rolled over away from me onto his back and I laid back on my back looking up at his little brother from under the covers. I was embarrassed to get out of bed because the kid would see that I had a raging, morning boner. I think Chuck kinda was too, because the hesitated to get out of bed, also.

After we laid there a minute with Brad harassing us, he asked, if we were ever going to get up. He looked at me and taunted, "Don't be shy for me to see you naked, I've seen hairy dick before. " So I threw back the covers to reveal my boner and told him "Yea, but have you ever see a hair dick on hard before?" He looked, and nodded his head up and down, and grinned and said "Yep, sure have. I've seen my dad with a boner in the morning a bunch. " By this time Chuck had gotten out of bed and walked around the bed and was standing there naked with his hard dick sticking up in the air and I had sat up in the bed and was sitting on the edge with my wood sticking straight up. So, I got a little more bold and said, "Well then, have you ever seen a hair dick shoot sperm?" He just laughed and said no he wasn't a queer like we were.

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   He said, "I know ya'll jacked off last night. We could here it over the intercom. " The house had an intercom system running in every room that Chuck had forgotten to switch off in his room. Chuck's face turned blood read and he spit, "You're full of shit. " Brad replied, "We heard you whispering and the sheets moving and the bed squeaking. Me and Scott even listened with our ears on the door. We heard everything. " Chuck stammered, "You didn't hear shit you little fucking nosy brat. " "Ya'll even jacked one another off, didn't you," Brad teased. So I jumped in and said, "What if we did, what's it to you. " He said, "Means ya'll are fags. " I said, "Not fags. Fags are out sucking dick and getting it up the ass. Jacking off is just being horny. There ain't nothing wrong with that.

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  " Brad said, "Yea, I guess. " So I told him, "As a matter of fact, we were going to jack off again this morning before your rude ass busted in on us. " Brad quickly retorted, "Well, let me get out'a here. Don"t let me stop ya'll from queering off. " So I told him, "Sounds like you're jealous and want to do it to. To bad you're too much of a little boy to jack off. " Brad defensively said, "I'm old enough to do stuff. I play with my dick all the time. " So I said, "Yea, but you cannot make sperm. " He sadly said, "So. " And I said, "So, you're too much of a little baby to do stuff with us. " He swung a fist at me at hit me (That would continue to be his response later in life to most things. He was the one of the brothers who was always in bar room fights, usually picked by him. ) Then I said, "Why'd ya do that? You want to see us shoot our sperm?" Brad grinned and said enthusiastically, "Yes. " Chuck looked like he had been hit by a big Mac truck.

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   So I told him, "Well, then you got to help us do it. You got to help us jack our dicks off. " Chuck's face went blank and his mouth dropped to the floor. He was slowly moving his head back and forth in a stunned no. Brad looked at me with big, brown eyes, shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal and said softly, "Ok. " Then I said, "You gotta make us shoot off," to which he said "Sure. " So I told him to get naked, too. He was only wearing a t shirt and some cut off jeans without any underwear (none of these kids in this house wore underwear apparently), so it did not take him long to pull off his clothes. His dick was already hard. It was I guess about three or four inches long, which seemed big to me for an eight year old. (As it turned out, this kid was going to end up having a huge, fat dick when he grew up. When he was a teenage, his nick name was "Hung" because of his large dick). He was cut, too.

Chuck and I had remained rock hard through out this entire exchange. Then I announced that I had to piss and Chuck said he did to.

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   I asked Brad if he wanted to see a hard, hairy dick piss and he said yes. So we walked out of the bed room down the hall to the bath room, all three of us with our dick on hard. Chuck and I took turns bending over the toilet to aim hour hard dicks down into the bowl and pissing while the other two watched. Then we went back down to Chuck's bed room and shut and locked to door. Chuck and I were facing Brad, all standing by the bed, and I said, "Watch this," as I grabbed Chuck's dick and started stroking it in front of Brad. Brad grinned. I told Chuck to jack me too and he did. We were stroking one another's dicks right in front of his little brother. It was so cool. Brad just stared at the hands fisted around the other's dick while pumping it. Brad was playing with his own dick. After a bit, I told Brad, that now it was his turn to do it and motioned him over to me. Chuck and I dropped one another's dicks. Brad took my hard 14 year old dick into his little eight year old hand and started stroking it. He told me, "Wow, you've even got hair on your nuts like my dad.

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  " So I invited him to feel it and he did. He cupped my balls in his other hand. I let him feel the hair between my legs, showed him the hair on my ass hole by spreading my cheeks wide, and let him feel the hair on my ass. Then I had him start stroking on my dick again and I started doing it to Chuck again. Then I directed Brad to jack on his brother's dick and Chuck jacked on mine. Then I grabbed Brad's little dick and started playing with it for him. I was stroking both brothers off at the same time. Then Chuck played with his brother's dick. Then Chuck and I put on a jack off show for Brad, jacking the hell out of one another's dicks, while the little boy watched and played with his own. We all three got on the bed our knees, sat back on our heels, and took turns playing with one another's dicks. We showed Brad how cool it was for us to work our dicks up almost to the point of cumming, but then backing down just before we did. After a while, neither Chuck nor I could wait to cum any longer. I asked Brad if he was going to be a little chicken (no pun intended) and chicken out or if he was going to do what he said he would and make us shoot our sperm. He said the didn't ever chicken out. So, Chuck and I laid back on the bed with our head on our pillows and Brad got between us, still on his knees.

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   I told Brad to jack me off. He grabbed my hot, throbbing dick with his little hand and started stroking it off fast. It did not take long before I was shooting several spurts of thick whit cum up to my chest and on my stomach. It all turned me on so big (and still does) to know that my dick was the first hairy dick he had touched and jacked and mine was the first cum he ever made shoot out of a dick. He just looked at the cum on me in amazement and rubbed the cum on his fingers. Then he grabbed his brothers dick and after a few fast stokes, made him shoot his good all over himself, too. It was so hot to see the little brother's hand wrapped around his older brother's fat dick and beating it until the cum shot out of he head. Then I stroked Brad real hard until he got his little tingling feeling, his orgasm. We cleaned up with a well used, very stiff towel that Chuck pulled out from under the bed, pulled on some clothes (but no underwear, of course), and went out to the dairy barn.

We agreed that we would never tell anyone that we had played with one another's dicks (and I don't think any of us has until now because it was never mentioned again) As far as I know, neither of us older guys ever did anything like that with Brad again. I know I didn't. Brad turned out to be completely straight. But Brad and I did have a special bond after that. I became like his sexual big brother. Whenever he had questions he came to me.

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   When he started growing hair on his dick and shooting real sperm he came and told me. When he and one of this little buddies started jacking off together, he came and told me. The first time he fucked a pussy at age 12, he came and told me, and about everyone after that (which was a bunch). It was really cool.