From Loyal to Lustful


I became the apple of my mother's eye. As a youngster mom would smother me with love and toys and attention. I would play catch and watch TV with dad but mom and I would always be close. That's why it hurt mom more than it did dad when I began to grow up and shortly fell in with the wrong crowd. I have always been tall for my age and this helped me as I hung out with older boys. I got an earring, skipped school, disobeyed my curfew and admittedly was an asshole. My church going, ideal mother was stricken by the way her baby boy was acting. Dad refused to get in on the battles we had and that was the beginning of the end for mom and dad. By the time I was 15 I had tired of my "friends" and drifted away from them. Mom obviously was thrilled and began spending much more time with me (she always did spend time, only now it was fun). Despite my earlier years (hell I'm still in my early years) I was a shy guy. I had a few close friends but not many. I had a bad rep, which made it hard to get together with girls, so I began spending more time at home. One day, I was home alone and in my room. I had a magazine of Penthouse and was jacking off happily. Mom came home from the supermarket saw my shoes and went up to chat.

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   She heard a slight moaning and without thinking entered my room. "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" she screamed as she saw me. My hand wrapped around my fat cock, jacking off madly as I looked at the hot pictures. Mom's hand fell from the doorknob as she gazed at my cock. I blushed and threw a blanket over myself. Mom smiled a nervous smile and clumsily left the room. I flopped back on the pillows on my bed and breathed deeply as I ran over what just happened. My mom had just caught me jacking off, stared at my cock and left. I felt my cock rise again as I pictured my mom for the first time as someone other than a mom. She was about 5'9 soft medium length brown hair. Silky smooth skin, meaty (but in a good way) shapely legs led up to her hot tight ass. Her breasts were firm, no sag about 44c. I smiled as I thought about mom and I together, my cock up her pussy, fucking her madly. I'm not too bad myself if I can say so. .

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  . 6'2 thick brown hair, blue eyes, nicely toned muscles and a 9" cock. For the first time in my fifteen years I knew what I wanted from life, fucking privileges to my mother. It would be hard however. Mom wasn't your typical incest type. In fact I was pretty sure dad was the only man she ever fucked. And if I heard right, it wasn't much. I was spurred on by the fact that mom had stumbled out of the room after she got a good look at my cock. Smiling I got up, changing into my jeans I went downstairs. Mom was making dinner, bent over as she opened the oven. Smiling I enjoyed the view, "hey mom, what's for dinner?" I asked. Mom turned around, wiping a hair from her face I saw her gaze flow to my crotch and then my face, "pot roast honey, thought I would cook up something special for my two men tonight. "Just then the phone rang so I went to get it. It was dad, there were labour problems out in Seattle so he had to go and see if he could work out a settlement. There was no time to pack so he was on his way now.

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   He told me to say sorry to mom. Sighing I put the phone down and went to go tell mom. It seemed like dad was gone a lot lately. Something in this city or that. A lot of problems in Seattle. I went in and told mom of the news. She was visibly upset but we had an excellent dinner without dad. After dinner I offered to clean up, letting mom rest. She thanked me and went upstairs. After I had cleaned the table and done the dishes I went up to go to my room to think about how I would fuck mom. Passing by her room I heard a moaning through the closed door. Peeking through the keyhole I took stock of what was inside. There on the bed was my mother, buck naked, plunging a dildo into her pussy wildly. I couldn't hear what she was moaning but I didn't need to. Taking my cock out I began playing with it as I watched her fuck herself.

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   She shuddered as she came over the dildo, flipping on her side and took the dildo from her leaking cunt and began to butt fuck herself. With her back to me I opened the door slightly and slowly. Creeping into the room I closed the door behind me as I watched the dildo slide in and out of her ass. Mom began moaning again and this time I heard it, "Mmmm Adam, that's it. . . . Mmmm fuck mommy. . . . Your cock is so big. Please fuck me with it. Fuck your slutty mommy. .

