Foster Parents


My sister and I share a deep emotional bond. We share each other’s feelings, just like some identical twins. My name is John, and my sister June never lets me forget she is the older of us being born 12 minutes earlier than I. No mater what we do, she always takes the lead and I follow. We are privileged children, born into a family with wealth. We have always had a butler that ran the household, hiring and firing the cook and housekeeper. Our father traveled across Europe buying and selling just about everything from real estate to fashions to jewels. He owned several companies that are totally different from each other. Our mother started accompanying him on his trips when we were about 10 years old, and that is where the fun started.
As June and I became curious about our bodies, it seemed only natural for us to “show me yours and I’ll show you mine. ” We were very curious about the differences between male and female anatomy and the tutors Charles (our butler) hired for our home schooling did not want to talk about sex education – especially to children who were not out of grade school. This was about the time that we noticed that Charles would disappear into the new housekeeper’s rooms below our bedroom. There were strange sounds coming out of the room, but the door was locked, and window shades drawn so we could only listen.
One day when June and I were messing around with the computer an ad popped up on the web site about spy equipment, so we clicked on the ad and was directed to this great web site showing all kinds of spy gear, including a camera that looked like a book and sent an audio/visual signal by radio to a receiver that can be hooked into a television or a recorder. Since I had already found the credit card account in dad’s computer that everything for the household was charged against, I ordered the camera and receiver and charged it to the credit card. It arrived in a couple of weeks, and as promised, it was in a plain box addressed to me.

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   I checked later and the charge was on the credit card, and did not show that it was from the company, and was a generic sounding company.
Finally, Charles was outside talking to the people that care for the lawn and the housekeeper was upstairs cleaning. June and I inserted the batteries in the camera and sneaked into her rooms. There was a small bookcase across from her bed that had several books that were similar in appearance to our camera, so we slipped it in between the books and hoped she would not notice. We eagerly waited for bedtime, and when it came, our real education started.
We were waiting for everyone to go to bed and had hooked the receiver to the VCR then to the television. Angie, our housekeeper, came into her bedroom and we started recording. She took off her clothes, putting them in the clothes hamper. We watched as we saw for the first time a fully naked woman. I was fascinated with her full breasts and the way they would swing from side to side as she walked and loved looking at the blond hair between her legs. She disappeared from the view of the camera but we could hear the shower running, and hear her humming. Soon she came out of the bathroom and sat in front of the mirror drying and combing her long blond hair. She then put on a negligee that was light green and was so sheer it looked like she was naked. There was a knock on the door, and she said, “Who’s there?” Charles answered, “The mailman. I have a special delivery for you.

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  ” We both started laughing, since we did not understand role-playing. Charles came in wearing a long blue robe and slippers. He walked to her and stood looking at her as she posed and twirled around. “I love the negligee you bought me, Charles. Do you like it?” she said.
“Oh, yes. I like it a lot”, Charles answered, but he seemed to be talking funny.
Charles went to Angie and started kissing her, running his fingers through her hair, and then caressing her breasts. He walked her backward to her bed and she lay down as he opened the negligee and removing it entirely from her body. We were glued to the television as he kissed her breasts and moved down her body kissing her between her legs and then we heard the sounds we wondered about as she moaned and threshed about on the bed. Then she yelled and heaved herself up from the bed with only her feet and shoulders touching the bed. Charles stood up and removed his robe. We could only see his ass in front of the camera as he crawled up on the bed. Angie said, “No, I want to do you. ” Charles stood up next to the bed and turned to her as she sat up and swung her legs to the side of the bed.

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   I noticed June was breathing kind of funny, as she looked at the huge dick sticking out from Charles’ crotch right in Angie’s face. When Angie reached up and took Charles dick in her hand and then started licking it, June started rubbing her crotch. It was then I realized I had an erection, although my dick was still a small boy’s dick. We watched in fascination as Angie gave Charles a blowjob and he ejaculated on her breasts. Angie waited a little and started licking him again until he was hard, then said, “Fuck me. ” Of course we had heard the word “Fuck” and “Fuck You” before, but until this moment we did not understand the meaning. Charles did as commanded. He fucked her hard and we could see his dick going into her from the angle of the camera. Afterward Charles left and Angie went into the bathroom and then went to bed.
June looked at me and told me to take off my clothes. Gladly, I obeyed as June also stripped. June had small breasts just starting to form, and neither of us had any pubic hair yet. June got down on her knees and looked closely at my dick and took it in her hand, moving it up and down and side to side, then took it into her mouth. Man, that felt good! June said she liked the feel of me inside her mouth, but wanted me to put it in her like Charles did to Angie. She lay down on the couch in front of the TV and opened her legs.

