For Love of my Mother


Ladies and gentlemen!
Boys and girls!
Step with me
into another world!
A world where lust
and love show true!
No matter who or what
it is directed to!
Prepare for a world
where cupids arrows take flight!
And your every hope and dream
is brought to light!
*Tonight we learn the story of one who lusts as many do for someone we all well know he is not supposed to. But even he this truth has blocked out. What will happen when he realizes? Lets watch and find out!

Adam sat on the bus as it got closer to his stop. He was sitting alone as he always did. Not talking to anyone as he always did. Once again he had been caught skipping class at his junior high school. And once again he would have to go home to the same ranting and raving from his mother. That woman would never leave him alone. She goes out everynight, playing with her latest toy ignoring her three children and thinks she has the right to come home and get on his case. HA! Wait why do I call them her toys? Shes their toy that stupid bitch. God you think the woman would give up on men after all the divorces she had been through. And what the hell was wrong with her, she cheated on every single guy she got married to.
*I must stop a moment to give you a note. Knowledge of her cheatings he learned from a journal she wrote. As he often does he snuck in her room to search for any other erotic novels his mind could consume. And a novel though not published he did spot.

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   Erotic in a way, his mothers written thoughts. Upon reading he learned much to his dismay. With every husband she had she cheated on one day. And even more startling and he knew it was no jest, was that every man she cheated with was the man she married next!*
And what the hell was wrong with these guys. They act all up and surprised when they find out shes cheating on them, when they were who she cheated with last. Fucking idiots. What the hell is wrong with my mom. She cant fucking settle she acts like a slut. Shes got so many damn problems and thinks she can take them out on me?!?! Bitch. . .
Adam continued his line of thought that was needed for the sole reason of putting him in a bad angry mood, so he wouldnt allow his mother to walk all over him. As he continued to mentally berate his mother, he looked on as his "girlfriend" talked with her friend.
*Sorry to jump back in so soon. Ill try to give my other comments more room.

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   But the reason the word girlfriend is stuck out, is because they have done nothing together, not even a kiss on the mouth! I would like to say it was more puppy love, but love there was not. Over these two there was no flying dove. *
The bus came to a stop and his girlfriend got up. She walked to the door of the bus and got off at her stop. At first Adam barely noticed. Then he suddenly had that feeling, as if he was missing something. And then he realized, for the first time since they had started dating over 3 months ago, she had not said bye before getting off the bus. Like I care he thought. She's probably just pissed about something. She'll get over it. Then her friend came over and stood besides his seat.
"Ahem" she said. What the hell does this little bitch want? What she thinks im going to make room for her? Ha screw her. "Ahem!" she said a little louder this time. The bus had started back up moving and Adam continued to ignore her.

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   "AHEM!" she said loud enough to get the bus drivers attention. "Hey sit your ass down back there!" The girl replied, "He wont make room!" "Make room for her you little prick!" The driver said to Adam. He furiously replied, "She was siting just fine right over there in her seat, why do I have to move?!?" "Cause I said so punk!" Geez Adam thought to himself. Fine ill move. This bus drivers an ass. Always likes to pick on me, just cause I dont suck up to him like all these jackasses do.
Adam moved and his girlfriends friend sat down. She proceeded in blabbing in his ear as Adam expected her too. He ignored her until she leaned over and almost yelled in his ear. "Did you hear me? I said its over! Jane is breaking up with you! You never talk to her anymore and shes tired of it!" Adam got enraged by this. This bitch is breaking up with him and she doesnt even have the nerve to say it to his face?!? She has to tell her little midget friend and send her dumbass over? God I hate women. What the fuck is wrong with them. Angrily he replied, "Well screw her and you too now get out of my seat before I push your little midget ass out!" Her eyes seemed to bulge and she lashed back, "You know that is whats your fucking problem, you're always in a bad mood! Go fuck yourself!", and she got up and moved back to her seat. Before Adam could think of a suitable retort, the bus arrived at his stop. He got up and walked off the bus, making sure to hit the little bitch with his backpack along the way.


He walked home unlocked the door to his house. His mother wouldnt be home from work for another hour, so he had a little time before he had to hear her bitching. Still furious about how his girlfriend, no EX girlfriend he reminded himself, had embarrased him, he went to his room and turned on the T. V. Soon as often happened when alone in his room. He started to rub himself. Goddamn bitch, he thought, who the hell does she think she is. And for the first time, his thoughts turned toward forcing Jane. Yea its what you get bitch, he thought, yea. . .
It was late, past 11. He was standing outside Janes house. She had a room on the first floor. All the lights were out.