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  . . Fuck her good and hard. . . mmmmm Adammmmm. . . mmmmm please baby. . . . "I couldn't believe it! Here was my mom fucking herself pretending it was me. Standing on the other side of the bed I began frigging myself harder than I ever had before. Watching my mom fuck herself was hot, watching my mom fuck herself pretending it was me was too much.

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  I moaned as I began to cum, mom turned around and saw me. My big cock hard and pulsating. Jeans at my ankles and a smile over my face. "ADAM!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??? MY GOD!!" she screamed. I smiled, "I'm here for the same thing you want mom. Ever since this afternoon I haven't stopped thinking about you walking in on me. How hot it would be to fuck you and then I catch you fucking yourself pretending I am doing it. Mom blushed and smiled, her gaze flowing to my cock once again. "Mmmmm that's nice Adam but we can't. It's one thing to pretend and a whole other thing to actually commit incest. " She reasoned. I wasn't about to take no for an answer. Moving closer to the bed my cock standing straight out. . .

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  inches from her nose. "You don't mean that mom, you know it and I know it. I wanna fuck you like a dirty bitch and you want it. I can see it in your eyes. " I replied. Mom chuckled, her eyes twinkling. Licking her lips she smiled up at me, practically whispering she said, "Mmmm Adam, you make me so hot. You can't even imagine what a slut I want to be. " With that she moved forward, engulfing my cock in her mouth as she eagerly took me deep. "Mmmmmmm mom, GOD that feels good. . . . holy shit. .


  . " I yelled. Mom's arms went out and she grabbed my ass. Squeezing my cheeks she sucked me fully. Her tongue swirling around my cock as she took my cock to the core. I grabbed her head and took hold of her hair. I began to fuck her face as her mouth was engulfed around my cock. She moaned and slid a finger up my ass. I began fucking her face deeper. My balls slapping against her chin as she took me down her throat. "Mmmmm fuck mom, that's it. Be my whore. Suck my cock. God mom I can't believe this is happening. " I moaned.

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   A smile came to her lips as she sucked me harder still. I closed my eyes as I pushed mom back on the bed. Laying on her back my knees on either side of her ears. My cock went rigid as I felt my cum yearning to be free. "MOM I GOTTA CUM!" I yelled. Running her tongue over the head she gave me her answer as I shot my load deep down her throat. Expertly sucking my sperm she drank it all, not wasting a drop as I came in her mouth. When I was finished I pulled out of her mouth. Mom moaned and opened her mouth, showing me the cum on her tongue and then swallowing it happily. "Ohh Adam, that was sexsational!! You don't know how good it felt to have a real cock in my mouth. Your father was always good in bed but he never had your assets. " She groaned. I smiled. Spreading her legs I got between them. "Mmmm fuck mom, I don't know what's gotten into you but I like it.

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   I love it and now I'm going to make you feel as good as you made me feel. "Getting between her thighs I began to lick her pussy lips. Mom moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around my neck. My hands went to her hips as I rubbed her hot naked body. Running my tongue all over her pussy I explored it all. Finding her clit I began to nibble and suck on it as mom thrashed beneath me. My hands ran to her breasts as I began to knead and pinch them. "YES YES YES ADAM! OH MY GOD. EAT YOUR MOTHER!!" she hollered. Grinding my face in her hot cunt I slid my tongue in her slit. Feeling the warmth I was in heaven. Her cunt began to jerk and spasm as my tongue explored inside her cunt. My face was pelted with her love juice as she orgasmed all over my face. Pulling away from her cunt I moved up her body. Mom still as horny as ever began to lick my face before sliding her tongue in my mouth.


   I wrapped my arms around her as we made out on the bed. Her hair strewn as my hands ran over her naked back. My hard cock between her smooth thighs as she held it close to her cunt. Gasping away from my mouth, I felt her heart beating against my chest. "Oh Adam, this feels so good. I know it's wrong but I don't care. I want you in me. I want to feel your big cock fuck me whole and make me the slut I've always wanted to be. Please fuck me. Make me your whore mother. " She rambled. Hearing my mom talk like this was too much. Propping her against the pillows I spread her legs once again. Her juices ran down her thighs as she excitedly waited for my cock. Mounting her I moaned as my cock slid home.

