Getting Suprised.


I was listening to some music and it was rather loud as I pulled off my clothes. I was pulling off my under wear and turning at the same time when I noticed Amber standing there at my door. At first a rush of panic ran through me because I hadn't heard the door open, and then anger because she hadn't knocked. I was about to yell when I noticed that she was staring at my penis, but still talking to me. So, I decided that she had opened the door, so she would just have to deal with it. I reached out and turned down the stereo and secretly turned my body so that she could get a better look at my cock, which was not erect at all. I was curious as to what she would do. "What is it, Amber?", I asked. And watched as she began to blush, but continued to stare. "I just wated to show you a trick that I learned on the game, that's all. "She just stood there as if she still wanted me to come out and play with her even though I was naked. Interresting as it was, I decided to go the way that I was. I just wanted too see what she would do. We walked down the hall, and I could see her looking at me bounce left to right, and she was getting redder by the minute. ""So, what did you figure out?", I asked. "Oh", she began. 

   "I found out how to whip the car around the corner. ""That's what you came and got me for? I can do that!"Oh yeah? Let me see!", she challenged. I picked up the control pad and held it right under my penis and pulled off the control motions. Sure enough, the car whipped around the corner. "Do it again, I want to see how you do it. "I did it again, but this time, her face was really close to the control pad, and I could feel her breath on my cock, and it felt good, I could feel Chills running down my spine and it started to pulse to life. "Can I touch it?", she asked. "Touch what?""Your thing. ", she answered. This was now scaring me. I was getting turned on by her breath and it was getting closer as my penis got harder. "Why would you want to touch that?", I quizzed. "I want to know what it feels like. "I began to tremble with butterflies in my stomache, she was really interrested in my body, but first, I had to get mine. "Okay, but first you have to take off your clothes too.

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  ""Okay. ", she said with a smile. And I watched as she pulled off her sweat pants and her shirt to reveal olive skin beneath. She really had no boobs yet, but she was pretty none the less. Her jet black hair flowed perfectly with her smile and her mischievios eyes. As her underwear came down, it revealed a bald but beautiful vagina. It was sweet and innocent, my cock burst to it's full length. "Why does it grow?", she asked with a scowl on her face. "Because it's reaching for you to touch it. ", I joked. Then she reached out with her hand and began to lightly run her fingers accross it, which was making my legs feel rubbery, but I still stood so that she could have a look see. Then she bent in and began to lick it like it was a popsicle. Again this ran shivers up my spine. I let her do this for a few minutes as I was looking down at her and watching her ass as she moved forward and back. Trying not to lose my load as she hit all of the sensitive parts of the head of my dick.

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  "Amber, lay down and let me play with yours. ", I told her, and she did without a wordI laid with my head between her legs and decided to just go at it. No easing in the oral sex and immediately found her clit. She gasped sharply and grabbed the back of my head, but I continued to assault her clit with my tongue and she continued to moan. The spasms were like an earthquake exploding through her body. Her legs closed around my head as Ambers' moans were getting louder by the minute. I feared that the neighbors might hear, but I continued until she whooped really loudly. "Wha . . . what's . . happening, aaaaAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"Her legs caught my head in a vice grip, and her hands seemed to have my hair tight enough to be pulling it out by the roots,but I kept going as her body threw into convulsions and she began to squirt at me, and good god, it seemed to go on forever. I was not even aware that girls this young could have an orgasm, but here it was and my penis was now throbbing. She let go of me and fell limp, skin pink as if she were sunburnt.

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  "I looked at her and asked,"Do you want to try something else?""What is that?""I want to fuck you. ", I answered. "How do you do that?", she asked. "Just lay back, open your legs, and I'll show you. "She did so, and I pulled myself to her and positioned my penis at the opening of her pussy which was still wetter than hell from her orgasm. I rubbed the head against it for a moment and then began to slowly push. Her breathing got a little jerky as I popped her hymen, but that was all. I began to pump her slowly, and she began to moan again. "Do you want me to go faster?", I asked"Yes. ", She answered. So, I did and I could feel the tingling in my balls as she seemed to get wetter and tighter. Her legs wrapped around me and she began to thrust her pelvis to meet my pushing. "HARDER!", she screamed out, And I did oblidge by doing so. "Fuck me some MORE!", she screamed out, and at that I lost it, my penis exploded inside of her and she began to moan louder than she had moaned all night. It was a moan you'd hear from a mad person, but she kept going until I had spent my full load and my balls hurt.

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   I pulled out of her and laid beside her. "Can we do that again tommorrow, Uncle?", she asked. I put my arm under her head and said,"We can do that anytime you want, Amber. ""Good, let's do it again now!"And so I did. .