First time with my cousins


First of 4 insallments

My second cousin Chuck was a cute little guy. He was a nasty little guy, too. He and all of his younger brothers were. They earned the nick name around our school of “the horny boys” or “the horny brothers” or just “the hornies. ” They reveled in the nick name. I think between the five of them, they fucked every girl available in our two towns right next to one another and in the several villages and communities all around. They were dairy farm boys. Maybe kids on farms just learn about sex earlier than most from watching the animals. All I know is they were the fucking horniest pack of boys I’ve ever seen.

Chuck was one cute kid. Always had been since first grade. He had jet black hair and eyes and a deep, dark complexion. That all came from the American Indian and Mexican blood he had gotten from his mother which was mixed with the English blood he got from his father and my side of the family. It made for really pretty kids, even if they were all a little short. I was pretty cute myself, with wavy, dark brown hair and green eyes and strong facial features. I was tall, broad shouldered and athletic, and played basketball for the school team.

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Well, being typical adolescent, developing, hormone ridden kids, all any of us ever talked about was sex. At this time I was 14 and Chuck was 13, nearly 14 (He had a birthday in two months). I remember in 8th grade English class, Chuck and I sitting in the back, ignoring the teacher, whispering about “stuff. ” We talked about the ever increasing hair on our dicks, admitted that we jacked off, talked about how white and thick our sperm was now and all of that kind of stuff. I told him that I had even started growing hair on my nuts right after I turned 14 (six months before) and had hair growing all over my ass now. He told me how he and his brothers went skinny dipping in the family pool and slept naked all the time. I told him my favorite place to jack off was in a favorite spot in the woods behind my house and that I would go out there and stay naked all day while my mom worked. He told me that his favorite spot to jack off was in the hay loft in their barn. Chuck even hinted that he and an older guy, a 16 year old farm hand that worked at his family’s dairy, had done stuff together. When I pressed him and asked him what the nastiest thing that he had ever done was, he refused to answer. Hum, made me wonder. That gave me the out to not answer him when he asked me what the nastiest thing that I had done was. I was not about to tell him that I had eaten my own sperm.

After school let out for the summer from 8th grade, Chuck invited me out to spend the night at his house. I arrived around noon just before lunch.

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   Chuck’s mom made us all sandwiches with potato chips and cokes. Chuck, his 12 year old brother Scott, his 6 year old brother Danny and I sat down at the large dining table to eat. His mom called out the kitchen window out to the pool for his two other brothers to come in and eat. Jeff, his 10 year old brother came into the house wet, wearing cut-off shorts but no shirt or shoes, and sat down to eat. Brad, the hell raising 8 year old brother, the one that was always getting into trouble, was still out at the pool and his mother had to call him several time to get him to come on in the house. When he finally did, he had a towel wrapped around his waist. I just assumed that he had a bathing suit on underneath. Well, he grabbed his plate with his sandwich and got up in the chair right next to me. He pulled his legs up into the chair with him and sat on them. His towel slipped off and fell around him. He was naked. He just sat there and ate his sandwich naked. I’d never see that before. It didn’t faze him or his brothers in the least. When his mom finally looked over from the sink and realized what he was doing, she yelled at him to pull his towel up and cover up.

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   “We have company here now, don’t be sitting there all naked like a little ape. Tom will think you ain’t got no manners. ” It struck me that she did not tell him to go put some clothes on (like my mom would have done; but then again, at my house I never would have been naked in the first place) but only to cover up with his towel. It also struck me that the only reason she cared if he covered up was because they had company. The though struck me that maybe they hung out naked around the house all the time. Sounds like this place might be fun. Brad only half way covered up and his mom yelled at him again. Begrudgingly and with much grumbling, Brad completely covered up.

After lunch, Chuck’s dad and mom left to run errands in town and took the four younger brothers with them. They had to drop hay and feed at the auction barn where they had some cows stored, had to go buy some feed and had to go to the grocery store. They were going to be gone basically all afternoon. Chuck and I were going to have the whole house to our selves. Before the pick-up truck was even out of the drive way, Chuck asked me if I wanted to go jack off. I said “Sure. ” So we headed to his bedroom.

