Grand Pa's Pill


Grandma tucked Lulu in bed and then went into her own bedroom. What Lulu knew and Grand Ma did not was if you laid on your belly and looked through the heat register you could see her Grand Parents in bed and hear what they were saying. "Did you take your little blue pill, dear?" Grand Ma asked. "Why of course, Honey, and I put one of Tim's dirty movies in the VCR. The doctor says that I need stimulation for this to work. ""Do you feel anything yet? Watch the TV and I'll give your a little massage. " With this Grand Ma reached into Grand Pa's pajamas and took out his little white pee pee. "We are going to have to work hard on this I can see," she said bending over and to Lulu's surprise taking Grand Pa's pee pee in her mouth and sucking on it. Grand Pa by this time was watching the TV that showed a man in a black cowboy hat talking to a girl in the park. The man was putting his finger into the little girl's wee wee. Lulu wondered if she was a little girl. Her wee wee was covered with fur and she thought only Mommy's were like that. If Grand Pa liked watching this, maybe he liked doing it also. Lulu noticed that Grand Pa's thing was growing as Grand Ma sucked it. She was able to get all of it into her mouth and even lick the hairy things below it. Grand Pa was slowly lifting his bum off the bed and up towards Grand Ma's face.

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  Looking again at the TV she heard the man in the cowboy hat ask the girl if she would kiss his cock. She nodded yes and then kissed his pee pee. Cock was a new word for Lulu and she liked learning new words. By now Grand Pa's cock was even larger and Grand Ma asked, "Would you like me to ride your big cock, dear?""Yes, oh, yes. It been a long time since I could satisfy you. "As quick as she could Grand ma threw off her nightie and settled down on top of Grand Pa's cock. She squirmed and twisted as though trying to find just the right place to sit. "It feels so good and I think it's getting even bigger. It may hit its old 7 inch mark at this rate!"On the TV the man in black, who no longer was wearing any clothes, told the girl to spread her pussy for him. She took her fingers and pushed open her wee wee. Lulu's new word was pussy. This was something you called your little place between you legs. Grand Ma's pussy had now eaten up Grand Pa's cock all the way. His cock had disappeared. Grand Ma began to rock on Grand Pa's cock and shouted to him, "Fuck me you old prick, fuck me!.

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  " This must have really excited Grand Pa. He began to move his cock in and out of Grand Ma's pussy as fast as it would go. Lulu now learned a new word. Fuck must be the name for what her Grand Parents were doing. Under her breathe she said to herself, "Fuck her, Grand Pa, fuck her with all your might?!"Grand Ma then rolled off Grand Pa on to her back and said, "Eat my pussy, now!"It was amazing to Lulu how quickly her old Grand Pa was between Grand Ma's legs and was licking and sucking everything in sight. Lulu could see Grand Pa's tongue going into Grand Ma's pussy and then he was nibbling the little button at the top of her pussy. Grand Ma encouraged Grand Pa saying, "Bite my clit hard, you pussy eater. Chew it up!"Another new word for Lulu. She felt between he legs to find her clit and there it was. Just a tiny little pimple in Lulu's case and it felt so good as she pinched and rubbed it while she watched Grand Ma and Grand Pa. Grand Pa's cock was really hard not and Grand Ma moved again. This time she was on all fours and encouraged Grand Pa to get on top of her. She urged Grand Pa to, "Fuck my ass. You haven't been hard enough to do that for a long time. "Ass was not a new word for Lulu, but what did fuck my ass meant? She soon found out and Grand Ma guided Grand Pa's cock into her hiney hole.

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   Grand Pa went slowly at first and Grand Ma moaned. Slowly he increased the speed and depth of his cock into Grand Ma eventually making his cock disaster. By now Grand Ma was moving back to accept Grand Pa's cock with each thrust. Then it happened. Grand Pa pulled out his cock and Lulu saw that it was shooting some while creamy juice from it. Grand Ma turned around and looked at it. "Suck my cock and lick off that shit, you whore. Clean me. "Lulu was surprised when Grand Ma happily cleaned grand Pa's cock with her tongue and lips. Her Grand Parents were very tired and lay back in bed. However, Grand Pa's cock was still standing straight up and ready for action. "Oh, honey, I'm so tired out from that great fuck, I'm going to have to wait a while. "Unbeknownst to Grand Pa and Grand Ma, their moans and groans had by now awaked Lulu's Mommy and Daddy, who opened the bedroom door expecting to see Grand Pa in the midst of a seizure. When Mommy saw Grand Pa's erection she laughed and drew her husband's attention to it. "I know you have seen a cock before," said Grand Ma.