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   He carefully peeked in her bedroom window. She was fast asleep. Her bedroom door was closed, and he didnt see any light through the crack in the door. He slowly and carefully opened her window and climbed in. He stood there, staring at her for a moment, then went and locked her door. In righteous anger he lifted the comforter from her slight frame. She was wearing pajamas. Like a little girl, white with disney characters. Ha he thought to himself. 14 years old and still wearing kiddie pajamas. Well its time this bitch grew up. He slowly reached for her.
"ADAM!!!!!!" A scream tore him from his thoughts. Shit he thought and barely threw a blanket over himself before his mother banged his door open. "What the hell is wrong with you? There I am at work and surprise surprise I get another damn phone call from your school, saying you skipped again! How many times Adam? Huh? How many times do we have to go through this! God im tired of this! Your lucky im furious or else I would punish you right now.

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   But dont think your getting off! As soon as I settle down Im going to give you a damn harsh punishment. I wont take this Adam! I wont! Whatever shit you are dealing with that is making you do this all the damn time, GET IT OUT OF YOUR DAMN SYSTEM!" Before Adam could say anything she furiously slammed his door.
Fucking tramp Adam thought, who does she think she is? She cant talk to me like that. She just better wait. He'd get her back. She would pay. Fucking bitch. Slowly but surely his hand went back to his crotch. Now before I was so rudely interrupted he thought to himself with a sneer. Get back to focusing here. Janes slim 4 foot body, brown hair, small underdeveloped breasts. He fast forwarded from the beginning of his adventure to when he was standing over her pajama clad body.
    Yea. . .

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    He reached for her top. He slowly got hold of her top. Carefully, ever so carefully, he moved her arms from their crossed position and gently started pulling up her top. As he was doing so he noticed that her hair was now black not brown. What was he thinking? Focus he thought. Brown hair again, good. He gently pulled her top up it revealed her skin further and further. There was her belly button, there was her ribcage, and ah, there was the beginning of her small mounds. He stopped for a moment, and thought to himself, she would probably wake up by now, but HA its my fantasy bitch and I say when you wake up. He realized he had lost track and wanted to see her breasts first show signs to him again, so he restarted there. Slowly slowly he raised her top. And there! wait, this isnt right, a bra? black lacey, like something from Victoria's secret. She wouldnt wear a bra, he thought to himself, focus. Ah there they were those small breasts again. Growing impatient he gently pulled the pajama top off of her.

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       He looked down happily at her fully revealed tits. Small with the tiniest nipples. He wanted to suck them. But no this was not the time. He looked downard. Time to move on he thought. He gently felt her skill by her belly button as he moved his hands down towards her pajama bottoms.
    He slowly tucked his thumbs underneath the elastic of the pants. The feel of her skin was smooth beyond belief. Gently he started to lower her pants. He sneered as he slowly revealed her upper hips, and slowly revealing a lowering of her body from her upper thighs that marked the seperation from hips to legs. Slowly he watched and realized the lower he got that she was hairless. Totally untouched by the wisps that she would soon be getting. Then a darker small area started to reveal itself. Slowly he leered as her small pussy was revealed to his eyes.

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       Beautiful he thought, untouched. Not for long he thought with a chuckle. Getting impatient with a quicker pace he lowered and removed her pajama bottoms, quickly dragging his sight back to her secret area.
    What? There were silky black panties on now. Looks like they would match the, and on that sudden thought he instinctively looked up. There it was. The black silk lacey bra was back. What is wrong with me he thought. Focus! When he looked back she was back as she should be. Now we start the fun he thought.
    With a rush that completely was the opposite of his slow place with her, he removed his own clothing. He climbed up on her bed, loving the sound and feel of the springs adjusting to his weight. His 8 inch hard throbbing member ready for action. As he positioned himself for entrance in his fantasy he approached his orgasm in his bed in his room at home. Time to wake up bitch he thought.

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       He slammed into with a force not possible of a true living person. A force that shook the bed. He started to rub himself faster as he imagined the feeling of her extremely tight pussy desperately trying to adjust itself to his wrongful intrusion he felt the sheer pleasure of her small body writh underneath him upon his violent entrance. Then her upper body raised up and his brown haired mother still wearing her black lacey bra, screamed in horror and fear, as he pounded her pussy with incredible speed. He reached his point and came all over his hand his bed and his chest.
    Lost in the afterglow, he thought to himself, I have never cum like that before. Slowly the realization hit him. Oh my god he thought. I just fantasized about raping my mother! Lost in thoughts of why and how, the day slowly wound to a close and the sun went down to prepare for the next day.
    *Well well well part 1 reaches its end. What a climatic conlusion! A pun i did intend. What does this mean? You know he does wonder. . . In part 2 we will have to see if his world is torn asunder!!!*
    To Be Continued



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