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   He had a room to him self with a large full size bed. We started stripping off our clothes as soon as we were in there. Chuck was wearing only a t-shirt and cut-off shorts without any underwear, so he was naked in a flash. I had to pull off underwear and shoes and socks, but I got out of them pretty quick too. We were both hard before we were even naked. I had gotten hard walking down the hall to his bedroom. We stood there looking at one another’s hard, hairy dicks. He said, let’s compare dick sizes. So we lined up our young dicks next to one another’s. We were both cut. Of course, we had to do it for a longer time than was really necessary to make sure we go it right and in the process kinda rubbed the sides of our dick together and pressed them close together and “accidentally” rubbed our fingers over the other’s dick. Mine was longer, at about six inches then, but his was fatter. Even as we grew older and both our dicks grew larger, that fact would remain the same; my dick was always longer than his but his was always extremely fat. He had thick patch of curly jet black hair above his dick, a few black hairs on his calves, but no hair anywhere else on his body. I had a very hairy lower body but still no hair under my arms.

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   I told him I wanted to feel his dick hair and he said ok. I ran my fingers through it. It felt wiry. He said he wanted to feel mine and ran his finger thought my pubes. Then I invited him to feel the hair on my nuts so he rubbed his hand over my furry nuts. I told him to feel it good, so he grabbed my nuts and gently squeezed them and I did the same to his smooth nuts. Then I put one leg up on the bed and told him to check out all the hair I had between my legs. He bent down and looked between my legs and felt the hair there too. Then I told him to feel all the hair on my ass, so I turned sideways with my butt toward him and he ran his hand several times over my butt cheeks and down the back of my legs. It all felt so good.

We sat down in the bed leaning back on the headboard with pillows behind our lower backs. We started jacking our dicks and each watched the other’s dick being stroked. While we jacked off together, we talked about nasty stuff. We talked about different things we did to our dick to make it feel good. We talked about stuff that turned us on.

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   We told one another about stuff that we had done with other people. Chuck told me that jacking off, and cumming especially, felt the best when he squeezed his legs together. I told him I liked to shoot off standing up to watch it go everywhere. He told me that he like to do it best with baby oil and I told him I liked to do it dry (which changed after another time when he showed me how good baby oil could be). We both agreed that it felt really good to string out the jacking off by not cumming to quickly. We both had figured out how to stop just before we came, let our dick calm down and bit and then resume stroking. Chuck told me that he would be really embarrassed to be in a porno movie knowing that a bunch of people would watch him (he was so shy it hurt). I told him that it would turn me on to know that all these people were seeing me and jacking off to what I was doing. I asked him about the fact that he and his brothers ran around naked all the time and with out underwear. I told him that turned me on. He said that his parents didn’t care about nudity. He said his parents and his brothers and he all slept naked. He said they all swam in the pool together (including his mom) naked. He said that we could both sleep naked tonight if we wanted. I said yes to that! He told me that he and his brothers held what they called the naked Olympics out in the barn.

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   They would all strip and have contests like run races or obstacle courses, or throw things the farthest and such. He told me that not only did they not get in trouble for doing it, his dad just laughed about them doing it. That sounded cool to me too.

Then Chuck told me that he and a 16 year old farm hand named Gerald had done stuff together. He told me that they had jacked off together. He said usually they did it out at the barn but that sometime they would go “camping” at night out by the pond in the back field, would make a fire and jack off back there. He told me that they had even jacked off one another and bunch of times. Then I told him that I had done the same kind of stuff with several guys. I told him how a nephew that is my age and I had played with one another’s dicks, but that it was before either of us was old enough to cum. I told him about the summer before with a guy from another town who was staying with his grandmother in my town and that we both could shoot cum and had jacked one another off. I didn’t tell him about some stuff I’d done with some guys he knew.

Chuck asked me if I wanted to jack off one another. I said yes. He offered to do it to me first. So he reached over and grabbed my dick with his hand and slowly started stroking it.

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   It felt so good. He asked me if I like to do it slow or fast. Sounded to me like he had some experience making another dick feel good. I told him I wanted it slow to medium to begin with. He stroked on his own some while he was also stroking on mine. He did it to me for a while and then stopped and announced that it was his turn. I reached over and grabbed my cousin’s dick and begin stroking it. It felt so hot in my hand. I grabbed his dick head and squeezed it. It felt so hot in the palm of my hand. Then I grabbed his shaft and started stroking it. It felt so hot. I could feel the skin moving up and down on the shaft. Just doing this to someone else had my dick throbbing hard even without touching it. I asked him if he wanted it fast or slow and he said slow at first.