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   I looked closely and realized that she did, in fact, have an opening where my dick could go. I had never noticed this before, but she had never been in this position when we “played doctor. ” I moved up to her and found that my dick slid right in as she was very moist.
June said, “Go in and out like Charles did. ” This movement felt very good, indeed. I continued until June started breathing rapidly.
“Are you okay?”
“Don’t stop. Go faster and harder. ”
June started shaking and about that same time I felt my first orgasm. Of course, I didn’t ejaculate, but it was still a great feeling.
June and I discussed the feelings we had and decided we would continue with these sessions watching Charles and Angie and doing as they did. After three days we realized that they did the same thing all the time.
We stopped watching them, and retrieved the camera before they found it. We also ordered some porn over the Internet (after all, we stated we were over 21 on the web) and again charged it to the household credit card. This had a lot of variety and we were happy to experiment along with the movies.

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   We learned a lot and by the time we had turned 15 we were experienced lovers.
One day when Mom and Dad were in Paris, a car came up the driveway escorted by a police car. Our priest got out of the car with a man we recognized from TV as the mayor of our town. We were called downstairs and seated in the family room were a police officer, a woman in a suit, and the mayor. Our priest talked to us. He explained that our parents were killed in an airplane crash taking off from Paris. They were on the Concord that caught fire on takeoff.
After we finished crying and getting back to reality, the lady in the suit said we would be wards of the court, and the court will decide if we have to go to a foster family. I told her we would not go to another house. This was our home, and if the court demanded a foster family care us for, then they could live in our house.
In a few days, some people from the city came to discuss our situation. There were two men in suits that were introduced as detectives. They wanted to look over our house and see if this would be acceptable to bring in a foster family. In their investigation, they found the tapes we made of Charles and Angie. Bye, bye, Charles and Angie.

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   The court ruled after viewing the tapes that they were a bad influence and would have to be dismissed. A couple of the court’s choosing would come to our house and care for us as our foster parents. I demanded that June and I have the right to refuse the couple as our foster parents if case we did not get along. The court agreed, but said the refusal could not be because we were expected to behave. We agreed.
The first couple were in their 50’s and wanted us to go to bed by 8 o’clock, and they were strict vegetarians. Nope! No way!
The next couple was at least 60 and the old man would fall asleep in the chair watching religious stations on the TV. They demanded we watch at least an hour each evening of religious TV and they wanted us to go to public school. Good-bye couple number two.
Then, a man and wife came who were young. He had just graduated from college where he had earned his master’s degree and was working on his doctorate. She was a high school teacher putting him through school. This job, she said, was a Godsend. It gave each of them a salary and also a place to live. Not only were they being paid by the state, but the estate would pay them to tutor us, and allow us to continue with our home schooling.

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   The difference between her wage as a full-time teacher and working here was minimal, and if you factor in the fact they had no rent, utilities, or food to purchase, they were in much better shape working here. We still had the cook, so she would not have to do anything but teach us and keep the house clean. Her name is Mary and his name is Chuck. Both of them were tan, healthy, and had athletic builds. I couldn’t tell a lot bout Mary’s body since she wore clothing that was loose.
June and I lost no time setting up the camera in their bedroom before they moved into the house. We put them in one of the large guest rooms that had a huge bookshelf and hopefully they would not have time to browse through the books and discover our little toy.
We were rewarded with some of the best scenes imaginable. They loved variety in their sex lives and we learned to watch, but not tape. We loved the sight of their bodies. Chuck worked out 3 to 4 times a week and had the body of a model – a porno model. He had washboard abs and a dick that was at least 7 inches long. Mary was also well built. Her breasts were about 34B and had about a 20-inch waist with rounded hips in front of a beautiful shaved pussy. June and I would watch them, then we would fuck like crazy after.

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   June started putting together a plan to seduce our new foster parents. Finally one day the time was opportune for executing the plan. The cook was off for the day, Chuck was reclining on a chair out by the pool studying, and Mary was cleaning the upstairs, and it was apparent when she moved, she was not wearing a bra.
June went downstairs in a string, thong, bikini that was designed to only wear while trying to get a tan. It was white and the sun would tan through the material. If it got wet, it all but disappeared. Over this she put on a short robe. Here I should explain that as we turned 15 our bodies had matured well. June was 32C with an 18-inch waist and 32-inch hips. She also shaved her pussy. Her hair hung down to her waist. I grew to 6 feet one inch tall. I work out and run, so my body is lean without any excess fat. I weigh 158 pounds and have a six and one-half inch long, 3-inch diameter cock. So far, the only person I have ever fucked is my sister, but I am looking forward to making love to Mary.

