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“I look like my mother and he looks like my father. ” I shifted my eyes to my plate. I nervously twisted my chocolate brown hair around my fingers. Although our whole family was slim making us look the same, my brothers had all gotten their looks and golden blonde hair from my father. “I’ve never met your mother. ” Alyssa looked at me. “She’s dead. ” The table got quiet. “It’s okay, she died a long time ago giving birth to my youngest brother. ” I smiled like it was okay, although that was far from the truth. Since the death of my mother the children of the family fell into my fathers twisted hands. “You have a big family don’t you?” Alyssa asked. “Yeah there are five of us. ” I smiled for I loved my siblings. “you all know tom. ” I laughed as the girls blushed looking over at him across the cafeteria.

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   “Then there is John and James, they’re twins; both 13. ” “I’ve never met them. ” Alyssa sighed, “Are they as hot as your brother?”I sighed. “They’re…different. ” They had fallen in with a bad crowd at a young age because of the secrets they were forced to live with. They both spiked their beautiful blonde hair, and died the tips black, I suppose to match the color of their souls. You could scarcely tell the difference between them except for one striking difference, their eyes. John had deep brown eyes that had over the years seem to fade into a blacker color and James had incredible blue eyes that always retained a seemingly unexplainable sadness. “The last of the boys is Tommy. He’s ten. ” The girls at my table all said “awww,” as if it was planned. He was, if nothing else, the sweetest of all the kids I had ever known. I doubted he had any idea that what he was doing with the family was wrong. For that, I almost envied him. “The last is me,” I said smiling.

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   “The only girl. ” I rolled my eyes as if the life with my brothers was that of any normal family. “No wonder you like hanging out at my house Penny,” Casey laughed. I smiled awkwardly. I was the only girl born to our twisted life. I was only 12, but I had already grown up way to fast which became both a blessing and a curse. My mind had matured so that I could comprehend the awefull things that I was a part of. But my body had also matured making me prey to my fathers sick games. “Then there was my father, bill. ” I cringed. He was 40 but his body was lean and strong and his muscles stood out fearfully. I hated him with all of my being and all of what was left of my heart. The girls and I gossiped and I was thankful the conversation had changed. The rest of the day went as usual…way to fast. I waved goodbye to all my friends at school and the other girls watched jealously as I hopped in the car with my brother to go home.

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   “Ready?” He said as I through my bookbag in the backseat. “No. ” I stared at the floor and he smiled at me sadly. He put his hand on my shoulder, and then we drove home without saying another word. I took a deep breath before I opened the door. It didn’t look like anybody was home yet. I sighed and threw my stuff on the couch. Tom and I walked into the den where all the kids slept. Tommy was asleep on the floor and John and James were playing video games. I sat on the bed next to tom and let my body relax onto the bed. Tommy woke up when I sat down and he curled next to my stomach falling asleep again. I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair. Tom nor I had time to relax before we heard the door slam open. My heart stopped. “Every body get up stairs now.

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  ” My father’s low grumbling voice shouted. The words were slurred. “Great,” I heard tom mutter under his breath, “He’s drunk. ” The twins stopped their games and stood up, their expressionless eyes seeming to sink back into their darkened faces. I woke up tommy, and then we all walked upstairs together into my fathers room. “get undressed. ” He pointed at me and, for a seconds hesitation on my part, his hand smacked across my face. It stung like fire but I stood unwavering and began to remove my clothes. I did it fast, the way he liked it. As I breathed in deeply I could smell the booze emanating from my fathers body. It sickened me. All of my siblings were in the room staring at their feet as the last of my attire hit the floor. My dad ordered me to get on the bed. He spread my legs and I felt a twinge from deep inside me. I cringed in disgust.

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   My father gave us all medication in the morning to make sure I stayed wet, and the boys stayed hard. He had mastered the art of raping us. Dad stood up and pointed at tom, who stepped forward sadly. “Strip,” my fathers rough voice boomed. As the last of toms clothes fell from his body my eyes followed the line of his chiseled muscles down his stomach and I rested my eyes on his cock. It wasn’t like I had never seen his dick before. In fact, I had grown very familiar with his dick from the years of stroking and sucking on it until my father made me swallow all of my brother’s cum. Once my dad let him titty-fuck me and then spray his warm cum all over my face and chest. Some times I thought my dad liked seeing the boys cum almost as much as me. “we’re going to try something new today,” My father smiled and my eyes closed tightly in fearful anticipation. “Tom, I know you have noticed your little sisters body developing into that of a woman’s. ” Tom looked at the floor, his face flushed a deep red almost in embarrassment. My dads hand smacked across his face. ”Look at her!” he screamed. Tom looked at me, his eyes prying over every inch of my body involuntarily.

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   “Tom, are you ready to try something new?” my dad chuckled making me cringe in fear. Tom sighed and looked at the floor, once again forcing my dads hand upon him. “Are you?” He screamed. Tom nodded. My dad retained his composure once again and smiled at me then my brother. “You,” he said in a wickedly sweet voice to my brother, “are going to fuck your baby sister,” Toms eyes popped out of their sockets as he looked at my father in disbelief. The twins turned their heads towards us. Never had my father made us do something to this extreme. We usually played with eachother until one of us would cum, and my father would stand and jerk his dick while watching us. I lay motionless on the bed, knowing that none of us could stop this. Even Tom’s strong body was no match for that of my fathers. We were all kids, and we had no idea what to do. My dad hit tom once again, altthough this time with a fist. Tom staggered backwards and then surrendered to his fate, climbing on the bed. Tom was old enough to know what he had to do on his own, and my father sat back in a chair with his cock sticking up proudly.