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   He said he wanted to make it last a long time. That was cool with me. After I had done him for a little while, he suggested that we stroke one another’s at the same time, so that is what we did.

The whole time we were jacking on one another’s dicks, we continued talking about nasty stuff. I asked him if he ever did anything with his brothers, especially Scott since he was 12 now and probably had sperm. He told me he did not know if Scott could shoot sperm yet because he had not done sexy stuff with him or any of his brothers. I asked him if he thought they would do nasty stuff with us, but he said he was afraid to suggest anything with them. He said they openly called Gerald a fag because he was always trying to get them to do sex stuff with him.

Then I asked him if he and Gerald’s jacking off one another was the “worst thing he had ever done” that he would not tell me about before. He said no. So I asked him what it was that was the worst thing that he had ever done, and he told me that back at the pond, he and Gerald had sucked one another’s dicks with rubbers on. He said they did it with rubbers so that they really would not be sucking dick (their mouth’s would not be on dick skin), so that they would not accidentally cum in one another’s mouths, and so, therefore, they would not be fags for doing it. Since he told me that, I told him that me and the guy from last summer had tried sucking one another’s dicks some without rubbers on, but that we had only done it one time and then only for a little bit. I asked him if he wanted to try sucking dick without rubbers. He shrugged his shoulders and said not now but maybe he would think about it.

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By this time we were both really worked up and had gotten close to cumming several time. We had stopped stroking one another at the same time and were taking turns doing it to one another. We both wanted to make it last and work it up so that we would cum a lot. One would slowly stroke the other up the point that he was almost about to cum. Then we would switch, let the one’s dick who had been getting stroked calm down and work the other’s dick up to almost cumming.

I asked him if he had every tasted his cum. He said no. He asked me if I had ever tasted mine. I said yes. He asked how it tasted, was it salty. I told him that I had heard that it was salty tasting, too, and that hearing that had made me curious to try it, but that I had always chickened out. He told me that he had though about trying it but had always chickened out too. I told him the whole story about seeing the dog licking up his own cum while trying to fuck a bitch in heat, and that seeing that had motivated me to go ahead and do it. I told him that my cum tasted really sweet and good. I asked him if he wanted to do that.


   He said he didn’t know, but that he would think about it. He looked kinda freaked out by the whole thing. I told him that if he wanted, I would eat some of mine in front of him and he could watch me do it and that I did not expect him to do it. too, if he did not want too. He tentatively said ok.

We were both ready to explode at this point. We decided that we would make one another cum and that he would make me cum first. Chuck started pumping my dick really fast and in just a few strokes and shot off big. There were three big shots and several smaller ones. They landed on my chest and stomach. The sperm was very white and thick. Chuck said something like, “Wow, you shoot far. ” We both looked at the cum on my chest and stomach and he looked at the cum on his hand. I asked him, “You dare me to eat some?” and he said, “Yeah, I dare you. ” So I did.

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   With my fingers I picked up a particularly, big, white glob off my stomach, opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and dropped the whole thing into my mouth. I closed my mouth and looked at him. Then I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to show him my sperm in my mouth. He just laughed.

Then I jacked him off. He squeezed his legs together like he liked to do to make it feel good. I grabbed his dick and stroked it hard. He did not last long either and shot several times to make a nice load on his stomach. At 13 he still could not shoot that far (unlike later when we were older and his stuff would shoot half way across the room and he was a shoot off machine. ) His was thick and white, too. He just stared at it. He took his fingers and started rubbing them in it. He looked over at me, like he was a little scared. Then he pick up some of his sperm on his index finger and stuck his finger in his mouth. (Yeah, he did it!) He looked at me and opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue like I had done to him and wiggled his tongue back and forth.

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   Then he just busted out laughing. I did, too. The tension was broken.

Chuck suggest we go skinny dipping in the pool. That sounded good to me. So we got out of bed and headed straight to the pool, walking through the house buck ass naked and with our now watery sperm dripping off of our bodies . . .


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