Fours Fun. Part One


It had been a long night. Walking into the house after a long day at work was one thing but seeing that the house was in a total mess was another. I had left my mate Joe in charge and it looked like a bomb had landed in the front room. Video taped lay strewn around the floor and leftover pizza lay in a box on the sofa. I didn’t really like Joe but he had a son who was friendly with my son so I thought it would be a good idea getting him to baby sit as his son would be able to play with mine.
My son Jason was in the same class at school as Joe’s son David and they were both 14. They had been friends since they were about six and always got on. I always like Joe’s son. He was short and skinny but really had guts. He would always stick up for Jason and make sure no one picked on him. Apart from being skinny he had dark brown hair, brown eyes and a cheeky smile. He always looked like he was up to something. My son was the same build but a little softer. He hated getting into fight and cried whenever he got into one. I think i'm to blame for that as after his mother left I kind of spoilt him and never really taught him to look after himself as I spent so much time working.
As I walked through the hallway to the stairs I herd a mumble from upstairs.

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   “Joe” I called. No reply. I took a few steps. “Joe. ” I called again. Still no reply. I walked up to the landing where it was silent again. I stopped and strained my ears trying to hear the noise and work out what it was. It sounded again like muffled talking so I walked to Jason’s bedroom door and put my ear to it. I could hear giggling and then Joe saying something like “That’s it boys, take turns. ” This normally wouldn’t have struck me as strange but it was the way he said it. He sounded like he was breathing heavily and his voice was a little shaky.
I lowered myself to my knees and peeked through the keyhole. At first it was a little blurry as my eyes adjusted to looking through such a small hole but then as it cleared a nearly fainted. My son Jason and David were both naked and kneeling in front of Joe.

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   Joe’s trousers were slightly lowered and his dick was being sucked in turn by his son and then mine. I felt furious for a moment and then suddenly overcome with excitement. Joes cock was a modest length, around 7 inches and his foreskin was being pulled back skilfully with every bob of the head the boys made. My dick was now rock hard and I couldn’t help but rub it slowly through my trousers. Before I had a chance to release it and relieve myself I noticed Joe was now staring at the ceiling with his eyes closed. My son was sucking his cock at a fast pace and was somehow managing to get about three quarters of it in his mouth. The Joe shuddered and must have shot his full load into Jason’s mouth. He didn’t take it out while he came and even after he came his cock remained half way in. I could see Jason’s Neck contract and new he had simply swallowed it all in one go. He removed Joes now limp cock from his mouth and cheekily kissed the end giving a little bite to the foreskin that had slid back over the tip.
They began to dress and I stood quickly. Rushing downstairs I went to the front door. I heard the bedroom door open and in turn I opened the front door and then loudly closed it so that they heard. Joe rushed down the stairs to greet me and the boys followed close behind brimming with smiles.
We sat around for a while watching TV and I couldn’t help staring at him and then the two boys.

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   My mind racing with images of what I had seen earlier. I desperately wanted to be a part of the fun they were having behind my back but didn’t know how. I sat in silence thinking for ages. The more I thought about it the more frustrated I became. The more I looked at the boys the more I wanted them, infact I now found myself looking at Joe’s crutch fantasising about that as well. I decided I couldn’t wait anymore. I reached for the control and switched it off. The boys groaned at me and Joe turned to ask what was up. I looked Joe dead in the eye and took a deep breath.
“I saw the boys sucking you dick through the keyhole of the bedroom door Joe. ” Joe turned pale and the boys looked like they were about to pass out. “Joe started to mumble something but I raised my hand and he stopped dead in his tracks. “I just wanted to say one thing,” I paused for effect. “I want to join in. ” They all looked at each other and then back to me with smiling faces.