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   "But Grand Pa needs help. It won't go down!""Well, Honey, it's up to you. Should I help relieve Grand Pa?" Asked Mommy. "Your know I said I would always go along with you no matter what. I can see Dad could really use that mouth around his cock. " Said Lulu's Daddy. Mommy began liking Grand Pa's cock and said, "Your prick is so tasty, Grand Pa. What have you been doing with it to make it taste so good?"Grand Pa just winked at Grand Ma and nodded to Mommy to go on and suck his bulging cock. "Come here, Sonny, let Grand Ma hold your cock, it's been such a long time. I know your wife really takes care of you but remember the fun we had when you were growing. It was such fun when your Daddy watched and I stroked and sucked your little prick. It was great as it got bigger while you were growing up. Umm, let Grand Ma lick you big prick. "Lulu gasped as daddy's long cock easily slid down Grand Ma's throat and her head bounced up and down on his shaft. Mommy was really surprised at the last thing Grand Ma had said.

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   There was a wild look in her eyes and she began to race Grand ma to see who could make he man cum first. Soon Daddy and Grand Pa were pumping up into Grand Ma and Mommy's mouth and exploded in a sea of cum. The women eagerly licked u every last drop. Guess what? Grand Pa's cock was still erect and ready for more. "What am I going to do now?" Asked Grand Pa. "Do not forget me," said Mommy. "I love sucking cock and eating your cum, but my pussy needs some attention. How about a two for one?"Daddy and Grand Pa looked at each other. It was something they had never done before. "I'm game if your are Dad. How should we do it honey?""Let's have Grand Ma Help slide both your cocks into my hot wet pussy. Remember we've seen it in so of your fuck films at home?" Said Mommy. Grand Pa lay on his back and Mommy sat on his red cock allowing it to slide all the way into her pussy. Daddy then got on top and Grand Ma helped him slide his cock in on top of Grand Pa's cock. They had never felt anything like.

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   The sensation of the two cocks rubbing against each other was exhilarating. Both men began to drive their cocks home with a lustful vengeance. Their cocks were so large and thick that Mommy could feel them in her belly. All Mommy could say was, "Fuck, me. Fuck, me, you pricks!""Wait a minute, now is a good time for your wife to get fucked in the ass, said Grand Ma. Are you ready, Sweetie?""Oh, yes, Grand Ma, Yes!"Grand Pa's cock was slipped out of Mommy's cunt by Grand Ma who also lubricated Grand Pa's cock at the same time. She now squeezed the base of the cock to make it harder and easier to slide into Mommy's ass hole. "Push down with you ass, sweetheart. That will make it go in more easily. It may hurt at first but believe me the pain only heightens the orgasm. "As the head of Grand Pa's cock slowly entered Mommy's ass, she could not believe the pain. After going in an inch or less, Grand Pa waited until Mommy adapted to the pain. Becoming use to the discomfort Mommy grabbed Grand Pa's ass and encouraged him to go deeper. Grad Pa's cock was now all the ways in and Mommy could feel the head and every vein in his cock. Slowly, Grand Pa began to pump his cock in and out of her ass.

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   Up and down he went and soon Mommy was bucking to meet his stroke. Mommy was really getting into this anal fucking when she felt Daddy's cock reentering her pussy. Now both cocks were pumping her two holes. Mommy was almost delirious with the sensation of the two cocks rubbing each other through the membrane between her cunt and her anal channel. Both men were nearing their climaxes and as their cocks began to spurt they withdrew them for the ladies. Grand Ma immediately grabbed and sucked up Grand Pa's shitty cock. Mommy did the same for Daddy minus the shit of course. When Grand Pa was cleaned up, he saw Mommy's sloppy cunt and dove into it to lick up his son's cum. Daddy then moved so that he could lick up Grand Pa's cum from Mommy's ass hole. This did them all in and they all went to bed for the rest of the evening. The next morning as Grand Ma passed Lulu in the hall on the way to make breakfast she whispered to her. "Would you like to see Grandma's wee wee?""No, I'd rather see Grand Pa's cock!"milford@hotmail. comMORE INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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