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   I only hope June’s plan works and we don’t run them off, because we do like having them here.
June went to the pool and said, “Hey Chuck. Want to join me in the pool. I’ll race you to the end and back. ” Chuck replied, “No June, I need to study. Maybe next time. ”
He did not look up as she dropped her robe and dived smoothly into the pool. As she swam by, she splashed water up on him. When he look up, she rolled over on her back and he almost chocked when he thought she was naked. Then, he could not take his eyes off her as she got out of the pool and walked to the diving board. He could see the suit, but it was totally transparent. He could not help getting the boner. June climbed out of the pool and the top of her suit slipped down exposing her breasts. They have dark areolas and her nipples were sticking out like two pencil erasers. She laughed and pulled up the top as she walked over to where Chuck was sitting, trying to hide his boner with his book.

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   June walked to the chair and sat on the side, handing Chuck a towel and asked him to dry her back. As she turned, she brushed his erection with her hand. Chuck jumped like he had been shocked by electricity. As he dried her back, she let her hand drop to his leg and absently started to rub his thigh while talking to him about what is required to get a PhD. Chuck had difficulty talking and his erection grew to full strength and was peeking out the leg of his shorts. June started to twirl her fingernail on the head of his dick and he just stopped drying her back and started breathing in a ragged manner.
During this time, I found Mary dusting the rail on the balcony overlooking the family room. From this position, one could look out the two-story tall windows and overlook the pool and the back yard. Mary was watching June and Chuck and was leaning on the railing. When June dropped her top and placed Chuck’s hand on her breast, Mary absently started rubbing her own breast. This was going much better than I hoped. Mary was getting turned on watching her husband being seduced by a 15-year old girl.
June had removed her suit top and untied the side of the bottom of her suit while Chuck continued massaging her breasts. She pulled his head to her breast and he pulled back. He said, “We can’t do this.


   We have to stop. ” June just pulled his head back against her breast, and he started kissing her breast and licking her nipple. June looked up and saw Mary watching.
“Chuck, let’s go inside to the family room on the carpet. ” They came inside and Mary backed away from the rail so she would not been seen. When they came inside, Chuck noticed that June was now completely naked. He dropped to his knees and started kissing June’s shaved pussy. June spread her legs and he went to work on her clit bringing her to a climax in short order. June told Chuck to take off his shorts and then took him into her mouth working on him like a pro.
Mary was back over the railing watching and panting. She had unbuttoned her dress and was rubbing her breasts. I had removed all my clothing and silently walked up behind her. Quietly I said, “Shhhhh. Keep watching and don't move. ” She jumped, but did as I said.

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   I reached around her and replaced her hand with mine. She moaned and backed up a little, right into my hard on. She started to rub against me. I pulled up her dress and slipped my dick between her thighs against her panties. She moved back and forth against my dick as I continued to massage her breasts.
Down below, Chuck was on his hands and knees while June was lying underneath him sucking his dick and balls while he was eating her pussy. Mary reached around behind her and grasped my dick and then turned around. I pulled her to me and gave her a deep kiss, which she returned. I pulled her dress off her shoulders and it dropped to the floor. Mary pulled down her panties and stepped out of them kicking them free. They went between the uprights of the banister and onto the floor below where Chuck and June were enjoying themselves. They hit the floor right in front of Chuck and he knew what they were, and then heard the moaning from up on the balcony.
Chuck said, “Mary and I have been talking about seducing you two kids and wondered how we would do it. I’m glad that you took the initiative. ” With that he turned around and positioned June with her legs over his shoulders and entered her with a long, slow, push.

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   When he was fully inside her, June started contracting her vaginal muscles milking him. He smiled, and said, “You have to teach Mary how to do that. That’s wonderful. ” With that he started to fuck June slowly, pulling almost all the way out, then ramming back into her pounding June’s clitoris. June could not help yelling and moaning.
Mary had mounted me and was slowly fucking me. I was watching my dick going into her and pulling back out. When her pussy lips would extend it gave me a view I had never seen before. Then Mary heard June moaning and yelling, she started pounding on me as hard and as fast as she could. I knew I would not last much longer as I watched her tits bouncing and my dick going into her pussy when Mary had a tremendous orgasm. She shook like she was having an epileptic seizure. Mary screamed, “Oh God! I’m coming!” That’s all it took for me to blow my load, too.
Down below, June and Chuck heard the commotion and they both climaxed with us. After getting his breath back, Chuck said in a louder voice, “Hey Mary. Was he as good as you thought he would be?”
Mary replied, “Oh yeah.

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   He isn’t quite as long as you are, but he is really thick. It was great. How was June?”
Chuck replied, “You remember what that detective told us about the films with the butler? You were right. These kids took them, and I’ll bet there is a camera in our room, too. But she knew what to do, and she did it well. I’m going to love being their foster dad. ”
We did enjoy their company. After a week we all moved into the same bedroom and for the next three years shared each other. Chuck got his doctorate, and they moved out of state to an ivy-league college town where he teaches today. We became of age, and neither of us has married. We visit Mary and Chuck about once or twice a year and “renew old memories. ”

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