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  Feeling her pussy around my cock was amazing. Her pussy was extremely tight as her pussy muscles gripped my like a vice. "Fuck mom! You are so goddamn tight!!" I yelled. Running my hands up and down her hot naked body I began to thrust into her. My cock pounding down into her juicy cunt. Mom moaned as her hands ran through my hair. Thrusting back up into me as I pounded her pussy. My cock already rigid I shoot my first load in her pussy. She moaned as she felt my warm sperm flow inside her. Fucking her through my orgasm I continued to thrust deeper and deeper. She gripped my cock, as I fucked her, never losing my hardness. Her cunt was milking my cock as I finished coming. Pounding her pussy now I really started to get into it. Mom was squealing and moaning incoherent sentences out as I fucked her. Thrashing up against my cock, her pussy fucking my back madly.

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  I heard my balls slapping against her thighs was incredible as my cock plunged down into her pussy. Her cunt gripping my cock as she reached orgasm. Her back arches and she grabbed my head, yelling out in pure lust as she orgasmed over my cock. My cock unable to move boiled to a second orgasm as I emptied my nuts in her warm cunt. Feeling our orgasms subside I pulled out of her sopping and drooling cunt. . Lying down next to her I slid my arm under her neck. Moaning she cuddled up next to me. Curling her naked body against mine as we fell asleep. I awoke the next morning to her pussy once again on my cock. Greedily she was bouncing up and down on my thick hard rod. Her hot tits bouncing madly as her tight cunt pleasured my cock once again. She smiled, "Well well well, welcome to the world of the living handsome. I must thank you for the lovely fucking you gave my pussy last night. I was ten times better than all my fantasies put together.

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  "Lost in my own lust I rambled, "hey no problem, anything I can do for my mommy. " Hearing her call me mommy made her pussy even wetter. Getting lost in the incest lust she slid my cock even deeper in her cunt as she fucked madly on my meat. Feeling my cock harden once again she sighed and slowed down as our orgasms met. "I've always wanted to be a dirty little whore Adam, I've always been the good this or the good that. When you had your bad times I was secretly hoping you would take me and fuck me. God how I wanted you even then. "Lifting her off of me I brought her close to me. Hugging her tightly I kissed her madly on the lips as we feel asleep once again. We woke up about an hour later. Sucking on each and every finger I goaded her into taking a shower with me. Crazy with lust we made it to the shower. Mom feel to her knees sucking my cock in her mouth as the water fell upon our bodies. I began fucking her mouth again, fucking her mouth as if it were her cunt. Feeling myself near orgasm I had her get on all fours.

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   Excited at what was to come she bent over, her ass tantalizingly close to my cock. Gripping her hips I plunged home. Mom's ass was even tighter than her pussy. And rightfully so, it was her first time. Nevertheless I began fucking her madly as her tight ass pulsated against my cock. "ADAM! MY GOD YOU'RE RIPPING ME APART! KEEP GOING!" she yelled. I continued to fuck her ass like a man possessed. Stopping only when I could not hold off my cum any longer. Filling her ass with my cum I pulled out with a "pop. " She got up and we finished the shower, washing and drying each other. After our shower mom went down to make us brunch. Walking downstairs buck-naked she teasingly put on her apron. Bending over numerous times as I watched her cook. We fucked many more times that day. Dad called the next day said he would be home in a week.

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   Mom smiled as she talked to him, trying to hold down her moans as I plowed her ass. Needless to say we fuck 24/7. Mom calling me in sick for the entire week. Now, 2 years later we are still fucking. We make love on a daily basis. It turns out dad was cheating on mom. Mom could have cared less. They quickly got a divorce. Dad moved to Seattle. We moved to. . . not telling. Mom is 6 months pregnant and horny as ever. She has completely transformed from a loyal church-going housewife to a dirty nasty slutty whore.

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