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   Tom placed his hands by my shoulders, propping himself up on the bed. I watched as a tear trickled down his chin and then splash on my cheek. I looked up at him and he gently leaned down, kissing me on the cheek. The moment seemed to last forever as my eyes met Tom’s and we just looked at eachother knowing what we were going to do, what we had to do. There was so much mixed emotion on our faces that we truly didn’t know what to feel. “I’m sorry. ” His voice was soft. With that, he slammed his dick into me. I shrieked, my back arched, and tears began to fall down my face as I silently began to cry. The searing pain continued and I wrapped my arms around his back clinging to him. It hurt, but my back eventually rested back on the bed and I relaxed. I could feel his body shaking in a mix of pleasure and unimaginable emotional pain. As my own pain faded I looked up into my brothers eyes. Tears spilled down his soft face in anguish, and he could not even bare to look at me. I knew he liked it, just as I did once the pain had faded a little more.

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   I knew that the better it fellt, the more he hated himself for doing this to me. I placed my shaking hands on his cheeks and pulled his face around so that we stared into each others eyes. My lips pressed against his and he parted them slightly allowing for our tounges to mingle together. This wasn’t the first time we had kissed in such a passionate manner, but it was the first time it had felt really right. I tilted my head enjoying my older brother’s deep kiss. As our lips parted I turned his head pressing my lips against his ear. “Do it. ” I said. He looked back at me sadly. “I love you. ” He whispered gently in my ear. I could hear his voice crack as I felt more of his tears splash on my face. “Enjoy it. ” I said. He looked at me surprised.

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       It was the only thing we could do, since we had no choice. He realized this as well and, with a sad face, nodded. I felt his huge dick slide out of me partially and then slam back in. I moaned gripping his back and I could hear him gasp. He slid his cock out once again, but this time when he slid it back in, I met his hips with mine. It still hurt, but the pain felt good in a strange new way. I could tell he liked it, and we continued. I wrapped my arms around his back resting my hands in the small of his back and rubbing his back gently and lovingly. I think at this moment I forgot there was anyone else in the room. He continued thrusting his dick in and out of me, picking up the pace. I could feel his breath hot on my face as his balls slapped my ass. I moaned clutching on to his muscular back. My body burned with a passion the likes of which I had never felt before. I was so hot and all I knew was I wanted more. I felt his hip bones slide along the inside of my thighs and his dick pressed back into me.

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       All the muscles in my body tensed as his dick penetrated me with each new intensified thrust. My eyes were clenched shut as I relished this new feeling. All the muscles in his body gleamed with sweat and I could see them flex with each grunt he made as my pussy gripped his cock. I had never seen him look so sexy. His eyes were so full of passion and love. He pulled his face near mine. “I love you. ” He slammed back into me I moaned. “more than I should. ” He said softly. Reality still did not come back to me. I merely pulled his face to mine for a deep passionate kiss and wrapped my legs around his back to pull him in deeper. I looked at his face, his eyes were pressed tightly shut and his teeth were clenched together. Now sweat took the place of his tears as I could feel a thin layer covering both our bodies. His body was slick and sticky and felt as though it fit perfectly into mine as if we were made for each other.


       Our bodies began to thrust together more urgently, more intensely. My moans were uncontrolled and loud mixing with his deep grunts. My back arched like it had before but this time my body shook and I felt a wave of pleasure sweep through my body. My blood boiled and my legs shook as he thrust into me deep one last time. I felt something warm spilling inside my clenched pussy and dripping down my ass. I moaned gently as tom collapsed on top of me. I could feel his heart pounding on my chest. I nuzzled his neck as he wrapped his arms tightly around me. My body went limp, and I suddenly came back to reality. My eyes opened nervously. My dad sat in his chair gasping for air as he clutched his dick with cum soaked hands. Looking over toms shoulder I saw the twins. My eyes widened. It was the first time I had ever seen them watch anything that I was forced to do. Their jaws hung open with a mixed expression somewhere between amazement and a smile.

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       I was too tired to analyze the new expression so I let my body relax under the weight of Toms body still intertwined with mine. Suddenly I felt toms body shoved off of my own and I looked with disgust to see my father. His fist crashed across my face in a painfull blow. “You liked that didn’t you, you little slut!” He spat at me while still smiling. “You just let your own brother cum inside your pussy!” He laughed evily. I started to cry realizing what I had done, which was just what my dad wanted to make me do. He punched my brother as well. “Do you realize what you have done you perverted little boy?” he spat still laughing. My brothers eyes became sad as a tear trickled down his face. “You came inside your baby sister!” my dad laughed at my brothers obvious pain. “You liked it too, you wanted it. You fucked her! You fucked your baby sister!”My brother turned his face from my father who was looking at the twins. “Your next. ”Continued…. ??.

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