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The boys got up from where they were sitting and walked over. My heart was racing and no words were left in me. Jason leaned down and began to undo my belt while David unzipped my flies. My face reddened and I suddenly felt hot. My cock was hardening and by the time the boys slid my trousers down it was poking out of the front of my boxers. I have about 8 inches and its thick and uncut. Pre cum had formed just under the skin covering the tip and as Jason encircled my shaft with his small hand and pulled the skin back it formed a sticky covering to the head. I looked over at Joe he had moved from sitting next to me and was now standing naked behind the boys quickly removing there cloths. My gaze was suddenly interrupted by a feeling I had not experienced ever since my wife left. I looked down. Jason was pulling winking my cock while David slid it in and out of his mouth. His red lips were wet and coated with my pre-cum. It was amazing. I began to relax just letting the boys go to work on my cock. The slow smooth motion David had built up was making my body tense.

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   He stopped for a moment and my son took over. The boys were both now totally naked and David turned around and began to work on his dads erect dick with the same speed and rhythm he had had with mine.
Jason stared into my eyes as he took about six inches of my shaft into his small mouth. It was strange watching the son my sperm had produced about to receive my load into his mouth. I slouch on the sofa and Jason stopped. He stood up and climbed on top on me spinning his body around so he had his back to me. I closed my legs and he squatted just above my wet meat. Using one had he skilfully lined it up and the gently lowered himself onto it. At first it was like the tip had hit a dead end but slowly he began to push down until the tip popped into his tight slightly brown hole. He stopped as the tip went it and the moment later he pushed down again and my dick began to slowly work its way deeper inside him.
    It was like my cock was in a clamp as the walls of his anus gripped and released as the full 8 inches finally went in. The heat around my shaft was incredible and watching his slowly move up and down so it slid in and out numbed me for a moment. What a sight.
    Joe was walked to where I sat and got into the same position as me. His son David squatted over his dick and in no time at all we were side-by-side watching our boys ride our cocks at a steady pace.


    I could feel Jason’s smooth hairless balls gently slap mine as he moved up and down. I sat up a little and reached round him gently playing with his dick but being careful not to break the pace that he was going at. His dick was a good 5 inches and hard. I began to slowly rub it back and forth and in turn Jason started to moan. “Ah dad it feels really good. ” His dick was beginning to squelch as his pre-cum lubricated my strokes and I could feel his balls and shaft begin to tighten. As they tightened so did his arse and that made me suddenly realise I was about to cum. “i’m going to cum” I shouted and Jason sped up his pace really pounding my cock into him. That was it. My cum shot deep inside his hot hole and by the way it felt I knew It was more than I had ever released before. At least 7 or 8 thick loads shot deep inside his shit hole. My son shooting his thick creamy sperm into the air shortly followed me. Some dribbled down his shaft onto my hand and it felt really sticky and warm.
    I turned to Joe who looked as if he was absolutely loving every minute of his son riding his cock. He looked back at me.

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       “Do you want to finish me off?” I felt shocked but agreed. I had gone this far. David slowly lifted off his dads brown stained cock and I moved onto the floor in front of him. Without hesitating I took the plunge. Feeding his cock into my mouth. It tasted a little bitter with the shit from his sons arse but it wasn’t horrible. After sucking for about 2 minutes I took a breather wanking him off. My son Jason was busy getting his arse licked by David. My cum was still dribbling out of his hole and David was licking up every drop. He then stood behind my son and slid his 4 inches into him. It went in with ease as my sticky fluid had lubbed the hole nicely.
    Turning my attention back to Joe I continued to bob up and down slowly removing the brown tint with my saliva. “I’m going to shoot” and just as he said shoot I felt the hot liquid fill my mouth. I swallowed the first two loads and the savoured the taste or the next three. Letting the cum wash over my tongue finally enjoying the feeling of it sliding down into my stomach.

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    Both Joe and me sat watching the boys fuck until finally David spunked up my sons shit hole.
    I was in a daze and after a while we all decided to get together regularly. The boys told me that Joe had not only been fucking them but also a few of their mates from school. As it turned out some of them were even younger.
    That will be told in the next story.