Fun with my cousins


Growing up in the 70’s was not an easy thing for me my mom anddad had gotten a divorce when I was only 3 and I did not seemuch of my dad after that. I was a shy, short and skinny longred haired boy. At 13 years old I was not quite 5 foot and weighedin at a whopping 92 lb. I was not the most masculine of boys,I guess growing up with just my mom and not having many malefriends I was a little bit on the feminine side. I mostly lived for the summers. I would spend every summerwith my cousins Gary and Susan. Gary and I where only 3 monthsapart but that is where the similarities stooped whereI was short and skinny he was tall and very athletic blondhair and blue eyes. He played football at school and wasjust an all around guy. Susan was two years older than wewere where.  She had long light brown hair, was about 5’2” and nice tits and a big ass, fulllips, She was a little on the plump side but she looked dam hot!!. I had masturbated many timesthinking of her. The three of us had always been very close. We loved the summers,they lived on a farm and we had many adventures, but nothingcompared to this year. I had not even got in the door of thehouse when Gary came running down the steps and garbed mein a big hug. He helped me put my bags in his room and then wewhere out the door. It was a hot summer day and we where hedid down to the river for a swim.

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   The river was less then ahalf mile from there house so we spent many days swimmingand swinging form a rope Gary had hung in a tall tree. Garywas the first one to the river and was out of his shirt andpants in a blink of an eye. I just stood there and marveledat his body. I guess I had never thought about how good helooked. Gary grabbed the rope and turned back to look atme. I quickly started getting undressed hoping he had notseen that I was staring at him. We swam and played all afternoon. I would love to watch Gary swing on the rope. He would letgo at the top and do a flip in to the water. I tried but couldjust not get it right. Finally I said I needed a brake andwent and lay down on the bank in the grass. As I lay there inthe warm sun I looked up and Gary was walking up to lie downnext to me. I could not take my eyes off of him. I looked downand stared at his cock. It was much larger than mine it hadto be 5 inches soft.

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   My little cock was barley that big whenit was hard. Ok he said what is it I have seen you all day staringat me. What’s up? I tried to play it off and told him that Ihad not been looking at him all day. He proceeded to pounceon me and start tickling the shit out of me. And said he wouldnot stop until I told him. As our bodies where rubbing togethermy dick starting getting hard and I was getting very exited. Gary stopped tickling me and looked at my hard dick. I didnot know what to say. So I just came out with it. And told himthat I don’t know why but I could not stop looking at his bodyand that him touching me had really turned me on. I was scaredshitless that he would be pissed off at me. He lay down nextto me and said that it was ok that he was glad that I liked hisbody. That he had been looking at me all day also. At thatmy mouth dropped open. He reached over and touched my harddick and slowly started rubbing it.

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   Then he took his otherhand and guided my hand to his cock. My mind was reeling. The feel of his hand on me was out of this world. I could notbelieve this, and as I stroked his cock it just kept gettingbigger and harder. Gary let go of my cock and rolled overon his back and pulled me on top of him. His hard dick was agentsmy stomach and it was driving me crazy. He kissed me and Ifelt is tongue interring my mouth I just responded and lethim take control. His hands where all over my body. He grabbedmy ass and pulled our bodies tighter together making outcocks rub agents each other. Then he slowly pushed me downso my face was next to his cock. It had to be a good seven incheslong, and dripping with his precum. I know what he wantedbut I had never in my life even thought about sucking a guy’sdick. He gently guided my head so my mouth was on the headof his cock. I opened my mouth and put just the head in. I couldhear Gary groan and felt him tense, but it was nothing comparedto what I felt.

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   As the head of his hard cock interred my mouthmy world changed forever. It was out of this world. I couldtaste his precum that was leaking out of his dick and it wasso good. I started to try to get more and more of his cock inmy mouth I wanted it all. I was only able to get about halfof it in before I started to gag. I pulled back some and wentto work I licked and sucked for all I was worth. Soon Garystarted to buck his hips in to me and I gagged a few times butI was not letting go of his cock. I felt him grow even morein my mouth and then I felt a hot jet of his cum hit the backof my throat. I sucked and swallowed for all I was worth. Finely Gary relaxed and I felt his cock start to soften. I sucked the last of his cum from him and licked up any thatthat has ran down on to his balls. Gary pulled me up to himand kissed me deep tasting his own cum on my lips. That wasincredible he said. I told him that I loved it and would doit for him any time he wanted me to. He kissed me again andsaid I think this is going to be a grate summer.

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   Oh I thinkit will be we heard some one say. We both looked up to see Susanstanding there watching us. Do I go on?